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Chapter 33: Why Won’t You Just Die!

Chapter 33: Why Won’t You Just Die!

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To face a hundred enemies by yourself was something that only happened Wuxia novels, to say that it was possible in REBIRTH was utter nonsense.

Everyone knew that the programming of the game was already set in stone, and it would be nothing short of impossible to fight a hundred opponents alone.

Even if it was possible, it would definitely be a bug in the system.

Even though Wang Yu could deal tons of damage, he had very little health. If he was surrounded and his pursuers all used [Charge] and [Charged Arrow], he would definitely die.

At this moment, Wang Yu was running for his life while the Sanguine Alliance was in relentless pursuit.

When the other members of the guild received the message, they started to log on as well, quickly joining the hunt for Wang Yu. The whole city was abuzz with excitement as the crowd followed closely behind to watch the battle between Wang Yu and the Sanguine Alliance.

A Pugilist was not supposed to be able to move very fast, but Wang Yu had added many points into his Dexterity attribute and even had a skill to increase his speed, therefore none of the Archers and the Thieves in Sanguine Alliance were able to keep up with him.

Wang Yu suddenly turned around when he had reached a small alleyway, and mocked the members of the Sanguine Alliance: "Looks like you guys are the only ones chasing me. If you don't wish to die just scram to the side!"

After hearing Wang Yu's words, the Archers from the Sanguine Alliance began to observe their surroundings, and realised that there were only about twenty of them that had caught up to Wang Yu.

Even so, Wang Yu's words had infuriated them. For a single person to dare to look down on this group of twenty or so Archers was no laughing matter.

"Seems like you're really full of yourself, do you really think that we can't beat you?" One of the Archers standing at the front retorted.

"More or less." Wang Yu quipped.

"F*cker! How dare you belittle us! Brothers, let's kill him!"

On his command, all the Archers raised their bows and took aim at Wang Yu.

The greatest programming flaw of the Archer job was the aiming mechanism.

This game was not very realistic. The way that the aiming mechanism worked in REBIRTH was that the player had to take aim a the target first before he drew his bow. That's why the arrows shot by Archer's also flew in a straight line at a single target.

This was something that wouldn't change even if they used a skill. But this sort of aiming mechanism had greatly reduced the pressure that Wang Yu was facing.

In a game like REBIRTH where his attributes did not allow his actions to keep up with his reactions, Wang Yu would have been helpless if he was facing a volley of a thousand arrows like those in the movies. But facing attack from the Archers of the Sanguine Alliance...

Wang Yu ran straight towards them, not even bothering to dodge. His two hands dancing in the air, catching all the arrows that came his way.

The Archers were dumbstruck by this scene... earlier on they were not outside the shop so they had not seen Wang Yu performing the same feat.

In a blink of an eye, Wang Yu had already arrived in front of them...

In a close ranged battle, and Archer was basically a punching bag. Once a Pugilist like Wang Yu got into close proximity of an Archer, they basically had no means of retaliating.

[Lateral Kick, [Crushing Blow], [Choke]... Wang Yu systematically attacked the Archers as he nimbly darted around their formation, single handedly beating all twenty of them to death.

Ray after ray of white light shone, in less than 10 seconds, the entire troop of Archers found themselves at the respawn point.

A huge pressure was lifted off Wang Yu's shoulders now that he had managed to kill the Archers. Just as he was about to log off, he received a message from Crotch Lord: "Iron Bull, there are a lot of people in the Sanguine Alliance, you can't fight them alone! And don't just log off in a random location, you have to go to a safe zone!"

When he considered what Crotch Lord had said, Wang Yu realised what he said was right. If he logged off here, it was very likely that the Sanguine Alliance would set an ambush. He thanked Crotch Lord and made his way towards the Dojo.

When the Archers from the Sanguine Alliance revived, they sheepishly looked at each other, no one dared to utter a word.

"Stormbringer, if you guys see Iron Bull shoot him to death on the spot! Don't bother talking to him!" Sanguine Warflag shouted in the guild chat.

Sanguine Stormbringer was the leader of the troop of Archers.

"We didn't even manage to shoot him before we died..." Sanguine Stormbringer meekly replied.

Sanguine Warflag's expression turned grave as he shouted: "What about the rest? Didn't you bring twenty men to chase him?"

"They all died..."

"Hmmmm..." Sanguine Warflag held himself back from using any further profanities and bewilderedly asking: "Didn't the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect log off? Does that guy have anyone else helping him?

Sanguine Stormbringer didn't answer his question, sighing as he asked: "Hey boss, can I speak the truth?"


"I think we should stop fighting him…...that b*stard is a bit too strong..."

"F*ck you mother! If you're going to be a coward then just leave this guild!"

"..."Sanguine Stormbringer was at a loss for words.

Seeing that Sanguine Stormbringer was not replying him, Sanguine Warflag calmed down and asked: "Darkness, where is that b*stard now?"

"He's heading towards the main street, I think he's looking for a safe zone to log off!" Sanguine Darkness replied.

"Then follow him! Don't lose sight of him!"

Just as Sanguine Warflag had given him instructions, Sanguine Darkness gloomily replied: "The f*ck…...I just died..."

"What's going on? Didn't you use [Stealth]?"

"I don't know! It was as if he could see me! He suddenly turned around and kicked me, killing me in an instant..."

"How! That's just bullshit!"

Just at this moment, Heaven's Bird sent a message to Sanguine Warflag, saying: "Big bro, I caught the four girls!"

"Where?" Sanguine Warflag replied.

"They're nearby the in! Come quickly!"

Li Xue and gang had been caught by Heaven's Bird in a small alleyway near the inn. A crowd had gathered to watch what was going on.

As news of what happened continued to spread, more and more people started gathering at the alley.

"Hm? Which one is Great God Iron Bull?"

"He's fled already!"

"Cheh, to think that he ditched the girls and fled by himself, what kind of man is he... To think I even got off work early to play this game...


When he saw that the girls were thoroughly trapped and had no means of escape, Heaven's Bird coldy laughed as he walked forward and smiled at them: "Little Xue... let me tell you, I'm no ordinary person, if anyone offends me in this game, I have to power to make their lives unbearable!"

Once they heard his words, a gloomy look appeared on their faces.

The four of them depended on this game in order to earn a living. Once they had been marked by the Sanguine Alliance, they could forget about playing this game ever again, much less trying to earn a living off of it.

"Oh really? But I've heard that you've already died two times today, to think that you still have the mood to boast..." Li Xue coldly answered Heaven's Bird, who was currently all smiles.

Li Xue's words were no different from rubbing salt into his wounds. The smile on Heaven's Bird's face disappeared as he snapped: "You filthy sl*t, this whole issue today was caused by you! Maybe if you agree to spend a few nights with me, I might consider sparing you, otherwise you'll just have to wait for your death!"

Just as Heaven's Bird finished speaking, the crowd split apart as Sanguine Warflag led his men to surround the girls.

When he saw Li Xue and the other three, Sanguine Warflag creased his brows and asked: "These four girls are Iron Bull's friends?"

"Yes!" Heaven's Bird nodded.

"Primrose, send a message to Iron Bull, tell him that we have his friends captive and that we'll kill them if he doesn't come!"

"This..." Sanguine Primrose shot a glance at Li Xue and the other three, feeling extremely vexed. Regardless of what had happened, these four girls were still her underlings.

"Send it now!"

"Fine!" Sanguine Primrose let out a sigh, sending a message over to Wang Yu.

In a matter of moments, Wang Yu had arrived at the alley near the Inn.

"Hey, move aside move aside, I need to get there!" Wang Yu told the surrounding players.

"Hey, wait for your turn, do you have any manners?" Someone shouted at him.

Wang Yu was speechless, these rascals had gathered to watch the show and yet they still dared to talk about manners?

"I'm the one they're looking for! Let me pass, my friends are being held captive there!" Wang Yu patiently explained.

"Haha, and I'm a GM, do you believe me!"

"Of course not!"

"Then why should I believe you?"

"I..." Wang Yu was infuriated, but he did not continue arguing.

"Then excuse me!" Wang Yu shouted as he rushed towards that player, stepping on his face as he lept over the crowd.

After leaping over the crowd, Wang Yu twisted his body, doing a somersault in the air as he gently landed in front of Li Xue and the others.

"Wow, that was impressive! Does that guy know qing gong or something?"

The crowd gasped in shock as they saw Wang Yu descend from the sky.

Sanguine Warflag was filled with envy as he saw Wang Yu's grand entrance. Compared to Wang Yu's entrance, Sanguine Warflag's one was no different from a common hooligan...

"Hey guild leader, have you been busy?" Wang Yu joked.

"Yes, busy looking for you!"

"Even though you are a big and strong guild, you shouldn't involve third parties in your conflicts. You're not going to embroil these four ladies in our conflict right?" Wang Yu laughed.

Before Sanguine Warflag could speak, Heaven's Bird rushed out and pointed at Wang Yu: "F*ck your mother! Let this grandpa tell you, if you don't kneel before me and apologise in front of the whole Twilight City, you and these four b*tches can forget about ever playing this game again! If you dare to log on, the Sanguine Alliance will teach you a lesson!"

Wang Yu's expression turned dark as he glared at Heaven's Bird, coldly saying: "Oh really? You're welcome to try harming them!"

"Of course I dare!" Heaven's Bird thought that in front of so many members of the Sanguine Alliance, Wang Yu would not be able to harm him. He walked in front of Li Xue, raising his hands to attack her.

At this moment, Heaven's Bird felt a peculiar sensation. Looking down he realised that he thoat was tightly in the grasp of Wang Yu's hand.

"You...you dare to kill me?" Heaven's Bird was shocked beyond belief. He never expected in that in an alleyway crawling with members of the Sanguine Alliance, Wang Yu would still dare to make a move against him!

Wang Yu emotionlessly replied: "I'm not just going to kill you, I'm going to kill you until I'm satisfied!" Without even the slightest bit of hesitation, Wang Yu exerted the force in his hand, turning Heaven's Bird into a ray of white light for the third time today.

Along with Heaven's Bird, the four girls also turned in rays of white light.

When Wang Yu had rushed over to attack Heaven's Bird, he had sent a message to the four girls, telling that to immediately log off when the system had considered them to have left battle.

"This guy has some guts..."

"That's right, I don't think that the Sanguine Alliance is going to spare him."

"That's a shame, for a hero like him..."

The crowd began to pity Wang Yu.

After seeing his younger brother being killed right before his eyes, Sanguine Warflag exploded with rage, giving the order to kill Wang Yu.

At this moment, Wang Yu caught in the alleyway, there were walls on three sides and member of the Sanguine Alliance blocking the only way out.

Wang Yu was basically trapped with no room for escape.

Arrows flew and magic chants were whispered. In this small space with so many attacks directed at him, even Wang Yu could not dodge every single one of them.


A loud resounded from Wang Yu's body as a giant golden shield appeared, protecting Wang Yu inside, blocking any attack from landing on him.

[Spirit Guard]: When the health of the user drops below 30%, his immense inner power will surge forth and protect him from further damage for 2 seconds.

When he saw that Wang Yu had avoided the fatal barrage of attacks, Sanguine Warflag sarcastically commented: "You really are stubborn, why don't you just die and go to heaven!"

"Mm, that's a good idea!"

Wang Yu chuckled to himself as he turned around and jumped towards the brick wall, rapidly climbing up the wall until he reached the top.

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