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Chapter 69: Yang An’s Invitation

Chapter 69: Yang An’s Invitation

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Ever since Ye Chong met Mu, his usual mumbo-jumbo had gradually reduced. He had been communicating with Mu through telepathy. To the people around, he no longer appeared to be muttering to himself, instead, he stayed all quiet.

Ye Chong turned over towards the direction of the voice calling. It was Sun Xuelin and Shew coming towards him along with 3 other young men. A glance through the gang, his eyes identified the uniqueness of the man in the center, who seemed to be the eldest as he walked in a fairly steady and mature manner; while the man on his right was a bit more buffed, apparently someone who had undergone a certain kind of special training. Though he had an evenly flexible looking limbs, he still did not look fluid enough, which indicated that he would had issues mastering the control of his strength; the other on the left was much more undersized, or even puny, but he did have a nice pair of hands which gave Ye Chong an impression being quite nimble.

Ye Chong’s careful observation on a person always started with the person’s behavior, the physique then tiny details like their gestures. Contrary to the norms, he did not show concern of one’s facial appearance.

Hmph! Xuelin’s face was all puffy and steaming as she stood at the side, turning her face away from Ye Chong while Shew, her cousin pulled Xuelin’s sleeve, signaling her to behave.

"Greetings Mister." The leading man smiled kindly as he initiated, "You must be that very Ye Miss Xuelin had mentioned. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Yang An and we had heard about your amazing skills from Miss Xuelin. We certainly appreciate your accommodating nature willing to assist Miss Xuelin repairing her mech. So regarding the price you had offered before, we accept it wholeheartedly. Would you mind, by all means, to join our establishment?"

Ye Chong’s mind was clogged with the long-winded introduction.

Hmm… Hmmmm… Oh!

He got what the man meant - they are paying. "Okay, good!" He spoke on.

Ye Chong was acting nonchalantly towards such a lovely offer but the leader Yang An did not seem to mind the attitude at all, "So let me carry on introducing my men. This is Ke Han, the pilot of our group. And this is Ding Yining, our ace student from the mechanic school, who is very familiar with mech modification and would be providing you assistance."

Ke Han was trying to be friendly at first but Ye Chong’s indifference was enraging to him. It was not really because of Ye Chong putting up an attitude, but rather because Ye Chong appeared to be too engaged chatting with Mu in his mind to bother what Yang An spoke.

"Based on the data I had received, Johansson has about 87% chance of achieving victory in that fight against the white mech. The white mech on the other hand has measly 10% success rate of escaping and 3% chance of winning," reported Mu flatly.

"Well that sounds like Johansson had won the fight!" Ye Chong was confident that he could have won if he were to pilot Johansson’s mech, considering how even Johansson could win in the end.

Suddenly a number of mechs soared through the sky in lightning speed, which created an airflow against the sleeves of people on the ground. Ye Chong lifted his head and nearly got a heart attack because those happened to be the exact same white mech he had encountered before.

Johansson must have defeated the white mech, so the ally came to the rescue. Ye Chong counted the number of white mechs in his mind. One, two, three… six… seven. Hehehe, Johansson is in trouble.

While Yang An continued blabbering things Ye Chong did not bother, Ke Han’s impression towards Ye Chong had just taken a turn to the worse. He glared on, hoping that Ye Chong would realize his ill manner. But well, even if Ye Chong did notice his attitude, he would not repent for his "ill manner" too.

Yang An seemed to be also a little agitated in his eyes. He retained his smile as he spoke on, "Very well. Maybe we should try on working something now, just to break the ice. How about that? Mister."

"O…Oh.." Ye Chong shifted his focus back to the conversation, "Okay… Sure…", knowing that the person still wanted to test him out despite all those unnecessary respects in act.

They got onto their transportation and moved to the base.

It was a giant storage with all sorts of parts and tools for mech of different models. It was so messy that the tools looked as if they were suffocating.

The weak Ding Yining rubbed his palms in slight embarrassment, "Hahaha… I’m sorry. This place is a little messy sometimes. I usually work alone here so I don’t really do cleanups."

Ye Chong took a glance at the parts scattered on the ground. From the moment he had seen that black mech from Black Cove and the white mech from FMPA, he no longer fancied these ordinary mechs stuck in the storage. Any advanced mech even like the F-58 would have looked modest in front of the mighty Black Cove gears, let alone that super overpowered war machines Johansson drove and that Messenger the FMPA pilot sniped with.

He could not find a good reason himself to explain the vast difference of quality between the so-called advanced mechs sold in the market and the real deal in Black Cove and FMPA.

Who are the Black Cove and FMPA seriously?

Questions of different kinds mushroomed in Ye Chong’s thoughts.

But, well, there is a time and place for everything, but not now…

"Sooo… What kind of mechs do you guys need?" Ye Chong asked.

"Speed. All speed. We only need speed. Well of course, it would be better if we get some mobility." Ke Han stepped to the front and replied excitingly.

Such requirement actually reminded Ye Chong of that blue paperweight he had a race with in the street back then. That bottle-head setting…

"What about firepower?"

"Nope." Ke Han shook his head, "Does not require."

"What about defense?"

"Nope." Ke Han shook his head again, "I only want speed. What I want is a mech specialized for races."

Sounds like that blue paper mech I met last time. But for Pete’s sake what the heck can that kind of mech do? Run?

Ye Chong wanted to question Ke Han’s concept but he was too lazy for a fruitless discussion. Since the employer asked for a racing mech, he would give him a racing mech.

He then inquired this future pilot of the mech regarding some essential factors to be taken into consideration for designs, including height, weight, habits of controlling, optimum speed of his hands and so on.

Ye Chong knotted his brows while conversing with Ke Han and sometimes he went dazed. He walked to and fro performing calculations and simulations on the processor in the storage.

It lasted for 30 minutes and right when the people started to get impatient, Ye Chong finally came up with the ultimate modification plan.

Yining took a look at Ye Chong’s blueprint and out of sudden, the eyes lustered with desire as well as amazement, like a famished wolf spotting a fat lamb in the field.

"Perfect… This is too perfect! Oh my gosh!! You are a genius!" Yining could not stop exclaiming as his eyes fixed on Ye Chong with adore. Yining even felt like kneeling down and pleading Ye Chong to be his master. But there was no time for that! The next thing Yining did was storming into the mountain of parts to obtain those mentioned in Ye Chong’s plan at full speed. Yining rushed in and out madly.

Apparently, the owner of this storage, Yining also happened to be a mech maniac. Thankfully Yining’s storage had all the things Ye Chong would need in building this mech. Or else, he could not swear that he would make it.

There were a variety of tools and strange parts scattered around in the storage. Ye Chong could barely recognize most of the tools. Frankly speaking, some of them also happened to be his first encounter. There was no way he could use those tools. But then, it did not mean that there was nobody else who could use the tools for him. The owner Yining knew the place and the tools well enough. Plus, Yining was all proactive and passionate. Ye Chong could just sit aside, point his fingers around and watch things happen.

Ye Chong would be informing the materials and the parts needed, along with specific ways of modifying certain parts, while Yining did all the work - literally Ye Chong was being the contractor of this construction.

Yining’s skill was aided with odd gadgets and carried out with full efficiency and effectiveness, which was an eye-opener to Ye Chong. He observed Yining carefully and learned the tricks bit by bit with heart.

After approximately 4 hours of hard work on building the new machines, they eventually got to the grand opening of a newborn mech.