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Chapter 43: Gold Wheat

Chapter 43: Gold Wheat

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Once he left the boss’s study, the little man scanned around discretely, and once he was sure no one was around, he quickly left through the back door.

The little man walked on and on, his surroundings became more and more secluded. The man did not once look back in his journey, and he looked nervous. His eyes constantly darted here and there. When he saw no one following him, he dashed into an alley.

“What did you say?” A black-faced burly man stood up as he spoke. His smooth, bald head shined conspicuously under the lighting.

“Elder Bei, there’s no mistaking it, I saw Bai Linan with my own eyes, I wouldn’t mistakingly recognize him! He is at Reno right now. If you don’t believe it, send a few of your lackeys out to scout, they’ll surely find them! As our elder said, they must have travelled through the asteroid belt, diverging from their route to Red Star Coast!” The little man replied with respect.

Just then, a lackey walked in and went whispered a few words into the ears of the black-faced man. The black-faced man’s expression turned to joy upon hearing those whispers.

“Little Monkey, well done!” The black-faced man nodded with approval, and gave a meaningful glance to another lackey standing straight by his side. The lackey produced a card from his pocket and handed it to Little Monkey. “Well, Little Monkey, you must work hard from now on, don’t worry, you’ll get your share of rewards!”

Little Monkey nodded profusely, his eyes gleaming with desire at the card, as he accepted it carefully with both hands.

Elder Bei gave a wave of his hand, and Little Monkey tactfully left the room.

Once he was gone, Elder Bei leaned back and laughed to himself. “Haha, the Heavens do smile upon old me. My elder brother had gone to Scarlet Star Shoal for the assassin, but who would have thought I would gain an unexpected opportunity here at home. Tell our men to prepare themselves, I would also like to meet the one who killed Mr One-eye in three blows. Bring guns, all of you! Hehe, however fast he may be, can he outrun bullets?” Elder Bei groomed and stroked his bald head.

One of the lackeys was unsure. “Second Elder, do you think we should refer to the leader about this?”

Elder Bei scolded loudly, “Refer my a**, if we wait for that, those two would be long gone! Once we capture them, we’ll give the leader a surprise, haha. Now, don’t just stand there, go get ready!”

Ye Chong and Bai Linan were leisurely strolling in Reno. By now, Bai Linan was getting a little depressed - where in the whole wide universe did his master come from? He knew almost nothing, and would ask about certain things. Initially, Bai Linan enthusiastically explained to him, but the questions became too much. Usually Bai Linan’s explanation would spawn many more questions, and the questions were weird and outlandish, leaving Bai Linan uncertain of how to go about those subjects.

“Who would have thought I would serve a master like this? What bad luck,” Bai Linan rolled his eyes at the sky. What infuriated him the most was his master’s spouting nonsense about his idol, Feng Su – saying her legs were too thin, her skin was too soft and so on. Heavens, did those words come from a human? Bai Linan felt helpless against his situation!

Suddenly, there was a commotion ahead, and he saw an intimidating gang of burly men coming straight towards them.

Ye Chong noticed, and immediately summoned his mech.

The mechs that Ye Chong obtained from the commercial starships were prepared by Oak Leaves after years of hard work for use in case of emergency. They were all above average, and quite a few of them were expert level mechs, like the one Ye Chong was now summoning – the humanoid Gold Wheat!

While onboard the ship, Bai Linan had seen Ye Chong empty out a pile of dimension keystones from his waist bag, and he stared at them with bulging eyes, pointing at Ye Chong speechlessly. Was this guy an arms dealer?

Ye Chong learnt from his lessons, about running the initialization settings for a few mechs that were either expert level or had unique skills. A bit of early work would prepare him to face dangers ahead without panicking, and allow him to fully engage in battle swiftly. On the battleground, a second could determine life and death!

In Bai Linan’s eyes, his new master kept changing one mech after another. Was he trying to do a mech showcase? Bai Linan was perplexed.

Once he understood Ye Chong’s intentions, Bai Linan was astounded. Preparing so many mechs just in case of an emergency? He had never even seen anyone equipped with more than two mechs at a time! Ye Chong had set up five expert level mechs, and three special mechs! This, this was practically a moving mech warehouse! Bai Linan watched Ye Chong wear the dimension keystones on his hands with disbelief! If he knew Ye Chong already had a Sand Scorpio on him and Mu Shang hanging on his neck, what would his expression look like…

Since there were too many dimension keystones, they were made to look like accessories for easy carry. Ye Chong wore four rings, two wristlets, and even a keystone shaped as an eardrop. Bai Linan watched as Ye Chong wore the eardrop-shaped keystone on his left ear without hesitation, and was thoroughly shocked. When he recovered, he could not help but started laughing incredulously at Ye Chong’s appereance.

Ye Chong did not mind it at all! Ugly? Did it matter? If it could save his life, Ye Chong will accept any degree of ugliness! Ye Chong did not care for Bai Linan’s view. The only thing Ye Chong felt unfitting was having the rings on his fingers that would affect his hands’ agility and sense!

Ye Chong summoned the Gold Wheat mech from his left middle finger the moment he felt danger.

Gold Wheat was thoroughly covered with a bright, golden hue. It was like a God that descended from the Heavens, all mighty and strong. But this was the feature Ye Chong was most dissatisfied with. Such glamour would basically mean shifting attention away from itself would be impossible. If only it was a greenish grey or a dull turquoise, or even a brownish yellow – any of them would be better than this.

However, Ye Chong was satisfied with the mech’s overall design. The hull was streamlined, minimizing air resistance, and the double-layered armor was light and strong. Its main weapon was the ultra-frequency (UF) magnetic sword – a magnetic sword’s performance was graded based on its size and resonant frequency, and an UF magnetic sword’s power was astonishing. Its UF vibrations could shatter a mech’s metal armor into pieces in an instant. It lacked the eye-catching glow of a laser sword, and so was not generally well received, but Ye Chong was quite satisfied with this feature.

Unlike most battle mechs, the Gold Wheat was not equipped with a shield, instead it had two defence hooks and a small armguard on its right arm. Speed, which Ye Chong had always prioritized, was also something the mech was well equipped for. Its Prism engine could support powerful movements, and up to eight auxiliary engines allowed great flexibility in manuevering. However, the mech was completely inadequate in terms of long range shooting - it only had one concealed gun chamber on its left arm, which housed a meagre 5k grade Lux Blaster - too shabby for a mech like this!

However, to Ye Chong, this battle mech was undoubtedly his most familiar and favourite type! Hence, when he first sensed danger, Ye Chong immediately thought of it!

Gold Wheat’s bionic eyes shone with a golden glare, eyeing coolly at the ill-intent filled gang.