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Chapter 48: Through the Looking Glass

Chapter 48: Through the Looking Glass

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“Absolutely!” Ye Chong’s reply was loud and firm!

“Oh…” The cold wind blew as Johansson spoke indifferently, “So, you want to butt in?” The dark mask shone in polished black.

Ye Chong shook his head.

Johansson was perplexed for a second. That was unpredicted! He maintained a calm facade and asked softly, “I see. So… why did you speak up?”

“I…” Ye Chong halted for a moment thinking of a way to convey his feelings, but he lacked the experience of making deals with people. He decided to ditche the idea and spoke straightforwardly, “I want to learn battle techniques from you!”

That statement stupefied Johansson. Oh! Johansson turned joyful. This was such a good opportunity. While he was racking his head to think of a way to drag this boy all the way to Instructor Hak, the boy decided to offer himself. No force capture was needed it seemed. He suppressed his joy and spoke on as calmly as possible, “Very well. But you are required to undergo some examination. Follow me then, if you would!”

Johansson turned on his heels, and carried the bodyguard in his arm. He hurried away in a flash!

Ye Chong chased after the masked man without any hesitation!

The bodyguard was like a heavyweight dumbbell in Johansson’s hand, but he carried him with ease. As Ye Chong chased on his confidence started to extinguish. This is already my maximum speed… yet I can’t even overtake the masked man. Our distance remained the same when we left, and I can’t even close the gap between us. That wasn’t the only mood-killer – considering the masked man was actually lifting a 260 pound man, it would be blatantly justifiable that he just didn’t have the speed to even compete the masked man. Clouded in negative thoughts, he grew disappointed of himself.

Speed, velocity, and anything that sets motion like lightning was always what Ye Chong had the most priority on as well as confidence. Back in the days when he was still piloting Winnie, he was already equipped with speed. When Mu appeared, the intensive training given caused his overall speed to increase significantly. He also enjoyed the excitement of being fast and furious. Despite that, he did not expect this day to come when what he valued and was proud of was being smashed into pieces. It was heartbreaking and disappointing.

That was not the only thing uncalled for.

Meanwhile, Johansson felt similar. The race came unexpectedly like a tsunami to his status quo!

In the Black Cove, Johansson was known for his speed among his batch mates. Among the other men who joined, he was outstanding although he was not the fastest, but he was well known at least. Speed was a technique he was an expert in and also the key to his victory! However, he too did not foresee that this day would come when he would almost compete with a mere puny boy from nowhere. Even though he was carrying a few hundred pounds of a meaty man in his hand, it seemed to be a huge disadvantage to the rationale of this situation. He knew that the “dumbbell” was pretty much nothing contrary to what the public would assume. So, even if there was nothing in his hand, he would not be much faster than he is at the moment!

Moreover, in a brief inspection through his sharp eyes, he could already reckon that the boy had much more room for improvement. It was obvious that the boy had yet undergone proper training since he wholly depended on the speed-burst by his feet. If the boy were to remedy some of the flaws he had, his speed would elevate by ten percent at the very least. By then, he would be much faster and had been long leading the race instead! If I brought the boy to Hak and he was aware of how brilliant and potent this student was, he probably would be laughing his beard off. That annoying beard of his.

Thinking of how he might no longer be the best in Group-F, a rush of envy surged in him!

If that happened, Group-F would be exceptionally stronger with his existence. Then Group-F would be able to turn the tide! Johansson’s mood elevated at that thought.

Both of them were having their own theater of monolog as they raced after one another!

Johansson was turning here and there while Ye Chong already lost his sense of direction. He had no idea where he was by then. He only knew that he had to follow the masked man. Johansson walked into the parking walkway next, and turned to Ye Chong, “Have a mech?”

“Yes!” He nodded.

“Good. Now, get on the mech and follow me!” The masked man summoned a dark mech. Hey! That was the same mech Ye Chong saw back when he was travelling through a belt of asteroids! That orbit-cleaning mech! He hurriedly called in his mech.

Before he took off, he did not forget to inform Bai Linan he had something to work on so Bai Linan had to stay at the Black Cove for awhile. Bai Linan had no idea what was going on, but he was more than glad to be able to stay in such a fancy place. He agreed without giving it a second thought.

Johansson’s mech sped into the asteroid belts beside S.S. Zhi, and Ye Chong would not trifle with the new challenge as he went after in his mech.

Ye Chong never knew his little wish of “playing” in the asteroid belt with his mech would be granted so quickly. Johansson did not rush the tour. He just moved on in relaxation, like taking a stroll in his backyard even though he was dodging the floating asteroids. Serene and graceful. On the other hand, Ye Chong was clumsily dodging them. He thought that it would not be a problem to do it in a mech when he was able to penetrate though the asteroid belt with a spacecraft previously. But in reality, the odds were against his favor. It was true that the mech was much more agile than a spacecraft, but it was the first time Ye Chong actually found his mech to be a little bit too agile. The asteroids here were denser and faster than the one he encountered before, and he was being harassed by the oncoming asteroids. One crash would cause an episode of dizziness. Fortunately, the advanced mech contained an advanced pressure-buffering system which saved Ye Chong’s brain from getting smacked onto the control panel. It’s just that Gold Wheat’s gorgeous humanoid appearance got smacked into something else instead…

Johansson wasn’t traveling fast; obviously he was waiting for Ye Chong to catch up.

Ye Chong followed the masked man in endless crash at the Elma Zone for about eight hours. Ye Chong lost his mind seeing the heavy belt of asteroids waiting to hit his face. He shrieked. How much longer we are going to do this! Where is the freaking the end of this place!

Johansson was as calm as before they started their journey. Not speeding, not slowing down either. At least Ye Chong’s situation improved overtime; though he still got showered by the asteroids, he wasn’t as clumsy as before.

On a side note, all kinds of electronic scanning devices tend to fail in this place. Ye Chong could only watch the environment with his naked eyes.

Another 8 hours flight to nowhere.

They eventually exited the asteroid belt. Ye Chong exhaled in relief.

Johansson flew on with Ye Chong on his tail, and withdraw from the asteroid belt speedily.

Two and a half hours later, a dark base appeared before them with lights that lit up brightly. The base was about the size of 10 S.S. Zhi Lan. It seemed to be modified from a tiny planet.

Johansson did not seem to be making an introduction anytime soon as he piloted quietly. Ye Chong had a few questions on his mind, but decided to follow suit.

As they inched towards the base, only then Ye Chong discovered the fact that the base was completely enveloped by a protective force; the space around the base was filled with satellites. The satellites were armed with electromagnetic cannons and that sent chills down his spine. Electromagnetic cannons of such kind would cause tiny planets with diameter less than 20 kilometers to crumble in one blast, and their orbit would be changed dramatically without a doubt!

Ye Chong went after the masked man into a returning port slowly. As they were close, Ye Chong saw a protective veil about 15 meters thick. He was shocked. If he remembered correctly, a board about this thick would cost a whopping price even in the size of a palm! Plus, the base had this kind of board everywhere in the air! Even a caveman like Ye Chong who lacked the actual concept of prices and values was having a hard time to let it sink in.

Johansson signaled Ye Chong to stop daydreaming and move. Ye Chong followed on swiftly right away!

Into the base, the masked man lobbed the bodyguard out of the cabin and someone took him over to the side. I wonder what the man’s fate would be. Ye Chong lacked the curiosity to know more.

The masked man then gestured him to stay in his mech. They would be traveling at the base in the mech.

They arrived at a giant black door. The masked man stopped as the door opened up automatically.

Both of their mechs gradually engulfed by the dark gate.