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Chapter 90: Deduction

Chapter 90: Deduction

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"Thank you, we hope to see you in good shape soon!"

Ye Chong exited from the medical center he was told to go to. The doctor’s words echoed, "Mr. Ye, your body is in the pink of health, well, pinker than most of the people I had seen. So no problem! What you have mentioned about today was probably a form of illusion I supposed, due to excessive fatigue or tension in your mind. It is a conventional symptom for workaholics. So don’t work too hard. Mr. Ye, I know you might be demanding of yourself and you have a good body, but you are still a human, you need to rest. I would advise you to rest adequately."

In that chain of explanation from the doctor, Ye Chong only discerned that one striking word - illusion.

Illusion? Impossible!

That horrible sensation remained imprinted in Ye Chong’s mind. It was endless, a no-return, a no-escape kind of pain… Scary! Ye Chong shuddered. He absolutely wanted to know what exactly had happened! It stayed like a hanging sword upon his head, a threat coming anytime soon to Ye Chong, making him restless and spineless.

Could it be some strange diseases people had been talking about? Those incurable kinds… But I had never gotten it before! The doctor said the same too - there was nothing, while Mu said the Blue Ocean Academy’s own medical center was as advanced as it was called… then there should be nothing wrong. The doctor should be right!

That awful experience, there would be no way Ye Chong would want the second time!

If there would be another anyway, he doubted he could survive that.

"Do you have any deduction for this, Mu?" Ye Chong asked impatiently, almost in a begging tone. He did not care if it was a baseless inference, he just wanted an answer! He could feel the insanity growing in himself, along with the agitation, the edginess. The former calm and still self of his had long gone by then.

"Ye, calm down." Mu spoke flatly as he sensed something wrong with Ye Chong, "Take a deep breath. Like your combat routine. The negative emotion would only be hindering you. They are unhelpful and will only lead you to even more terror. Ye, breathe in, then breathe out. Breathe your soul!"

In almost at a split second, a rampaging feeling scorched his nerves. The heat flowed in his body like burning lava. It was so hot that Ye Chong could feel his eyes glowing raging red, while the skin of his hands were colored in a spooky vermilion, like a flaming piece of metal. It was annoying! Infuriating! Maddening! His body was hot, piping hot! A thought jammed his thinking and overwrote everything else - Destruction! Unleash the inside!

"Breathe your soul."

If it was not Mu who said this line, he might had given an ultimate corkscrew punch right onto the person’s face, no matter who the person was.

He huffed and puffed. The fierce breath of his was boiling the nasal cavity. It was not the air he was breathing, it was more like the inferno, blazing inferno!

He tried to inhibit the brewing heat storm in him. His instinct sensed the danger behind this berserk as soon as it emerged. An emotionless, nonchalant person he had been was alarmed by this uprising in his body.

Breathe in! Breathe out! Deep breath!


Ye Chong was facing utter difficulty to carry out this daily practice which was a piece of cake for him before.

"Just breathe… Breathe in… Yes, breathe out… In…Out… Take the rhythm, ride on it… Yes, you are a good boy," Mu’s voice was hypnotizing as Ye Chong followed his order obediently.

As his breathing grew calmer, his head cooled down. The heat disintegrated gradually and Mu got his old Ye Chong back.

Such a breach at his security had exhausted quite a portion of his stamina. Rivers of sweat connected to each other on his forehead while wetting his entire clothes. Achoo! Ye Chong sneezed abruptly as a wind blew by.

"I think…Haha…" Ye Chong laughed bitterly, "Mu, I’m in trouble again, am I not?"

"Yes," Mu replied approvingly. "Ye, you do not seem right with that look. However there has yet to be a proper solution from me."

"What exactly had happened?" Ye Chong was vexed with himself. And that vex fell into a ripple in his mind, causing another storm again as his blood boiled. Breathe! Ye Chong out of his horror took a few rounds of deep breathing again and finally stabilized the rumble before the storm.

"Ye, stay calm." Mu explained, "As what the data showed, assuming if this neither was an inborn disease due to family inheritance nor was due to a kind of virus infection back at Trash Planet-12, I have a deduction now."

"What deduction?" Ye Chong asked.

"The silver liquid you dipped in back at the Black Cove." Added Ye Chong, "Possibility - 67%. Only that would be the suspect to this."

Ye Chong figured it out the moment Mu mentioned about the Black Cove, "No wonder they don’t seem to really care about the security. They actually have this to capture runaways in their hands."

"And that is why…" Ye Chong eventually made sense of what he had encountered, "That is why, Johansson did not appear to be in desire of killing me. That was not a murder, but an escort. And he just had the way to make sure he could escort me back to the Black Cove."

"Wow!" Mu’s exclaimed voice was flat. "It seems like you really have became smarter."

"Uh huh, if this is true, then that thing…" Ye Chong flinched. "That thing would not only happen once!" As soon as the conclusion flashed in his mind, his brain jammed.

Imagined the number of times he had to suffer all those, Ye Chong’s face was grim.

"Poor Ye," and all Mu could do was to show sympathy.

Apparently there were not many options for him. If he were to return to Black Cove to become a pawn by some mastermind, he would rather die! That tenacity and fighting will he got from living on Trash Planet-12 would be what he needed! He still had hope! And he had Mu and Shang!

Ye Chong spent the next few days in worry, anticipating that horrendous storm to come striking him again from time to time. Yet strangely, it did not happen. That surprised Ye Chong.

Well, thinking again, Ye Chong assumed his anticipation would not be helpful at all. Generally he would have lost full access control of his body by then. He could not even speak to Mu through telepathy. If that would be the case… Ye Chong decided to live on without fear. For safety, he planned to reduce the time outside and he did not intend to go back to Grandpa Qian anymore. He could not predict when this dreadful symptom would occur again but he could predict that surely if it happened and anything else dreadful happened along, he could just be the dead meat on the chopping board with no place to run.

So Ye Chong spent the whole day rooting himself at his workshop while Mu booted his mech self to hide within the countless mechs Ye Chong had in his place, striving to protect Ye Chong at any casualty.

He thought he would be in peace at least. Unfortunately, his fame did not decrease.

"Ye Chong!" Rui Su came slamming the door open, "You! Go to my place! Now! My sister wants to see you!" she came in with a brief command and introduction. Her expression was unhappy.

"Your sister?" frowned Ye Chong as he asked.

"The lady you fought that day? Who came with me?" her eyes slightly reddened as she reminisced the incident.

"Oh!" Rui Su was finally speaking his language - the lady he fought that day. He remembered everything. Normally Ye Chong would jump from his seat, nodding his head as he marched to the place, if it was an invitation from a challenger, especially if the challenger had some fancy tricks that could hold him back. However, he refused.

Without hesitation and further inquiry, "No," he gave a direct decline in Rui Su’s face.

"You… You…" Rui Su was so irritated that her face turned pale as she bit her teeth.

What a weird girl. Ye Chong could not understand the girl before him, he decided to deal with ignorance.

Rui Su wanted to be nice at first, nevertheless Ye Chong seemed to be uninterested in the kind self of hers. That was when she transformed back into the notorious Witch Su, "Ye! Chong! Are you a man? Let me ask you, Are! You! Still! A! Man?! I can’t believe my ears of hearing such puny words from a puny person like you! I had never seen such a useless piece of dirt in my entire life! You don’t even have the balls to go to my place! You coward! You spineless squid!"

Ye Chong spectated the amazing talk show from Rui Su nonchalantly. His ears had grown numb towards personal attacks and offensive languages.

"So Mu, shouldn't humans be afraid of death?" Ye Chong asked in his mind.

"They should," said Mu.

"Then isn’t it normal for one to be a coward in this?" he asked on.

"Well, in the society, fearing death is considered as a cowardly act, even if they all fear the death like no one ever did." Explained Mu.

"B-o-r-i-n-g!" exclaimed Ye Chong.

"Right," Mu agreed too.

"Are you listening to me? My sister is calling you, no, ordering you to move that broken bottom of yours to my place! You heard it? Move! Why aren’t you moving? Oh my Fal Galaxy if there’s a quantum singularity I swear I’ll catapult you into it…"

The bickering went on for a moment.

And Rui Su realized it was pointless to scold her signature lines at Ye Chong. She became parched and tired. Nothing had happened other than most of her inner blaze had extinguished.

"Please…" Going the hard way did not work it seemed, so Rui Su decided to plead instead, "I beg you. Please, Ye Chong, please. It’s just a trip to my house. My sister wants to see you… Just come... Could you kindly do my poor, poor sister a favor?" her watery eyes overflowed with pity. Anyone else would have accepted her plea right away seeing those eyes.

Well it was "anyone else" after all.

Not Ye Chong.

Ye Chong did not have concept on how this "begging" worked.

"The heck she’s doing, Mu?" Ye Chong inquired bewilderedly.

"Technically, she was trying to initiate your urge to protect her by acting as a weakling in the situation." Concisely he replied, "Most of the women use such method to gain a man’s sympathy," added Mu.

"She’s acting weak, hoping that the enemy would come and pity her?" Ye Chong was not convinced, the logic did not work in his head it seemed.

"Uh… well…" Mu halted for a noticeable length, "The relationship between men and women are not malignant to begin with."

"Well then, what is it?" Ye Chong asked.

"Regarding that, I suggest you to have your session with Shang, he is more of an expert in this," and Mu quickly shut his mouth.

Rui Su tried to rephrase her plight and redid her acting repetitively. Still, it did not work on the man with a heart of iron. Rui Su never expected Ye Chong to be this hard to penetrate. She could not believe that her ways neither hard nor soft worked. The feeling did not even seep into his skin! She became desperate as her signature tricks with a 100% success rate on other men did not work on him.

She recalled what her sister told her back at their home and tears wetted her beautiful face.

It shocked Ye Chong a little. Yeah, only a little.

"Sniff… Sniff…" Rui Su held her tears and looked at Ye Chong wholeheartedly, "In what way you would agree to see my sister?"


Ye Chong thought for a moment, "Get her here, if she wanted to see me that badly."

With Mu lurking in the queue of mechs, he believed he would be in good hands even if that disastrous syndrome happened again.

"Okay! Fine!" Rui Su rushed out of the workshop in tears. "You better remember this! Ye Chong!!!" The students on the way were impressed by Ye Chong. They almost wanted to drop by the workshop to give a salutation as he managed to make the witch of the campus to cry twice in a row! Spectacular!

What Ye Chong did not expect was, Rui Bing actually came!

And she was alone!