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Chapter 91: Shang’s Idea I

Chapter 91: Shang’s Idea I

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Rui Bing sat before Ye Chong, her face pale, drained of blood. It seemed that she was not yet recovered from the injuries from before. Her long, black hair further emphasized her pallor, and her occasionally knitted brows made for a pitiful appearance! Her former magnificence was now turned into fragility. Her thin physique under the loose training garb made her look as weak as a withering leaf.

Ye Chong was also shocked to see Rui Bing as she was!

Rui Bing noticed that Ye Chong was unharmed, and said wryly, "You are truly physically strong!"

Ye Chong sat quietly. While he did not understand the reason for her visit, Ye Chong still threaded with care, with Mu standing quietly behind him. If anything happened, Mu would be able to react at the drop of a hat. Besides, he was not entirely defenseless himself, only that his weird condition might be triggered again.

Ye Chong sat quietly, his eyes staring at the other party, unblinking. He was waiting for her to state the purpose of her visit, for he believed that she would not have visited for no good reason. Ye Chong believed that this woman sitting before him, the strongest woman he had ever met, would not be up to a silly action like that.

As for Rui Bing, Ye Chong still had full admiration for her. Her skills in martial arts were levels above his, and that move was most likely an attack filled with spirit, in Mu’s words. That had made Ye Chong appreciate her even more! It was the first time Ye Chong had seen an attack that was beyond the logic of pure physics!

Rui Bing did not say anything, sitting quietly before Ye Chong, her dark eyes staring straight at him.

Their eyes met each others’ in the space between them!

A faint blush began to spread quietly up Rui Bing’s nape!

Her silence was baffling to Ye Chong, as he had thought her as someone straightforward in nature. Since she had visited, there must be something on her mind, so why would she not speak of it? Ye Chong broke the silence and spoke, "Why are you here?"

His flat tone together with his apathetic expression made Rui Bing turn serious. While her body was not fully healed, her former fighting instinct as a martial arts practitioner was awakened!

Rui Bing sat upright, her expression stern, but her first words thoroughly confused Ye Chong.

"Will you marry me?"

"Marry her? What?" Thankfully, Mu was near him, and Ye Chong communicated with Mu through his brain waves. "Mu, what does it mean to marry her?"

"Hmm, based on available information, it probably means becoming legal husband and wife!" Mu explained.

"What’s legal husband and wife?" Ye Chong was baffled.

"Er, this area is not my specialty, you should ask Shang about it. We need 5 seconds to interchange!" Mu was obviously troubled with the question as well, and decided to let Shang, with a more advanced mood matrix, to deal with the matter.

As soon as Shang was out, he howled electronically. "Waah, Ye, as expected, it’s the aggressive beauty from last time. Tsk tsk, a beauty like this who fits all your requirements is truly rare!"

Ye Chong did not quite get it. "What does that have to do with being a beauty?"

Shang bluntly spoke , "Of course, who wouldn't love a beautiful woman?" He deliberately paused before continuing, "Mm, of course, your taste is too peculiar! However, does she not suit your standards? The body cannot be too muscular, that would affect speed, and she cannot be too thin, for the muscles must be powerful enough. Mm, endurance is a must and flexibility must be excellent. Excellence in martial arts, almost as good in mechs as I am. A decisive person, one-hit KO’s are preferable! High vigilance. Best if she can be proficient in mech mechanics! Besides the mech side of things, it seems that she was almost made based on your criteria! Besides, it’s quite fast to build up knowledge in mechs! Ye, I can’t think of anyone who can better fit your requirements than her!"

Ye Chong was still uncertain. "What does this have to do with marrying her?"

Shang nearly fainted at that. "Ye, could it be that you’re still not in your puberty? Heavens! You’re twenty! This is too bizarre in the face of biological theories! Could it be … Could it be … You’re …" Shang’s voice was getting queer!

His hesitance in speech also made Ye Chong even more confused. "Biology? Theories in biology? Isn’t this an alchemist program?"

Shang nearly cried. "*Cough* … Theories in biology? Ye, you can’t go on like this, I must now begin to show you the right path of humanity! I can’t let Mu mislead you anymore, heavens, I can already imagine the darkness and dullness of your future life!"

After a pause, Shang continued encouragingly, "Ye Chong, do you like her? Compared to all the women you’ve ever met before." His voice now had a bewitching quality to it.

Ye Chong lifted his head and peered towards Rui Bing. Rui Bin sat in all seriousness, but a flash of panic was evident in her eyes. Ye Chong considered before replying, "I like her!" It seemed that, of all the women he had ever met, she was the only that made him feel a sense of admiration, and she was definitely the strongest of woman he had ever encountered!

"But, what’s that got to do with anything?" Ye Chong’s logic was not affected at all by Shang!

"Er … Nothing! But Ye, when can you began your life as a real man?" Shang gave a long sigh!

"Am I not normal?" Ye Chong was obviously dissatisfied with the conclusion.

"Could it be that you have no sexual desires for women?" Shang barely managed to ask.

"Sexual desires?" Ye Chong was at a loss. "Should anyone have sexual desires towards women?"

Shang felt like he was dealt with a death blow. "Ye, you … You’re too good at this!"

"Me? I’m still not good enough. Compared to Mu, I’m still too weak!" Ye Chong replied.

"Compared to Mu? Heavens, it’s like talking with an animal! No, Ye, it seems that it’ll be necessary to teach you a lesson in biological reproduction! Ye, later I’ll show you some of the latest holographic passionate battles, that’s my ultimate collection!" Shang spoke with fiery intensity.

"Holographic information? Passionate battles? Is it a battle between mechs?" Ye Chong asked.

"A battle between mechs?" Shang’s photon processor was visualizing 2 humanoid mechs engaged in a passionate battle midair, machine oil spraying everywhere, accessories flying off in all directions, together with a cringe-worthy sound of metal rubbing against metal. Shang felt a chill spread across him and nearly short-circuited!

For someone as logic-minded as Ye Chong to discuss emotions, especially that of between members of the opposite sex, it was definitely a depressing challenge for Shang!

Rui Bing held a normal expression, but her heart was throbbing violently. Ye Chong, sitting opposite her, had at first lowered his head in thought, then lifted his vision to her for a moment before continuing his thoughts. For the first time ever, Rui Bing had a strange feeling, mixed with hope and fear, afraid of what she might lose! She could only do her best to stay calm, or at least maintain the impression of calmness!

Rui Bing was aware of her own traditional mindset, even when she had chosen to inherit her father’s dojo years ago despite opposition. All these years, the age-old traditions had already become part of her, and she was not capable of changing this part of herself, nor did she wanted to! This kind of life made her feel peaceful!

Rui Bing’s eyed the man before her with mixed feelings. Will this man, whom she had met not so long ago, be her future husband? If he rejected, what should she do? While she had insisted on traditional practices, it did not mean that she should impose it on others. Her persistence was her own, and Ye Chong’s rejection was only natural, then what should she do?

Although she already had her mind set, Rui Bing was still at a loss at the present moment!

"Alright, back to the original question, what does it mean to to marry her? What’s the end result?" Ye Chong asked.

"Marrying her means having a legal bond of husband and wife between you two. The end result if that you will be with her for the rest of your life!" Shang did not think Ye Chong could understand anything beyond that.

"Be with her? Why should I be with her for the rest of my life?" Ye Chong asked another mind-bending question to Shang!

Shang was speechless!

Shang did not believe that a healthy man like Ye Chong would not be interested in women at all. Suddenly, a brilliant idea came to his mind.

"Ye, to make you understand this whole affair, we can do an experiment!" Shang’s tone was odd, but he had finally concluded that Ye Chong could only handle facts!

"Okay, how?" Ye Chong was also keen to try. He was always asking these sort of questions, and Ye Chong had no intention of being entirely ignorant of this topic.

"Go right in front of her. Don’t worry, she’ll definitely not harm you. Besides, in her current condition, she’s not a match for you!" Shang enticed.

"Okay!" Ye Chong walked to Rui Bing and stopped before her, and panic flashed past Rui Bing’s pale face.

"Take her hand!" The devil’s tail began to show itself.

"Hand?" Ye Chong felt uncertain, and asked, "Which hand?"

*Crash* A certain devil’s fall sent out a shockwave. Shang spoke with a trembling voice, "Whichever!" Shang’s fall to the ground shocked Rui Bing, but it had also eased the her nervousness against Ye Chong’s approach.

Ye Chong took Rui Bing’s right hand, his body in high alert, ready for any form of attack from her. For Ye Chong, his action would definitely invite retaliation from the other party! No one would let their hand be held in another person’s hands - the action was akin to giving up one’s life to another person!

However, Rui Bing’s reaction baffled Ye Chong. She pulled her hand back a little, but not enough to escape from his grasp. Her tightly closed lips were pale from the pressure! Her initial pallor was now replaced with a thorough blush, but she did not lower her head, managing to look right at Ye Chong. Her clear eyes were filled with a rare coquetry and a little stubbornness. She kept her gaze on Ye Chong!

"What next?" Ye Chong asked.

"Have a good feel of her hand!" The devil’s tail was growing obvious.