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Chapter 587: A Round of Exchange

Chapter 587: A Round of Exchange

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Above the cloud layer.

Xue Ying was drinking with White Sovereign King, waiting for the Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction.

"Brother Dong Bo." Paragon Huo Cheng transmitted a message over, "I've heard that you fought one against three, and still killed a powerful existence. Not bad!"

"I killed an avatar only." Xue Ying transmitted back.

"This is very amazing already! Oh right, you should be careful of White Sovereign King. That old person is very ruthless and cunning, and can do anything." Paragon Huo Cheng transmitted a message to remind him.

Xue Ying looked at White Sovereign King who was seated on the other side, enjoying his wine, and could not help but transmit a message, "I am right in front of White Sovereign King! I am currently drinking wine with him. In a while, Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction will come over too. We will be discussing about the Blood Demon Scripture."

"Right in front of him? You are actually seated with this cruel person together, wu… Great Destruction is coming too? If Great Destruction comes, then what White Sovereign King said could be trusted. Because anything Great Destruction said, even those who die will follow! As for White Sovereign King, you can only trust a sentence of his out of every ten sentences because the moment he wanted to, he will just fall out with you the next moment." Paragon Huo Cheng transmitted a message.

Xue Ying was startled.

Falling out with you the moment he wanted? Could only trust on sentence out of every ten sentences?

The White Sovereign King was actually like this?

Fortunately, Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction had come too, else this negotiation might be a scam.

"Who would have thought that Brother Dong Bo, you have unknowingly become so strong. You should know some of the details behind the scene already. I will not tell you. Instead, your teacher will most likely be telling you soon." Paragon Huo Cheng followed with a large transmission a message, "These are the intelligence regarding the powerful existences in our vast cosmos, the Deity world, and the Abyss. Regardless if their reputation is huge or not, as long as I know them, I'll record them within here. You have a good look through and understand their combat power and temperament. Only then will you know how to deal with them."

How mighty was Xue Ying's true deity heart? He could digest the vast amount of intelligence and remember them in moments.


In the past, what Xue Ying understood were mostly the powerful existences.

His understanding of the Paragons was too few!

And Paragon Huo Cheng was an extremely old Paragon of the entire Deity world and Abyss. The secrets he knew were too much.

"The Deity world and Abyss, beneath the Rulers, the strongest one was Monarch Green! The second was Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction. These two's combat power was unquestionably the strongest. Following closely are White Sovereign King, Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master, Bitter Cultivator, Purgatory Great Commander, Mysterious North Imperial Empress, and Paragon Huo Cheng with comparable combat power." Xue Ying looked at the detailed records, and he felt enlightened.

Paragons could be split into three different levels.

The first level was those who could wrestle with the Ruler–Monarch Green and Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction.

The second level was the apex Paragons–White Sovereign King, Paragon Huo Cheng, Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master and several others. A long time ago, 'Pang Yi' was at this level too, and now, he had reached an unfathomable stage.

The third level consisted of the more ordinary Paragons like Monarch Destruction, Paragon Devil Kite, and the majority of the other Paragons.

Naturally, because all of them walked different Dao paths, the combat power they displayed were different either.

Some were very good at escaping, and even Rulers had a hard time trying to kill them!

Some were extremely strong with offense–reaching the standard of Rulers. But their other aspects were weaker! For instance, 'Bitter Cultivator'.

Some were very cunning and ruthless, like White Sovereign King!


"One requires to fight for opportunities in the road of cultivation! Don't see how peaceful it seems the Deity world and Abyss is on the surface, in reality, for the sake of getting opportunities in cultivation, Rulers might not even care about anything. When Paragons truly got crazy, they would similarly just kill! But it was still good since everyone was chasing after different things. The apex Paragons wanted to become Rulers, and they would usually not have any conflicts with powerful existences." Paragon Huo Cheng transmitted over.

Xue Ying understood this point.

Just like how powerful existences wanted to obtain True God weapons and absolute arts…

To the apex Paragons, they had already left on their own Dao path! They did not lack in True God weapons, and they had their own absolute arts. So it was impossible for them to fight with powerful existences for it.

Thus, battles would usually happen to those at the same level! Like Bloodshed God Emperor, Temporal Island Lord, Myriad God Palace, Bloody Ruler, Purgatory Ruler would also fight amongst each other.

"But occasionally, it might concern with some important treasures, causing Paragons and powerful existences to fight with each other. Like the original copy of the absolute art, under ordinary circumstances, powerful existences do not have qualifications to grasp hold of it." Paragon Huo Cheng transmitted over, "That is why they will create such huge trouble. But since White Sovereign King, this cunning old person is here, it should be because he thinks that you have hidden the Blood Demon Scripture. That is why he decided to trade with you."

"Mn." Xue Ying understood.

The original copy of absolute art.

That was something he could impart to others, and indeed, most powerful existences did not have the qualifications of getting it! Xue Ying because his combat power was close to Paragons, and his defenses were solid, and more importantly because White Sovereign King and the others thought… that the Blood Demon Scripture should be hidden in the Vast Water World, trying to seek for it would be too tedious. Thus, he was willing to do an exchange.


Xue Ying was drinking with White Sovereign King. White Sovereign King did not speak much, and Xue Ying was also chatting with Paragon Huo Cheng. After a while…


The time-space in the distant had an undulation appearing.

A figure appeared.

Xue Ying felt his heart tightening after sensing that aura. Turning over, he saw a muscular man with two black curved horns. His bare body skin had some dragon entrenched on it as if a dragon was entangling him. Stepping across the void, he came over. Just like a vast world that was emitting a substantial worldly pressure coming over, that pressure made Xue Ying hold his breath.

'He should be Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction?' This was the first time Xue Ying saw this person.

His violet eyes had lightning surging within.

His aura made this level of Abyss World tremble. As his eyes turned over, White Sovereign King's pupils dilated, and Xue Ying could feel the terrifying willpower charging out at him. For a moment, his sensation towards the surrounding became blurred, and he felt his true deity heart trembling too. It felt as if he could hardly discern his surroundings and was like a 'blind man', though Xue Ying was still seated very stable.

"Mn?" Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction looked at Xue Ying. The edge of his lip curled upwards, "Interesting, you actually did not kneel down?"

One had to know,

Most powerful existences could not even withstand his willpower and had come kneeling down.

Xue Ying might have affected a powerful impact, his true deity heart was clear, and his willpower was able to maintain his calmness.

"Great Destruction." White Sovereign King stood up.

Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction kept his aura too. Taking a step, he arrived by the cloud chair. Only then did Xue Ying regained his sense of the surroundings, and saw that the Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction was by his side. He stood up and greeted him. There was nothing much to talk about due to the difference in their combat power, but he was still young and would become stronger in the future,

"Hahaha, not bad, you actually did not kneel down in front of me. For you to have such combat power as a stage four World Deity, not bad, not bad indeed." Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction laughed out loud.

"The members of the Destruction Legion of this cosmos epoch, other than Pang Yi, there's only him. Can he be lacking?" White Sovereign King laughed, "You actually tried vainly to let a member of the Destruction Legion kneel."

"Dong Bo Xue Ying, after the exchange, Old White Ghost will send you off safely." Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction said, "You be rest assured. He will not scam you."

White Sovereign King heard the term 'Old White Ghost' and could not help frowning, though he still endured it.

"I trust the two of you." Xue Ying said.

"I'm sure you should be clear of the exchange this time." Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction said, "I will let the two of you receive an inheritance from the second half of the Blood Demon Scripture. Dong Bo Xue Ying, your first half of the Blood Demon Scripture will also be allowed for I and Old White Ghost to learn. But, Old White Ghost… you are the one contributing the least in this exchange."

White Sovereign king chuckled, "Dong Bo Xue Ying wants to save a good friend of his. His good friend has already died, and I'll be reincarnating him from the river of time."

Xue Ying immediately added, "Thank you, White Sovereign King."

Chi Qiu Bai was only a Transcendent.

Reincarnating a Transcendent was still relatively easy to achieve! If Chi Qiu Bai were a World Deity, White Sovereign King would not so casually promise him.

"It should be. It's an exchange, and it should be fair." White Sovereign King laughed, "Dong Bo Xue Ying, right now, just go over to the Vast Water World to bring that first half of Blood Demon Scripture original copy out."