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Chapter 66: I Love Assassination

Chapter 66: I Love Assassination

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Slender had his eyes fixed on the security camera. His sight wafted through the hologram in the monitor, of an image projecting the accommodation of that old man Xu. He observed meticulously. He was trying his very best to discern the appearance of every passerby near Xu’s place, especially those who happened to be in that old man’s proximity, just to identify if they were knitted together. He was devoted and held initiatives towards his job. He knew that the authority assigned him to this job instead of others because of such good nature he had.

I’ll find those nasty rats out, by then, I’ll-

A hand covered his mouth out of the blue. Stiffness had skimmed down his neck before he could react. Splashes of blood gushed out from him. Are those my old blood? No… No way… Slender was horrified as he struggled, wriggling helplessly through the cold hand gripping him like a wrench. I can’t die! I can’t die just yet! He bawled in his mind but he was already losing control of his body by that moment.

The stiffness strangling his neck remained like a freezing breeze, slowly consuming his stamina as he bled profusely. Oozes of pain blinded him, as he went unconscious and finally stopped moving soon after.

Not till he was utterly dead Ye Chong would be letting the man go.

He tossed Slender to the ground.

He turned away and was going to run, yet… That door is such a nuisance. It was a problem for Ye Chong because it was made out of metal and he could not simply break a metallic door without alarming anyone in the building. Fortunately, the white wall before him prompted some ideas. It was a wall of thermoplastic composite, having a thickness about 10 centimeters and an effective noise absorber. It is only thicker than the heavy metallic door by 2 to 3 centimeters but way better. Who doesn’t like walls with noise absorption property? Especially strong ones like this. It comes in handy.

Firstly, he went downstairs to the lobby and had set security cameras in all 21 floors of the building to sleep mode. Of course, such a tech-savvy task would be of Mu’s responsibility. He then returned to Room 065 at the highest floor.

The dagger which Gu Shaoze gave Ye Chong as a gift had never left his body since then.

He pulled out the dagger and measured the thickness in comparison to the wall. Thup! A stab into the wall. He had to admit that the noise-absorbing ability of the thermoplastic composite wall was outstanding. Not even the slightest sound was heard when he launched that dagger of his. It was rather sturdy too considering that Ye Chong took quite a lot of effort to fully insert the dagger.

The highest floor was completely off-limits it seemed, probably a special request from the dead man, judging by how there was literally nobody else in the walkway. Fantastic! That was an additional advantage for Ye Chong’s escape.

Ugh! Ugh…

He was slicing through the wall laboriously as he would never want to alert anyone nearby with the screeches he could possibly make if he went too fast. He maintained his speed cautiously. He could feel the hardness of the wall gradually wearing off the strength of his hand. Oh the amount of friction on his palm! It was tough. Throughout the process, the swishes made by his dagger could be faintly heard. Ye Chong was very confident that if he were to stay farther from the wall, he would hear nothing.

I swear I would never use thermoplastic composite for my walls when I build my house in future; I would be killed in my sleep before I even wake up with such security it offers.

The pressure on the dagger had lifted. Yes! Ye Chong was excited. All he needed was a gentle push to the piece he cut off to the front. Wait! Wait! Wait! He ran to catch the falling piece before it landed with a loud thump. The person in the room before him was still facing his back to Ye Chong. It seemed like he did not alert anyone in there. Phew! He sighed.

Okay, now to the second task in the list…

He walked by the fainted man. His eyes were more interested in the monitor on the table than some dead man lying on the floor. He fiddled with the settings on the monitor, trying to get something.

There was no time for him to look through the directory. Time was precious. He pressed a few buttons and ejected the microchip. He slid the chip into his pocket and began frisking the slender guy on the floor. A few belongings he believed to contain the man’s identity were stolen.

Ye Chong rushed downstairs and hit the lobby again. This time he deleted all his involvement off the record at the self-service processor as soon as he arrived.

He exited the building and warped F-58 out from the alternate dimension.

He observed the lawn outside the foundation as he plotted another round of trespassing. The Hawkeye, a model of mech specialized for reconnaissance, had a diminutive body compared to other models, of a mere length about 6 meters, coated with a unique kind of painting, which changed its color according to surroundings, allowing effective camouflage. The killer feature of the Hawkeye was the pair of "antennas" on its head stranding to the back, which tremendously boosts its scope of scanning and capacity of impulse-receiving. It also came with an extremely powerful scanning and anti-detection system. High mobility, great speed and overwhelming length of battery life offered by its exclusive battery, though in return it had to sacrifice its durability. To fit in the battery, the armor had to be much thinner. With such lackluster thickness, one hit would finish the machine off. There was not much of possibility for it to fight back too, considering its weak firepower.

Wow this dude actually uses a reconnaissance model to watch his place. What a pimp!

Mumbled Ye Chong.

F-58 lurked like a jaguar on its hunt as it coveted its prey in darkness. It was undeniable that the F-58 got the upper hand in this situation. A mere training mech model it might be, it still had a more superior anti-detection system. The alarm did not go off as it moved. They were undetected the whole time.

Ye Chong raised a spear. Well, a magnetic sword that sets off frequency would be bad for a sneak-attack. Imagine if he were to brandish that cool sword towards one of the machines that fell prey to his assassination, due to the reflective nature of mech armors, the frequency would be easily bounced everywhere and all mechs and aircrafts in the vicinity would immediately detect Ye Chong committing a crime there. In the next moment, before he knew it, he would be bombarded by 3 other mechs. Another session of fast and furious awaited.

He never desired an overkill with a Hawkeye, which was blatantly a weakling in front of the mighty F-58. Its inability to even detect F-58 with its so-called "advanced" scanning system had already justified everything, even a layman could tell which mech would win in the first 10 seconds. So what Ye Chong pondered about was a way to knock the Hawkeye out without being detected and giving them a chance to notify the others.

Assassination. Oh assassination, one true hobby Ye Chong adored. The passion increased the likelihood of success in the operation this time. He would get it over with by hook or by crook, as long as it would add up to the success rate of his operation.

The left hand of F-58 snapped the neck of the Hawkeye while the spear in its right pierced the cabin. It was a spear with a diameter beyond 30 centimeters. Any man could be dead even by minimal contact. That pathetic armor of Hawkeye could barely hold up Ye Chong’s spear as it shredded like paper upon the stab. That doesn’t nail it. Ye Chong was not ending yet. He tore away the shattered armor at the cabin and he saw the murdered man inside. He felt much relieved as he stealthy placed the mech at a corner of the rooftop.

Ye Chong would break his neck to assassinate. No pun intended. But it was not his, rather the other man’s. And he loved it. He loved the moment when the neck snapped in his bare hand in a nice crack. It was such a strange sensation. One move and that is all it took. Nothing else would be needed. People would be dead without doing anything funny. No sound, no drama, no struggle. Straightforward, hassle-free.

Okay that’s the second Hawkeye snapped. Now to the last two mechs at the corners.

It was also a Hawkeye at one corner. Ye Chong was shocked. Wow! Did he literally set off 3 mechs specially for reconnaissance on an old man like Grandpa Xu? Most people would assume Hawkeye as another random scouting machinery but that was not the point! Ye Chong knew it deeply, it would certainly cost an arm and a leg for a specialized mech like Hawkeye, just like how the Sand Scorpio he once used was much more expensive than the Gold Wheat despite its less-pleasant look compared to the Gold Wheat to the public.

And right beside the last Hawkeye was a Karl, which was notorious for its crude design - a height about 16 meters, twice as high as the F-58 and had twice the amount of parts as most of the mechs. In addition, its shield with a height of 10 meters waved like moving gigantic walls of labyrinth, suffocating indeed, not to mention how Karl wielded both of them. I wonder how people find Karl whenever they spotted one. Imagine an iron hunk of tower-height shoving a giant shield each in his hands. Wild, barbaric, monstrous, savage… There was not much of a good word to describe. The firm dark green mechanical legs it had would move with a terrifying screech that gave goosebumps to anyone who heard it. It was obvious that no one would ever consider to give this colossus some anti-skid build. Its fate had been determined the day it was built with all the low quality and dirt cheap materials. It was born to be an enslaved fighter, the walking ashes in the warfield.

The man who placed Karl and Hawkeye in a group probably just wanted Karl to be the tanker of his eyes. Oh wait, it should be the guardian of his eyes. Karl still held some values in this situation, assuming if they were attacked, Hawkeye could actually make its way out while Karl tried to buy more time holding back the intruders. Sadly, Karl’s life was hardly a concern. A moving wall is a moving wall. If it crumbles, it just does. No one else would care.

Ye Chong was rather impressed by the fact that the dead man could come up with such a remarkable combination to shield against possible raids. The high defense of Karl combined with the powerful scanning system of Hawkeye. The eyes and the shield in one place.

Ye Chong sneaked towards the mechs.

He was not expecting the hefty slow Karl to react this quickly! Karl turned his head as soon as Ye Chong started flying towards them. He instantly hid both Hawkeye and himself within the shields he raised. The 10 meter tall shield perfectly covered up the 6 meter tall Hawkeye.

Karl did feel agitated but the pilot did not detect any hostility from the black mech coming towards him. The speed had yet to be increased. It just travelled calmly to his direction. It looked more like a random passerby to him. Frankly speaking, he had been assuming that he was overreacting to anything coming in his sight the last few days. Those mechs he presumed to be a raider eventually just zoomed away in leisure. He did panic for numerous times at first but as time passed, he got used to his door-guard job and he lowered his guard.

That shielding was out of subconsciousness.

Must be overreacting again this time he thought. I mean who would simply dare to challenge the authority in the public? Especially when this place belonged to the Ji Family. That’s like going against God. Only fools would do it… Yeah, I have a point… He moved the shield away from Hawkeye bit by bit as he thought.

Watching how sluggish the black mech flew, the pilot snickered. Only greenhorns would fly like a derp in this speed! Maybe an absolute greenhorn in flights too!

As much as he assumed, the black mech then travelled clumsily towards the pilot, as if it was drunk.

The pilot laughed out loud upon seeing the poor execution by that black mech. What a good chance for an extra entertainment! Today’s show would be "Bullying the Noob"! He was unhappy when he was ordered to pilot the junky Karl these few days long. Only garbage would pilot a Karl. It is like a runner-up after another runner-up in the team, a member in the lineup forever. What an insult! But he could not spit it as it was an order from the authority. He stayed quiet and piloted Karl like a moody baby. However, things had changed! Now came a greenhorn to have fun with!

The black mech was inching towards Karl. Hah! That awkward movement! He almost fell a few times! The pilot felt laughter rumbling in his stomach. That was so hilarious! I just can’t! He put up a look at that black mech as if he was looking at his pet.

A little bit more. Wait for it… Get to me and we’ll play!