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Chapter 27: Unknown II

Chapter 27: Unknown II

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Ye Chong tightened the rope around him which only had a diameter of five millimeters; though it could endure a pulling force about a few ten tons. Ye Chong who had nothing to grab on could merely tiptoed on the walls and zigzagged his way forward. Even though he laid the tip of his foot on the wall, it was inaudible like a raccoon rummaging for food in the night with amazing dexterity.

At least the safety gate at the end of the corridor was wide open which actually saved Ye Chong some hassle.

There was a flight of stairs through the door. Ye Chong who possessed zero knowledge about spaceship designs had not the slightest idea of where he was and what danger that lurked in the location could do to him. He grew more careful as he held the handle of the stairs and walked down.

From nowhere, clanking sounds of metals can be heard a distance away. His heart froze and quickly switched off the light on his arm. Ye Chong had a habit of immediate response to avoid getting caught! Usually, individuals with delayed reaction faced the quickest death. His eyes were half opened as they tried to get used to the darkness. He stuck his ears onto the metallic walls and attempted to discern even the tiniest bit of noise.

Steps. Right, it’s the sound of steps! Ye Chong was daringly sure of his guess! He estimated the direction of the source and lowered his body as he hovered downwards.

Searching in still darkness was definitely a trial to Ye Chong’s senses!

It was complete darkness without even a flicker of light. While he knew nothing of the place, finding the unknown that was lurking in the dark was too much of a gamble.

Ye Chong wandered around and hoped he would not come face to face with the entity as he had lost a sense of direction. After leaving the staircases, he found out how awkward his situation was right away. He did not dare to switch the light back on, and in that moment he could only make it through by senses; the complexity in the layout of the place was beyond his prediction.

He was extremely glad that the ropes were still tied to him, and could not imagine how he would be able to get back into his cabin without it.

Suddenly, the sound grew louder as it gradually approached him. Ye Chong’s breath stifled in fear, but continued to eavesdrop as he desired more information of the situation. A weird coincidence was every time when his ear touched the floor, all noises would disappear without warning; as if the hidden sounds he heard were his delusions.

A dense layer of goose bumps formed on him skin, and he couldn’t help but shudder at the thought. Staying still to fight the unknown now would the best choice! He comforted himself.

He stayed still and anticipated for quite some time yet, nothing strange happened. Was it really because of his nerves that caused the delusion? He thought about the measly amount of time remained for the kit’s oxygen supply with every second became extremely valuable. Ye Chong shook off his worry and believed he should discover the location of rescuing facilities as soon as possible where those seconds spent on his reaction time would determine his life or death!

He clenched his teeth in desperation of getting to the rescue supply, but he needed to sneak his way to it. He was afraid that even if there was another existence on this abandoned ship that happened to be an enemy, he would have been suffocated to death before the enemy could lay a finger on him!

He made up his mind and decided to persist on his journey to survive!

Who cares! I might become a walking target in the enemies’ eyes, but I want my life now more than anything else!

He was going to switch his light back on but felt a yank!

Out of the blue, Ye Chong felt a strong pull from the bottom as if someone was dragging him down! He tensed and drew his dagger without much hesitation while swiping it at his right. As dark as it might be, he could clearly discern a flashing cold light.

He thought that his swift move would have landed, and yet he missed!

Ye Chong couldn’t help but flinched, and in a brief moment, a loud thud can be heard as his body was smashed to the ground; fortunately his body was built, but still suffered dizziness from the collision.

Almost instantaneously, a white light blinded him, and he tumbled to the side in great shock. He hastily hid himself behind the huge cabinet floating behind him.

Ye Chong was in a pitiful situation with a series of unfortunate events. He never thought this habitual reaction of protecting himself would actually pay off.

Before he could wallow in self-pity, smash! A metal cabinet that weighed about 300 pounds came crashing down on Ye Chong. He took a blow that was a powerful as a mech’s attack when he was temporarily blinded by the glaring light emitting from utmost darkness, and before he regained his vision to respond.

The giant cabinet fell from a three meter height right onto his body. His throat was locked with sweetness as he choked out a stream of blood that escaped from his mouth and lost consciousness afterwards.

All the lights flickered on and the debris that was initially floating in space settled on the ground one after another. As the gravity restored, the room felt more refreshed. The entrance at the stairs was shut and oxygen started filling the ship through the ceiling.

Of course Ye Chong had no idea what was going on. He was still flat on the ground, pinned under the cabinet with only his limbs sprawled out.

The door of the room was wrenched open as a dashing man entered with another fully armored man.

The dashing young man reported as if seeing land on the sea, “Number 2, there’s one more person here!”

The armored man replied, “Young master, we would take a look, but chances are slim for his survival.”

The young man assessed Ye Chong’s state and expressed sympathy, “This is really bad. He got smashed pretty severely.”

Number 2 came over to lift the heavy cabinet on its sides easily and tossed it to the other side. There wasn’t much effort needed in removing the cabinet as if it was like a blob of foam.

He then flipped Ye Chong over and examined him thoroughly, astounded, “This man is still alive!”

The young man couldn’t believe what he heard, “Impossible! Is this thing still a man?”

Number 2 too expressed disbelief, “It doesn’t seem like a man of steel to me!” Ye Chong was a little more slender in contrast, contrary to his immense strength and deceitful appearance. Even Mu was surprised seeing how there was no significant growth in his weight while his strength boosted.

Number 2 furrowed his brows, “He looks foreign to me. Why have I not met this man before?”

“Right! I somehow have not seen him before too!” The young man agreed.

Number 2 glimpsed at Ye Chong and concluded, “The material and design of his clothing are unique… and rare too... We don’t have such clothing in the spacecraft!”

The young man was bewildered, “So he’s not from our ship? Then how did he get up here?”

It was still a mystery to Number 2 as he couldn’t figure out much of an explanation. He scrutinized further and when he spotted the dagger in Ye Chong’s hand, his pupil shrunk in fear. Number 2 recognized the dagger from experience and knew it was utterly meant for combative uses. The chills he got from seeing the dagger was telling him that it had not only robbed a life of one but many.

He snatched the dagger away fast with both of his hands. The young master ran into an unknown stranger who was actually holding a weapon of murder. Number 2 strictly opposed of saving Ye Chong’s life even if he was deeply wounded! Caution was what he should possess; protecting the young master was what he should undertake!

Coincidentally, Ye Chong slowly regained consciousness, but he did not expect a metallic arm to grab him in split seconds after he opened his eyes.

The hair on his body stood, and his eyes widened like saucers!