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Chapter 32: A Huge Scandal

Chapter 32: A Huge Scandal

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Sanguine Warflag lost his mind when he realised that everyone else had been killed, with only two other members alive other than himself, he shouted in the guild chat: "Everyone listen up! Kill everyone single person from the Quan Zhen Sect! Don't spare a single person!!!"

"F*ck you! You people from Quan Zhen are really courting your own death!" Sanguine Warflag shouted at Fearless.

"This isn't the first time that we've courted death, alliance leader. Is this the first time you've heard of us?" Members of the Quan Zhen Sect mocked.

Wang Yu was even more direct, viciously kicking Sanguine Warflag and sending him tumbling towards the bar in front of the door.

"Crash!" The wooden bar top counter was smashed to splinters.

Because he had chosen the Knight job, Sanguine Warflag was rather resistant to attacks and did not die from being hit by Wang Yu once. Frost Blade silently thanked his lucky stars that he did not try a sneak attack on Sanguine Warflag, otherwise he himself would have been killed.

After he sent Sanguine Warflag flying, Wang Yu disdainfully shouted: "Cut the crap!"

Sanguine Warflag was almost driven to the point of tears when he looked at the bar top counter that he had crashed into. Previously when he had destroyed a table, the system had directly deducted 2 gold coins from him. Now that a bar top counter had been destoryed by him, god knows how much money he would lose!!!

"Great God Iron Bull, this..."

Just as Sanguine Primrose, who had not moved since the fight started, tried to speak, she suddenly felt a cold gust of wind behind her as a large blade violently cut her in half. Before she knew it, the scene in front of her had changed to the respawn point for Magicians.

Back in the shop, Fearless pointed at Boson as he angrily roared: "You f*cker! You would even kill a girl???"

Vainglory gave a thumbs up to Boson as he praised: "Brother Boson is ruthless!"

"True, True." Everyone chimed in agreement.

Logically speaking, you wouldn't discriminate your target because of their gender. But people were generally not so brutal to female players, at the very least they wouldn't kill them in such a vicious way.

There were many ways to kill an opponent, one or two slashes would have been enough to kill a beautiful Magician like Crimson Primrose. But Boson had gone as far as slashing her at the neck... Such a vicious attack made others wonder if there was some existing enmity between the two of them.

Boson sheathed his blade as he coldly glared at Fearless: "You have to be decisive in killing your enemies! What's more, the faster I kill her the less time you guys have to oogle at her!"

"Ooooooooh ~~~"

"This was a crime of passion! It definitely was!"

"To think that Boson loved her so deeply..."

Seeing that everyone was starting to get distracted, Fearless turned to Spring Halo and asked: "Brother Spring, how long more can you hold them there?"

"F*ck you guys, I'm struggling like hell here yet you b*stards are talking nonsense over there!" Spring Halo howled.

Fearless indifferently said: "The Sanguine Alliance has too many people, we would just be digging our own graves if try to fight them head-on. Why don't we just log off now!"

"Mm, okay!"

"F*ck you guys, then what about me?" Spring Halo urged. He was still currently in a battle state, if he didn't disengage from the battle he wouldn't be able to log off.

Vainglory snickered: "Brother Spring Halo is really magnanimous, we'll definitely pay our respects to you when we log on later!"

"You bunch of unscrupulous b*stards! F*ck off now! I can't hold them off for much longer!" Spring Halo angrily shouted.


Without wasting another second, the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect immediately logged off.

Once he has that everyone else had logged off, Spring Halo faintly smiled as he used the last bit of mana he had to cast [Distortion], before retreating to the furthest end of the shop.

Spring Halo wasn't someone that was easy to kill.

[Distortion] could be used to control the space for three seconds, while the ghosts could last at least two rounds against it opponents which was roughly five seconds. It would take twenty seconds before the system would acknowledge that Spring Halo had stopped combat. As long as he avoided Sanguine Alliance's front line and their attacks for twelve seconds, Spring Halo would be free.

But Spring Halo had been too optimistic. The members of the Sanguine Alliance weren't fools and didn't attack as he had anticipated. They had arranged for their Archers to be the front line in order to shoot him down.

The Archers immediately used their skills to attack Spring Halo as though they were afraid they couldn't kill this one Magician. Dozens of lights flashed as the Archer's sent [Chain Arrows], [Homing Arrows] and [Charged Arrows] flying towards Spring Halo.

"This is a bit too much isn't it..."

Spring Halo sighed as he closed his eyes, resigned to his fate of being skewered by arrows. But just as the arrows were flying towards him, a figure darted out of the corner and stood in front of him. Reaching out his hand to grabs the arrows as he accurately threw them back towards.

The arrows used by the Archers were merely tools and could not be controlled after they had been released. The arrows thrown back at the Archers had interrupted their second wave of attacks.

Spring Halo stared at the figure standing before him as he asked: "Iron Bull, why haven't you logged off???"

Wang Yu indifferently answered: "Brother Spring just log off first, I'll handle this!"

Spring Halo didn't bother arguing with Wang Yu, immediately rolling towards a corner that the Archers wouldn't be able to shoot at him from and hollered: "Please take care!"

"Mm, I got it!"

At the moment, Sanguine Warflag stood up and coldly stated: "Thinking of running? Things won't be so easy!"

Sanguine Warflag raised his spear as he used [Charge] towards Spring Halo's direction.

While the two of them were not that close to each other, roughly five metres apart, [Charge] was able to cover four metres. Given that he was equipped with a spear, Sanguine Warflag was definitely able to disrupt Spring Halo's attempt to log off.

At this critical moment, Wang Yu kicked a table and sent it flying towards Sanguine Warflag.

Sanguine Warflag was the leader of one of the top guilds in this game and he was fully equipped with the best equipment in the game so how could a measly table be enough to block him?

"F*ck, yet another two gold coins gone." Sanguine Warflag thought to himself as the table shattered upon coming into contact with him.

The sacrifice from the table had caused Sanguine Warflag to slow down. Wang Yu took advantage of the situation, stretching out his hand and grabbing Sanguine Warflag by the face, violently throwing him into the air.

Sanguine Warflag landed among the Archers, throwing their formation into a state of disorder.

Wang Yu lept forward, stepping onto Sanguine Warflag as he used [Rippling Wave], turning Sanguine Warflag into a ray of white light. Using the force from his [Rippling Wave], Wang Yu did a somersault in the air, leaping out of the encirclement of the Sanguine Alliance.

Opening his friend's tab, Wang Yu saw that Spring Halo had finally logged off.

Hearing the commotion around him, Wang Yu had initially thought that the Sanguine Alliance had caught up to him, but it had simply been a crowd of players that had come to see what was going on. Every single one of them had been deeply shocked by Wang Yu's actions, staring at him as though he was some kind of freak.

"Did you see that? Don't tell me this guy is some kind of circus performer?"

"He's just a Pugilist, how did he manage to throw a Knight so effortlessly? Is there some bug in the system?"

Because the natural growth rate of a Pugilist was lower than that of a Knight, it should have been impossible that Wang Yu had managed to deal with Sanguine Warflag using a normal attack.

A Pugilist standing in the crowd suddenly said: "It's not a random throw, his arms were very closely imitating the skill [Flying Knee]!"

"Haha, are you stupid? You're a Pugilist yet you don't know how [Flying Knee] works?" The crowd mocked.

"I just use the skill…...I don't really understand the mechanics behind it..." The Pugilist honestly answered.

Truth be told what the Pugilist said was right, what Wang Yu did previously was in fact [Flying Knee].

He had used [Flying Knee] to get behind Sanguine Warflag, but he had cancelled the skill and instead used the force of Sanguine Warflag's [Charge] against him, throwing him into the air.

Even though it might be easy to describe, but the actual mechanics involved were not simple, even the system wouldn't be able to recreate Wang Yu's attack.

At this moment Sanguine Warflag had already respawned at the Knight respawn point, angrily shouting into the guild chat: "Kill that bastard for me! Don't let him run away! Asura, bring your men to the dojo, kill him when he respawns!"

Only when they heard the instructions of their leader did the members of the Sanguine Alliance come to their senses, shooting their arrows and magic spells towards Wang Yu.

If it had only been one or two dozen people, Wang Yu might have faced them, but he was facing over a hundred opponents. Forget about Wang Yu, even superman wouldn't be able to dodge all those arrows.

Knowing that he couldn't deal with the head on, Wang Yu turned to run. Despite back facing his enemies, Wang Yu was still able to dodge all the incoming attacks, as if he had eyes on the back of his head.

The crowd grew even more bewildered as they watched Wang Yu dodge each and every single attack.

"Don't let him run away!"

The members of the Sanguine Alliance immediately gave chase when they saw that Wang Yu escaping/

At this moment, everyone in Twilight City had already heard of the brawl that had occurred in the inn. All the players in the city had gathered to see what the commotion was.

Some players had even logged off from the game and started posting about this matter on the forums.

"Sanguine Alliance clashed with the Quan Zhen Sect, upper echelons of Sanguine Alliance all killed. Mysterious expert from the Quan Zhen Sect battles a hundred Sanguine Alliance members by himself."

All the players in Twilight city immediately logged on to watch the battle, even players that were training outside the city had put side their tasks and returned to Twilight City.

Training could take place at any time, but a battle like this was hard to come by.

In a blink of an eye, there had been a scandal in Twilight City.

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