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Chapter 86: Ow That Hurt

Chapter 86: Ow That Hurt

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Ye Chong sensed their intrusion the moment they stepped into his workshop.

He did not seem to have the habit of being reckless even in his own proximity. He sprung from his seat, his eyes fixed on the intruders. His sight detected 2 females in his place - one whom he had met before while the other was a total stranger. "A total stranger" sounded alarming to his senses.

He carried on observing, which later he identified that the stranger was exceptionally calm in her pace, as every step she treaded had the exact same distance between each other. It looked like even her footsteps were carefully schemed. "Now, Ye," Shang withdrew his usual joking self. "That’s an adept you’ve just encountered!" his words fell grimly.

Rui Bing’s upper body stood still like a stone, while her steps laid like the flow of the wind, fluid and seamless like a unique rhythm of beauty.

Ye Chong squinted his eyes and took a cautious look as his feet adjusting themselves subconsciously, adapting to the opponent’s moves, becoming the phantom that shrouded within.

He knew he would be in hot water anytime soon. He could sense the danger for real this time! His instinct wielded him like a beast, sensible and sensitive. A trustworthy ability he had that never failed him before. His body reformed its stance accordingly, all by his intuition. He turned to his side slightly, with his left hand raised to his chest and the right hand lowered.

There was nothing strange going on with that girl… other than the marks she probably got from harsh training on her hands. She looked like an ordinary girl at first glance. However, in that ordinariness Ye Chong could smell the hazard within. And she was a danger indeed!

The eagle eyes of Ye Chong seemed to have frightened Rui Su peeking at the side, as she staggered. Rui Bing’s stare sparkled. It was undeniable that she had caught Ye Chong’s attention successfully, especially when Ye Chong began shifting stance like a phantom. She almost shuddered but fortunately her strong mentality kept her expression from changing. Her cheeks quivered a little over the endurance yet she morphed her stance along, as if it was synched with Ye Chong’s thoughts. Each of her lift was raised in huge curves, vicious like the storm!

They stared at each other, standing still.

Rui Su was feeling a little regretful of her immature decision. She hid at the corner, wondering if she was doing too much this time. "Well, just wait till Bing Bing gets you. It’s just a tiny punishment for your misconduct. Mhm, yes," she comforted herself by pulling off some cheap rationale.

There was barely a hush between them.

Rui Bing knew her action was considered a taunt. It was the typical trouble-making move to begin with and that did not require any excuse to reason its motive.

On the other hand, Ye Chong preferred saving his words. If you want to fight, just carry on fighting. Fighting did not require any reason either, just like how he hunted those Engulfers back on his planet. Also, he would be more likely to win a silent war.

Stared on, his sight grew colder, like a tempest on the tip of an iceberg it raided the entire workshop. He froze his position, like a statue of ice breathing menacing frigidity. Rui Bing’s long hair waved along with her training robe. The ice in her eyes melted and instead they burned brightly, like a searing chariot awaiting to be launched.

A picture of killing spree flashed in Ye Chong's squinted eyes. The opponent had shown blatant hostility, which initiated Ye Chong’s self-defense mechanism. The strong sense of danger had awakened his defense. Every faint bit of the norms he learned in this reality was scrapped in his mind.

The miniature expression did not go unnoticed among the girls. Rui Su, the smart one already knew what would happen next. Her face drained. "He would not be letting it go this easily," she thought and panicked.

Rui Bing was more sensible than her sister. She had felt the homicidal desire a moment earlier. But she reacted fearlessly as the confidence in herself found her bravery towards the enemy. The faith boiling in a well-trained fighter like her was unbeatable!

"Hmph!" At the tip of his toes, countless afterimages traced his movements as he jumped at Rui Bing. Always be the first one to launch the attack - that was the belief imprinted deep in his marrows and it would not be changed merely because the opponent happened to be a female!

The speed was totally uncalled for to Rui Bing, while Rui Su almost burst into shrieks upon his attack.

There was no letup from Ye Chong. All force applied! His inhuman movement speed was demonstrated for the first time in front of the girls. Their heats skipped a beat, as they realized it was not only Ye Chong’s hands held an immense speed, but also his entire body.

Rui Bing nearly failed to react in time as she backed off only when Ye Chong’s hand was barely a few centimeters away from her throat. It was way beyond her prediction of his speed, which eventually shut off her activity.

Ye Chong pulled away his right hand while his left hand landed like a meteor mash right onto Rui Bing’s chest. Without a doubt, if that fist were to land, it would even break a metallic alloy gate of 20 centimeters breadth.

Rui Bing responded with dexterity as her right arm went wide and bent, her fingers spread, holding Ye Chong’s heavy blow with her palm. Wham! Ye Chong was expecting bones-shattering, flesh-bursting yet none of those happened. Ye Chong flinched.

That was a mighty blow from Ye Chong. Rui Bing managed to prepare herself in time for the punch but she was still pushed way back behind. She was not an amateur after all as she backed away sliding, instead of falling down and rolling.

What a mighty power! Rui Bing’s heart turned cold. She could no longer feel her right arm. She did not see that strength coming. She could not believe that her arm was crippled in one fist. That thing… That thing is a monster! She thought.

Ye Chong halted a moment then curved his body, he leapt forward and started dashing towards Rui Bing.

As Ye Chong grew closer in Rui Bing’s eyes, though her arm was temporarily disabled, there was no fright in her expression.

Her eyes blinked with caution as she straightened her hand into a blade. She raised it up.

Ye Chong was shocked by this unexpected change.

Rui Bing raised her right palm solemnly.

Ye Chong, body and soul, was attracted to this raising palm of hers for some reason. It was as if the palm was the center of the universe and the universe revolved around it as it raised.

It was like a blazing sun.

The surrounding turned slow. It was an ominous feeling right into Ye Chong’s abdomen, a major discomfort into his soul, that he almost felt like spurting his internal body. He tried speeding up but he could not. It was like he got thrown into a pool of sticky liquid, his chain of action turned extremely sluggish yet he knew extremely clear that he was mesmerized by that glaring palm of holiness, somewhat and somehow! He lost control over his body gradually that even the slightest gesture he wanted to make was more lethargic than usual. He slowly flew towards that palm, like a moth into the fire.

Nevertheless, that overwhelming sense of danger lingered in his mind. He wanted to struggle but he failed miserably. Like a fish in the net stranding between the threads, it only grew tighter and his muscles were no longer in his control. Approaching the palm, he could not do a thing.

I could not just die here.

Not just yet!

The tenacity to live on, the strong desire for survival, Ye Chong endeavored with the last bit of senses he had.

In the midst of his endeavor he bit his tongue. The intense pain woke him from the illusions. The sharp taste of his blood rekindled his will to battle. He screamed on top of his lungs. His wave collided with the restriction enveloping him.

That’s it! He squirmed vigorously and he regained his control over his body little by little.

And that was the moment he realized in his horror, that he was very much close to the range of her attack. The palm slammed downwards after being raised to the highest. Her beautiful hand actually created screeches of a blade shredding the air.

There was no time to figure out the hows and whys. Ye Chong held the slashing palm with his right fist!



It felt like punching an actual blade on his fist. His fingers were utterly painful like they had been ground. There was a stark mark of dent on his fist. Ye Chong hissed in torment. He thought he might have already broken his fingers.

Rui Bing was not feeling well either. It was an iron blade colliding with an iron fist. She suffered more damage than Ye Chong at this strike in reality. Her face became pale as blood drained abruptly. Her heart beat in a squeeze. Her face then reddened dramatically as if she was drunk. The blood surged through the veins in her face hurriedly. The vermilion streaks over her fair skin, an unidentifiable beauty it had, unexplainably charming it was for some reason!

But any charm could not infatuate Ye Chong by then.

Ye Chong raised his brows as he knew he got the upper hand in this. Certainly he would deliver the last hit and end this fight once and for all. He spread fingers of his left hand and propelled immediately like lightning right towards Rui Bing’s chest. With his strength, one last pierce, then Rui Bing would stay here for life with the 5 pores on the chest of hers! If that counted that is.

"Stop!" Rui Su’s voice went wild as she witnessed the scene. Remorse pulled her into the bottomless pit of guilt. Her tears overflowed the corner of her eyes, as they fell like pearls off the string, right onto the ground.

No use! I am so going to kill this girl!

Ye Chong turned a deaf ear to her plea. He made up his mind - he must kill the girl before him today for she almost murdered him in the first place! There would be no way for him to let her go, especially after that odd skill she used on him! He could not swear if he could make it this way the next time he met her. If he did not bite his tongue back then, he would have been dead.

Frankly speaking, it was all a big misunderstanding between them. Rui Bing sought fights, not murders. She and her sister were more bounded by the rules and regulations of this world than Ye Chong himself. It was preposterous for her to commit homicide at such a whim. And it was wrong for Ye Chong to judge people his way. Literally wrong!

The logic behind Rui Bing’s hindering reaction was because of the killing will inside Ye Chong that she sensed. The palm was raised out of her desperation for survival. The force exerted was a result of the outburst on her capability.

The senses on her right hand finally recovered. At this dead-or-alive moment she backed off fast. She had to do it! While biting her teeth she forced her right arm up, wanting to catch Ye Chong’s incoming left hand. But all she caught was the arm of his, not the hand.

She could not be bothered as she grabbed his arm forcefully. She was not letting go and was tossed to his back by the inertia.

Ye Chong had already hit the bottom of his vitality. The struggle moments ago consumed most of his stamina and was exhausting his mind as well. Thanks to the blade to the fist strike with Rui Bing before, his right hand was still flabbily crippled.

His fingers were buried in her breasts. He noticed he could not penetrate further as Rui Bing held his arm frantically.

As he ran out of strength, he decided to grab her breasts instead of penetrating.

Incredible! His fingers felt tender as he touched. Such a great fighter yet the pectoral muscle was so soft. Impossible! The statement filled his mind as he pinched twice purposely to justify that he was not having a delusion.

Strange… If she could take my attack before this, her body should be more than just "well-built".

Rui Bing’s body hardened from the touch.

Ye Chong gripped her breasts; disregarding the moans she made, he made a turn and flung her out.