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Chapter 83: Suspicion

Chapter 83: Suspicion

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Headmaster Lan looked to Ye Chong and nodded, signaling that he could leave!

Ye Chong headed outside, his expression was none other than his usual coldness and indifference. A path somehow opened up in the corridor packed with students, allowing him to pass through. Everyone watched Ye Chong respectfully, since those who were truly capable were often respected.

Rui Su had fought for this opportunity and would not miss it for the life of hers. She skipped to the front of Ye Chong, putting the most mesmerising smile on her face and smiled charmingly at Ye Chong, "How do you do? Welcome to Blue Ocean Academy! I’m the assistant dean for the faculty of broadcasting, Rui Su, we’ll be colleagues from now on!" Her usual crisp voice was now as seductive as melted chocolate, rich and sweet! Ye Chong could hear the heart beats of the corridor’s spectators throb more loudly in response!

Ye Chong, however, was shocked! As the lady had skipped to get in front of him, her control of movement and strength were impeccable, indicating that the other party was highly skilled in battle.

Ye Chong took a half step back, keeping a wider distance between himself and the opponent. He was now on full alert, even if his expression changed not at all! Ye Chong’s right hand was now positioned to strike when necessary, and his whole body was relaxed but focused, anticipating a battle!

Ye Chong understood from his days here that the outside world was no trash planet, and while both environments ultimately involve physical combat, the outside world required more tact and cunningness!

Ye Chong replied coldly, "How do you do?" All the students in the corridor heard Ye Chong’s voice for the first time. His baritone voice exuded a certain chill, but also brought a unique quality to it. This won the astonished gasp of a few female students.

Ye Chong observed with the intensity of a blade’s edge, scanning over Rui Su’s physique. Rui Su only felt a chill overcoming her, and could not help but hug herself a little. Her pitiful expression affected a round of gasps from the corridor, as the male students watched on with theirs mouths wide open.

Ye Chong was as still as a rock.

"Mm, her hands are overly fair, and skin too delicate, with almost no signs of training. Her fighting skills must be extremely poor." Ye Chong believed that, with only one punch on whichever part of the lady’s figure, she would definitely be smashed into pieces! However, her demonstration of speed and control over her strength was impressive, and Ye Chong would not dare to underestimate her.

Of all his skills, mech piloting was definitely the one that Ye Chong was best at. It was also his specialty and the one skill he was most confident in. In second place was mech mechanics, which he had improved in leaps and bounds due his experience under the tutelage of the elderlies at Aurora and his constant discussions with Mu and Shang. Battling only came in at third place! Ye Chong’s battling skills were mainly the result of his experience fighting against wild animals and some low level training at Black Cove. He was not exactly skillful in combat. However, if he were to be engaged in a battle of life and death, Ye Chong would probably be the last man standing. Even without any battling techniques, his inhuman strength and speed would more than make up for his ability to harm the enemy.

However, Ye Chong understood that if his opponent was not much slower than him, with technique based battling skills, he would not stand a chance! In Black Cove, Ye Chong had seen Instructor Hak’s impressive battling techniques, and while Instructor Hak’s strength and speed were far inferior to his own, Ye Chong was not certain of his odds against someone with such unpredictable techniques!

Speed and strength were like the opposites of battle techniques, the two of them balancing a scale through a mysterious relationship!

Her arms and legs seemed too thin - without strength, any technique would only be as useless as decorations!

In reality, Ye Chong was not aware that he had a few misconceptions regarding some general knowledge. He did not realise that the person before him was a woman. More accurately speaking, he did not know the difference between men and women, and had often compared his enemy with himself, unaware of the fact that he was actually more like a monster amongst the commoners!

Rui Su was also not feeling as calm as her expression suggested. Ye Chong’s calculating stare had put a chill down her spine, as though he could see through all her thoughts and actions. Ye Chong’s minor retreat and his hands’ posture and position also surprised her. While the students would not understand them, how could she not? Her upbringing in a battle-centric family made her familiar with this kind of posture.

Suddenly, even being surrounded by so many people, Rui Su did not feel safe at all, as though she had plunged into an icy cave. "If only my younger sister were here!" Rui Su thought to herself.

Ye Chong studied Rui Su for a moment, before easily gliding past her like a breeze.

Rui Su, however, felt terror under the predatory scrutiny of Ye Chong. An insuppressible chill engulfed her from head to toe, freezing her stiff!

For the nearby students, it was an extremely odd sight to behold!

At first, the Witch had disguised as an angle and extended an olive branch for Ye Chong. Then, Ye Chong returned the favour with a cold greeting. After a prolonged staring contest between them, Ye Chong gave the Witch a purposeful look before moving past her without a word.

Something strange was going on between them!

This conclusion was shared by all the spectators, and even Headmaster Lan directed a strange look at Rui Su!

Wang Xiao Er did not move the camera away from the two since the very beginning, and the odd scene was broadcasted to the entire academy! Since there were many students interested in Ye Chong’s candidacy as Blue Ocean Academy’s teacher, they were all watching the live broadcast on their holographic screens. As such, the entire scene was presented to their very eyes!

"Could the two have known each other before? Were there any unresolved tension between them?" Rumours full of imagination began to spread throughout the Blue Ocean Academy.

In the academic column, there was "Conversation Between Geniuses and the Hidden Messages Behind Them"; in the academy’s entertainment news section, there was "Past Lovers, Present Adversaries"; in the opinion’s column, there was "May-December Relationships As I See It" …

In an instant, the academy grounds were in an uproar. Ye Chong and the Witch became wildly infamous. The female students were all deeply regretful that someone as steady and cool as Ye Chong was no longer available. Who would have thought that the Witch had made the first move? It was a depressing thought. The male students, however, thought it was hilarious. How could anyone dominate the Witch? Wasn’t that Heaven’s blessings? They hoped that Teacher Ye Chong would conquer the Witch, and prevent her from spreading any more suffering! Their days of hardship would finally be over! This was the primary concern for the male students under the faculty of broadcasting!

Unfortunately, Ye Chong was not aware of his role in the grand scheme of things. While the academy had provided him comfortable accommodation, Ye Chong would still make time every day to visit Grandpa Qian’s shop, and also inspect if Ye’s automatic noodle making machine was in good condition!

As for Rui Su, she was furious and exasperated at home, but there was nothing she could do!


At the Ji family’s place.

Elder Ji’s profile had touch of saintliness and godhood, and now it held a terrifying sombre expression!

No one below dared to make a sound.

Only Ji Shangyan was calmly reporting, "Based on our last inventory check after the incident, the Harmony of the Winter Aria was stolen. There are 26 casualties in total. The base had suffered unprecedented damages, and during our last inventory check, we found that an unknown ore was missing!"

"Unknown ore?" Elder Ji asked in his low voice.

"Yes. This unknown ore was obtained by accident, and sent to the base for research. Until the day of the incident, our research was still inconclusive. During the research of the unknown ore, we were able to establish that the ore could significantly increase a variety of physical properties of alloy materials. We had mixed in a very small amount of the unknown ore into the tip of the lance belonging to the Harmony of the Winter Aria! After examination, as expected, the tip of the lance had astounding properties. We were ready for further research when the mech was stolen!"

Elder Ji muttered, "Do you think the intruder was coming after the ore?"

Ji Shangyan replied respectfully, "Yes, your grandson believes so!" Ji family’s eldest young master was still in shock, and currently undergoing treatment. Thus, it was up to Ji Shangyan to manage affairs.

Ji Shangyan threw a quick glance at Elder Ji’s expression, and continued, "Fortunately, the red-silver mech was untouched!" Elder Ji’s expression smoothened at that.

"While we were cleaning up the base, we also found a mech’s wreckage. Even though the mech underwent a strong explosion, and its main structures were damaged, we still found that the mech’s armour workmanship was a lot better than our family’s red-silver mech and the Harmony of the Winter Aria!" Ji Shangyan obtained a palm-sized fragment of the mech from an employee behind him.

When Elder Ji saw the polished black fragment, his expression twisted, and he asked anxiously, "Is the mech’s pilot still here? Dead or alive?"

Ji Shangyan shook his head. "He is dead. We found nothing of value on this person, only a broken mask of sorts, and that mask was already partly melted!"

Elder Ji gave a wave with his hand and urged, "Bring that mask to me now!"

Ji Shangyan noted his grandfather’s expression uncertainly, but still ordered someone to retrieve what was left of the mask, which was just a small part of the whole.

Elder Ji held the distorted mask tightly in his grip, his expression changing curiously. After a moment, he settled down but did not speak further.

Could it be that the old man knew where the thing came from?

Ji Shangyan gave another quick glance at Elder Ji’s face, thought for a moment, before bracing himself and continuing carefully, "Grandfather, there’s one more thing!"

Elder Ji frowned. "What is it?"