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Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Author:Fang Xiang

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Ye Chong was a denizen of Trash Planet-12. On one fateful day, he discovered a treasure that would forever alter his destiny from a pile of junk – Mu Shang, an unknown machine with artificial intelligence and a lost memory. Together, they venture into the vast galaxy as the isolated “caveman” that was Ye Chong began absorbing all sorts of knowledge and meeting people from all walks of life. He gradually discovers more and more about his own mysterious past as well as his partner’s. Read to find out more! 师士传说
《Legend of the Supreme Soldier》 Text
Chapter 1: Treasure and Trash
Chapter 2: Man and Machine
Chapter 3: In Good Company
Chapter 4: Brave New World
Chapter 5: Training Day
Chapter 6: The Wavy Leap
Chapter 7: Burn and Rest
Chapter 8: Rehabilitation
Chapter 9: Bucking Up
Chapter 10: Dummy Ends
Chapter 11: Against a God
Chapter 12: Onwards and Upwards
Chapter 13: A Kind of Peace
Chapter 14: Unravelling Secrets
Chapter 15: Mavericks
Chapter 16: Abyssal Rule
Chapter 17: That YC Guy
Chapter 18: Turn in Events
Chapter 19: Sudden Attack
Chapter 20: Aftermath
Chapter 21: Into the Woods
Chapter 22: A Chance Reunion
Chapter 23: Iron Will
Chapter 24: Lizard Slayer
Chapter 25: Into Darkness
Chapter 26: Unknown
Chapter 27: Unknown II
Chapter 28: Across Humanity
Chapter 29: Across Inhumanity
Chapter 30: Across Illogicality
Chapter 31: Questions
Chapter 32: New Friends
Chapter 33: The Merry Crew
Chapter 34: Fearing the Unknown
Chapter 35: There Be Pirates!
Chapter 36: Stealth Rock
Chapter 37: Camouflage
Chapter 38: Red O’ Beard
Chapter 39: Knocking down the Stalk
Chapter 40: That Willow Guy
Chapter 41: At His Master’s Service
Chapter 42: Something for Everyone On Reno
Chapter 43: Gold Wheat
Chapter 44: No Rules At All
Chapter 45: The Jinxed Man
Chapter 46: Into the Black Cove
Chapter 47: Masquerade
Chapter 48: Through the Looking Glass
Chapter 49: Through the Mask
Chapter 50: Time Phase
Chapter 51: Mu’s Awakening
Chapter 52: Out of this Predicament
Chapter 53: On Board the Ship
Chapter 54: The Callous Ye Chong
Chapter 55: New to Blue Ocean
Chapter 56: New Life
Chapter 57: Inspector Fei
Chapter 58: Urban Fiasco
Chapter 59: I’m not an Outlaw!
Chapter 60: Mech-anics
Chapter 61: Mu’s Predicament
Chapter 62: Ye Chong Went Outdoors
Chapter 63: An Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 64: Ji Shangyan
Chapter 65: Ye Chong’s Philosophy
Chapter 66: I Love Assassination
Chapter 67: Black and White
Chapter 68: Getting Away with Murder
Chapter 69: Yang An’s Invitation
Chapter 70: Gliding Joy
Chapter 71: Operation
Chapter 72: Into the Depths
Chapter 73: Success
Chapter 74: A Short Battle
Chapter 75: Shang and the Do Kun Stone
Chapter 76: The Alchemist
Chapter 77: What’s a Beauty?
Chapter 78: Last One Standing
Chapter 79: It’s Showtime I
Chapter 80: It’s Showtime II
Chapter 81: The Headmaster’s Invitation
Chapter 82: Triumphant
Chapter 83: Suspicion
Chapter 84: First Day in Class
Chapter 85: Rui Bing
Chapter 86: Ow That Hurt
Chapter 87: Trial and Tribulation
Chapter 88: The Troubled Chemist
Chapter 89: What Happened
Chapter 90: Deduction
Chapter 91: Shang’s Idea I
Chapter 92: Shang's Idea II
Chapter 93: The Lance in the Darkness
Chapter 94: Instructor Hak
Chapter 95: Confrontation
Chapter 96: Survival
Chapter 97: Blue Ocean Runaway
Chapter 98: All Aboard!
Chapter 99: Brent
Chapter 100: Fred
Chapter 101: Tour
Chapter 102: Game
Chapter 103: Old Pang
Chapter 104: Enter the Warship
Chapter 105: The Insidious Yu Di
Chapter 106: Warship Infiltration
Chapter 107: Ye Chong’s Demonstration
Chapter 108: Fall of a Brilliance
Chapter 109: The Orbits
Chapter 110: First Day in Haleyson
Chapter 111: Choice
Chapter 112: Another Episode
Chapter 113: Mentalist Jia Zhuo
Chapter 114: Kidnapping
Chapter 115: Meeting Again
Chapter 116: The Scary Feline
Chapter 117: Nan Nan
Chapter 118: Rescued
Chapter 119: In Search of a Visit
Chapter 120: Getting Involved
Chapter 121: Doctor Lu
Chapter 122: Examination
Chapter 123: Is this the End?
Chapter 124: The Guardian Ring
Chapter 125: Fish and Net I
Chapter 126: Fish and Net II
Chapter 127: Fish and Net III
Chapter 128: Not the End, but the Beginning?
Chapter 129: Loss and Gain
Chapter 130: The Workshop Underground
Chapter 131: Skeleton mech
Chapter 132: A Mech’s Style
Chapter 133: The Sanctuary’s Reaction
Chapter 134: Conjecture
Chapter 135: Progressing
Chapter 136: Lunatic Guan
Chapter 137: Ye Chong's Tutorial
Chapter 138: Into the Woods
Chapter 139: The Greenbird in Liberty
Chapter 140: Little Girl
Chapter 141: Lifted Throughout the Journey
Chapter 142: A Sudden Thought
Chapter 143: Han Jia
Chapter 144: Learning
Chapter 145: It’s All the Red Liquor's Fault
Chapter 146: A Gift from Lunatic Guan
Chapter 147: Fading Out
Chapter 148: Question
Chapter 149: Onto the Nast!
Chapter 150: Mentalist-Pilot! Perks Demonstrated!
Chapter 151: Nine Gates of Daylight
Chapter 152: Blue Sandstone
Chapter 153: Interim Protocol
Chapter 154: Trouble
Chapter 155: First Pot of Gold?
Chapter 156: Blast
Chapter 157: Shang’s Idea Sequel ~Brain Blast~
Chapter 158: Passerby
Chapter 159: Puzzle
Chapter 160: List
Chapter 161: Mu Fei
Chapter 162: Encounter I
Chapter 163: Encounter II
Chapter 164: Hunter in the Darkness
Chapter 165: Bluff
Chapter 166: A Slip of the Hand
Chapter 167: Ye Chong the Bumpkin
Chapter 168: We Meet Again
Chapter 169: An Old Friend
Chapter 170: Accompaniment
Chapter 171: The Beauty, Shang Xin
Chapter 172: At the Edge of Life and Death
Chapter 173: First Visit to the Shang Family
Chapter 174: A Light Bulb Moment
Chapter 175: Banquet
Chapter 176: Ye Chong’s First Soirée
Chapter 177: Sway, Swirl and Sensation
Chapter 178: Undercurrent I
Chapter 179: Undercurrent II
Chapter 180: Undercurrent III
Chapter 181: Undercurrent IV
Chapter 182: Undercurrent V
Chapter 183: Shock
Chapter 184: September
Chapter 185: Brewing Storm I
Chapter 186: Brewing Storm II
Chapter 187: Brewing Storm III
Chapter 188: Brewing Storm IV
Chapter 189: Brewing Storm V
Chapter 190: Brewing Storm VI
Chapter 191: Brewing Storm VII
Chapter 192: Brewing Storm VIII
Chapter 193: Brewing Storm IX
Chapter 194: Brewing Storm X
Chapter 195: Brewing Storm XI
Chapter 196: Brewing Storm XII
Chapter 197: Brewing Storm XIII
Chapter 198: Brewing Storm XIV
Chapter 199: Brewing Storm XV
Chapter 200: As You Are Human
Chapter 201: We Meet Again
Chapter 202: Director of Chaos I
Chapter 203: Director of Chaos II
Chapter 204: Director of Chaos III
Chapter 205: Change
Chapter 206: Physique
Chapter 207: My Life as a Spaceship Owner I
Chapter 208: My Life as a Spaceship Owner II
Chapter 209: I Came to Rescue
Chapter 210: Puppet
Chapter 211: Teardrop Mineralite
Chapter 212: Alliance
Chapter 213: Landing
Chapter 214: Twin Sisters
Chapter 215: Creature
Chapter 216: The Cave Underground
Chapter 217: Hypersonic
Chapter 218: The Foxes and the Hare
Chapter 219: Shockwave
Chapter 220: Chaos Has Arrived
Chapter 221: Mu’s Weapon
Chapter 222: An Unexpected Battlefield
Chapter 223: Kings of Close and Long Range Combat I
Chapter 224: Kings of Close and Long Range Combat II
Chapter 225: Kings of Close and Long Range Combat III
Chapter 226: Fleet
Chapter 227: First War of the Coxcomb
Chapter 228: That One Moment of Stare
Chapter 229: Thorn
Chapter 230: Pilot of Darklight
Chapter 231: Super Training Partner
Chapter 232: Transformation
Chapter 233: Zhu Ling
Chapter 234: Lian Yue
Chapter 235: Reorganization I
Chapter 236: Reorganization II
Chapter 237: Reorganization III
Chapter 238: Reorganization IV
Chapter 239: It’s All the Beauty’s Fault!
Chapter 240: Planet Rainbow
Chapter 241: Hired I
Chapter 242: Hired II
Chapter 243: Hired III
Chapter 244: Becoming an Assistant
Chapter 245: An Expected Disappointment
Chapter 246: Troublesome Woman
Chapter 247: I Had Gone Too Far!
Chapter 248: The Chase I
Chapter 249: The Chase II
Chapter 250: The Chase III
Chapter 251: The Chase IV
Chapter 252: Counterstrike I
Chapter 253: Counterstrike II
Chapter 254: Counterstrike III
Chapter 255: Counterstrike IV
Chapter 256: What the Future Holds
Chapter 257: The Destiny
Chapter 258: Entangled, the Red Sea I
Chapter 259: Entangled, the Red Sea II
Chapter 260: Living from the Unknown
Chapter 261: Strangeness Everywhere
Chapter 262: Attacked
Chapter 263: Humans
Chapter 264: Sang Family Village
Chapter 265: History
Chapter 266: It's a Deal
Chapter 267: Lavagold
Chapter 268: Gravity Bind
Chapter 269: Discovery
Chapter 270: The Cycle of Lavagold
Chapter 271: An Anxious Heart
Chapter 272: Nonlinear Cobalite
Chapter 273: Destiny Engine, Simplified
Chapter 274: Sang Family Village - Battle for Survival I
Chapter 275: Sang Family Village - Battle for Survival I
Chapter 276: Sang Family Village - Battle for Survival II
Chapter 277: Sang Family Village - Battle for Survival III
Chapter 278: Sang Family Village - Battle for Survival IV
Chapter 279: Sang Family Village - Battle for Survival V
Chapter 280: Hai Lian
Chapter 281: He Yue Galaxy
Chapter 282: A Terrified Hai Lian
Chapter 283: Entering the City
Chapter 284: The Three Aristocratic Families
Chapter 285: What a Small World
Chapter 286: A Surging Undercurrent
Chapter 287: Random Motley Crew
Chapter 288: The Papatte Squad
Chapter 289: Rippling Orchid
Chapter 290: A Walkthrough on Planet Yi Ju
Chapter 291: Brother and Sister
Chapter 292: The Job
Chapter 293: Kyaji’s Death I
Chapter 294: Kyaji’s Death II
Chapter 295: Everything's Worth Something
Chapter 296: Unmanned Black Market
Chapter 297: The Boy Called Tanimatsu
Chapter 298: A Balance of Everything
Chapter 299: Child's Play
Chapter 300: The White Streak
Chapter 301: Compatriots
Chapter 302: Old Chief Guo’s Idea
Chapter 303: The Disciples Come in Droves
Chapter 304: Roland’s Gamble
Chapter 305: Crisis
Chapter 306: Popular
Chapter 307: Leaving the City
Chapter 308: Escape
Chapter 309: A Fortune in One Night
Chapter 310: My Beautiful New Han Jia
Chapter 311: Makeover
Chapter 312: The Duo from Gray Valley
Chapter 313: Ze Xi Academy
Chapter 314: Blood Spilled from a Brick
Chapter 315: Fight!