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Chapter 29: Across Inhumanity

Chapter 29: Across Inhumanity

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The young man who had a rather skinny appearance and pale skin, which was also dreadfully pale by then, was flattening his thin lips. He had that air of nobility, as he looked at himself rigidly, forcing himself to act calm, yet anxiety and insecurity flowed in the expression of his eyes, which exposed his actual thoughts.

Looking at the enemy getting up laboriously, Ye Chong was thinking about delivering more blows to completely extinguish the fighting will of the person. As he thought on, he gradually uttered, “I accept your surrender. But you have to get out of your mech first.” Without the mech’s protection, Ye Chong was confident that he could break his opponent in three snaps! If he misbehaved, that is. Plus he never thought of killing them from the beginning, he did it merely in self-defense; not to forget that his survival depended on these two, as everything on the spacecraft was truly foreign to him, he would need their guidance.

If the crumbling armored man honestly planned for a counterattack, Ye Chong would have absolutely smashed him to the ground first. He would not leave out any potential loophole to be turned as a threat against him.

Nonetheless, the person’s immediate agreement was expected, “Alright!” How would he dare to have any form of hesitation anyway? The person before him was a violent striker, whose every attack could cost his life and strength-wise, they were two sides of a tangent. There’s nothing to bargain to begin with, and thus he had to surrender. Number 2 was resolute too, for if it was a surrender, then it would be done straight away, just to prevent the intruder from shifting the blame to the young master. That was a scene he did not want to witness the most.

The young master at the side, was also holding curiosity as he stared at Number 2. Number 2 had been his bodyguard for years, but Number 2 always showed up in the armor he had already been used to seeing. Frankly speaking, he had yet to see what Number 2 looked like under that mech.

Number 2 acted quickly. His mech was rapidly warped into the alternate dimension.

The young man laid his eyes upon Number 2 without the armor. He was stunned. The scene before him was unbelievable. Number 2, who had responsibly protected him side by side for all these years, was never expected to be a woman, a total beauty to add as well!

Her golden hair hung on her shoulder like a waterfall’s broad stream, a demure face that could look both sweet and solemn, with a pair of eyes that lustered like sapphires in the sky of a starry night, a charmingly slender physique; the fitting suit on her body illustrated her lovely curves, the body of a lusty devil that contained fair long legs that would leave men drooling.

Even if the young master had been living in a family of noblemen, who had seen a variety of beauties, he was still deeply captivated by Number 2, as his eyes were glued on her.

Meanwhile, Ye Chong was thinking, hmm… Great!

The mech seems to be manipulated by brainwaves!

He spoke blandly, “Hey, pass me the portal switch to your mech.”

Number 2 had been observing Ye Chong’s facial expression ever since the moment she left her mech. She had hardly revealed herself on the outside before, but she was outright confident about her appearance. Like the other bodyguards who were picked among the most beautiful to protect important members of the family, she was adopted and trained since childhood and what made her outstanding was her gift of loving charm. The instructor had once taught that if appearance and body were utilized well, it would be the final weapons, for the situation could be turned!

And… that was the moment she lost her entire confidence on her charm in front of Ye Chong.

This fearsome rascal actually ignored her, as if she never existed. Am I really not charming at all? Well at least she still had the young master’s full attention – that was rather comforting. She had been serving the young master for 5 years and knew fairly well about this very young man before her. He would never think about anything negative about her. His eyes contained pure admiration!

She paused for a second, pulled a bracelet of artisan craft off her wrist and tossed it to Ye Chong.

Ye Chong caught it without hassle. He looked at it for a while and removed the miniature battery from it, which he then pocketed both items. Number 2, who had her eyes fixed on Ye Chong’s skillfulness, had her hopes obliterated! Even if their strength differed a lot as well as giving in and staying benign, the man still remained cautious throughout the process. This was scary!

Ye Chong signaled her to come forward.

Number 2 came forward in anticipation.

Without hesitation, Ye Chong took the ropes from his body and tied her up, as he warned, “You better be not thinking of doing anything! If not… Hehehehe…” His actions were crude as if he was tying a mutated lifeform back on his planet, without showing much concern towards the frail beauty before him and brutal enough to bring tears in Number 2’s eyes of pain. But the homicidal stare given by his eyes as he gave his warning sent chills down her spine.

Ye Chong walked towards the boy after that.

Number 2 boomed, “What are you going to do? You promised me not to hurt him! Remember your words! Keep your words!” Her voice was different from the time she spoke in her mech, it was rather crisp, clear and angelic.

Ye Chong did not even turn his head, “Hurt him? I never thought of that! But well, I still think it would be safer to tie him up!”

He walked in front of this young man. The boy lifted his chin in pride, forcibly using his stare in contempt and his dreadfully pale skin had reddened dramatically as his expression appeared calmer.

Number 2 panicked in her mind. She should have been aware that the young master was quite stubborn by nature. She helplessly begged the young master to not enrage the outsider or he would suffer.

Nevertheless, Ye Chong did not mind in fact. He could imagine if he himself was being bound by others, he would as put off like this young man as well. Even if the boy looked fragile, who could collapse within a moment, cautiously tied him up, from head to toe, like a dumpling. Back on his planet, every mutated lifeform had its own unique ability. So it would be undeniably foolish to judge an enemy by its cover.

Ye Chong’s tying could never be claimed as gentle. Oh how could a delicate young man like this go through pain like this? As hearing the young master whimpered in aches, Number 2 at the side was in anguish!

Hmm… Finally I could relax.

Ye Chong didn’t care much about his posture, as he just sat on the ground immediately.

Number 2 took a careful look of this inhumane being. Short, healthily tanned skin tone, a relatively ordinary face, except for the pair of sharp eyes, black hair with an appallingly terrible hairstyle; the hairstyling machine must have been in critical error when it did his haircut; a neatly proportioned body, without lumps of muscles, which was indirectly proportional to the frightening amount of strength within him. It was too deceiving!

Well for his age… She wasn’t sure. He seemed young but his wariness and indifference towards life and death… made him more of a mature kind. The design and material of his clothing were really old, as if it was clothing used by refugees. However judging from the way he removed the battery from her mech, the expertise… he’s obviously very familiar with the mech system. Could refugees have a mech?

Ye Chong broke silence, “Speak up. Who are you two?”

The two enslaved beings looked at each other awkwardly. Number 2, in an attempt to test him, asked, “You are not aware of our identity?”