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Chapter 54: The Callous Ye Chong

Chapter 54: The Callous Ye Chong

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The thumb-sized steel spheres shrieked terrifyingly!

Two steel spheres embedded themselves in the door with two bangs reaching ten centimeters deep into the C-N* duroplast material - two centimeters away from penetrating the door. Another steel sphere went through the gap of the doorway and hit the opposite wall of the walkway which was also deeply embedded within.

Wang Weiqi’s face became pale and went as white as a sheet!

The steel sphere that went through the door had missed the tip of her nose by less than a centimeter. The strong airstream that went with the sphere made her felt a hint of pain at her nose. If she had a mirror, she would have noticed a small cut on her nose tip due to the piercing airflow. A drop of blood started streaming down the top of her nose.

She had never felt so close to death before. “The steel sphere was fast enough to burrow deep into the wall. If it had hit my body, I would have… I would have…” As she thought of it, terror enveloped her soul at an instant. Wang Weiqi screamed in and ran away as faast as she could with her hands covering her face. She had only one wish then and that was to get out of the haunted room!

Ye Chong was ready to strike the steel balls again when he heard a piercing scream followed by loud thumps of footsteps slowly fading away.

Mu popped out in Ye Chong’s thoughts, “Ye, how could you be so uncouth towards a girl?”

Ye Chong asked naively, “What do you mean?”

Mu spoke as though he expected such a reaction from him, “In this world, outside of trash planets, women are thought to be deserving of tenderness and care. Hence, most would hesitate to start a fight against women. Some had never even placed a finger on them!”

Ye Chong was curious, “Why? Just because they’re women?”

Mu gave it a thought and agreed, “It appears to be the case.”

Ye Chong disapproved. “What a strange logic! But the strangest thing is that you, Mu, had proposed such strange logic!”

Mu kept silent as though he was choked.

Ye Chong was pleased with himself, “My skill was not bad, right?”

Mu was unimpressed. “The attack was too weak. It wasn’t enough to penetrate through the door. If it had, then it would be a threat to the enemy! Besides, you stood up too slowly and judged your strength inaccurately. If you had fired two more spheres immediately after the first two, then they would have gone through the door and the girl would have been heavily injured if not dead!”

Ye Chong nodded in agreement. “Right, right, I could have also…” The two began a heated discussion.

It was when they thought meal time was approaching, they ended the interesting conversation.

Ye Chong got up, put on his windbreaker and headed out.

As he entered the main hall, it was indeed almost meal time. This was something Ye Chong always looked forward to and another would be the topic of the conversation he ha earlier with Mu.

Ye Chong was about to head towards the dining table when all of a sudden, Wan Ziqing who was holding a cup of boiling hot sweet grass drink approached in his direction. He was about to bump into Ye Chong but Ye Chong took a step to the side to avoid the collision. A trace of slyness flashed in Wan Ziqing’s eyes as he pretended to exclaim in surprise and lost hold of the cup. The boiling hot sweet grass drink splashed onto Ye Chong.

Ye Chong gave Wan Ziqing a death stare. The opponent’s hostility was apparent, but what confused Ye Chong the most was the reason behind him resorting to such a harmless approach. Even if the sweet grass drink splashed onto him, it would not hurt him. Could it be that there was some corrosive poison in the drink?

Although Ye Chong could not comprehend his act, he was certain of the other party’s hostility and so, Ye Chong did not hesitate to take his next move.

His stepped lightly on tiptoe and moved like a ghost to Wan Ziqing’s other side. His right hand struck like lightning and grasp Wan Ziqing in the throat tightly ready to finish him off. Ye Chong was certain that he could even break a steel beam as thick as his throat!

Ye Chong pushed the thought of strangling him away. Instead, he pushed Wan Ziqing hard as he simultaneously jumped backwards with the tip of his toes.

Wan Ziqing felt regretful. Even though he survived that fight, he knew well that no one would be left alive with that much force on the throat. Wan Ziqing held his throat and kneeled at a corner, coughing vigorously with petrified eyes. Ye Chong’s strength was such that even though he had opted for a push instead of a chokehold, Wan Ziqing still bled a little from his mouth even though his throat survived the attack. The man was obviously hurt.

Vella had his eyes on Ye Chong the moment he left his room. He understood why Wan Ziqing did his little trick, although he cursed inwardly. “Why didn’t you carry out a background check on that man before attempting such a ridiculous trick? If he is one that prioritises his physical appearance, he wouldn’t retaliate. But the man you planned an attack on, he had skills of a professional killer! Are you plotting your own death?

Out of desperation, Vella unholstered his heat ray guns from his thighs and shot between the two men! Vella did not intend to aim his shot at Ye Chong. He only wanted Ye Chong to back off and cool down the situation.

Wang Weiqi was reminded of the scene of her horrible experience earlier and screamed in fear!

Wang Weiqi’s sharp scream gathered everyone’s attention. As they noticed her terrified expression, they followed her gaze and saw Ye Chong standing proudly in a corner of the dining hall with Wan Ziqing kneeling in fear and Vella standing at a distance with his gun in hand as though he was facing anenemy.

The crowd exploded in mayhem!

Vella groaned and hoped that the enemy would not release his anger on him next. Else, his life would probably end today!

Ye Chong did not take the heat ray gun in Vella’s hands seriously. His windbreaker could withstand a shot from any shooting weapon of grades 10k and below. The Black Cove’s manufacturing workmanship was truly astounding!

Ye Chong made a move.

Old Mr Wang sensed the precarious situation and stepped forward. If there was anyone Ye Chong would not wish to harm, it would definitely be the oldest of them, Old Mr Wang.

Old Mr Wang coughed softly. “Young man, the boy did not know better but I believe he’s had his punishment. Perhaps you should let him go now, what do you say?”

Mu knew exactly what Ye Chong was thinking. “That’s enough, Ye, think of it as a lesson for him. Besides, you’ve eaten so much of their food without paying!”

Ye Chong inquired in his mind, “Mu, does food require payment?” Ye Chong did not have a single Zuan on him as all of his gold Zuan were left in his room on Black Cove.

Mu was close enough to fainting after knowing his obliviousness. “Heavens Ye! Have you always been eating for free? Don’t you know you have to pay for things?”

Ye Chong whispered, “I only know that you have to pay to buy mechs. Besides, I don’t think I’ve bought anything before!” Ye Chong recalled his memories.

Mu gave him a long lecture and finally made Ye Chong understand that the concept of bartering for goods.

While the idea was not in line with Ye Chong’s beliefs, he still agreed after much repetitive admonishment and advice. “I’ve never seen the iron lizard giving anything in exchange for the crimson newts,” Ye Chong muttered to himself. Of course, Mu completely ignored that thought of his!

Old Mr Wang was wise and incredibly clear-headed. Ziqing was usually a steady man and would not act as rashly as today. Usually, situations like these were related to his beloved granddaughter. Old Mr Wang looked at his granddaughter. As expected, Qi’er looked panic-stricken. How could he not understand his own granddaughter? He immediately realized that his granddaughter must have had a bad encounter with the newcomer. Ziqing wanted to do her a favour by making a fool of the guests to cheer her up! “Sigh, it was so insensible of the two youngsters. Now look at the damage that has been done!” It seemed that Ye Chong still treated him with some respect and now Old Mr Wang had to step up and said a few words. This whole incident was definitely due to Qi’er. Besides, he could not just stand aside and watch Ziqing die before him!

Ye Chong stood where he was in perfect silence.

No one dared to break the silence for fear of awakening the demon.

Sweat beaded on Vella’s forehead gradually soaking his hair and dripping onto the floor. He felt as though Ye Chong was always watching him with his cold glare. He was afraid to stare straight into the murderous stare from the silver eyes behind the black mask. He was very, very afraid that he would die in the next second!

Vella felt like a fish trapped in a net, unable to move.

There was pin drop silence. The bizarre atmosphere filled the dining hall, creating an immense pressure on everyone present.

Abruptly, Ye Chong spoke, “Since you have fed me earlier, I’ll let it go this time. If there is a next time, do not hope for mercy!” His final intonation added a chilling effect to the entire dining hall. After giving his thought, Ye Chong went straight for the dining table and sat down.

Everyone breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Vella panted desperately and his body was thoroughly soaked with sweat. He had never felt so tired before. Vella strenuously placed his gun back into the holster.

At the dining table, everyone went mute. They ate in silence. No one was brave enough to sit within three meters away from Ye Chong. Even Vella hid far away in a corner. Wang Weiqi and Wan Ziqing returned to their rooms to rest and to recover from their shock. Moreover, Wan Ziqing had sustained major injuries.

The oppressive atmosphere continued on at the dining table.

Ye Chong did not notice anything else but only focused on eating. Compared to the monotonous food on the trash planet, the delicacies here were enough to make him forget about everything else!

Old Mr Wong grinned. “Young man, where would you like to land?” Everyone perked up their ears at that moment. Most of the passengers on the starship were medical volunteers and they were dearly appreciated. Hence, Ye Chong’s callous nature made them loath him very much. However, upon realizing that Ye Chong could kill for something as petty as that trick, they quickly hid their thoughts and continued eating in silence.

Ye Chong gobbled his food without stopping and spoke with a full mouth, “Where are you heading?”

Old Mr Wang kept his smile on and answered, “We’re heading towards Blue Ocean! If you’re leaving before that, we can fly you to your destination!” Everyone gave a surprised look at Old Mr Wang and immediately returned to their meal. Unfortunately, Ye Chong was too focused on his meal that he did not notice their odd behaviour. He replied carelessly, “Oh, then I’ll head to Blue Ocean!”

Almost everyone gave a positive reaction to that.