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Chapter 504: Perseverance II

Chapter 504: Perseverance II
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Perseverance II

Of course it made a world of difference when Ye Chong and Shang worked together!

Sir Jay's fleet members got a morale boost because of his reputation amongst his people. To them, Sir Jay was walking the talk, impressing on them his will to fight till the end!

The performance of Sir Jay and his mysterious and strong partner was like an adrenaline injection to the fleet members, giving them strength to carry on.


Ye Chong never expected this.

It was too long ago since he had fought side by side with Shang. Now, he was enjoying the moment.

The rocks came from unexpected angles, and fast enough to strain him. Once, he was in the Calamitous Asteroid Belt by himself, giving chase to a single six-fingered red-tailed beast. Now, he had brought with him an entire fleet, massive enough to feel the effects of dangers within the asteroid belt.

The rocks came in waves like animals in a frenzy, attacking him ferociously and aggressively.

Instead of being afraid of this danger, Ye Chong felt very excited. He felt like he was unleashing all the energy that he had been saving recently. Every ounce of blood in him boiled angrily. The pores on his skin opened up, and he felt an electrifying sense of comfort running through him.

Nonetheless, his mind was still calm as ever. He enjoyed this sensation of calmness and excitement mixed together. Shang's appearance relieved him of the many feelings that he kept hidden in his heart.

Shang had not warned Ye Chong before he came out.

Fighting alongside Mu and Shang was an incredible experience. From the first time he set eyes on Mu and Shang, Ye Chong had never thought of flying the mech himself, but more as a friend, a teacher. As he grew older, one of his driving forces was to become stronger than the mech one day, so that he would earn the privilege of piloting the mech. However, deep down in his heart, Mu and Shang had always meant the same to him - the mech gave him meaning, like a student trying to prove himself to his teacher.

Mu and Shang's identity was a sensitive issue. The mech seemed to be closely related to the Xue Lai Clan. Hence, Mu and Shang preferred to stay in their dimension keystone most of the time. Besides, for a long time, Mu and Shang had been separated from Ye Chong.

They had long since fought together, side by side.

Just how powerful could Ye Chong be in his state of excitement?

Everyone in the fleet was shocked by Ye Chong's strength! Close range mechs could usually do little against these rocks due to their limited attack range. However, Sir Jay's attack range was about six times larger than a normal mech squad's. He did not even seem to be pushing himself.

The one-armed mech also had an astonishingly wide attack range. The mech covered an even wider range than Sir Jay, with it's long range capabilities, amounting to about 10 times larger than that of a normal mech squad.

The two of them were fighting at the position where the fleet was receiving the heaviest damage, at the very front tip of the fleet.

The timely involvement of Ye Chong and Shang managed to stabilize the situation. The number of mech pilot casualties and deaths reduced drastically.

Additionally, with the two super powerful mech pilot clearing the path at the front line, the fleet advanced significantly faster. The seven-hour journey could now be achieved in four hours.

Everyone felt optimistic again. They believed that the fleet could now reach their destination safely.

As the people expected, their situation was now under control. If everything went smoothly, they would arrive at their destination in another four hours if they held out.

Would these last four hours go as smoothly as they hoped for?

Perhaps Ye Chong and Shang were the only ones in the fleet who did not share this optimism. The fleet was safe for now, but they were only pushing their luck ever closer to their limit.

The fleet was like a spring, stretched longer and longer, not breaking at first. However, if the spring never stopped stretching, it would eventually reach a point where it would break.

Will they reach their destination before that breaking point, or not?

Deep underneath Ye Chong's state of calmness was a feeling a dread.

In fact, Ye Chong's feeling was warranted.

30 minutes before they reached their destination, when almost everyone in the fleet felt that they were going to make it after all, they reached their breaking point!

After more than three hours of intense combat, Ye Chong's body was beginning to tire. His defences were weakening. If even he was feeling the pressure, the other mech pilots suffered even more. Ye Chong was a little surprised to find the other mech pilots holding out for so long. Little did he know that it was a lot to do with him putting himself at the front line.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang! Suddenly, six balls of flames went up in the dark sea of asteroids. Six mechs had exploded!

Mech battles usually did not last very long. It was rare to have two sides of equal strength drag the battle on for an hour or two. Piloting a mech required concentration. If the fight dragged on, the pilot's mind would eventually become dulled.

This was a very risky state to be in. Mech pilots who reached this state would commit even the simplest mistakes, not because of their lack of training, but due to reaching the limits of what their mind and body would take. Of course, stronger mech pilots would not fall for this weakness so often. They could fight longer, and were mentally stronger.

The explosions of these six mechs were like the opening lines of the climax act. All at once, the other mech pilots began to show signs of breaking down.

One by one, the mechs began exploding again like fireworks. The comms relayed horrified cries, the loud sound of explosions, and the deadly silence that followed. The explosions happened again and again, and it was hard to keep track how many they had lost.

Even in the midst of the battle, Ye Chong was following their situation closely.

They were now in the situation that he had feared and dreaded.

Given the criticality of their situation, any delays on their side would have serious consequences. Ye Chong gave his next order without hesitation, "All combatants, return to your ships!" The exhausted mech pilots could do little now. In Ye Chong's words, the outcome did not warrant their efforts.

The mech pilots took their orders and dragged their tired selves back to the fleet.

As they made their way back, mechs continued to be hit and destroyed, leaving scattered debris in space. The mech debris crashed into the starships, damaging the hulls.

Ye Chong realized that they had reached the most critical moment of their journey.

He felt an unusual calmness descended upon him. "All ships, full speed ahead!"

They could not escape from here. Instead of dying in the asteroid shower, it was better to go full speed ahead for the slightest chance of survival.

With the mechs gone, the starships on the outer edges of the fleet were now directly exposed to the asteroids.

Their hulls, already dented in many places, were now even more distorted as they received the full impact of the asteroids outside. However, the ships stayed in position, shielding the ships on the inner parts of the fleet from the rain of asteroids outside.

The fleet members in these ships knew that the inner ships carried their wives and daughters, their families and friends, their hopes. All this while, they had only watched Sir Jay leading a bunch of young people fighting against the red-tailed beasts for the basest reason – to survive.

Now that they needed people to step up, they volunteered themselves.

They did not view themselves as particularly honorable people. They were only betting their own lives for their families, their loved ones, to give them a chance to live. There were no regrets.

The starships on the outer edges held their positions with difficulty. The fleet members ignored the heavy shower of asteroid on their ships as they guarded the ships inside the fleet.

One of the ships took a direct impact from an asteroid over a hundred meters in diameter. It was a critical blow to the ship.

"Captain, we lost our gyroscope!" A crew member reported anxiously.

The captain had over 30 years of experience in his position. The corner of his eyes ended with wrinkles. His hair was in a shade of light gray. Right now, he looked entirely calm. All 200 starships on the outer edges were led by experienced ship captains, since their mission required not only their courage, but wisdom as well.

The experienced and wise captain made the right decision, "Switch to emergency manual mode, maintain our flight speed and adjust our course outwards, away from the fleet. Inform the other ships immediately." If their starship lost control in this critical moment, the other ships behind them would be affected, and the fleet would lose its formation. The asteroids would then be able to pass through the opening, crashing directly onto the ships within the fleet.

Their starship slowly left the fleet as another ship went in to take their position.

"Wonderful!" The ship's crew cheered. They were satisfied, not at all saddened by their impending deaths.

"Get the ship under control, keep our ship parallel to the fleet. Let's send them on their way," the captain ordered calmly, his expression dignified, as though it was the natural thing to do.

The starship kept its hull parallel to the fleet. The ships that passed by were shielded from the asteroids by their starship. It was only for a few seconds, but it was the best they could do. As the fleet advanced further ahead, the crew members of the starship watched it leave from their windows, bidding farewell in their last moments.

Every ship that passed by them saluted their sacrifice. Mothers and daughters and lovers felt tears in their eyes. In the inner parts of the fleet, family members of the crew cried devastatingly.

The captains were all seasoned veterans, but they were still pained by this turn of events. However, they knew exactly what to do so that their sacrifice was not in vain.

The fleet advanced, full speed ahead.