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Chapter 42: Something for Everyone On Reno

Chapter 42: Something for Everyone On Reno

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“Black Cove?” Ye Chong muttered, “What a strange name!”

Bai Linan excitedly explained, “Yes, Black Cove, Sir. I got my mesh vest there. No one would dare to make a move there. Once we enter Black Cove, it’ll be safe! Over there…”

Ye Chong was indifferent. “We’ll do as you say!” With that, he turned and left, leaving behind Bai Linan, stupefied, as he was just about to start a lengthy speech on the spot.

Ye Chong sat in a corner, deep in thought. He reflected on his actions these past few days, as was his usual practice. On the trash planet, after every battle, he would carefully dissect the results and identify his mistakes, the mutants’ habitual activities and their special behaviors. He had to think about these matters, and this was the main reason he could easily hunt powerful mutants every time with success. After Mu Shang’s arrival, the mech had strongly encouraged this habit, and even made it a daily commitment for Ye Chong!

During his ambush on Mr One-eye, he was still too hasty, and not sufficiently composed. If he had been more level-headed, he could have escaped before the pirates could react, and would not be in a passive position. His unfamiliarity with the outside world was his greatest weakness, but this was not something he could make up for in a short time.

“The asteroid belt was the best natural training ground for practicing mech piloting. Ah, I could also do a little shooting practice on the side. That’s something to consider for the future.”

Ye Chong thought of Mu out of a sudden. He called for him a few times in his mind, but Mu did not respond, just like before. Ye Chong was dejected, and yearned for his old life on the trash planet despite himself being stronger now. While the planet was practically a wasteland, he and Mu could joke around all day, free of worries. Life there was monotonous, but nevertheless satisfying. Ever since Ye Chong left the trash planet, he had not laughed as much as he had in one day on his old home planet. As for unfamiliar things around him, Ye Chong always felt a dangerous undertone from them, and this made him extra cautious in dealing with everyday matters, including what most people thought were normal routines!

The environment out here was complicated, filled with variables that far outstrip the trash planet’s!

Ye Chong yearned to leave the trash planet, but now that he had succeeded, he was without Mu’s company, and that made him feel like something was missing.

At Reno’s spaceport, workers stared dumbstruck at the starship that seemed like it could collapse at any time from its damages - if one could still call it a starship. Even the most senior worker shook his head despite himself being experienced, and spoke to the young lad next to him, “I’ve been at this for over fifty years, and never have I seen such a miserable-looking ship. Tsk tsk, I’m afraid even the junkyard wouldn’t pay for it, it’s a miracle they could even get here! Tell them we’re not fixing this ship!”

The strange thing was, the other party did not ask for repairs, but only to recharge!

Ye Chong and Bai Linan exited the ship, and those around the pair oddly stared at them. The pair, however, was unfazed. Ye Chong did not care for them, for he was not involved with them. Once he found that they were not particularly threatening, he did not pay any attention to them. As for Bai Linan, he was, at any rate, the Red Beard's Owl’s second-in-command, and these men were not worth his attention. As such, he ignored the stares they were receiving.

Reno was a planetoid, and looked the way it was now after years of construction and modifications. It was situated along the only way to Black Cove, and since visitors to Black Cove had gradually increased, Reno flourished as well.

Bai Linan, who was familiar with the area, took on the role of a guide, and began explaining to Ye Chong, “Reno is actually a supply station, the last one before one enters Black Cove. That’s why a lot of people heading for Black Cove will stop by here for provisions. Hmm, perhaps because it’s close to Black Cove, there are also plenty of Black Cove specialty products here, and traders who’re reluctant to take the risk of entering Black Cove will buy their goods here, though the price is much higher compared to those in Black Cove!”

Skyscrapers extended beyond the clouds. Flying machines of all sorts whizzed back and forth in the sky. People adorned with various colourful outfits strolled along the streets. The wide avenue was only occupied by a few groups of pedestrians. Numerous shops projecting holographic advertisements lined the roads. Ye Chong looked at his first ever holographic advertisement, showing a semi-transparent lady of extraordinary beauty. She had a flawless face, devilishly sexy body curves and an alluring voice - the combination was breathtaking. Her every move teased the heart, and her soft, wet cherry lips formed words that sounded like music from the heavens, enough to make most people consider buying the advertised product at once!

Of course, that was for most people, like Bai Linan! Bai Linan was entranced by the holographic advertisement, almost drooling at the voluptuous lady!

However, for someone like Ye Chong, who had never dealt with the opposite sex, developing a standard to differentiate between the beautiful and the ugly would be an arduous task!

Ye Chong evaluated from the perspective of combat practicality. Her legs were too slim, unable to provide enough strength. Her hands had delicate skin, signs of weakness in unarmed combat. Her breasts were large but not muscular, not only lacking in strength but also definitely a burden for movement. Her hair was too long and would easily be tangled by something during combat, and that was very dangerous! Ye Chong could not help but shake his head. The only thing that impressed him was her thin waist - Ye Chong had no doubts that it would be very flexible!

The result of his evaluation was thus - extremely poor!

Bai Linan was still watching the advertisement with lecherous eyes and muttering to himself, “That’s my dream girl, the most perfect woman in the world, ah, Feng Su, my dearest, when did she become the spokesperson for this product? What? How could I have not bought it? No, this… This is not acceptable for a loyal fan like me, I must support her till the end!”

Bai Linan warmed up to the idea and slipped into the store. After a moment, he exited with quite a few things in his hands. The storekeeper sent him off with a wide grin.

Ye Chong pointed at the stuff that Bai Linan was holding. “What are these?”

The distracted Bai Linan sobered up and studied them intently. His face instantly contorted - they’re… they’re all female products!

The two did not notice a pair of knavish eyes observing from around the corner.

“Did you really see them clearly?” A fearsome looking muscular man in his middle age asked in a low voice.

“Boss, do you still not believe the eyes of your servant? I’ve seen Bai Linan more than a few times, can’t be mistaken!” The one who answered was a short fellow with unscrupulous eyes, obviously a cunning person.

“Didn’t Red Beard's Owl’s third-in-command, Iron said that Bai Linan is dead? Why would he be here now?” The middle-aged man was perplexed.

“This servant is also puzzled, isn’t he already dead? Iron would not speak lightly of something like this, but I really did see Bai Linan! Oh, right, there’s also someone with him!” The shorter man recalled.

“What?” The muscular man trembled in realization, and asked urgently, “You said someone’s with him?”

“Yes, he’s very young, and his looks are average, except that his expression is as though someone owes him money or something. Bai Linan seems to be very respectful to him!”

The middle-aged man spoke slowly, “He must be the one everyone is talking about now - Mr One-eye’s assassin.”

“What?” The little man was shocked. “Isn’t he headed for Scarlet Star Shoal?”

“If I had guessed correctly, he must have travelled through the asteroid belt to get here. Smart move, hehe, who would have thought that everyone would be fooled by him! Excellent, excellent! If someone like this could work for me…” The middle-aged man paced about the room, his heart greatly enticed!

“Boss, what do you think we should do?”

His superior considered for some time, and made his decision. “Keep your eyes on him at all times, but remember, do not alarm him. Heehee, what a wonderful opportunity, we must plan this out carefully!”