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Chapter 136: Everything as per normal

- April 22, 2018

Ancient Wind City is a mountain city, located on the other side of the Cang Wu Mountain. The entire city was built on the mountain and the roads in the city were all sloped.

Through the deep city gates, a bustling avenue appeared, spread diagonally upwards. At the end of it, there was a palace-like courtyard, which oversaw the entirety of the Ancient Wind City, which was even more domineering than that of the Eagle Wolf Guard in Jia Ping City.

On both sides of the road, all of the households were lighting up lanterns and decorations, as if to welcome a grand festival, but on the pedestrian's face, there was not the slice trace of slightest happiness.

The news of Qian Rong Zheng’s return with an identity of that of an Eagle Wolf Guard quickly spread to the magnificent official building in the courtyard. It was as if a certain machination was triggered as a hundred armed men rushed out to the street. Their rush caused the people on the street to be split and pushed to the edges of the alley. For every 10 steps there was a man situated, standing on the two sides of the road without ever crossing sights with anyone else.

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When the three horses passed, the men shouted with all their might, "Welcome back to the manor my lady!" Although the noises of the horseshoe clopping on the ground transmitted themselves loudly and clearly to the door of the manor ahead.

Qian Rong Zheng held her head high and led the horse to the front. Li Qing Shan and Diao Fei trailed half a horse behind and followed her, as if they were here bodyguards.

This was the result of their discussion these few days, where they would give face to Qian Rong Zheng, so as to dispel the wary heart of the Qian family. For that thousand Qi Condensation Pills, of course, this little matter is of no problem. However, Li Qing Shan felt that the state of Qian Rong Zheng at that very moment was not one of pretense. There was indeed a certain degree of contentment and pride within her appearance in returning home.

The gates of the manor are as high as a few Zhang, and there were dozens of steps in front of them, which made them seem even more important. A pair of stone lions looked down majestically from which Li Qing Shan seemed to feel a few traces of cruelty.

The red door opened with a boom. A skinny old man dressed in formal attire walked out from the door. It was actually the present head of the Qian Family, Qian Ting Nian, who personally came over to welcome the three people.

"Family head, Rong Zheng was beyond fortunate as she managed to join the Eagle Wolf Guard." Qian Rong Zheng got down her horse and almost got to bow. However, before she had time to bow down, she was held by the arm by a pair of skinny hands: "Didn't I say before? Just call me Grandpa. You are now an official! How can you bow to this old man?"

Li Qing Shan and Diao Fei took a look at each other. Qian Ting Nian’s swift action was shockingly fast. He did not have the slowness of an old man at all. Although he was gentle and eloquent, he had a domineering aura to him. This was the natural pressure a powerful Qi Refiner exuded towards weaker ones.

Qian Ting Nian said: "These two must be the peers of Zheng Er!" (Er is commonly attached to a single word of one’s name to indicate familiarity, whether as a lover, family member or close friend)

Diao Fei clasped his hands together: "It is precisely in the name of Leader Zhuo that we accompany Rong Zheng to return to her hometown and congratulate Elder Qian for his 132 year longevity celebration."

Li Qing Shan followed with the gesture and smiled. He was only concerned with looking at the biggest goal of this trip. Qian Ting Nian’s hair was sparsely white, his face was covered with faint old aged spots, and his nose was soft, like a rubber that was about to melt down and fall off. His skinny body was dressed in traditional clothing, seeming like an old monkey dressed in human clothes. It was half comical and half disgusting.

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If not for the twinkle in his eyes, and the swift rabbit-like action from before, Li Qing Shan would have almost doubted whether this old man who was about to die would be the greatest enemy that they would face in this trip.

In the absence of dark injuries, a first-rate martial artist could only live to about a hundred years. A Fifth Level Qi Refining practitioner can only have a few more decades than that. At this age, Qian Ting Nian’s cultivation had indeed started to decline. The information that Qian Rong Zheng released was indeed not false.

After looking at the treasure pouches on Qian Ting Nian’s waist, he wondered if there were a few hundred Qi Condensation Pills in there. His gaze was now over his shoulders, staring at the group of people behind the gate. Or more precisely, a group of Qi Refiners. There were men and women, young and old, and even scholars and monks that were not of the Qian family that came for the longevity festival. Those that came over to offer their congratulations were not as enthusiastic when looking at the trio. There were even gazes of contempt and coldness.

Li Qing Shan remembered Zhou Wen Bin's remarks. Their group of government hunting animals were very repelled in the entire cultivation world, especially those of sects. Everyone liked to be free and unsupervised, and the Eagle Wolf Guard just had to be the policing body of all under the heavens, being the representative maintaining the law and order in the world.

Qian Ting Nian waved his hand: "Please!"


In a secret chamber, Qian Ting Nian’s face lost his magnanimity that he displayed in front of everyone. Instead, he looked at Qian Rong Zheng with his eyes red. “What about Qian Rong Ming?”

Qian Rong Zheng mourned and cried: "Rong Ming, Rong Ming was killed!”

"What!" Qian Ting Nian firmly grasped the shoulders of Qian Rong Zheng: "Who is it, who did it? Why are you okay?" Qian Rong Ming was not adopted into the family, but had in actual fact possessed the authentic blood of his Qian family. He had married many without much regard and amongst his hundred over grandchildren, he was one of those that possessed sufficient talent.

Qian Rong Zheng replied: "It was Li Qing Shan. It is the boy who came with me today. He is the murderer of Rong Ming!" She actually recounted the story of the matter to him, with its exact details.

Qian Ting Nian can only accept this fact, and wickedly said: "If he is not an Eagle Wolf Guard, I will surely cut him to pieces." Then with a thin hand, he stroked Rong Zheng’s delicate cheek: "At least there is still you.” His eyes then flashed with obscene light.

Qian Rong Zheng said: "Grandpa, you are willing to let them off, but they will not let you off!"

"What did you say?" Qian Ting Nian was shocked.

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“We have come here on a secret mission under the Eagle Wolf Guard to investigate the Qian family!”

"How is this possible? I have managed the Ancient Wind City strictly! What I should have paid I have not been stingy about, why would the Eagle Wolf Guard come looking for me!" The lusty light in Qian Ting Nian’s eyes disappeared, and some hint of panic appeared. For small families such as themselves, the thing they fear most is the Eagle Wolf Guard. Once in the sight of the Eagle Wolf Guard, they would be hunted by the Eagles and devoured by the wolves.

Qian Rong Zheng explained: “It is all that Li Qing Shan’s fault! He took brother Rong Ming’s treasure pouch, became greedy, envied my fortunes, and even told Leader Zhuo bad things about the Qian family.”

Qian Ting Nian said: "And you didn’t bother explaining for the Qian Family? What is your use for? Bitch, did you think about rebelling against the Qian Family?"

Qian Rong Zheng replied: “How could I not try to appease the situation? But Li Qing Shan has a background in the Clear River Prefecture. He didn’t even need to take part in the trials to enter the Eagle Wolf Guard and Zhuo Zhi Bo does not even dare to offend him. Thus, he ordered us to come and investigate. Rong Zheng has a huge debt of gratitude towards the Qian Family, thus she can have today’s achievements. Without the Qian Family, without Grandfather, then there would not be today’s Rong Zheng, so how could I betray the Qian Family?” Talking, and as if utterly wanting to cry, she seemed as if she wanted to die.

Qian Ting Nian thought of her past obedient behaviour and his face calmed down slightly: “What should we do now? Do we give him some bribes, or not, you will have to sacrifice for the Qian family.”

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Qian Rong Zheng said: “Grandpa, he is a hungry wolf who eats people without spewing bones. As long as the entire Qian family is swallowed, how can it be compared to trying to ward him off with a bone? If you don’t believe it, look carefully at the reaction of both of them.”

Qian Ting Nian said: "How can this be done? If I did not listen to you, and let you join the Eagle Wolf Guard, how could we attract such a calamity?"

Qian Rong Zheng revealed a cruel expression: "You must not let them, especially Li Qing Shan, live when he leaves Ancient Wind City."

Qian Ting Nian said: "You are asking me to murder an Eagle Wolf Guard!?"

"As long as Li Qing Shan is not eliminated, the Qian Family will have no peace. I will reason their deaths to be due to something else. Grandpa, this is all for the Qian family."

After a long time, Qian Rong Zheng walked out of the secret chamber, and the bright sunshine seemed to dispel the darkness in her heart as she walked out of the courtyard. A middle-aged man stood in front of her.

"Brother!" Qian Rong Zheng respectfully greeted.

A middle-aged man touched her cheek, and Qian Rong Zheng leaned her head away. "Brother, don't!" (The whole Qian family is so damned horny man.)

This old man is Qian Ting Nian’s eldest grandson, Qian Xing Wei. Although he does not have the qualifications to refine Qi, he was still a martial artist. He was a major caretaker of the entire Qian family.

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Qian Xing Wei was furious and pinched Qian Rong’s chin: “Stop being arrogant and acting up. Don’t think that once you become an Eagle Wolf Guard, you can just shake your tail to reach the heavens. As long as you are a member of the Qian Family, you have to listen to me. Don’t forget about your debt to the Qian Family."

Qian Rong Zheng said: "Yes, big brother, Rong Zheng doesn’t dare." Suddenly a few people came from afar and Qian Xing Wei let go of her and ordered: "Come to my room at night." As he watched her walk away, he even spit: "So what if you are a Qi Refiner?"

He could not see the dark smile on her face.

Everyone has to pay a price.


As the night fell, the lights came on.

In the hall, there are many people who have gathered and greeted each other. They are all important guests who have come to give their congratulations during the longevity festival. Although it is only the day after that the longevity festival would take place, in order to show respect, the guests would gather a day before. Amongst them, the most respected are definitely the ten or so Qi Refiners. Li Qing Shan and Diao Fei relied on their identities as Eagle Wolf Guards to sit on the upper seats.

When Qian Ting Nian introduced them to the audience, he said, "This is the young hero of the Eagle Wolf Guard, Li Qing Shan!"

Regardless of what the people thought in their minds, they all gave their respective salutations.

"You called Li Qing Shan?" a sharp voice sounded, Li Qing Shan looked for a voice and only saw a scholar that was seated, his hair scattered, a wild aura about him. He was also a 3rd level Qi Refiner and looked over with unkind intentions.

Li Qing Shan said: "I am, may I know what are you?"

“This one is called “Eccentric Life” Gong Liang Bai, from Han Feng Academy.” Qian Ting Nian introduced the two people, and then asked Gong Liang Bai: “What, you seem to know Lord Li?”

In this world where the magistrates are all powerful Qi Refiners, academies are not just for reading. Like Buddhism and Taoism, the practice of martial arts is commonplace in such institutions.

Gong Liang Bai did not look at Qian Ting Nian, and only stared at Li Qing Shan: "Do you know Wei Dan Dong?"

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Li Qing Shan said: "I don't know."

Gong Liang Bai said: "He knows you, if my guess is good, you come from Qing Yang City? My younger martial brother went there a few months ago for a trip. He had bad bone structure ever since he was young and he was looking for a way to cure that. Yet, he never returned"

Li Qing Shan suddenly remembered that when he was in Qing Yang City, the sick scholar who had tried to seize the spiritual ginseng was the first to die in his hands in front of the Snow Wing Temple. The other top masters were all middle-aged and only he was about twenty years old. As such, his impression of him was much deeper.

"It seems that I have seen him before!"

Gong Liang Bai raised himself: "And then?"

Li Qing Shan replied: "I killed him."


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