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Chapter 597: What“s The Name of The Sect?

Chapter 597: What's The Name of The Sect?
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Scholar Feng Jian rolled his eyes and said, "What are you thinking about? That I have desires for your outer world treasure? I'm not that kind of person!".

He laughed, "Why do you think the old man did not try to steal your three realms technique? Why did he not take it away from you? It's because he simply could not!".

He went in front of Chu Yu and said, "No one can replace whoever the heavens choose!".

"The same goes for the outer world treasure.".

"It has chosen you.".

"While your soul might not be truly yours, the heavens' choice is undeniable.".

"This is why I see no use in bearing desires for it. I definitely can't take it away, I might even suffer horrendous consequences if I try to. No one would want to withstand that.".

Feng Jian looked at Chu Yu and smiled, "So, don't worry, the Qi in your body is tremendous! You can definitely lead the Sect to the path of greatness!".

Chu Yu looked at him with suspicion as he thought about the prospect of being a Sect leader.

Things may not have been as bad as they seemed, but Chu Yu knew that there was no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

If things were as easy as Feng Jian had said, why did he need Chu Yu to take on the position?

Feng Jian smiled and looked at him, "That's that then!".

"Wait a minute, what that's that?" Chu Yu said as he looked back at him.

Feng Jian looked at Chu Yu with a face of innocence, "You're going to be the Sect leader! You're my junior now! Your senior is a little tired from watching over the Sect over the last few years, I need some rest. There's nothing wrong with a senior handing his junior some tasks, am I right?".

"Me? I'm just a great Saint? You expect too much," Chu Yu replied.

"Look why are talking about this again? You're the chosen one! The three realms technique and the outer world treasure chose you! So what if you're just a great Saint? Great Saints are formidable in the mortal realm! Moreover, you're still young, your future is bright, believe in yourself young man.".

"You should be a promoter or salesman instead of a cultivator," Chu Yu sighed.

"What do you mean? What's that?" Feng Jian asked.

"Nevermind," Chu Yu replied.

The next day, a group of elders came forward to look for Chu Yu to discuss about the details of the handover ceremony.

Chu Yu was speechless.

Why didn't they object to it?

Why was there no struggle at all?

He was a stranger!

A stranger was going to become their boss!

Why weren't they angry? 

"Junior great ancestor, look at the bill, I ordered every single material myself. I planned the schedule as well!" a second generation ancestor said as he smiled merrily, he had a head of white hair.

What the f*ck!

This was an ancestral being!

Chu Yu felt like he was going crazy.

He was even a little suspicious about this whole thing, perhaps he was dreaming?

The Chu Yu before was like a frog in a pond, he could only see the pond.

He once thought that Saints were the strongest beings in this realm.

After that, he began to see more and more of the world.

Now, he knew that ancestral beings existed.

At this moment, another second generation ancestor popped out.

She was Wan Ruo, the youngest one.

She frowned as she looked at the previous ancestor who had spoken and said with an unhappy face, "Second senior, I provided multiple suggestions, third senior and fourth senior gave their ideas as well. Some of the juniors and the others did so too, how could you claim the credit all for yourself?".

"Ah we don't have to think so much about those small details! As long as junior great ancestor is satisfied, that'll do!" the white-haired ancestor said.

Wan Ruo rolled her eyes in dissatisfaction.

He was clearly taking the credit for the group effort!

Chu Yu wished that he was that emotionless person he was after being refined.

The others were still bickering and talking at that moment.

Any person in this group was easily a being that could suppress most things in the universe!

They were all gathered here, and they were arguing about who deserved the credit?

Chu Yu couldn't believe it.

He suddenly though of something as he looked to the young division leader, "Division leader…".

"Junior great ancestor, you can just call me Little Mo," said the division leader hurriedly.

Chu Yu's mind was going berserk.

"I've been here for many days, but I still don't know what the Sect's name is?" Chu Yu asked.

There was a strange silence once he said this.

All of them had strange expressions on their faces, especially the young division leader.

What was this?

Chu Yu looked at them with a face of suspicion.

Wan Ruo's eyes lit up as she explained, "Our Sect leader will soon become the junior of the great ancestor right?".

"That's right!".

"Yes, that's it!".

"Hahaha, after so many years, will we finally see the light?".

"Ancestor Wan Ruo is smart as always!".

The room suddenly became noisy and bustling,

Chu Yu was getting a little annoyed, this place was just like an asylum.

What a strange Sect this was, it had been in existence since the beginning of time, consists of over a billion people, and yet, it didn't have a name?

No, from the looks of it, this Sect definitely had a name, it was just that no one wanted to reveal it.

Chu Yu had not heard it a single time.

Wan Ruo was a beautiful girl, if one did not know her true age, they definitely would not have guessed that she was a million year old being.

She smiled and said, "Once junior great ancestor becomes the Sect Leader, you'll become the new owner of the Sect! You can change the name of the Sect to whatever you want then!".

"Yes, yes! Junior great ancestor, you seem like an amazing person, you definitely will give this Sect a great name!".

"We all believe in you, if you're too lazy to think, we can give you ideas!".

The bunch of them began rattling on again.

Chu Yu looked at them, a little taken aback, just how bad was their current name?

"So… what in the world is the Sect called now?" Chu Yu asked curiously.

"Heh, junior great ancestor, I suggest you not ask. Really, we won't have the courage to show our faces after that," said the white haired second generation ancestor.

"Yes junior great ancestor, it's better if you don't know, or you'll cry," a third generation ancestor said.

"You bunch of twerps! What's wrong with the name I gave? You want to change it? Fat hope!".

Feng Jian's voice suddenly echoed throughout the room.

All of them were stunned.

Wan Ruo raged, "Great Ancestor you're too much! Listening to our conversations behind our backs! How despicable!".

"Yea yea! That's way too much!" the group echoed.

Wan Ruo looked at Chu Yu and said, "Junior great ancestor, if the great ancestor doesn't allow us to change the name, don't accept the position of Sect Leader, let him carry the burden!".

"Yes junior sect leader, threaten him with that!".

The barrage of words and suggestions continued.

"You little things! What's wrong with the Sect name? Ever since the barren era, the admiration of reproduction has been…".

"Alright, alright, great ancestor, please stop!".

"If you continue the Sect might just disband!".

The group of them begged in pain.

Feng Jian replied, "Forget it, whatever you want!".

Chu Yu said with a face of sadness, "Such a great Sect, how can we joke about the position of the leader like that?".

"This isn't a joke, I've made my decision after careful consideration!".

There was no sound after that. Feng Jian had left.

Apart from Chu Yu, everyone broke into cheers.

The admiration of reproduction?

Was that really the Sect's name?

What the f*ck was that?

Chu Yu finally understood why this group was behaving like madmen.

Feng Jian, that great ancestor, he was really a peculiar man!