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Chapter 84: First Day in Class

Chapter 84: First Day in Class

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Ji Shangyan deliberated for a moment before continuing, "What surprised us the most was that our alarm system was completely compromised by the intruder. There is no chance of restoring it, and we have to reinstall the entire system! The alarm system was not effective at all against the intruder, and up till now we have no idea of their methods. We have no clue at all. The intruder’s photon processor must be far ahead of ours."

Ji Shangyan finished his report nervously, anticipating the old man’s outrage. However, the moment did not come, as the old man observed the black fragment with a complicated expression. He sighed softly, "Hmmm, you’re still young, ignorant of the world outside your own. There are many things out there you can’t even imagine!"

Ji Shangyan was startled, staring at the old man with disbelief.

The old man looked desolate, his usual edge gone without a trace, leaving only signs of living through decades of his life, with a slightly hunched back. The man before Ji Shangyan now looked just like an ordinary old man!

Ji Shangyan felt overwhelmed by the sight, his tears fighting to escape his eyes.

Elder Ji waved his hand and spoke, "Alright, leave me!"


At the Luo family, Luo Heng had finished listening to Luo Ren’s report, his face grave. He asked lowly, "Are you sure?"

After the incident from last time, the Luo family had suffered greatly, but the aristocratic family’s history extended centuries, if not, millennias into the past. So long as the family had not fallen, a little catalyst would be sufficient to reinvigorate the family’s situation. The Luo family had recovered under Luo Heng’s leadership, resuming their swift progression. Luo Heng had recognised Luo Ren’s outstanding capabilities, and so Luo Ren had become one of his competent underlings.

Luo Ren responded respectfully, "This servant has confirmed that the information is entirely accurate!"

Luo Heng’s long and slender fingers tapped rhythmically against the tabletop. He lifted his head abruptly towards Luo Ren. "What are your thoughts on the matter?"

Luo Ren spoke without hesitation, "The Ji family have always been famous for their photon processors. To be stripped of their reputation so horrifyingly, I believe the effects are not insignificant! We had never been able to infiltrate that base of theirs, only placing a few of our own around the base. However, the extent of the damage this time was unexpectedly massive! We were able to send a few in amidst the chaos to gather some important intel! To be humiliated to this extent, the Ji family will probably make their move soon!"

Luo Heng nodded, agreeing to his assessment. "That’s right. With a temperament like Ji family’s old man, they will probably retaliate! However, who were the intruders? How could they have best the Ji family’s photon processors?"

The two thought over the matter intently, and suddenly, as though they had figured something out, both looked towards each other, their eyes filled with astonishment! Could it be …


Blue Ocean Academy’s MP Games finally came to an end, and life in the academy resumed its usual routines. The new batch of students this year included quite a few outstanding freshmen, and possibly even geniuses amongst them, as was typical for the academy. However, the attention they received were incomparable to that of the past few batches. This was all due to Ye Chong’s presence.

Ye Chong had garnered the attention of everyone around!

His outstanding performance at the MP games earlier had dimmed the significance of all his opponents. After his stunt, rumours of some complicated relationship between Ye Chong and Rui Su had permeated to all corners of the academy’s grounds, inviting everyone’s attention. Ye Chong had become Blue Ocean Academy’s center of attention!

This was Ye Chong’s first time teaching in class. Of course, he had rehearsed with Shang a few times beforehand, and did not expect any issues!

Blue Ocean Academy had constructed its school grounds in the virtual world. Teaching here was convenient, especially for accessing various information databases. Geographical barriers were also no longer relevant!

Ever since Ye Chong was granted permission by Headmaster Lan to use the academy’s most advanced modification workshop, he had been spending most of his time there, enjoying the facilities with Shang. While Shang’s calculations were not as impressive as Mu’s, they were still very powerful calculations, and even someone with Ye Chong’s calibre of mediocre calculations could appreciate them. Materials were freely provided as Ye Chong requested, since Headmaster Lan had explicitly allowed him so.

Shang reminded Ye Chong, "Ye, it’s time for your class! Almost time now!"

Ye Chong lifted his head, noticed the clock’s reading and agreed. He picked up the virtual world hyperlink helmet prepared earlier and hyperlinked to the virtual world.

Shang could not stop blabbering, "Ye, hehe, the gossip about you and that Rui Su is really taking a life of its own, but, Ye, this Rui Su is definitely a first class beauty, perhaps, you would consider?"

Ye Chong replied lightly, "Shang, this is the twenty fourth time you’ve brought this up in the last 3 days, do you really want me to repeat my answer?"

"Ye, hehe, I have all the information on Rui Su, if you want them, don’t be shy to ask!" Shang let out a long, weird laugh.

Ye Chong felt helpless. Shang seemed to grow more and more active, and Ye Chong was often at a loss to deal with him. What a troubling companion!

"I wonder how Mu is doing?" Ye Chong was beginning to miss the reserved and calm Mu!

After a few rounds of identity authentication, Ye Chong was quickly on his way into the classroom. The security was to prevent unauthorised substitution of the teacher and as a timestamp for the teacher’s teaching hours. Of course, the level of identity authentication did not escape Shang’s litany of condescending remarks!

All students had to go through similar identity authentication measures. When class began, the system would automatically deny further access to anyone else. This was especially painful for the serial latecomers! Attendance was also an important part of the academy’s official assessment for students.

Blue Ocean Academy’s learning style was flexible, and every student could choose their courses freely, if they could pass their final year overall assessment.

The virtual world’s classroom was spacious, but the ordinary rules of space did not apply here. Every student had their own individual space, and Ye Chong would appear before every one of them. As for Ye Chong, his view was quite different. Ye Chong could only see many dots of light before him, not a single person in sight. He could, however, communicate with the students via controls.

Ye Chong steadily walked to the teacher’s podium.

Since students were free to choose their courses, there were close to ten thousand students who were now attending this class, making up a fiftieth of the academy’s total student population. However, Ye Chong was unfazed.

After all, he could only see dots of light before him. Who would be afraid of dots of lights?

Class began.

Ye Chong’s low and slightly cold voice rang clearly in the ears of the students. Ye Chong spoke concisely and confidently, without much intonation, and the students who had grown used to lively teachers in class felt that it was a very different experience.

However, Ye Chong’s deep knowledge and strong theoretical foundation won the hearts of the students. At Aurora, the elderlies had often began with simple problems as a beginning to illustrate deeper insights, slowly approaching the core of the knowledge involved. This process of deepening knowledge was often the most effective!

Ye Chong used this method as well. As he unravelled deeper and deeper insights, the students became more and more impressed. However, Ye Chong could not see them. With Shang’s help, Ye Chong made full use of the advantages offered by the virtual classroom. Multitudes of holographic images, statistics and graphs often appeared with little effort on his part.

The entire classroom was amazed by the massive amount of information!

Information, charts and other material used in class must be prepared beforehand. Teacher Ye would be so diligent in his job, it was not expected - how can any student not develop a favourable impression of him? The students, ignorant of Ye Chong’s background, began to look at him in a better light!

However, despite his favourable impression, the content of the class was still technical and deep. Those who could not keep up would only feel bored and began to doze off.

Of all the students present, only a select few of them were under the faculty of mech mechanics. Most of them were here for Ye Chong, and not for his teaching session, but for the twenty-minute exchange session with the teacher that was part of each class.

Ye Chong kept his cool expression throughout the class, an eye candy to the female students.

Soon, it was time for the exchange session!

Ye Chong began, "Anyone has any questions?"

Almost all the light dots before him began to flash. Despite his bravery, Ye Chong still felt a little queasy.

After he calmed himself down, Ye Chong pressed on a random light dot. The dot immediately expanded, and Ye Chong could see the student clearly, a female student.

The female student must not have expected herself to be so luckily chosen, and froze on the spot, uttering a few false starts but not knowing what to say!

Ye Chong decisively terminated the student’s channel without a word!

Ye Chong slowly scanned across the light dots, and spoke coldly, "Don’t ask questions if you don’t have them prepared!" While this was the virtual world, Ye Chong’s icy, cutting gaze and chilling words made all the students felt chilled to the bone. Everyone paused with their hands on the controls. The ten-thousand strong classroom was put into a mental freeze by Ye Chong for a few seconds, none of the dots flashing.

Shang spoke in Ye Chong’s mind, unimpressed, "Ye, you’ll scare away the pretty girls!"

Ye Chong, "All for the better!"

After a moment of awkward silence, almost all the lights began flashing again!

Ye Chong ignored Shang and pressed on another light dot.

It was a male student this time, and he was obviously calmer than the female student earlier. He asked enthusiastically, "How do you do, Teacher Ye, I am a student of the mech pilot’s faculty. I’d like to ask Teacher Ye, how can the speed of hand movement be significantly increased? And did you, Teacher Ye, train yourself?"

Ye Chong replied flatly, "Training, continuous training. As for my training methods, not sharing!" His method was taught by Mu, and without Mu’s permission, he would not teach it to anyone else. As for whatever he learnt in Black Cove, Ye Chong did not dare teach them, as it would greatly increase the chances of Black Cove discovering him! Even though the chances of being discovered now was already quite high!

The male student who asked the question could not help but express his disdain. "I didn’t think Teacher Ye is the kind of person who would keep their knowledge to themselves! Hmph, I guess I misjudged you!"

Ye Chong replied with indifference, "You definitely misjudged me!" and switched off his channel without waiting for a reply. What did his misjudgment have anything to do with himself? Ye Chong could not care less.

"I am only a teacher for the faculty of mech mechanics, and responsible for answering only questions related to mech mechanics!" Ye Chong blankly declared his rule.

This triggered another round of awkward silence!