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Chapter 85: Rui Bing

Chapter 85: Rui Bing

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Ye Chong’s first day of class made him a controversial teacher. He was a point of contention, inviting feelings of disdain, admiration, disgust, respect … All held different views against him. However, everyone had agreed on one thing, and that was Ye Chong’s coldness! His was not the kind put up for show, but an authentic coldness that brought chills to the bone! Almost everyone believed that, should Ye Chong be angry, the consequences would be very serious!

As for Ye Chong’s knowledge, none doubted his authenticity! Ye Chong may speak concisely, but his flow was natural, and the teaching material was rich, almost enough to make the diligent teachers be embarrassed of themselves!

For the moment, aside from his punctual visit to Grandpa Qian every day, Ye Chong would spend the rest of his time in the modification workshop. As for sleep, the workshop was more comfortable than his home on the trash planet!

Ye Chong looked at the Harmony of the Winter Aria, modified beyond recognition, impossible to be associated with its former majestic blue and ivory white appearance! The greenish grey hull made the Harmony of the Winter Aria look insignificant. Ye Chong added a little more changes to the double-folded wings, and the Harmony was completely different from its former self. Even Ye Chong, as the Harmony’s user, could not tell that they were one and the same. Ye Chong believed that the mech would be recognizable in its current form. He examined the photon circuits again in great detail, and did not find anything amiss.

Shang had continuously mumbled that the colours were too ugly, but Ye Chong completely ignored the Shang.

Rui Su stayed in her house, full of anger. "That d*mn Ye Chong, how could he make a fool of this old lady?" The thought of Ye Chong made her even more furious. Rui Su hugged her pillow tightly, indignant of the matter, but was helpless against Ye Chong. The thought of Ye Chong’s eyes, icy cold and lifeless, spread a chill within her. She had a hunch that, should she insist on meddling with him, there was a distinct possibility that Ye Chong could kill her. The thought was frightening, and kept her against any further actions.

Her mother’s voice came from the kitchen. "Su Su, go get your younger sister from the training grounds for dinner. That little b*tch, she is just like her father, can’t remember anything during her practice! Su Su, go get her now!"

Rui Su’s eyes brightened at that. "Okay!" she replied before rushing out of the house.

The training ground for Rui Su’s family was more than ten kilometers away from their house. The Rui family’s training ground enjoyed a small reputation in Jesha. While wrestling was no longer widely practiced, it was still far from retiring into history. The rising popularity of mechs had slowly undermined the status of wrestlers, but there was still a minority persistent in keeping the legacy alive. Wrestling was also a necessary skill for jobs in security, such as bodyguards and escorts.

Rui Su’s father lost in a wrestling match 3 years ago, and had shortly passed away due to prolonged depression and accompanying illness. The training ground was then passed on to Rui Su’s younger sister, Rui Bing. True to her name, Rui Bing was as beautiful as she was cold [1]. Moreover, her lifelong wrestling practice due to her upbringing had developed a strong killer’s aura around her. No one dared to step within two meters around her, except for Rui Su and their mother.

After Rui Bing defeated the opponent who bested her father 3 years ago, none were brave enough to challenge her again. Rui Bing’s reputation grew more prominent in Jesha, directly increasing the number of students of their family dojo. Hence, Rui Bing had to spend more time at the dojo every day.

In reality, with the Rui family’s financial state, Rui Bing did not have to run any dojo at all. The passing of Rui Su’s father had left a dark shadow in the hearts of Rui Su and her mother, and both had hoped that Rui Bing would give up the dojo. However, Rui Bing was very insistent, unmoved by their pleading, and so Rui Su and her mother had let her be.

A ten-kilometer journey was only a short trip with a mech. Rui Su slipped out of the mech easily, her graceful landing gathering the attention of the students at the dojo. However, none dared to approach her, for she was in many ways more terrifying than the master of the dojo.

Rui Su withdrew her mech and rushed into the dojo, greeting the students as she passed by, "Give it your all in training guys, and Sister will get you sweets later!" Her honeyed smile would have stolen the breaths of the ignorant, but these dojo students avoided her like the plague. Rui Su’s laughter rang like windchimes, trailing her as she rushed into the dojo’s inner grounds.

Rui Bing’s tall and slender physique was currently in a cross-legged sitting position, her long, black hair flowing down to her lower back like a waterfall. With her eyes closed, her exquisite profile was similar to Rui Su’s. She had sharp, thin eyebrows, and her pinkish lips were now closed into a line. Her white training garb added a handsome quality to Rui Bing. Jade white hands with long, slender fingers half extended beyond the loose garb, perched naturally on her knees.

Rui Su gave a jubilant cheer before throwing herself onto her younger sister. Rui Bing had already noticed her presence since Rui Su entered the room. She opened her eyes, watching her elder sister on her, and gave a helpless smile. The room instantly brightened up, as though a winter flower had blossomed into a spectacular wonder!

"Now who’s the elder sister, and who’s the younger one?" Rui Bing must have thought so to herself.

Rui Su grinned widely as she hugged Rui Bing by the neck, and spoke warmly, "Sis, mum’s asking us to get back for dinner! She even called you a crazy b*tch, hee …"

If Blue Ocean Academy’s students were to witness this scene, they might have all dropped their jaw and fainted!

Rui Bing answered, "Oh," before standing up in a smooth motion, oblivious to Rui Su’s weight.

As for Rui Su, she hung on tightly to Rui Bing like a koala. Rui Bing was obviously used to that, and did not feel uncomfortable.

Before they left the room, Rui Su hopped down and stuck out her tongue, speaking mischievously, "Heehee, can’t let them see this, if not, your elder sister’s going to lose face!"

Rui Bing affected an expression that meant she knew that as well!

Rui Su knew that her younger sister, obsessed with the martial arts, was a very traditional person. She had obeyed all the traditions strictly, and resisted modernisation. She even avoided mechs and walked home every day.

In the dining room, Rui Bing sat straight, in full solemnity, while Rui Su was lazily half stretched across the table, with no grace to speak of. As their mother went to get the dishes, Rui Su slid closer to Rui Bing’s side and spoke charmingly, "Bing Bing, I’m bullied at the academy! Bing Bing, you got to help me!"

Rui Bing replied lightly, "No!" She understood her elder sister very well, including her nickname as the Witch of the academy. "Heh, it’s fine if the Witch doesn’t go around messing people, who’d invite trouble upon themselves and mess with the Witch?" thought Rui Bing.

Rui Si explained with a furious undertone "It’s that Ye Chong, that horrible guy!" Rui Su shook Rui Bing’s shoulders, tears almost escaping her eyes. "That guy’s new to the academy, and the first thing he did is bully me, and I can’t win against him, *sob*, dearest Bing Bing, you can’t let me be bullied like this!"

Rui Bing watched her elder sister skeptically.

Rui Su cried as she explained further, "That guy’s amazing! He’s so fast I can’t even see him move!" Rui Bing grew attentive at that, her fighting instincts instantly awoken. In the past 2 years, Rui Bing did not meet any worthy challenger, and one with her level of skills would not be able to improve without real combat experience! As for her elder sister’s insights, Rui Bing still trusted them. Rui Su was more talented than her in martial arts when they were young, but her sister had stopped practicing later on due to a lack of interest. Their father had been unhappy with her decision for a long time. Even so, her elder sister’s skills were better than an average person’s, and if she could not win against someone, then the other party must be on par with a martial arts practitioner!

Seeing her elder sister’s fighting instincts invigorated, Rui Su was secretly pleased, and continued, "Dearest Bing Bing, he bullied me right in front of everyone else, you must make him pay for this! Dearest Bing Bing, please!" Rui Su implored endearingly.

Rui Bing hesitated, but in the end yielded to her elder sister and nodded in assent!

"Yay!" Rui Su cheered, her arms raised, the tears that once clouded her eyes vanished in an instant. Her glorious smiling face was now without a trace of her previous pitifulness!

Rui Bing could not help but roll her eyes, knowing exactly that this would happen!

Rui Su grinned to herself. She knew that once her younger sister promised something to her, she would definitely keep it!

Rui Su and Rui Bing walked side by side in the Blue Ocean Academy grounds. The duo of beautiful ladies, one flirtatious, another as cold as ice, together as a contrasting existence, turned heads wherever it went.

Rui Bing’s thoroughly white training garb was eye-catching in particular.

The two ladies were not affected in the least by the attention they gathered. For Rui Su, Blue Ocean Academy was her territory, why would she be intimidated? As for Rui Bing, she would probably not even cower before a crumbling mountain, much less in an insignificant situation like this! Their ease with the situation made them look extra confident with themselves.

At Blue Ocean Academy’s modification workshop 1, so-called Blue Ocean Academy’s most advanced modification workshop. The person in charge of the workshop looked at the Witch, instantly terrified. The Witch was still an influential person, the most intimidating person to most, but the headmaster had placed great trust in her. Now that she had asked to enter the workshop, how could he refuse? Besides, Ye Chong was still inside. The rumours running in the academy about the two were numerous, and perhaps the Witch was here on a date. If he interrupted them, he might just be in for some horrible consequences!

The person in charge could see that something was amiss, and immediately left the workshop!

Rui Su and Rui Bing moved into the modification workshop with overbearing confidence!

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[1] Bing literally means ice in Mandarin.