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Chapter 64: Ji Shangyan

Chapter 64: Ji Shangyan

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His reunion with Grandpa Xu was a joyful matter, but Ye Chong did not expect the reunion to be under such circumstances. The police officer who came to the scene was Fei, who came to find Ye Chong at Grandpa Qian’s house earlier. Fei noticed the finger marks on the middle-aged man’s throat and immediately came up with some excuse to get the man out of the area. "Just get this settled fast, who knows when the guy would go crazy? That’ll be my field day!" thought the Inspector sarcastically.

Grandpa Xu was more uptight with Sun Xuelin and Xiu, but far more casual with Ye Chong. They occasionally discussed academic problems, and this reminded Ye Chong of his days at Aurora.

However, once he was outdoors, Ye Chong resumed his dull composure.

Blue Ocean was an economically and technologically advanced planet with a population of six hundred million. Its society championed openness and freedom, and the planet offered abundant natural resources. These were the reasons the planet was coveted as an ideal home by its many inhabitants.

Jesha, where Ye Chong stayed, was one of the three largest zones on Blue Ocean, and also the most prosperous of the three.

It was already late when Ye Chong returned to Grandpa Qian’s house. After finishing his work, Ye Chong returned to his room. He believed in the need to understand more about the society he lived in, as there were many things here that contradicted his principles. The sooner he could understand this society, the better and easier he could live within it. Without a doubt, Mu was his only teacher for the task.

Ye Chong began by asking, "Mu, let’s continue our topic this morning! What do you mean by law?"

Mu replied, "Based on my information, it will be easier for you to understand the law as rules set by the strongest members of society!"

"The strongest members? Stronger than me?"

Mu kept his tone light, but condescension was positively radiating from his choice of words. "Based on my information, the gap between your strengths is almost as wide as the universe itself!"

Ye Chong changed his tack. "If I had killed that man today, what would happen to me?"

Mu replied, "Based on the Blue Ocean Penal Code, Article 11, a convicted murderer would face up to forty years of prison life, and if the act of murder was atrocious, the murderer could be sentenced to death!"

Ye Chong frowned. "Who’re the law executors?"

"Based on Blue Ocean safety measures, all police officers, military officers and safety department personnel have the right to pursue and capture violators of the law, while all members of the public are obligated to assist in the capture!"

Fortunately, Ye Chong knew his own strength, and was not arrogant enough to believe that he was the best amongst the rest. With so many against him, it would not take the strongest to defeat him, as even the average person could take him down. Ye Chong was beginning to understand the risks behind acts of violence! However, he was also quick to notice a problem. "What is I did it discreetly?"

Mu replied, "Based on my information, if they do not discover evidence for your act of murder, you will not be sentenced for any punishment."


"Objects, witnesses or other things that can prove your crime!"

"So, if I am careful enough, and they could not obtain any evidence, does that mean I’ll be beyond the law?"

"You’re right up to a certain level, but I must remind you, they have quite a few practical and brilliant methods up their sleeves. The probability of them discovering your activities cannot be ignored."

"Oh, so it’s actually a matter of a battle of strength?"

"You’re right up to a certain level …"


Ji Shangyan was happily humming a little tune, as he deftly maneuvered his jaw-droppingly expensive mech. "Ji Shangyan" may sounds like a feminine name, but he was undeniably male. However, his gender-neutral appearance was often mistaken for a female’s. His silvery white hair framed a pair of enchanting blue eyes, and his gentle smile had bewitched a great many fair maidens.

Ji Shangyan’s mech was painted mostly in alternating blues and greys, with a few important components emphasized in gold. The hull was streamlined, with a dimmed shade of blue that gave it a demure quality, and a silver hue that made the mech look sturdier. The slightly protruding chest of the mech was a sign of reinforced armor, emanating a steady and calm presence.

Ji Shangyan’s mech piloting skills were applaudable, as was demonstrated by his nimble traversal amongst the buildings in Jesha.

If he succeeded in his visit to Old Xu this time, he would have rendered great service. However, it seemed that Old Xu was difficult to approach! What should he do? Ji Shangyan rubbed between his eyebrows in vexation, as he still did not have a workable plan. His eldest brother was rejected last time, and passed the task to him. No matter what, he must find a way to convince Old Xu. If one trip was not enough, he would visit again and again.

Old Xu was alone at home. Since his partner’s passing, and with the lack of any children, he was now all alone. The emptiness in his house and his life did not leave him unaffected. His engagement in research had helped, but he did not expect to achieve a breakthrough in his field in later years and gain prominence. However, he was getting old and weathered nowadays!

His photon processor signalled the arrival of a guest. Through the processor’s holographic images, Elder Xu saw an unfamiliar and charming young man. This was not someone he recognized, and Elder Xu grew suspicious!

Through the visitor’s intercom, Elder Xu asked, "Who’re you looking for?" A device right outside the main door of his house projected his image before the entrance.

Ji Shangyan observed the image and decided, based on his intel, that it must be the target of his visit, Elder Xu. Ji Shangyan replied respectfully, "You must be Professor Xu. I’m Ji Shangyan, and I’ve been to a few of your talks. I was wondering if I could have your advice on a few matters regarding mechs!"

"Oh," Elder Xu hesitated in thought. Visitors with academic intentions were common, but they were mostly past their forties. This was the first time Elder Xu encountered someone as young as him.

"Ji Shangyan?" Elder Xu seemed to realize something. "Your surname is Ji?"

Ji Shangyan felt his heart skipped a beat, and knew that things were turning sour, but he still braced himself and replied affirmatively. "Yes!"

"You’re a member of the Ji Family?" Elder Xu’s expression twisted.

Ji Shangyan cursed on the inside, and kept silent.

Elder Xu continued indifferently, "The Ji family, enough with your demands, there’s no need to waste any more time on this, I will never cooperate with you. Just give up now!" Elder Xu ignored Ji Shangyan and terminated communication. His projection vanished before Ji Shangyan’s eyes.

It seemed that his eldest brother had really offended Elder Xu last time. However, what troubled Ji Shangyan the most was that the older man had his loathing against his brother extended towards the entire Ji family. This made his task of convincing Elder Xu to work with the Ji family that much more difficult!

After a moment’s thought, Ji Shangyan produced his comm device and spoke to the person on the receiving end, "You all better keep Old Xu under tight surveillance. I want his daily activities and whereabouts, and a list of the people he gets in touch with. And get their identities and addresses, understand? Do not slack! I want all the details, remember, all of it!" Ji Shangyan was out of ideas, and could only resort to surveillance for the moment.

After disconnecting his comm device, Ji Shangyan continued his miserable pondering - what can he do to convince Elder Xu?