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Chapter 43: Bloody Vengeance

Chapter 43: Bloody Vengeance

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Though Ming Du didn't have the best intentions, his question had reminded Wang Yu of a simple fact. If Physical Damage didn't work, then he should have tried switching to Magic Damage.

Wang Yu dodged a horizontal slash from Wharton and launched a [Rippling Wave] towards his chest.


"It works!" Wang Yu exclaimed: "Looks like this boss' Magic Resistance really isn't very high!"

Even though Wang Yu wasn't a Magician, he still had a skill that dealt Magic Damage! He even allocated two attribute points to his Spirit every level.

Due to the "Martial Artist's Regret" having extremely high Magic Damage, the Magic Damage that Wang Yu was able to dish out with his skills weren't much lower than most Magicians.

Even though a Qigong Master had some magic skills, it was still fundamentally a close combat job, hence the magic damage it could deal was not very high. A level 1 [Fireball] from a Magician could deal 185% Magic Damage, while the level 2 [Rippling Wave] was only able to deal 180%.

Furthermore, Wang Yu only had a single skill that could deal Magic Damage.

For [Void Seizing Palms], that skill wasn't even worth mentioning. For an auxiliary skill like that, it was useful to grab at other players, but for grabbing the boss, that was just seeking his own death.

Hence, Wang Yu decided to focus on dodging the attacks from Wharton, releasing a [Rippling Wave] every 3 seconds, but this seemed even less effective than using his fists to deal Physical Damage... it seemed like in order to eliminate this boss, he really did have to cooperate with Ming Du...

But at this time, Ming Du was too busy to bother with Wang Yu.

Due to the fact that Boson had accidentally revealed the fact that killing the monsters would allow them to gain points, everyone flew into a frenzy and wanted to participate in the killing. Even Fearless had jumped into the fray and began hitting the monsters.

A moral-less bastard like Ming Du would never let anyone take advantage of him, in fact he was even slyly looking around trying to steal the kill credit of the others, shooting his lighting at monsters that were already right at death's door.

Taking advantage of his excellent judgement, at least eight out of ten of the monsters were killed by him, the only reason he couldn't kill everything was because his skills were on cooldown.

"Old Li, you help is really appreciated!" Fearless gnashed his teeth and grumbled.

"Hahaha you're just exaggerating, its really all thanks to you guys! When this is over I'll treat you all to some Malt! No need to thank me, after all we're all brothers, this is a small token of appreciation for my generous brothers..." Ming Du snickered.

Malt was the cheapest type of alcohol in the Inn, 10 bronze coin for a glass.

"Ming Du, you're looking for death!" Fearless shouted.

"I'll throw that f*cker into the midst of the monsters!"

When they saw how Ming Du was taking advantage of them, Boson angrily shouted as he turned around, clutching the ladder as he prepared to climb up to where Ming Du was.

"Stop making a fuss, we're doing a quest now, we have to be united! Do you understand?" Ming Du seriously warned.


What the f*ck, as it stood, the only one that was disrupting their teamwork was that a**hole!

After having fought for awhile, about a quarter of the monsters had been killed, while the remaining 300 were still mindlessly rushing towards the entrance of the valley.

When he saw this situation, Spring Halo pointed at a large rock in front of him as he shouted: "We're moving forward 16 meters, and I'm going to let seven monsters in this time, Crotchy will stop the monsters by that large rock over there, Fearless continue to heal us, that way we can split the points more evenly!"

"That's a great idea!" Everyone agreed.

"What the f*ck, how am I supposed to hit anything when I'm so far away?" Ming Du whined.

Spring Halo coldly glared at him as he sneered: "This grandfather specifically chose a spot you can't reach!"

As he spoke, Ming Du withdrew his ghosts, letting four Dusk Bandits into the valley as Frost Blade and the rest rushed to deal with them.

Spring Halo once again cast his spell, summoning the four ghosts 10 meters in front of him, standing guard by the large rock, blocking off the entrance once more.

The monsters came flooding in as Crotch Lord rushed forward to block them, slamming them aside. Only after Spring Halo has casted [Distortion] did the two of them set up an effective blockade once more.

At the same time, the four Dusk Bandits had already been killed and the other members of the guild going back to their positions to prepare for the next wave.

Spring Halo was letting the monsters into the gorge, blocking them and totally controlling them. Without even having to attack, Spring Halo had them dancing in his palms.

When the players that had been watching Wang Yu's fight with Wharton looked over at the other seven members of the Quan Zhen Sect, they couldn't help but sigh in admiration.

"Do you guys see that? That Dark Shaman has truly grasped the essence of what it means to 'control'!"

What was control? When I allowed you to move forward you would take a step forward, when I let you take a step back, you take a step back, everything that was happening on the battlefield was going on exactly to the my specifications. Spring Halo had truly grasped the meaning of this word and displayed it to a completely flawless degree.

"Don't forget about that Guardian, his timing is impeccable! If he was even a second off he would already be dead!"

"Those three guys over there are really impressive, to think that they would be able to kill off four level 25 monsters in a matter of minutes, what equipment do they even have?"

Just at this moment, Ming Du had climbed down the wall and ran behind Spring Halo, shooting a lightning bolt at a Dusk Bandit as he whined: "You guys are really too much, how could you just leave me behind!"

Ming Du's attack had once again shocked the crowd: "What is that damage..."

Ming Du previously been slacking off, only attacking monsters that were on the brink of death so no one could tell how much damage he did. But right at this moment, he had insta killed a completely untouched Dusk Bandit with a single spell! His Magic Damage was truly heaven defying.

Out of all the seven players, only Fearless the Priest was not making any unnecessary movements. Since he was a Priest, he did not have much attack potential and the other members of the guild did not need any healing at this moment.

Fearless could only stand by the side, stroking his staff as he watched his guildmates fight, revealing a very lonely expression on his face.

In the eyes of the crowd, he looked like a solitary general, commanding his troops.

"I heard this Priest is the guild leader, to have so many talented individuals serving under him, he must be even more overpowered!" The crows speculated as they looked at Fearless.

A Pugilist that could solo the boss, a Dark Shaman with peerless control abilities, a indomitable tank, four powerful attackers and a solitary expert!

"Ai..." The crowd grew increasingly flustered as they evaluated them: "Is this the rumoured Quan Zhen Sect? No wonder they dared to challenge all the guilds, they really do have the abilities to walk the talk."

When they first started the quest, they had only fought four monsters at a time, furthermore, with Ming Du's conniving behaviour, their progress was rather slow.

But now, they had moved their defenses forward, taking on seven monsters at a time. Even though the pressure had increased, but Ming Du had stopped trying to steal the kills of other people and was wholeheartedly fighting, increasing the guilds fighting speed by two-fold.

Spring Halo begin releasing poison as he instructed the four attackers: "Don't attack the monsters that have not been poisoned by me or I'll let all you f*ckers die here!"

Supporting would give some points, this was still better than nothing.

The four nodded their heads as they switched targets.

Crotch Lord imitated Spring Halo, shouting at the rest: "Let me slash them at least once, give me a share of those points, otherwise I'll let all these monsters in!"

Fearless reached out and cast two healing spells at Spring Halo and Crotch Lord.

The duo turned around and shouted: "Are you bored? Save your mana!"

Fearless proceeded to heal each and everyone of the guild members, casually saying: "I'm trying to get a share of the points as well, do you guys understand?"

When Wang Yu, who was fighting Wharton not far from the valley, saw that they had moved the first line of defenses forward, he was initially very irritated, wondering what nonsense this group of hooligans were up to. But once he saw that their fighting speed had increased, he finally understood their intentions.

All the monsters in the Dusk Canyon, from the boss Wharton to the small monsters like the Dusk Vagrants were all rather simple monsters that had been designed by the system.

They only had those few skills and only knew how to use them in a fixed number of ways.

As time went on, the Quan Zhen Sect had already been fighting this Headquarters defense quest for an hour and the number of monsters remaining were steadily decreasing.

Even after being beaten by Wang Yu for such a long period of time, Wharton had only lost about 10% of his health.

Once they understood the attack patterns of the monsters, standing their ground and fighting them became much easier.

Just as the crowd grew more relaxed and just as the members of the guild were thinking of whether they should move their defenses forward again, Wharton let out a loud roar as he started glowing red.

"You despicable invaders! You dare annexe my land and kill my people? You all deserve death!!! Everyone! Kill them for me! Kill them for our brothers that died!"

When the monsters heard Wharton's shout, their pupils turned red as well.

This was the boss' skill ---- [Bloody Vengeance]!!!

"This is bad, he's gone berserk, retreat!" Fearless cried out, commanding the guild members to move the first line of defenses back.

Ming Du waited for the others to retreat before fleeing for his life.

"Crother Lord you go back, I'll stop them!" Spring Halo shouted at Crotch Lord as he casted [Distortion] again.

Crotch Lord promptly turned around and used [Charge] to retreat.

When the monsters went berserk, their attacks would increase as well. Spring Halo's ghosts could only last a single round against them before they were killed.

"My god! Their attack is so high!" Spring Halo shrieked as he took out a scroll and threw it on the floor before rolling backwards, completely ignoring his image as he crawled to safety.

"Huuu..." A meter long black protective screen rose up behind Spring Halo, blocking the monsters from advancing.

"What the hell is that?" Everyone asked. This was the first time they had seen such an odd skill in the game.

"World of Darkness! It's a one time use item, f*ck it can only block them for 30 seconds, you guys better repay me later!" Spring Halo unhappily replied.

Ignoring what Spring Halo had said, Fearless knitted his brows as he mumbled to himself: "What is that boss doing, to think he still had such a skill."

"How is it? Can you still block them?" Fearless indifferently asked Spring Halo.

Spring Halo picked his staff off the ground as he replied: "The attacks of these monsters have increased by 50%, but at the same time, their defense should have decreased as well, as long as I can poison all of them, my ghosts can still hold them off for a single round. But my skill cooldowns won't be able to keep up, we have to trouble Crotch Lord to step up."

"Not a problem!" Crotch Lord slammed his tower shield into the ground as he bravely declared. The fight had greatly boosted his confidence in the Quan Zhen Sect.

"The one I'm worried about now isn't us, it's Iron Bull. If he can't handle the boss and it returns to lead the rest of these monsters, they'll definitely receive another buff and become even stronger, knowing how cruel the system is. If that really happens, I don't think we'll be able to handle this quest anymore." Spring Halo added.

Double buffs... When the rest heard this, they felt a cold shiver running up their spine, nervously looking over towards Wang Yu.