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Chapter 42: No More True Damage

Chapter 42: No More True Damage

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Wang Yu stepped on the mountainside as he leapt toward the boss, drawing it's aggro towards him before turning around and leaving.

The people on top of the mountain valley were utterly stunned when they saw Wang Yu jumping on the boss' head to draw its attention.

"The hell is this... did you see that, that Pugilist can actually fly..."

This player had actually left his original city to watch this fight, hence this was the first time that he had seen anyone perform such an inconceivable action like flying.

"Yeah I saw it, but why did he attack the boss for, don't them me he's given up already?" No one could understand why Wang Yu had chosen to run on the mountain side just to attack the boss.

"He's not trying to draw the boss towards us right..." A player hesitantly said.

"What kind of sick joke is that, drawing a monster away is an Archer's job. Would a Pugilist with that little bit of health and his immensely short attack range do something so stupid?"

The crowd's jaws dropped as they saw Wharton chasing after Wang Yu.

"What the f*ck, this guy really has balls!!!"

"Hmph! He's not even playing a job with very high dexterity, how long can he last for? Even if he could survive, how long can he hold the aggro of the boss for? I don't think he'll even last 30 seconds! A pugilist really can't do much." A Knight called Bighead coldly declared.

Beside Bighead, a Pugilist called Dragon Li unhappily retorted: "How sure are you? Even though Pugilists aren't that fast, that guy's movements are very fluid and he even knows [Rippling Wave], who knows, he might be able to hold the boss off. Speaking of Knights... do you see those guys down there using a Dark Shaman as their front line? They're not even using a Knight, if you really want to talk about who's useful and who's not, the answer is pretty obvious!"

Anyone who saw his name would know that the Pugilist Dragon Li was a martial arts fanatic. To this day, any player in <> that was still playing as a Pugilist were players who genuinely loved the job. It was rare that anyone one could find a player that was so skilled at playing the Pugilist job, therefore Dragon Li could not stand it that Bighead was still despising Wang Yu.

"Hmph! Everyone knows that the Pugilist job is utter trash! If you know believe me then lets chase after him and watch!"

Wharton had used [Mountain Crushing Blow] to leap past the other monsters, furiously chasing after Wang Yu.

But Wang Yu was only a level 16 player, his attributes were sorely lacking compared to Wharton, a level 40 Gold tier boss. Even though Wang Yu has used [Haste], Wharton had caught up to him in no time.

Wharton immediately began his monotonous, system planned assault. Raising his blade to use [Whirlwind Slash], slashing down towards Wang Yu.

"Did you see that! I told you he wouldn't last!" Bighead happily bragged when he saw that Wang Yu was about to die, inciting the rage of the rest of the players.

These players had all bet their money on the Quan Zhen Sect being able to complete their Headquarters defense quest. What benefit would this Knight gain if Wang Yu died?

Dragon Li clenched his fists tightly as he stared at Wang Yu. At this moment he looked even more anxious than Wang Yu himself.

Right at this moment, Wang Yu suddenly tried to lie on the ground, flexing his powerful back muscles to pull himself to the floor, narrowly dodging Wharton's blade as he slid towards the latter.

Given Wharton's tall stature, his horizontal slash was naturally rather far from the ground, giving Wang Yu the leeway to slide towards him without receiving any damage whatsoever.

No matter how unfair the system was, it still had its limits.

"What the f*ck!!!"

The people in the crowd's stared blankly at this scene, their eyes wide as the moon.

"He can do that??? Does that mean that the [Whirlwind Slash] from Warriors can be dodged the same way? This..."

As they watched the scene unfold before their eyes, the crowd suddenly felt enlightened, at the very least they had learnt something new today.

Even after he dodged Wharton's attack, Wang Yu was in no rush to run away. He simply stood up and watched as Wharton continued to use [Whirlwind Slash].

"What's that guy thinking? Why isn't he running? Is he waiting to be killed?" The spectators were sweating bullets as they looked at Wang Yu casually standing around.

Just at this moment, Wang Yu made his move. He did not run away like everyone had expected but instead dashed straight towards Wharton.

"Oh my god! Does he intend to fight this boss alone?'

"It can't be, is that even possible? There's a difference of 25 levels!"

In <>, if a player was 5 levels lower than the boss he was fighting, the boss' defensive attributes would increase by 10%. To try to fight a boss that was 25 levels higher than himself would mean that the boss would gain a bonus 50% defensive attributes. This would simply mean that Wang Yu would not be able to penetrate Wharton's defense and deal damage to him at all!

But Wang Yu never once considered this an issue since he had never met a monster who had defenses that he couldn't breach.

Once Wharton's [Whirlwind Slash] had ended, he paused for a moment.

Wang Yu took advantage of this moment, launching a [Lateral Kick] at Wharton's chest. Wharton's mighty chest trembled as Wang Yu retreated two steps. At the same time a red number appeared above Wharton's head.


Wang Yu was taken aback when he saw how much health Wharton had lost.

[Lateral Kick] which was currently level 3, would deal 135% physical damage to its target, while the bonus damage from perfect of his attack was calculated based on his Attack Damage X skill damage. That would mean that since his previous strike had achieved 120% perfection, it should result in 200% damage. Meaning that his [Lateral Kick] should have done 270% (200% X 135%) damage.

Wang Yu current Attack Damage was 150, since Wharton had been stunned by his attack, this meant that the attack had at least 120% perfection, so the damage he dealt should have been over 400, but why was it so low? Was there some error in the system?

When he thought of this, Wang Yu quickly opened the battle log.

That was strange, Wang Yu looked again to confirm what he saw. He clearly should have dealt 1200 damage!

While still trying to find out a reason as to why he did so little damage to Wharton, Wang Yu leaned to the side as he dodged Wharton's blade before punching Wharton in the throat.


He did even less damage than just now!

Wang Yu retreated several steps, looking at his battle log again.

"This..." Wang Yu looked closely, suddenly realising what the problem was: "There's no more true damage!"

No wonder Wang Yu felt that the damage he was dealing was extremely low, Wharton's armour and defence had been the cause of this! Wang Yu immediately understood.

There were 2 conditions that had to be met before he could deal true damage:

He had to achieve at least 110% perfection for his attacks in Independent Mode.

He needed to attack a vital point.

The reason Wang Yu's damage was so high, was because Wang Yu already had a habit of striking at his target's vitals and all his strikes were naturally above 110% perfection. Hence no matter who the boss was, Wang Yu was always able to penetrate their defenses with his true damage.

But this Wharton was different, this b*stard was completely wrapped in armour from head to toe, there wasn't a single vital point that was exposed. Wang Yu's true damage had been completely suppressed.

Even though Wang Yu's attacks were not as effective as he had thought, but other than having more health than he did previously, this Wharton was not very different from the Silver tiered one. He still only had three skills, used the same attack patterns and moved slightly faster than the Silver tier Wharton. Wang Yu was still able to deal with him.

As they watched Wang Yu go toe to toe against Wharton in a close combat fight, the players on the top of the mountain valley watched tongue-tied in amazement. Words could not describe the respect and admiration that they had for Wang Yu.

"What the f*ck, he's really fighting the boss..."

"For a Pugilist to go so many rounds against the boss all by himself is truly admirable! This man's a beast!"

"When I first read on the forums that a Pugilist had single-handedly fought against the Sanguine Alliance, I thought that was just the people from Twilight City bragging. Who would what thought that it was all true..."

"It's a shame, I don't think I can kill him in the stipulated time..." Wang Yu dejectedly sighed as he looked at Wharton.

If anyone else heard what he had said, they would have cried.

To be able to solo a level 40 Gold tier boss for so long and not be killed, and this madman was even thinking of killing him? You shouldn't be saying such nonsense even if you were high on drugs!

The hardest part of the Headquarters defense quest was the boss, but Wang Yu had already pulled the boss away. The other members of the Quan Zhen sect were having a much easier time now that Wang Yu had lured the boss away.

Furthermore, the entrance to the valley was already very narrow, only four monsters could enter at any given time. With Spring Halo guarding the entrance and controlling how many monsters could get in, that left seven people to kill four monsters. This allowed them to make up for the difference in levels and attributes.

The seven even started chatting as they fought.

"Who would have thought that a Headquarters defense quest could be so easy, to think I was so afraid just now!" Crotch Lord sighed.

"Hmph, that's because you have a genius like me deploying you guys! Otherwise how would a bunch of trash like you guys be able to hold all these monsters off!

"Hey Fearless, if you continue spouting nonsense like that, I'm going to let all the monsters in" Spring Halo replied.

"Of course, the success that we're enjoying now is 50% due to Brother Spring over there. Brother Spring really is a hardworking and talented player..." Fearless corrected himself.

"Hey Little Chicky, how many points do you have?" Boson suddenly asked.

"Almost thirty, what about you?"

"Twenty four, that f*cker Frost Blade keeps stealing my kills!" Boson raged.

"Hahaha, It's pure skills!" If you really want to take about stealing kills than you have to look at Old Li! Oi, Old Li, why aren't you talking?" Frost Blade snickered.

"F*ck off, this gentleman over here is watching Iron Bull's fight! I couldn't tell at first, but the more I look now, the more overpowered that guy gets!" Ming Du stood on the wall, holding his staff as he looked into the distance, occasionally shooting some lighting at the monsters in the valley.

Only when they heard Ming Du's words did everyone remember that the one with the toughest job was the expert that was currently fighting for his life against the boss.

As Ming Du watched, he sent a message to praise Wang Yu: "@Iron Bull, hey Brother Expert, you managed to save your ass pretty well! You even dodged the boss' blade!"

"The f*ck do you know, this is called baiting! It's martial arts!" Wang Yu replied.

"What the hell, you have the time to reply even while you're soloing the boss? Exactly who is the boss..." Everyone was astonished. Did that guy have no limits?

"It's fine, this boss is very weak. It's just that his Physical Defense is too high, my attacks are no different from mosquito bites to him..." Wang Yu replied.

Wang Yu was probably the only person in the world that would say that a level 40 Gold tier boss was too weak.

"How high is it?" Fearless curiously asked.

"At least 120!"

"That high?!" Everyone exclaimed.

The Physical Damage of most Warriors at this stage of the game right now was probably around 120, if they didn't use their skills, they probably wouldn't be able to break Wharton's defense and deal any damage to him at all.

You would probably need a Sharpshooter to deal with this boss.

[Eagle Eye] could increase their range and grant that a 30% damage penetration.

But unfortunately, in the Quan Zhen Sect, they lacked Archers and nothing else...

"Well the boss can't be invincible, since Physical Damage won't work, then why don't you try using Magic Damage, do you need my help? As long as you can hold on, I'll definitely be able to help you!" Ming Du offered.

"You just want to steal the boss!" Everyone mocked.