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Chapter 41: Battle!

Chapter 41: Battle!

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"Difficulty A"

When they saw this difficulty rating, everyone was stunned.

In REBIRTH, the Headquarters Defense quest was considered a very large scale quest. Even a guild with more than a hundred members would not necessarily be able to succeed! Hence, it would have been classified as an A rank quest. If there were fewer players defending then the system would classify this as an S rank quest!

Even though the Quan Zhen Sect only had eight members, the system had still classified the quest as A rank!

The system wasn't stupid after all. It had even taken Fearless' schemes into its account when assigning the difficulty.

If the system really was as lawless as Ming Du had imagined, then the sieging monsters would probably have cannons on top of the ability to climb walls!

As the countdown ticked away, Fearless began to divide the roles for all the members.

"Brother Spring, you and Little Crotchy will be our 'door gods'. Just clog up the entrance and half the battle will be won!"

"Heh with your father around that won't even be a problem!" Spring Halo nodded.

"Hey! The name's Crotch Lord! Not Little Crotchy!" Crotch Lord disgruntledly countered.

"Anything you say then Little Crotchy!" Fearless nodded before turning to Ming Du and saying: "Old Li do you see that platform at your 3 o'clock? Just camp there later ok? Brother Spring will be herding the monsters into your attacking range later, so just go wild!"

"Heh! Don't worry about it. I've hunted these monsters before! With my magic attack and Brother Spring's poison, it'll be a walk in the park!" Ming Du arrogantly laughed.

"Moral character aside, your strength really is something I can believe in!" Fearless mumbled.

"Old Li is just boasting! He couldn't even damage 70% of my health with two [Lightning Blasts]!" Wang Yu sneered.

"For real? Old Li is only famous because of his insane magic attack! Supposedly when he does bounty quests, he can even kill a Warrior in one hit! You're saying that he couldn't even kill a Pugilist like you with two attacks?" The rest gasped in astonishment.

"Ask him yourself then!" Wang Yu glanced at Ming Du and flatly said.

"Wha… what's your magic resistance?" Ming Du awkwardly coughed.

"Well they're both are around 110 actually."

"F**k!!!" The others immediately started cursing when they heard Wang Yu's reply.

At this stage of the game, players with high physical defense weren't that uncommon to see. However, someone with high magic resistance like Wang Yu was really difficult to achieve. Even Frost Blade who was decked from head to toe in top tier equipment only had 50 magic resistance! Someone with 110 magic resistance like Wang Yu was the bane of Magicians everywhere.

Ignoring the inhuman Wang Yu, Fearless looked at Ming Du and continued: "Just stand over there and don't worry about your expenditure!"

"Yea yea I get it already! So much bullshit!" Hearing Ming Du saying that he was spouting a lot of bullshit, Fearless felt incredibly wronged.

"Frost Blade! Team up with Boson and Little Chicky later and fight within Brother Spring's area of control! It doesn't matter how you guys fight as long as you can win! If you can't then just run first, the rest will cover for you awhile!"

"Understood!" Compared to the rest, Boson and Frost Blade's temperaments were rather mild. Although Vainglory might have been slightly childish, he was also obediently listening to orders now.

"Iron Bull!" Fearless turned around and shouted to Wang Yu: "Your mission is the most important!"

"And what's that?" Wang Yu lightly laughed.

"Distract the boss!"

"Huh???" Before Wang Yu even had the chance to respond the others had already spoken up for him: "Fearless what kind of grudge do you have against Iron Bull?"

"Don't tell me Iron Bull stole Fearless' wife!"

"Since when does he have a wife? I've only heard that Iron Bull has one. I think if anything it's Fearless feeling jealous of Iron Bull! Let me tell you, this Old Li has seen all kinds of people but Fearless' type is the most common..."

"Fearless are you serious about letting Iron Bull distract the boss alone?" Spring Halo asked in shock.

Spring Halo had known Fearless much longer than he had known Boson. Whatever Fearless was thinking of, Spring Halo would be able to tell. Hence, when Fearless had suggested accepting the Headquarters Defense quest Spring Halo was the first to agree.

However, Spring Halo would definitely never have imagined that Fearless would instruct Wang Yu to solo the boss!

Although everyone knew that Wang Yu's abilities were insane, this was still an over level 40 Gold boss he would be facing! Normally without a full team no one would even dare approach a Gold boss. Yet Fearless had wanted Wang Yu to pull it away by himself? Wasn't this simply targeting him?

"Chill guys. I'm the one who understands Iron Bull's abilities the best! Don't you remember the thread on the forum a few days back about an expert solo-ing a boss?" Fearless lightly laughed.

"But that's not the same thing! The Silver Wolf King didn't even look that smart… It didn't even chain its skills!" Crotch Lord retorted.

"Heh heh heh… You ignorant fools! The difficulty of that boss wasn't any lower than the average Gold grade boss! Iron Bull, do you think you can handle it?" Fearless ignored Crotch Lord and directly asked for Wang Yu's opinion.

"So I just need to lead the boss away from you guys right?" Wang Yu asked. As a noob, Wang Yu had to rely on guessing when it came to all these gaming terms.

"That's right!"

"So I can't kill it then?" Wang Yu asked again.

"Erk..." Once again the rest were stunned by Wang Yu's immense confidence and angrily shouted: "Then why don't you defend alone? The rest of us can just go take a nap!"

"Maybe if I had another 8 or 10 levels I could give it a try!" Wang Yu bluntly replied.

"F**k me! He thought we were being serious..."

Fearless loudly clapped and drew everyone's attention back to him and said: "It doesn't really matter if you kill or just distract him. Everything is up to you! As long as he doesn't come anywhere near us!"

"Great!" Wang Yu nodded as he excitedly rubbed his knuckles.

This was a Gold grade boss, and this would be the first time anyone hunted it. The drops would definitely be amazing!

After Fearless had divided up the roles, someone suddenly realised that he hadn't assigned one to himself and asked: "Hey! We're all going to be out there fighting for our lives! What're you doing?"

"You damned degenerates! You expect a weak little Priest like me to be on the front lines? As the guild leader, I'll obviously be at the back cheering everyone on!" Fearless replied as if this was the most natural thing in the world.

"Scum!" The rest angrily pointed their middle fingers at Fearless.

As the countdown timer slowly ticked away everyone hurriedly got into position.

The moment the time was up, a large golden beam of light appeared in the middle of the hoard of monsters preparing to attack the headquarters. A large bandit that was covered in heavy armour from head to toe suddenly spawned in the middle of Dusk Canyon!

Since this was the first time that anyone had seen a Gold grade boss, they all quickly checked its attributes.

Enraged Legendary Dusk Bandit--Wharton (LV-???) (Gold Boss)

HP: 300000

MP: 5000

Skills: [Charge], [Mountain Shattering Blow], [Tornado Slash], [Warcry], [Bloody Vengeance].

Truly worthy of being a Gold grade boss! Compared to its Silver version, Wharton's attributes had risen several times and even had two new skills!

What was most impressive was the new armour the upgraded Wharton sported. It was clear that even that had gone up a tier!

Previously Wharton had only worn a breastplate, leaving most of his joints exposed. The Gold grade version of Wharton had full heavy armour and an even more impressive saber with a glowing aura around it.

"Hmm… His equipment is a lot better than it was last time!" Wang Yu reported in the guild chat after inspecting Wharton.

"What's wrong?Do the two of you have some unfinished business?" Ming Du laughed.

While the two of them were talking, Wharton suddenly loudly bellowed: "Members of the Dusk Bandit Gang! This group of filthy mongrels dare to invade our territory! What do you think we should do?"

Hearing his shout, the rest of the monsters had their morale boosted and excitedly chanted: "Beat their mothers! Kill their families!"

These monsters really had too poor language abilities…

"Hahahahaha! That's right! Let's show these little bitches our true strength!" With a wild laugh, a ripple of golden light spread out with Wharton as the origin and engulfed all the monsters.

Within seconds, all the monsters were covered in a set of golden battle armour!

When all the players inspected the attributes for these monsters again, they realised that the attributes had doubled!


With one command, the entire Dusk Bandit Gang surged forward like a massive flood.

As the army charged forward, Fearless started the final countdown in the guild chat.

"3…...2…...1...! Begin!"

The moment Fearless shouted, Spring Halo's staff immediately lit up and four ghosts appeared and blocked up the entrance of the valley.

Although the monsters in the Dusk Bandit Gang could break down walls, they weren't able to climb or destroy the mountains! If they wanted to pass through then killing Spring Halo's ghosts were a must.

Spring Halo was a Dark Shaman who had invested attribute points into his vitality and walked the path of a mixed character! Although his health couldn't be compared to a real tank, it would definitely be higher than any other normal player.

Hence, the ghosts that he summoned were also relatively sturdy.

When the first row of Dusk Thieves were poisoned by Frost Blade, their attributes were reduced and were only able to damage 80% of the ghosts' health after a full wave of attacks.

Before the second wave of attacks started, Spring Halo had already cast [Distortion], locking the Dusk Thieves in place and preventing the Dusk Vagrants and Bandits from advancing.

Combined with Ming Du's [Fire Ball] and [Lightning Blast], Frost Blade, Boson and Vainglory were able to wipe out the Dusk Thieves within one round of attacks!

What pleasantly surprised the four of them was that killing these monsters awarded them points!

A kill was 3 points and an assist was 1.

After being awarded the points, all four of them secretly thought: "If there's no mistake, then individual rewards would be based on these points! If I can get the most, then the other f**ks can just cry!!"

While they were all in their own little worlds, a figure dashed past them and stepped on a Dusk Thief's face to climb the cliff.

Within a few steps, Wang Yu appeared again right in front of Wharton!

Being able to climb walls was a feat that only Wang Yu was able to accomplish in this game!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

As Wang Yu descended from the sky, he unleashed [Eagle Stomp] on Wharton's head.

As Wharton tried to turn around, Wang Yu simply continued and landed three hits from [Eagle Stomp], landing on Wharton's back.




Bonus damage -100

A string of blood red numbers appeared atop Wharton's head.

With a loud roar, Wharton sheathed his sword, hunched over and used [Charge].

After landing on the ground Wang Yu was slightly shocked. However, instead of waiting for the other monsters to surround him, Wang Yu quickly activated [Ghost] and retreated while firing [Rippling Wave] at Wharton. Using the momentum from the recoil, Wang Yu was able to retreat even further and dodge Wharton's attack. Stepping on the face of another Dusk Thief, Wang Yu easily escaped the encirclement.

How could Wharton possibly let Wang Yu off like that? Cancelling [Charge], he then used [Mountain Shattering Blow] and leapt towards Wang Yu.

The moment Wharton left, the golden armour around the rest of the Dusk Bandit gang immediately dissipated…

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