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Chapter 92: Shang“s Idea II

Chapter 92: Shang's Idea II

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"Feel her hand?" Ye Chong was confused. Could it be that her hand had something special about it? Ye Chong felt the hand carefully, but did not notice anything special! However, to think that such a soft and delicate hand could have such potential for battle! Ye Chong’s hands may be long and slender, but his hands were solid and muscular, quite different from the woman’s.

Could this be what Shang wanted him to notice?

Ye Chong spoke, "It’s soft, with callouses around the edges of the palm, evident signs of some level of training, but her hand is obviously of a different type than mine. Could there be some mystery behind this?"

Shang stammered, "Ye - Ye, is this what you feel?"

"Yup, what’s the problem?" Ye Chong replied.

Shang was full of disbelief. "Ye, can you really not feel anything else? Like, does it feel comfortable?"

"I suppose it does!" Ye Chong gave a little squeeze to the delicate hand, "But, what does it matter?"

By then, poor Rui Bing was as red as a tomato, but still she refused to lower her head. Her clear eyes were now growing watery, and her tightly held lips were a sign of her exerting strong self control! Since young, no man had ever touched her hands, but the man before her had now grasped her hand in his, doing as he wished! While she had already decided to marry this man, she still could not accept that the man was given in to such frivolity, as her rational side kept her composed!

A strange, unprecedented tingling sensation came from her right hand. She could even feel the strength and warmth from Ye Chong’s palms. The feeling was unnerving, and she was at a loss as to what to do next!

Shang muttered, "Looks like this degree of stimulation is too little. For a wild animal like Ye, no, a humanoid mech may be more appropriate. This degree of stimulation is too little!"

Shang became more spirited and said, "Ye, for the next step, put your nose near to the left side of her throat, keep the distance less than 2 centimeters, and feel it closely!"

Ye Chong did not doubt Shang’s request and did as he was told in all seriousness. Suddenly, he moved his face close to Rui Bing’s neck, his nose almost touching her skin, no more than 2 centimeters from him. A mysterious, sweet smell came to him. Her warm, snow-white skin had his full attention, and, almost reflexively, Ye Chong could not help but stick out his tongue and lick her neck!

In an instant, Ye Chong felt like his belly was on fire! He felt a burning surge engulf him! Ye Chong couldn't help but gasp heavily!

Faced with this stimulation, Ye Chong felt a buzz in his head. Almost immediately, the powerful flow of emotions that he suppressed a few days ago was like a stoked fire, and Ye Chong felt like his brain might blow up! The overwhelming wild emotions engulfed him in an instant, and Ye Chong could only see red in his eyes, and his last thought before he lost consciousness was this -

"This, is a woman?"

Rui Bing could not keep her composure when Ye Chong put his face so close to her. As Ye Chong licked, she was thunderstruck! Ye Chong’s heavy breath against her sensitive neck only made Rui Bing more anxious!

Almost without thinking, Rui Bing, with a long history of martial arts training and self defense, was driven to action! Rui Bing slid her right hand and grabbed Ye Chong’s left hand. Her soft, white hands were now as strong as hardened steel. Her left hand pressed towards Ye Chong’s chest as fast as lighting and her legs moved as she stood up, lifting Ye Chong with her!

Women’s Basic Anti Sexual Assault Skills - Third Move!

Nether Region Kick!

The kick was perfect, strength or angle-wise, and Ye Chong curled into a shrimp-like posture but, oddly, did not produce any pitiful shriek!

The move was followed immediately by an over shoulder throw. Her movements were fluid and natural, and any martial arts practitioner who witnessed Rui Bing’s move after move would have been very impressed!

In reality, Rui Bing did not know any anti sexual harassment moves at first. However, the dojo often had some female students who came to learn some basic defense skills, and Women’s Basic Anti Sexual Assault Skills were a necessary part of it. Hence, Rui Bing had deliberately learned a few moves, and they now conveniently served her !

Ye Chong was like a sandbag, ruthlessly thrown to a corner and left on the floor, without any reaction!

Ye Chong’s mind was like a sea of fire, his consciousness struggling to survive within the fiery ocean, as his external senses had been thoroughly eclipsed! The volcanic flow of emotions wreaked havoc in his mind, and Ye Chong’s barely surviving consciousness was also affected. He only felt heat, of which was the most intense heat!

An unspeakable feeling began to accumulate within Ye Chong!

But strangely, his body was not at his command!

The suffocating and intense sense of outrage whirled within Ye Chong’s mind like a storm, and Ye Chong felt more and more heated, but could find no way to vent off his feelings!

When Rui Bing came back to her senses and found Ye Chong on the floor, unmoving, she was shocked to the core, extremely regretting her actions. How could she be so impulsive? What will happen to her if he was injured? The thought of that kick earlier made Rui Bing panic!

Rui Bing was about to approach Ye Chong and check for injuries when a shadow flashed before her eyes, and a huge, green-ish figure flew past Ye Chong and was almost immediately out of the mech modification workshop!

Surprised, Rui Bing rushed to the workshop’s entrance, but the huge figure and Ye Chong were already gone without a trace!

A disappointed Rui Bing stood before the workshop’s entrance as she looked towards the sky in a daze, looking almost infatuated for a moment!


Out in the wilderness, surrounded by rocks as tall as a few people, scattered across the area to as far as twenty kilometers away.

Ye Chong sat worn-out on the ground, his body all covered in dust from crushed rocks, with Mu staying quietly by his side. Shang knew that he had crossed the line this time, and switched with Mu as soon as he arrived here!

Ye Chong had finished with his berserking, now surrounded by pieces of rock debris. Within twenty meters from Ye Chong, none of the rocks were larger than a meter in girth, as they were all sacrificed for Ye Chong’s venting.

Ye Chong felt like he was an unstable stock of fire powder, ready to explode at the slightest provocation!

Ye Chong, who had always had high regard for calmness, hated very much the way he had just lost control of his rational mind, even if his physical abilities were enhanced in various ways under that condition.

Ye Chong smiled wryly at himself. "Mu, I’m in big trouble this time!"

Mu agreed. "That’s right, Ye, you’re now suppressing your emotions! It looks like women still have the same effect on you!" Mu did not miss the opportunity to mock him.

Ye Chong forced another smile at that. "That damned Shang!" Reflexively, his mind produced an image of the smooth whiteness of skin, the oddly sweet odour that came from it, and the indescribable taste when the tip of his tongue came into contact!

Mu broke his reverie. "Ye, your condition is really not good. There are now two versions of your condition. First is the way your body loses control, but your mind is clear and conscious of the pain! The second version is the way you were over stimulated and lost control like just now. Similarly, you lost bodily control, but in this version, your mind is blurry! The factors that induced the first version is unclear, but from your reaction this time, the second version is clearly triggered by the slightest stimulation. Who could have imagined that Black Cove’s silver liquid was so powerful! Of course, that’s assuming our assumptions are right!"

Ye Chong had already recovered his usual calm composure. He frowned a little and said, "If it’s Black Cove, they must have a way of curing this! But the point is, how can we find out about it?"

Mu replied, "That’s right, but based on my calculations, the probability of our successful infiltration into Black Cove is only at 15.6 percent, which is too low. I would not recommended it!"

Ye Chong agreed. "Yeah, that probability is really too low. *Sigh*, the main issue is, we’re too weak, and Mu, you haven’t fully recovered yet! It’s no different than knocking on death’s door! Besides, we’re still not sure if this is the work of Black Cove, that’s only an assumption of ours!"

For someone like Ye Chong who had grown up on a trash planet, he had a more profound sense of appreciation of life than others. Perhaps only those who had often encountered situations of life and death could understand the value of life.

Ye Chong continued, "In the short term, there’s no way to infiltrate Black Cove!" Ye Chong knew from experience that Black Cove had tight security, and with the current state of Mu and himself, infiltrating would be a fool’s errand.

"Hmm, we’ll have to wait until we’re more powerful to work on Black Cove! However, your weird condition still requires treatment. It seems that we’ll have to find an excellent doctor to help you out!" Mu spoke with an undertone of uncertainty.

If Ye Chong was to seek treatment, he would have to leave Blue Ocean. While the planet was prosperous, it was not known for its medical services. Ye Chong quite enjoyed his simple life in Blue Ocean Academy, but what he would really miss was the so-called first class modification workshop and Grandpa Qian!

However, such was life! The usually calm Ye Chong felt overwhelmed with emotions. Without his bidding, the image of that white training garb flashed past his thoughts!

Mu had once again returned to its alternate dimension, and so Ye Chong deployed the Harmony of the Winter Aria and flew towards Blue Ocean Academy.

By the time he had reached the academy grounds, night was already looming. Ye Chong had planned to spend his last night here, and also to give the Harmony a checkup as preparation for his departure tomorrow.

The modification workshop was dark, and Rui Bing seemed to have left. Ye Chong was ready to land when Mu cautioned him, "Ye, be careful, there’re enemies inside! 7 mechs!"

Ye Chong was greatly surprised!