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Chapter 31: Questions

Chapter 31: Questions

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The trio arrived at Mu’s crash site.

Of course, they all wore pressure suits even the one who was wrongly assumed to have come from a land of beasts. In reality, both Number Two and the young master would like to watch Ye Chong embark in space without his pressure suit. Firstly, they were curious, and secondly, if he died from a stroke it would undoubtedly be good news for both her and the young master!

Unfortunately, Ye Chong ignored Number Two’s instigation and put on his the pressure suit dutifully. Ye Chong wanted to avoid the limelight and acting like an average person would keep the attention away from him which in turn would help him survive longer – this was a principle he abided!

Number Two was dejected – the man before him lacked the usual impulse and haste of a teenager; instead, he was seasoned and steady in his actions. This bothered her the most and kept her on edge.

Since pressure suits were necessary, Ye Chong had untied both his captives. Without a doubt, he warned them against doing anything foolish before that.

Although the walkway was in vacuum, the gravity matrix was back online. Hence, they could move around without floating haphazardly like before, and can even walk like normal. The walkway lights were all switched on, and one could see everything clearly under the bright illumination.

When Number Two and the young master saw Mu, they both responded very differently!

Under the lighting, Ye Chong could finally identify every detail of his surroundings; Mu evidently crashed in the middle of the walkway. Its high velocity came with a great amount of energy, and the starship’s thick armor could not stop Mu from entering. The impact forced open a large hole, and Mu, fresh from the impact with vessel’s armor was depleted; sprawled between the entrance of the vessel and the outside of it. Mu looked like an onion planted in the soil that was the vessel.

Number Two was furious, and her eyes gleamed with rage – this was the real culprit. She thought of the destruction that ensued, killing everyone but her and the young master. The vessel was severely damaged in multiple areas and could no longer operate normally. All they could do now was to wait for rescue from other passing starships, but in the vast outer space, it would not be easy to locate another starship! It was almost hopeless! If they were to encounter space pirates, they would be unable to escape the fate of slavery – with her looks she could be in for something worse!

She grieved the deaths of her comrades but not to the point where she would hate Ye Chong. The most important thing now was the young master’s safety! The young master’s safety was her top priority! Due to her harsh training at an early age, she was apathetic towards the worldly ways. She was outstanding in her society, and had secured the title of Number Two ever since her induction. Being appointed early on as the personal escort of the young master, she was continuously reinforced with the thought of prioritizing the young master over all else. After all these years, that belief was now a part of her identity just like the designation of Number Two ever since the first day she joined the society.

How could she not be furious when the man standing before her was a threat to the young master?

Ye Chong was not oblivious to Number Two’s rage, but he did not feel guilt. Whether the true culprit was himself or not, he did not think it to be a good reason. The way he saw it, everyone should be responsible for themselves; if you could not protect yourself from harm, then you were to blame. Similar to the relationship between a predator and a prey, surely you cannot hope for the predator to be charitable. Ye Chong had no objections in being the carnivore of a food chain – in fact, he would be delighted to, since he did not want to be at the mercy of someone else like the herbivores. Ye Chong believed in the basic principles of nature reflected by the mutants’ way of life on the trash planet not those humanistic laws and morality which he did not have a single notion of!

The young master was very excited to see the strange mech, and had forgotten all about Ye Chong. “Heavens! It’s beautiful! Ingenious! The one who created it must be a genius!” The young master scrambled towards the mech, his pale complexion turning a few shades redder from the excitement. He murmured incessantly to himself like some mad person.

Ye Chong ignored the madness, his heart constantly calling for Mu, but Mu did not move, as if he was asleep. He could not help but felt disheartened. After spending more than a year together, he and Mu had developed a deep bond; under Mu’s guidance, he had grown much stronger than his earlier self. The upcoming stellar flare was no threat to Mu, and while Mu did not speak of it, Ye Chong knew that Mu ventured on this extremely risky mission for his sake. Mu was broken because of him.

Ye Chong stared blankly at Mu’s hull that once emanated the most unique radiance now reflected a darker shade of obscurity. The one mech which Ye Chong thought to be the strongest of all was now covered in bruises. Ye Chong felt woeful and anguished. He took down the ornament that had always hung around his neck. Ye Chong did not use it again after the first time he cut his finger with it since Mu did not like staying in the alternate dimension, and he also preferred to have Mu for company. Who would have thought that the first time he used it to keep Mu would be under such circumstances.

Number Two stood behind Ye Chong, her expression unreadable – Ye Chong seemed to be distracted with his guard lowered. If she took this opportunity to sneak an attack, she might be able to kill him in one blow! However, should she fail, she and the young master would have to face the man’s most violent retaliation. Just the thought of Ye Chong’s monstrous attacks made her shudder! To attack? Or not to attack? Number Two contemplated – Ye Chong’s ghostly speed and strong body made her heart squeeze in trepidation, and she felt all the more self-conscious!

Ye Chong did not notice Number Two’s odd look. He sighed inwardly, and transported Mu into the alternate dimension.

The young master was climbing onto Mu with gleaming eyes, and his hands repeatedly caressing Mu’s body like a lover, occasionally gasping in awe! As Ye Chong transported Mu, the young master did not expect the mech under him to disappear – he felt a sudden emptiness below him and exclaimed in surprise!

His shrieking interrupted Number Two out of her indecision, and when she saw the young master falling from midair, she was horrified – with a twist of her body and a powerful sprint, she dashed towards the young master. However, there was someone faster than her – Number Two saw a shadow passed by her, and the young master was caught mid-waist by Ye Chong. The young master was dangling in the air, waving his hands frantically. Ye Chong looked to Number Two, and tossed the young master to the loyal attendant.

Number Two rushed to grab hold of him, and gave Ye Chong a look of gratification as she consoled the terrified young master tenderly.

Ye Chong walked away without looking back, “Alright, we head for the control room now!” Number Two dared not hesitate under his unassailable tone for she did not want to offend the enigmatic man before her. At the very least, the feeling of being all tied up with rope was extremely unpleasant.

Number Two held the young master firmly and followed slowly behind Ye Chong. The young master who was still in her arms had not recovered from the shock, and looked as white as a ghost!

Who was this man? Even an amateur like Number Two can tell that the mech that Ye Chong kept was special, and one who possessed a mech like that was definitely not a commoner. For someone with a well-built physique, incredible speed and a mech like no other, who could he actually be?

Number Two questioned in her head, and continued to trail behind Ye Chong.