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Chapter 44: No Rules At All

Chapter 44: No Rules At All

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Best to launch a preemptive strike! A preemptive strike implied a greater chance of controlling the flow of battle. In a battle of life and death, whatever courtesy and chivalry present were all obsolete! Ye Chong was also devoid of such manners. While he did not know if this gang were looking for trouble with him, it was undeniable that he felt an underlying danger in their presence. Ye Chong’s default reaction was to curb the menace before it began to pose a threat to himself against such underlying danger. This time, he followed his routine without a second to waste!

The men spread out into an arch, obviously hoping to surround Ye Chong. If Ye Chong could not have notice such an obvious tactic, he would have sign his own death warrant. Ye Chong had witnessed Oak Leaves’ disciplined formation and the unique wolf pack formation of Red Owl’s Beard. Thus, the current disorganized formation was, in his eyes, absolutely horrendous!

Ye Chong lifted his left arm, aimed it towards the gang and took a shot!

When the gang saw Ye Chong deploying his mech even before they even reached him, they were all stunned. Some of the more seasoned men slowed down their pace and silently shifted to the rear of the group.

They never imagined that with so many of them against one opponent, the other party would strike first.

The 5k grade heat ray gun, while being a little shabby for Gold Wheat, was still a terrifying weapon against lightly shielded opponents! A heat ray, thick as one’s wrist, striked true at the frontmost man of the gang.

The scorching heat ray caused a perimeter of air turbulence surrounding its trajectory! The frontmost man’s lower left arm completely evaporated. The wound, red from fresh blood, quickly turned maroon, and finally a burnt yellow; the gushing blood dried up in an instant like water sprinkled on desert sand. The heat ray did not seem to weaken after the first hit. It blasted at the chest of its second casualty, going through the body completely. Through the perfect wrist-sized wound, one could see a charred patch on the underbelly of the person behind him. All this happened before the agonizing shriek sounded by the first victim, followed by the second and the third!

The disaster before them shook everyone to their core, and all of them tried to stay as far as possible from the three victims. The crowd was in chaos.

Bai Linan gasped in astonishment, seeing the use of a mech weapon against someone without any mech equipped. He finally realized something - compared to this master, the pirates were merciful! Bai Linan was sharp - when he saw Ye Chong fired, he immediately scurried for cover behind him.

Ye Chong chillingly smiled in the pilot’s cabin as Gold Wheat’s ray gun continued blasting randomly at the gang. It went without saying that Ye Chong’s shooting skills were terrible. Although he had practiced shooting at the NR Training Center, he had never practiced shooting in real life. Hence, while he still had recollections of shooting, his body could not keep up with the movement. In this dense crowd, with people everywhere, it would be harder to miss than to hit, but Ye Chong still managed to fire a few inconsequential rounds! Ye Chong felt deeply ashamed despite knowing this.

Second Elder Bei’s bald head was covered with sweat. He did not expect the fellow before him to be so ruthless, shooting without so much as a question! He had planned to catch the fellow alive, for a dead man would be useless! The men with him had only heat ray guns of 8k grade, as the rays shooting Gold Wheat’s body had no effect! Without at least a 10k grade weapon, it would be impossible to do the mech harm! Second Elder Bei urgently commanded, “Put on your mech now! Right now!”

Upon hearing his voice, the subordinates around him finally came back to their senses and deployed their mechs.

However, since they were standing too close to one another, many ignored their surroundings and thought of only sheltering within their mechs as soon as possible and staying out of the ray gun’s path. The immediate result was that the deployed mechs, with their huge sizes, crammed the area even further. The situation became chaotic, and some people were even stomped to death by the deployed mechs!

Second Elder Bei hopelessly watched at the situation. He covered his face, unable to bear witness to the disaster, crying dry tears.

“There’s a good opportunity!” Ye Chong unsheathed his UF magnetic sword, as his left arm wielded the defensive barb, and rushed head on like a thunderbolt into the chaotic mess. The best metaphor for the current situation would be - like a fierce tiger invading a flock of lambs! Compared to the defensive barbs in Ye Chong’s left hand, the UF magnetic sword in his right was definitely an edged weapon used to reap human lives! He specifically aimed for the mechs’ weak points, and the UF vibration due to the magnetic sword’s hit often led to the targeted mech crumbling into pieces. Fragments and broken limbs flew away at high speeds, and many who did not deploy their mech in time lost their lives to these flying fragments.

What would happen when an UF magnetic sword directly hit a human body? The human body could not withstand vibrations at such a high frequency - once hit, beginning from the point of contact, the body would be ripped apart into numerous pieces! Body pieces flew everywhere! Red flowers of blood bloomed in numbers!

Compared to this, the men who died under the parrying spear were far luckier. The sharp, chilling, gleaming edge of the weapon was fatal in its every strike. It moved like lightning and never missed, its victims often dying on the spot!

Second Elder Bei did not manage to escape the plight. His shiny bald head rolled and revolved into a faraway corner, as his furious eyes were unwilling to close!

Bai Linan shivered all over. This was a massacre, and the victims were from the larger party! This scene, full of bloodshed, was one he would never forget in his life! As he watched Ye Chong standing in the blood puddles, Bai Linan could not bear it anymore and puked violently!

The scene was also unforgettable for the two spectators who had watched the whole incident from afar.

Little Monkey looked very pale, and muttered, “Is that guy really human?”

The middle-aged burly man beside him was also shocked. “How ruthless! Who would have thought he would attack without knowing the opponent’s intent? His methods are too merciless! This is not someone we should meddle with!”

Little Monkey levelled his chest, rejoicing. “Boss, luckily we had Second Elder Bei to test the waters, if not…”

The middle-aged man nodded in agreement. “Second Elder Bei is far worse than First Elder Bei! He’s ambitious and likes to impress others, but he was all talk and no substance. His leadership was also a failure. It’s no wonder First Elder Bei did not hand Reno over to him all this while. If First Elder Bei were here, things would be different! But this guy here is also quite unpredictable, doing things his own way!”

Little Monkey said, “That’s right, this man has no rules at all!”

The middle-aged man warned, “It’s people like these that are the scariest, you musn’t mess with him in future!”

Little Monkey nodded, still in shock. “Understood. I would rather die than mess with him! Boss, Reno Society has taken a heavy blow this time!”

The middle-aged man shook his head. “Most of Reno Society’s core personnel had followed First Elder Bei to the Red Star Coast. The people here are only their intermediate and lower tier members. However, even if it’s so, it would be enough for them to deal with! Usually we can’t do anything to them, but now, hehehe…” A knavish look passed in his eyes.

Little Monkey spoke excitedly, “Boss, should we get ready to work for Reno Society?”

The middle-aged man shook his head again. “This is not urgent! Little Monkey, you did well this time. First Elder Bei will surely investigate to find out who informed Second Elder Bei of the target. You should go play around somewhere, lie low until the dust settles, then come back. The money is already transferred to your card!”

“Yes!” Little Monkey obeyed respectfully.