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Chapter 46: The Most Shameless Guild

System message: Fearless, Boson, Spring Halo, Vainglory, Frost Blade, Iron Bull, Ming Du and Crotch Lord of the Quan Zhen Sect have successfully defended their headquarters, becoming the first guild in REBIRTH to set up their headquarters, this achievement will go down in the annals of history!

The words flashed three times in the sky before disappearing, thoroughly shocking everyone in the game.

Going into the annals of history! Compared to the two times that Wang Yu had killed a boss, this achievement was exponentially more significant.

Once the system message had ended, the entire world flew into a state of frenzy...

"What the f*ck, that bunch of monkey's actually managed to succeed?"

"F*ck, and they only had eight people!!! How's this even possible?"

"My money…...I bet 10 gold coins that they would fail..."

Only when that player had brought up the issue about money did this matter register in everyone's head, a gloomy expression appearing on their faces... in that moment, the whole game was filled with howls of grief.

In Storm City, Desert Shade was currently leading some troops to train. He emotionally sighed when he saw the system message: "They really are worthy to be called the Quan Zhen Sect, to think they would have such a stellar performance."

"What's the matter? Feeling pressured?" Endless Gale mocked.

"What f*cking pressure would I have, what those idiots are aiming for is completely different from our goal."

The Endless Desert was a large guild, their goal was naturally to dominate to game, establishing their own empire.

But the Quan Zhen Sect did not have such heroic aspirations. To be precise they were not interested in things like establishing their own empire, the only thing that they were interested in was to trample on the players who dared to claim that they were the above everyone else, casting them aside...

Sky Dragon City, Solitary was currently on the guild chat flirting with the female guild members: "Let me tell you girls, I'm actually a police bureau chief, if you ever have the time you can look for me. I'll take you for a spin the squad car, then we can go have some fun..."

The moment the system message had appeared, Scheming Beggar interrupted Solitary Nine Spear's words, frantically shouting: "Boss, that bunch of scoundrels actually succeeded!"

"So what if they succeed, we'll succeed someday too!"

"But didn't you say..." Scheming Beggar mumbled.

"Hmph! Looks I can consider the Quan Zhen Sect as our rival, they naturally have the strength to play the part. But let me tell you young man, when you deal with such matters you have to be more composed, don't get so flustered!" Solitary Nine Spears gravely said.

"This...." Scheming Beggar was at a loss for words.

Suddenly, Solitary Nine Spears received a private message from Scheming Beggar: "F*ck, how did those fools manage to succeed? I actually bet 100 gold coins that they would fail... did the system make a mistake! F*ck their ancestors, my money..."

But it had to be said that the guild that was the most depressed was the Sanguine Alliance.

There were only so many guilds in Twilight City, the largest two being the Sanguine Alliance and the Primrose Militia.

But everyone knew that these two guilds were allied together, which meant that the number one guild in Twilight City.

But today, they had lost this position!

The Quan Zhen Sect had been the first guild in REBIRTH to have successfully completed a Headquarters defense quest. Even if they, the Sanguine Alliance, was the number one guild in Twilight City, they weren't even worth a fart compared to the Quan Zhen Sect. Number one in the world compared to number one in a city, there wasn't even a comparison to be made.

It was only yesterday that Sanguine Warflag's younger brother had been killed by the Quan Zhen Sect six time and today the Quan Zhen Sect had given them a huge slap to their face, becoming the first guild to complete a Headquarters defense quest.

Number one? Bullshit! That was just self-declared!

The Quan Zhen Sect was the real number one in Twilight City, the Sanguine Alliance would always be considered inferior to them.

Sanguine Warflag was extremely sullen!

Sanguine Warflag could still control his rage if they had been surpassed by a large guild, but the Quan Zhen Sect only had eight people, they couldn't even compare to his personal troops. But yet that had firmly suppressed him with their strength, how could he bear this humiliation?

Just yesterday the Quan Zhen Sect had climbed all over his head and humiliated him, yet he had to compensate them and apologise. Sanguine Warflag was feeling more and more depressed, violently resisting the urge to order his troops to ambush the Quan Zhen Sect and wipe them out.

The upper echelons of the Sanguine Alliance could only remain silent as they looked at Sanguine Warflag's expression, even Sanguine Stormbringer didn't dare to say anything as he lowered his head, not knowing how to defuse the situation.

Sanguine Stormbringer was an intelligent man, apologising and compensating the Quan Zhen Sect was his idea, not disturbing them was also his idea, even though he was only acting according to Sanguine Warflag's intentions. An ego-maniac like Sanguine Warflag would naturally not allow himself to be embarrassed.

"Is there anything anyone would like to add?"

Sanguine Warflag gravely asked, shooting a glance to Sanguine Stormbringer.

"I've guessed correctly, looks like that asshole Sanguine Warflag wants to use me as a scapegoat again!"

Before Sanguine Stormbringer could even speak, Sanguine Asura stood up and shouted: "Didn't I already say so? We should have interrupted their mission right from the start! But no, you f*ckers had to be a bunch of cowards. After losing to the Quan Zhen Sect yesterday you guys became a bunch of spineless cowards, sitting here and doing nothing, are you ashamed of yourselves or not!"

Seeing that Sanguine Warflag had voiced his unhappiness himself, Sanguine Stormbringer chuckled to himself: "This idiot, he really knows how to to dig his own grave!"

When Sanguine Warflag heard those words, his expression faltered... Sanguine Asura's words had precisely hit his sore point, his own brother had been killed, yet he himself had just watched from the sidelines, exactly who should be the most ashamed of himself? Naturally it was Sanguine Warflag. Sanguine Warflag had suddenly felt as though Sanguine Asura's words had been directed at him.

"Asura, since you're so capable, why don't you bring twenty of our guys and eliminate the Quan Zhen Sect..."

"Just twenty? You're kidding right?" Sanguine Asura protested.

Sanguine Asura had previously suffered defeat at Wang Yu's hands.Wang Yu alone could effortlessly take on two dozen men. If he only brought twenty men along with him, the was no different from a lamb at a slaughterhouse.

"What's the matter? There are only eight of them, you don't dare to try?" Sanguine Warflag unhappily replied.

"Hmph! Even if we can't beat the Quan Zhen Sect, we can still go beat their friends! Twenty men are enough for me to kill those ladies a few times!"

"..." The crowd was speechless, taking his anger out on a bunch of defenseless women. Sanguine Asura truly lacked moral character, fearing the strong and bullying the weak were words made to describe him.

"Just go then! Don't ever saw that you're from the Sanguine Alliance, such a disgrace..."

While there was an uproar in the game, there was also a huge storm brewing in the forums.

Today had been a working day, thus a majority of the players were either still working or at school, only being able to use their mobile phones to access the forums for updates or news.

At the very start of the day, Spring Halo had declared in front of everyone that they would take on a Headquarters defense quest. Many REBIRTH fans fought hard to resist to urge to stay at home to watch the fight.

However there were many good-willed people on the forums, there had even been players that were constantly logging on and off the game in order to update the forums, vividly describing the entire process of the Quan Zhen Sect's Headquarter defense quest and posting it onto the forums.

But once the fight had started, the discussions on the forums became even more heated, many people scolding the Quan Zhen Sect for being despicable and shameless.


Because the Quan Zhen Sect had taken advantage of a random landform and used it to their advantage.

Fearless had decided that the Headquarters would be positioned in a valley in the middle of the mountains, and the other seven members of the guild were still casually chatting as they killed the monsters. They were even more relaxed than most players were when they were training, how could such a scene not enrage the masses?

Most players were already very shocked when they heard that the Quan Zhen Sect had succeeded, but they became even more shocked when they watched the video recording of the battle.

A Headquarters defense quest was originally supposed to be an extremely intense battle, where the players would stake their all in order to succeed! Who were they trying to trick?

There were many players that were extremely unconvinced by such a result, lodging a complaint, claiming that there was a bug in the system, slandering the Quan Zhen Sect, saying that their behaviour was atrocious, suggesting to null the rewards for the quest and banning all the members of the Quan Zhen Sect...

But the system had very quickly replied: "Since REBIRTH is a virtual reality game, anything is possible, the Quan Zhen Sect did not cheat in anyway. We encourage players to dispose of such ideas and continue working hard in this game."

"F*ck!" Sanguine Warflag nearly smashed his table in half when he received this reply.

Dispose of such thoughts, were they trying to say that he was narrow minded! F*CK!

Of course, these administrators could never understand the pains of the lowly players.

Only the people that had personally witnessed the fight would understand how intense and invigorating it was to watch. While the recordings made it seem as though they were having an extremely easy time, this was only on the surface.

Only the true experts in REBIRTH were able to discern this truth.

The number one player, Sacred Mountain, of the number one guild in China, Ancient Empire, was staring intently at the recording, trying to analyse each and every detail.

"Hey brother, what's up with the serious expression? I heard that the Quan Zhen Sect are just a small group that banded together to play Wuxia games, there's really nothing special about them. Truth be told, their strength is really average, the only reason that they managed to complete this quest was probably because they took advantage of a bug in the system, theres's nothing to be worried about!" Boundless Ocean laughed when he saw Sacred Mountain's serious expression.

Sacred Mountain shook his head as he laughed: "Look closely brother, you've only scratched the surface of this matter, why don't you look more closely? For an expert like you to be this careless, you're bound to die sooner or later!"