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Chapter 20: Aftermath

Chapter 20: Aftermath

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When Manager Luo made his arrival at Luo’s HQ, he finally realized how serious the situation had turned out.

The Luos suffered immense loss this time! It is beyond calculation! When he saw the lord, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The sulky man in his elderly was the wisest leader of the family for the past 200 years. The confidence, grace and exerting pride were no longer seen by then. The lord before him was merely an elder in despair. There wasn’t much for him to do anymore, thus the manager backed away.

This time, the resultant attack caused an estimated loss that everyone in the house feared. A fatal blow in the record of the Luo’s reign. If it wasn’t for the young master who took over the place straightaway after the raid, the chaos would not have ended just yet.

The raid’s source was inferred to have come from the virtual world as all units that made direct connection to the virtual world were involved in the attack. Moreover though, in this raid the attacker had also applied indirect attacks with external forces, meaning the inputs were too from the network. After some analysis made by Luo’s own technicians, these attacks were believed to be done singlehandedly. That means, there could only be one man on the other side!

If it’s so, it would be terrorizing! One man? One man who could perform such detailed planning with such complicated calculation, instantaneously on all units? Does he have shadow partners or something? At this point, everyone showed disbelief.

The attacker did not leave any form of trail, not even his input calculations. Statistics depicted that right at the first moment of the attack, there had already been 89 Mavericks and more than 200 technicians at an attempt to stop the coming attack in the virtual network. The figure showed a steep increase to 152 mavericks and about 400 technicians online. The manpower of the Luo’s was so powerful, even the Ji family, the expert of the experts for the processor that would not be easy to take on, yet they failed to even identify the attacker. The attack could not be stopped. They could only watch everything that was happening before them.

Who is this attacker? Why is he attacking the Luo? Revenge? Anger? Other kinds of motive? The questions puzzled the young master who had just taken over. Luo Heng was disturbed. If he could not find out who the attacker was, then he would have to bear the upcoming attacks unknowingly. This is really bad for the family! This would be equivalent to being choked by the attacker as all the business running under the institute had connections with the virtual world!

People around speculated that this could be done purposely by other competing families in Fal, as it seemed they could be the only suspects. But only Luo Heng was well aware that it could never be them. The 4 major families that held the veins of technological development in Fal, the Luo, the Yuan, the Gu and the Ji families. They all shared similar strengths. Even if the second strongest Ji families could not have wounded the Luo this hard. Plus, the connections between the families were more than just complications. There had been various occasions where they had cross-family marriages, balancing out the mutuality among them carefully. He believed that such kind of attack would not benefit any of them in the long run and none of the family would be this short-sighted.

Out of the blue, the communicator buzzed on the desk.

He knotted his brows briefly. Haven’t I told them that I do not want to be disturbed at the moment?

He pressed the accept button, a partially translucent interface showed up before him. Oddly enough, there wasn’t anything on the screen and a dubious voice came from the other side, “Greetings. It was such a pity that I could not appear to celebrate this occasion. Oh, I almost forgot! Congratulations on becoming the successor of the family!”

You have finally showed up huh! Luo Heng almost could not hold his agitation, “Who are you! And why are you attacking the Luo! What has the Luo family done to you?”

The voice replied teasingly, “Well for that, you have to ask your own brother! To avoid any unnecessary inconvenience, I decided to demonstrate a little bit of my capability, just enough to warn you all!”

Jeb! Luo Heng roared in his heart, “Very well then, how would you like to end this?” Luo Heng acknowledged the difference between them, thus he put them aside inferiorly.

The person tittered in the communicator, “I’ve already said, this is merely a forewarning. If you all could leave me alone, perhaps I could save some more time and not waste it on things like this! So, my recommendation would be, you all should abort any kinds of actions against me. Of course, this is only my two-cents. If you have confidence in your men, you could just disregard it and let it slip by like a winter breeze. But, you better be prepared for my next attack!”

What a blatant threat! Dammit! The young master cursed in his mind, but there’s nothing else better than this for things to end. The Luo currently needed time more than anything else, to rebuild forces. He weakly responded, “Are you sincere in your words?”

“Certainly. Honesty is always my virtue!”

“Alright then! We have a deal!”

A knock on the door resounded from the other side of the room,

“Hmm, looks like it is time for me to leave. Good bye!” The screen darkened as the call was hung up.

“Come in!”

His assistance walked in and humbly reminded, “Master, your break time is over, next on the schedule would be …”

“Go get Jeb right now!”

At the Fal Mech-Pilot Association (FMPA), the shortie was chatting with the tallie.

The tallie laughed, “Did you check out that match with YC?”

“I did!” The shortie nodded.

“How was it?”

“He has very firm foundation in his skills. Not many men could be better in this regard!”

The tallie was a bit surprised, “Oh, that means you think that he is underperforming in everything else than the basic moves?”

“Yes, I do agree the fact that he still needs some tweaks in other aspects of piloting, but I must say, he sure had some shocking growth over time!”

The tallie agreed, “Right! His talent is beyond expertise! A bright future lies ahead of him!”


“What’s your count on him?”

Shortie was proud, “In 3 years, he would still not even be my opponent!”

The tallie giggled, “What about 3 years after?”

“Well it would have to depend on his rate of improvement! But at this point, there’s a high chance he could easily surpass me in 3 years…”

The tallie lowered his voice, “I guess they had started to notice him, haven’t they?”

“Such talent, with such a grand debut he made in the battlefield, how he could expect they would not notice?”

“Do you think he would be chosen?”

The shortie asserted, “Of course he would!”

“Are you sure?”

The shortie was serious in his tone, “That man was as if he was born for mech!”

“But… the FMPA says they don’t even have a profile for him!”

“Well then, just let them be bothered with that, we watch our match!”

The tallie chuckled, “Right!”