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Chapter 31: Seal the doors! Kill Iron Bull!

Chapter 31: Seal the doors! Kill Iron Bull!

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When they heard Wang Yu's words, the members of the Sanguine Alliance were angered to the point of getting a stroke!

The Sanguine Alliance has always dominated games with the sheer number of members they had. Given their character, anyone who dared to touch any of their members would have immediately been hunted down by all their members.

The only reason they had bothered to sit down and talk to Wang Yu was due to his fame as the number 1 expert as well as their unwillingness to offend the Quan Zhen Sect.

Hence as long as Wang Yu was willing to lower his head and admit his fault the matter would have been considered settled.

Who would have imagined that Wang Yu would be so obstinate and fail to recognise this favour? All he had to do was apologise but he went ahead and said something like "no need to thank me"?

He dared to say there wasn't any need to thank him after he killed their people? How arrogant was this guy?

Even Sanguine Primrose was slightly enraged by Wang Yu's words and pulled his arm and said: "Great God Iron Bull, guild master Warflag is a very open person. As long as you admit your fault and apologise then we'll just let bygones be bygones. How about that?"

"You want me to admit my mistake? Are you telling me that trying to strike a girl without any reason is acceptable?" Wang Yu opened his eyes and asked.

Sanguine Warflag suppressed his anger and asked: "So then how does Great God Iron Bull want to settle this matter?"

Wang Yu pointed at Heaven's Bird and said: "It's very simple actually. This little bastard just needs to apologise to my friend! I won't pursue the matter any further after that."

Naturally, Wang Yu didn't wish to have a complete falling out with the Sanguine Alliance. Although the four girls were merely his tenants and Wang Yu wasn't normally a very obstinate person, hitting someone for no reason was unacceptable! It didn't matter what kind of guild he had backing him. Since they had reached this point, an apology was definitely necessary!

Sanguine Warflag could no longer suppress the anger in his heart and snarled: "And if he doesn't apologise?"

"Then your Sanguine Alliance can forget about living peacefully in Twilight City!" Wang Yu casually said.

"F**k your mother! Do you really think you're some kind of god?" Sanguine Asura angrily shouted as he pulled out his sword and slashed towards Wang Yu across the table.

Don't let this little f**ker ever play again! This was the most common phrase amongst the members of the Sanguine Alliance. Who would have ever thought that a single person like Wang Yu would say something similar to them?

Sanguine Asura had already be slighted by Wang Yu when he first came in. Of all the members present, he was the only one who lost control and struck out at Wang Yu.

Wang Yu coldly laughed in the face of Sanguine Asura's attack. He casually dodged and quickly stretched out his right hand to grab Sanguine Asura's wrist and then violently threw him onto the ground. Luckily this was just a game, otherwise, Sanguine Asura's arm would already have snapped!

Being thrown like that, Sanguine Asura unknowingly let go of his sword.

Wang Yu simply grabbed the sword from mid-air and stabbed it through his neck.


Since he was a Weapons Master, Sanguine Asura naturally didn't have much health and instantly burst into white light!

One hit kill!!!

Although it was the early stages of the game, something like a one hit kill wasn't that rare to see. However, for a combo reliant job like Wang Yu's Pugilist to have such high damage in one attack was completely unheard of.

Since Sanguine Asura had the right to sit at this table meant that he was one of the top experts in the Sanguine Alliance. Yet he was still killed so casually!

What shocked the members of the Sanguine Alliance the most was that Wang Yu had dared to kill their own people right under their noses and even stole his weapon!

Most games naturally had a drop system when players died. However something like being able to steal weapons from other players was a first.

Everyone from the Sanguine Alliance was stunned. Naturally all of them knew that this weapon had been dropped by a level 15 boss that the Sanguine Alliance's elite team had spent a great deal of effort killing.

Since Sanguine Asura had been the main DPS of the team, the sword was awarded to him. Now that his weapon was stolen the rest of the guild members were utterly enraged. However no one dared to rashly make a move.

Since players would turn into white light upon death, Sanguine Asura did not have the chance to retrieve his sword by himself!

After killing Sanguine Asura, Wang Yu casually played with the sword and said: "I already told him to calmly talk this out! Since he insisted on acting up then this isn't my fault!"

At the same time, the Quan Zhen Sect guild chat was being blasted with nonsense.

"Holy f**k! Iron Bull really attacked!"

"Brother Bull really didn't disappoint this old man! Pay up little chicky!"

"F**king spring dog can't you find someone else to bully?"

"No one else is as stupid as you!"

"Boson?" Wang Yu suddenly sent.

"I'm here brother bull!"

"You can probably use this sword right?" Wang Yu said as he sent over a screenshot of Sanguine Asura's sword.

Silver Light Blade (Silver)

Physical Attack: 19-34

Magic Attack: 11-17

[Holy]: Has a restraining effect on dark type monsters

[Fortune]: Increases all attributes by 5%

Level Requirement: 10

This sword had very standard attack values and the increase in attributes it offered was also nothing special. However Silver tier equipment were still rare after all. Boson had been using his bronze sword since he came from the beginner village…

After looking at the sword's attributes Boson said: "50 000! I'll send it to you later."

"Ok!" With one word, Wang Yu tossed the sword behind him. With a loud bang it landed on the table of the Quan Zhen Sect and spilt their wine.

"You! You're taking this too far!"

Wang Yu's actions had enraged the Sanguine Alliance members to the point of spitting flames!

Sanguine Warflag had originally thought that Wang Yu would have tried to use the sword as a bargaining chip against him. Who would have imagined that this bastard would have been so savage and directly gift it to someone else!

Clutching his last stand of hope, Sanguine Warflag turned towards Fearless and said: "Guild leader Fearless, since Iron Bull is one of your people shouldn't you give me an explanation for all this?"

"Hehe I'm sure you know that I'm only guild leader in name. Our guild is pretty democratic unlike yours so there's no such thing as a leader in the eyes of our members!" Fearless laughed.

Hearing his words the faces of the Sanguine alliance became even darker.

All the members of the Quan Zhen Sect were just laughing, treating this matter like a joke. They weren't like the other business like guilds that had leaders and underlings.

"Furthermore, since when has our Quan Zhen Sect ever given any explanation for what we've done?" Fearless continued with a laugh.

Sanguine Warflag sad finally enraged to the point where he started laughing: "Good! Very good! The Quan Zhen Sect really is just a bunch of arrogant and conceited fools!"

Following which Sanguine Warflag released his orders in the guild chat: "Surround the inn! Exterminate the Quan Zhen Sect!"

When they received the order, the members of the Sanguine Alliance stationed outside the inn immediately rushed in. Since there was an occupancy limit in the inn, many ended up standing at the door.

Seeing this large group of people, Vainglory's face changed as he cursed: "Oh f**k! The Sanguine Alliance really does have a lot of people! We can't escape from this!"

"That doesn't include me! Your father has stealth!" Frost Blade laughed.

"Me neither! I have a hostage!" Wang Yu said.

Fearless swung his hands out and angrily shouted: "You still have time to spout nonsense? Brother Spring quickly block the door for Iron Bull!"

"Alright!" As the oldest member of the Quan Zhen Sect, Spring Halo was the most dependable in this sort of situations.

With a flash of his magic cane, four ghosts appeared and immediately formed a line a blocked the members of the Sanguine Alliance at the door.

Dark Shaman's rare skill -- [Call of the Abyss]

Seeing this scene, the members of the Sanguine Alliance were dumbfounded.

Being the leader of a large guild, Sanguine Warflag had naturally participated in the beta testing of REBIRTH and knew of the strongest skill back then that was even considered a bug.

This skill was exactly the Dark Shaman's [Call of the Abyss]!

[Call of the Abyss] was a level 10 skill and would be upgraded every 5 levels. After every upgrade, the skill would be able to summon an extra two ghosts with each having 80% of the user's attributes!

This wasn't even what made it so broken! The skill could be advanced every 10 levels and when the player reached level 20 the ghosts summoned would have 100% of the user's attributes!

With this skill, fighting a level 20 Dark Shaman would be the same as fighting a party of seven people!

Back in beta testing, Dark Shamans were equivalent to the boss, Spectre Dharma! With their army of ghosts, they easily swept through challenges and were completely unbeatable!

Since the skill utterly shattered the balance of the game, many players took to the forums to rant.

Eventually one of the GMs replied that when the game was properly released there would only be one copy of this skill book! Furthermore, other jobs could also receive similar skills if the players could ever find it…

This finally appeased the angry mob. Luck was also part of one's abilities. If a person couldn't find the skill book then he had no one to blame but himself!

However when Sanguine Warflag saw the four little ghosts appear, he started cursing the system.

How come this group of trash from the Quan Zhen Sect had everything???

Four little ghosts with 80% off the attributes of a Dark Shaman wasn't actually that strong. With their numbers, the Sanguine Alliance would be able to heavily wound these ghosts in one wave of attacks and kill them in the next!

However if Spring Halo only had this skill how could he dare to block the door? His magic cane lit up again and the space around the door of the inn began to morph. At the same time, the members of the Sanguine Alliance felt something tighten around their feet and lock them in place!

Dark Shaman's level 15 skill -- [Distortion]

Using the power of darkness to create an imprisoning domain. Being a control focused job, thus was considered one of the staple skills of the Dark Shamans.

The space inside the inn was small to begin with, so those that managed to rush in first were the tanks and close range classes.

The four ghosts continuously attacked the stationary targets in front of them while Spring Halo occasionally used poison on these players, reducing their movement speed by 30%.

Spring Halo had managed to completely block the entrance of the inn by himself!

Seeing this scene, how could Sanguine Warflag simply sit there and await his death? He quickly pulled out his weapon and stabbed towards Wang Yu.

Being a crusader, Sanguine Warflag's weapon was naturally a spear.

One inch longer, one inch stronger! Sanguine Warflag had intended to use his advantage in range to suppress the barehanded Wang Yu.

However, unlike his imagination, Wang Yu easily grabbed his spear…

Remembering what happened to Sanguine Asura, Sanguine Warflag hastily tightened his grip on the spear and tried to pull it back.

Since the growth of the Pugilist's strength attribute wasn't something that could be compared to Knight, Wang Yu naturally wouldn't try to get into a contest of strength against Sanguine Warflag. Wang Yu released his grip, causing Sanguine Warflag to stumble back into a table and crush it.

Instead of being able to kill Wang Yu, Sanguine Warflag had embarrassed himself instead. This caused him to explode in anger and curse furiously in his heart.

As he stood up and was about to charge in again, the owner of the inn suddenly tightly grabbed Sanguine Warflag and said: "Compensate me…"

"F**k me!"

Seeing their leader beaten, the rest of the members of the Sanguine Alliance immediately charged towards Wang Yu.

There was a Thief who either wanted to take advantage of the chaos or looked down on Wang Yu and had tried to back stab him without [Stealth]! In the end, hewas killed by Wang Yu with a single kick.

Out of all his attackers, Heaven's Bird had the most tragic death. He had wanted to use his shield to bash the back of Wang Yu's head but ended up being choked to death by Wang Yu without him even turning around!

Within a single exchange, the Sanguine Alliance was left with only four people in the inn. Aside from Sanguine Primrose and Sanguine Warflag there was still an Archer and a magician.

These two long range characters had immediately distanced themselves when the fight started and one was taking aim while the other was chanting a spell.

"Argh!!! Ahhhh!!!"

With two shrieks the Archer and Magician dissolved into white light and Frost Blade materialised where the Archer had once been.

Vainglory who was standing where the Magician once was raised his fist and shouted: "It's a gang fight! Why're you guys acting like it's a one on one?"