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Chapter 93: The Lance in the Darkness

Chapter 93: The Lance in the Darkness

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Seven mechs, all hidden in various corners of the modification workshop. Once he stepped into the workshop, he would be like a caged bird, unable to leave again. If not for Mu, he would probably would have met his end here. However, Mu was by his side, and Ye Chong unemotionally watched as Mu portrayed holographically the locations of the seven mechs!

From this, one can see the difference between the Harmony of the Winter Aria and Mu. Ye Chong’s Harmony had not noticed the enemy at all. The workshop’s building structure was made of special materials that could block communication signals, and holographic scans of the workshop were impossible. Of course, this was Blue Ocean planet’s most advanced modification workshop, and the design was also to protect the workshop and its secrets from outsiders.

Ye Chong had no idea how Mu could have noticed the enemies!

"Mu, you’re too powerful!" Ye Chong could not help but sighed, and looked forward to the day he could pilot a mech as good as Mu. That would be the happiest moment of his life! As for Mu, Ye Chong had no intentions of piloting him. While Mu had mentioned before that he would let Ye Chong pilot him if Ye Chong surpassed him in skills, Ye Chong had no doubt that it would be an almost impossible task. More importantly, Ye Chong had never thought of Mu as a mech!

Mu was undeniably powerful, but with the Harmony of the Winter Aria, Ye Chong was not as weak as he was before! Ye Chong could not help but feel a sense of pride!

Since the other party was obviously hostile, he had no reason to hold back!

Ye Chong did not attack immediately, but instead released the five mechanical hummingbirds he had. The hummingbird scanning system was made up of five blue birds, and they flew quietly into the darkness. Ye Chong waited patiently for information from the hummingbirds. He must first know whether there were any other enemies in hiding outside the workshop. If there were, a quiet escape would be the best strategy for him! Since there was no chance of him defeating everyone here without Mu’s help, he would only be wasting his time in combat!

As the five hummingbirds were released, the images that were disrupted by interference signals immediately cleared up, and the scanning coverage was increased! It seemed that the five hummingbirds were indeed useful!

From the hummingbirds’ scanning results, it seemed that there were no enemies hidden nearby. While the hummingbird’s accuracy and sensitivity within the atmosphere were not as impressive as when the birds were in space, the scanning radius was still up to a good fifty kilometers!

The enemy must have realized the special design of the modification workshop. They were also wary of being noticed if someone was placed outside!

If he left quietly now, it would not be a problem at all. However, Ye Chong was curious to know where the enemies came from, since it would definitely be useful information in the future. If not, he might unknowingly walk into the enemy’s trap some day. Besides, Ye Chong believed that even if he could not completely destroy the enemy, he should be able to at least successfully retreat!

Ye Chong also had the intention of testing the true capabilities of the Harmony of the Winter Aria, and his progress so far.

The currently greenish gray mech, the result of Ye Chong’s efforts, seemed entirely inconspicuous. Even its metallic gleam was obscured, giving the impression of an aged machine! However the lack of a metallic shine made the Harmony of the Winter Aria even more concealed in the darkness, nearly unnoticeable!

Harmony of the Winter Aria flew silently like a greenish gray bat towards the modification workshop.

Ye Chong did not choose the main entrance, since it would be the main focus of any enemy attack. If he entered that way, he would be welcomed with a full range of firepower attacks, and all that was left of him would be dust!

Ye Chong carefully circled to the southern side of the workshop. Based on the holographic image, there was a mech standing against the wall in the corner!

Ye Chong’s lance, Blue Winter, was 15 meters long, and the wall was about two and a half meters thick. The wall’s structural material was mainly a composite of high-strength components, with some anti signal transmission material. However, the latter had no effect on the sturdiness of the walls!

Ye Chong flew to about 800 meters from the workshop, the distance enough to accelerate the Harmony to its maximum speed!

The engines were fully activated! The inconspicuous mech had unsheathed its razor sharp claws. The fifteen-meter long Blue Winter was even taller than the Harmony of the Winter Aria, making the weapon look like an arrow that had just left the bow. The Harmony’s wings were folded into its back.

Harmony of the Winter Aria’s Mach 7 speed of flight was now unleashed in all its glory!

As the scenery around flashed past him, Ye Chong felt strangely calmed!

The hands wielding the Blue Winter did not even tremble in the slightest! The wall of the workshop was instantly penetrated. The advanced energy feedback mechanism allowed Ye Chong to feel the impact experienced by the lance!

A loud boom reverberated, and the workshop’s wall crumbled, and its fragments flew off in all directions! Ye Chong felt a small pause in the mech’s movement, and knew that his attack had hit right on target! Ye Chong was familiar with the insides of the workshop, and knew that the spot he attacked should have been empty. Hence, he must have hit the mech against the wall!

Ye Chong guessed right!

Ye Chong’s high speed impact using his lance was terrifyingly powerful! His lance, the Blue Winter, could even penetrate Black Cove’s mechs, and this time it offered no mercy to his enemy. The unfortunate mech was instantly in pieces. At the sound of a crash, numerous black fragments flew past Ye Chong!

Ye Chong was shocked - it was a Black Cove mech! Ye Chong was familiar with this kind of black mech! How did they find him?

This was obviously not the time to ask such a question. Ye Chong had no time to think about it, as he swirled and swung off a few fragments hanging off the lance!

The sudden attack threw the enemies into confusion! Ye Chong’s ambush had also achieved his aim!

The modification workshop was large, housing a good number of mechs, mech accessories and some modification devices.

The massive Harmony of the Winter Aria moved swiftly like a cat through the workshop!

Suddenly, the workshop’s lights were all switched off, and the room was engulfed in darkness!

Ye Chong gave a chilling laugh. In the workshop, all forms of signals were blocked, and they had no means of communicating with each other. "Hehe, this workshop cramped with all kinds of stuff is the perfect battleground for me!" thought Ye Chong. It was him who had destroyed the workshop's lighting!

With Mu along, Ye Chong now held the definitive upper hand. Moreoever, his frequent visits here meant that he knew all the corners of the workshop!

From Mu’s holographic image, the crash had invited 3 mechs to fly towards him.

One of the mechs crept slowly towards him. All forms of signals were disabled here, and they had no way of getting in touch with each other. The pilot within the mech began to feel nervous! For a Black Cove elite like him, it had been a long time since he felt like this!

"The damned bastard destroyed the lighting system!" The pilot cursed to himself. However, his training guided him despite his anxiety, and he carefully approached towards the direction of the sound of impact he heard earlier.

Without a holographic scanning system and any lighting, he felt like a blind person, groping his way through the dark, occasionally crashing into something. If not for his skills, he would have tumbled quite a few times! While the mech had laser searchlights, he dared not switch it on. It would be no joke if he activated the searchlight, as he would be the most obvious target, and the first to die in the hands of the enemy!

He was despaired, comforted only the fact the Black Cove mechs were highly durable. This made him brave through his worries and move forward! Up till now, with the exception of the MPA, he had never met any weapon that could be a fatal threat to his mech! This was a great source of comfort for him!

Suddenly, a noise came from the front.

Could it be that his comrades were exchanging blows with the opponent? He decided that it must be so, and immediately rushed towards the source of the sound. He had no time to care for the potential damages to his mech, since Black Cove mechs could not be damaged so easily. He was ready to charge his way through to his destination!

"Hah, I can finally leave this horrible sh*t place!"

He would give anything to move faster, just a little faster. If two mechs were to work together, he believed that the enemy would not stand a chance!

*BANG!* His first thought was that he ran into something. Before he could react, the holographic screen before him was crushed, its pieces spraying outwards. A huge, cone-shaped metal appeared before his eyes, and before he could let out a terrified scream, the sharp edge of the cone plunged through his body. *BANG!* A huge wave of energy passed through him, and he was dismembered into a rain of flesh and blood, flying outwards along with the fragments of his mech. The bits and pieces flew outwards and landed everywhere, followed by a continuous series of splattering sounds.

He never had the chance to realize the cause of his death!

Ye Chong watched with cold eyes, emotionless. When he saw the mech moving quickly towards him, a plan occurred to him, and he held the lance in the trajectory of the mech. Seeing as the mech was still moving quickly, Ye Chong picked up some mech fragment from the floor and threw it behind him!

As expected, upon hearing the fragment landing behind him, the mech moved faster towards him! It ran straight into Blue Winter, which Ye Chong had prepared earlier! Blue Winter, a most powerful weapon due to its Do Kun stone component, penetrated another Black Cove mech without hindrance!

Ye Chong understood the misconception that Black Cove citizens harboured for their mechs! If not for Mu, he would probably be the same as them!

There were still five mechs left!

Ye Chong quietly counted to himself, and silently moved away from his location!