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Chapter 35: There Be Pirates!

Chapter 35: There Be Pirates!

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“Big brother, do you think they got it wrong?” A pugnacious looking heavyset man asked in a low, muffled voice.

“Who knows?” The one-eyed leader sat with a leg hanging over the armrest and his eyes closed, taking a pleasant puff of his cigar. He was intoxicated with a product of good quality; naturally grown and processed by well-known experts, not something bought from a regular store with a few hundred zhuan.

“Big boss, I’m afraid things have changed!” A gaunt man spoke up beside One-eye, his eyes constantly casting furtive glances here and there. This man was obviously the general of the group.

“What do you mean?” One-eye was still lazily resting in a semi-lying posture.

The gaunt general spoke lowly, “Big boss, think about it, it’s been six days since there has been any news from our spy from within, this does not bode well! Besides, we’ve been waiting here for quite a few days, and usually they would have arrived by now!”

“Mm!” One-eye nodded approvingly. “You’re right! Then what do you think should be done? Surely we cannot return the deposit?” He looked displeased.

The gaunt general smiled slyly. “Don’t worry about it big boss. That fellow would not dare to leak this information. He is more afraid of us than blowing his cover. Once the news is out, we would only suffer from a little reputational blemish, but that fellow, he would be utterly disgraced! Since we’ve already taken the money, there’s no way we’re giving them back!”

One-eye laughed heartily, and patted his general on the shoulder. “Right, right, you’re really the clever one! Then there’s nothing left for us here now, right?”

The heavyset man panicked. “Big boss, returning with nothing to show is not favorable, the other brothers would surely complain!”

One-eye stroked his chin, deep in thought. “You’re right. Returning empty-handed will tarnish our morale!” Just then, a servant came running while panting, and spoke agitatedly, “Big boss, there’s a fat lamb right ahead, and a very big one at that!”

One-eye tilted his head back and laughed at the sky. “It seems that our luck has arrived, whether we want it or not. Tell the brothers to get ready!”

Ye Chong and the pair sat in a room.

Gu Shaoze peeked at the door, and spoke in distress, “What now? They wouldn’t detain us, would they? Why have someone guarding outside? Are we prisoners now?”

Number Two was pained by the young master’s despair, and consoled him. “Young master, do not worry, they’re only doing this because they’re suspicious of our identities. Without any confirmation, they would not dare to do anything to us!”

Ye Chong could not be bothered to entertain them. He shut his eyes and rested, preserving his strength. In this unfamiliar territory, Ye Chong did not let his guard down. His body was in a very peculiar state, ready to launch a fatal strike at the enemy at any time.

As for the two guards outside watching the door, Ye Chong was not perturbed by them. He did not think those two were a threat nor have the capabilities to restrain him.

Ye Chong had always felt odd, for the people he met seemed to be quite fragile physically. It was strange that such a weak body would surely not withstand even a slightly powerful hit. Did they not know that the body was the essence of everything? It’s really confounding!

Gu Shaoze observed Ye Chong. While he admired Ye Chong’s calmness, he was curious as to what the man was up to before getting into this mess.

The two guards outside were expert level pilots. The squad leader’s repeated warnings were still fresh in their heads, and they had always trusted him. Hence, while they felt that having two expert level mech pilots to guard three nobodies was a little excessive, they still obeyed the order unquestionably.

Unexpectedly, a few orders came through the comms device in their ear, and their expressions immediately changed. Both exchanged a look of surprise. One of them opened the door and spoke to the three solemnly, “Everyone, please do not leave this room, else your safety is not guaranteed!”

Number Two asked worriedly, “My two good sirs, what happened?”

The other guard hesitated a moment before speaking, “We are under attack from space pirates! It seems like the Crimson Hawk!”

“Crimson Hawk?!” Gu Shaoze and Number Two gasped in unison, their faces paled in an instant.

Their responses were expected by the two pilots, and one of them spoke, “We’re going into battle now. Please, do not worry. We’ll put our best into this!” The last phrase was spoken with great determination, as if the only alternative of success was death, and this commanded respect.

“We’re off now! You all take care!” The pair went outside in a hurry, leaving the three behind in the room.

“Crimson Hawk? How is this possible?” Number Two murmured in a daze, her face the image of despair. Gu Shaoze was also deeply troubled, and upset at the situation they were in. Only Ye Chong looked the same as before, fully composed.

“What’s the Crimson Hawk?” Seeing the two in fear and trepidation, Ye Chong was curious as to the cause.

The pair looked at Ye Chong like he was an idiot. “Are you really human? How could you not know the Crimson Hawk?”

“Are they any good?” Ye Chong asked.

“Oh heavens, how can someone ask such a ridiculous question like that on this day and age?” Gu Shaoze looked like he could faint at any moment. His pallor was the perfect depiction of someone with severe anemia.

Number Two grudgingly managed an explanation. “The Crimson Hawk is a powerful crew of space pirates. I don’t know if they are the strongest amongst the pirates, but they are undoubtedly the most notorious. Compared to other pirate crews, they are more ruthless. Those who were captured rarely escaped alive.”

Ye Chong cocked his head to one side and thought for a moment. “What you’re saying is that they will surely invade this ship?”

Number Two nodded. “Definitely!”

Ye Chong stood abruptly, surprising the two.

Gu Shaoze was flustered. “What are you up to? Don’t do anything rash! They kill without so much so at the snap of a finger!” Suddenly, Gu Shaoze quieted in realization, remembering that this man was just the same.

“I need mechs! Do you know where to find them?” Ye Chong asked nonchalantly.

Number Two felt that the man before him was truly an enigma. He was calm in the face of such impossible odds, and still high in spirits for the fight. Perhaps only the ignorant could be fearless!

“At the bottommost level is the cargo bay, usually there would be a few backup mechs so that pilots whose damaged mechs could not be repaired in time can still resume combat. For a commercial fleet like this with many mech pilots onboard, surely there would be a few of those backups.” Number Two may not feel that this struggle could have any effect, but in her heart there was still a ray of hope. If he succeeded, then the young master would be saved!

“How do I get to the cargo bay?” Upon hearing that there were mechs available, Ye Chong’s eyes suddenly blazed brightly.

The cargo bay’s entrance was locked tight, and to open the door would require a passcode.

There was no time to ask anyone for passcodes. Ye Chong took a deep breath, and in an instant, his chest expanded like a wind box; every muscle of his body began to burn like fire, as if he was inhaling hot air! Ye Chong bent his knees to a horse stance, angled his arm and closed his palm into a fist. He drew his arm slowly backwards while drawing and accumulating strength, bit by bit!

He inhaled sharply – his body’s temperature had risen to the point of being almost unbearable – and the bow was fully drawn!

There were no further hesitations – Ye Chong howled like thunder while his right arm swung out like a hurricane storm as it shrieked lowly past the air and aiming straight towards the center of the cargo bay’s door!