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Chapter 47: The Most Fearsome Guild

Chapter 47: The Most Fearsome Guild

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"Oh? So you're able to see the flaw in the formation?" Boundless Ocean grinned as he disdainfully asked.

The Ancient Empire guild could be considered to be the oldest guild in the country, regardless of what game it was. As a high ranking player of the guild, Boundless Ocean naturally had a wealth of experience when it came to games.

It was not unheard of for people to take advantage of the system's bug to fight bosses, but there had never been anyone so shameless to brag about it, even going as far as challenging the entire world.

In the eyes of Boundless Ocean, the actions of the Quan Zhen Sect had set a new low for shameless behaviours.

Sacred Mountain chuckled as he pointed at Wang Yu and asked Boundless Ocean: "What do you think would happen if they didn't have this Pugilist?"

Boundless Ocean turned around, apprehensively answering: "This Pugilist managed to fight the boss all by himself, if he wasn't there, the boss would join the fight and use all his skills to buff the other monsters. It would be very hard for them to resist the onslaught."

"And if they didn't have the Dark Shaman?" Sacred Mountain pointed at Spring Halo.

"That Dark Shaman is part of their front line, completely controlling the flow of the battle. If they didn't have him, even if the boss was pulled away, the guild wouldn't have won!" Boundless Ocean wore a serious expression on his face as he replied.

"And if they didn't have this guy?" Sacred Mountain pointed at the Ming Du, who was standing on the wall.

"The Magician was initially just causing problems for everyone, but when it really came down to it, he dealt a lot of damage to the boss..."

Sacred Mountain continued to point at each and everyone of the members of the Quan Zhen Sect. Boundless Ocean's expression grew more and more bewildered with each successive person.

Without Crotch Lord's assistance, Spring Halo would not have been able to resist the monsters and the guild would have failed the quest.

If they didn't have Frost Blade or any of the other three attackers, they would have just been beaten senseless without being able to resist, ultimately failing the quest.

If they didn't have Fearless and his heals, the three of them would have been killed very early on, failing the quest. What they didn't know was that this deployment had been completely Fearless' idea.

Only after Sacred Mountain had individually pointed out each player in the Quan Zhen Sect did Boundless Ocean finally understand, regardless of which player you took out from this group of eight, they would have no chance to successfully complete this quest...

If you thought about it, to survive the onslaught of monsters that many monsters for 2 hours, you could not even make the slightest mistake. In this kind of high pressure environment, most people wouldn't even be able to maintain a level head, much less think of successfully finishing a quest of this magnitude.

As he thought of this, Boundless Ocean bewilderedly stared at the image of these eight men in the recording as he sighed: "They really are a frightening bunch!"

"Those two are the most frightening!" Sacred Mountain pointed at Wang Yu and Spring Halo as he declared: "That Dark Shaman has the skill from the beta testing, the most powerful skill in the game! Coupled with his impeccable control skills, no one could gain an inch against him!"

"What about the Pugilist?" Boundless Ocean asked.

"He managed to pull the Gold tier boss all by himself! What's more, the Magician and him managed to kill the boss. Did you realise, every time the Magician seems to be teleporting around, the Pugilist will be moving his hand as well? Therefore I'm willing to bet, it's not that the Magician knows [Teleport], but that the Pugilist is using some sort of skill to help him move, leaving him free to just focus on attacking."

"..." It was only after Sacred Mountain had mentioned this point that Boundless Ocean realise, every time Ming Du moved, Wang Yu would be waving his hand in the same direction.

When he first saw Ming Du flashing about the battlefield, Boundless Ocean had assumed that this was some lighting related skill that only Lightning Wizards had. Who would have thought that it was actually the Pugilist who was the one causing this phenomenon. But wouldn't that mean that the Pugilist was playing the role of two people in order to fight the boss?

F*ck! This was simply inconceivable! Boundless Ocean felt a cold shiver run down his spine as he drew this conclusion.

"Are the people on the forums idiots? Can't they see this as well?"

"Of course not, there are definitely people who have noticed, just that they are pretending to be fools..."


"Because they lost money! It seems that the people who profited the most from the betting are the members of the Quan Zhen Sect themselves!" Sacred Mountain replied.

"F*ck…...Those scoundrels."

"That's why I said, we definitely can't underestimate the Quan Zhen Sect..." Sacred Mountain sighed as he continued to watch the video recording, hoping to gain another insight.

Just at this moment, while the whole world was still furiously discussing the miracle that the Quan Zhen Sect had pulled off, the people in question were happily walking towards the City Lord's manor to receive their reward.

When the system had made the announcement previously, the eight members of the guild all received a notification.

"How many points did you guys get?" Ming Du curiously asked.

"423!" Boson replied.

"512!" Frost Blade laughed.

"What about you Vainglory?" Ming Du probed.

"A**hole! You stole so many of my kills! I only got 377 points!" Vainglory howled at Ming Du.

"That's not bad! At least you got more than 300 kills, those of us with support jobs didn't even manage to get 200 points." Fearless grumbled.

"Ha ha ha, is that so? Brother Spring, how many points did you get?"

"188." Spring Halo mumbled. Even though Spring Halo had exerted the most effort and had arguably the toughest role in the Headquarters defense quest, the system only awarded points to the player that killed the monsters.

"What about Crotch Lord?"

"Only 76 f*cking points!!!" Crotch Lord whined. During the fight, he had been standing behind Spring Halo, it would have been strange if he got more points than Spring Halo.

"Ha ha ha ha!" Ming Du broke into a fit of laughter: "Trash!"

"Who are you talking about!" Crotch Lord unhappily glared at Ming Du.

"I'm not talking about you, I'm referring to the whole lot of you! You're all trash! Grand daddy Li over here got 874 points!" Ming Du arrogantly declared.


Right from the get go, Ming Du had been viciously stealing the kills of everyone else. Since he was a Lightning Wizard with the capability to instantly kill the monsters in this quest it was no surprise that he had so many points, not to mention he even joined Wang Yu to kill the boss. It was well within expectations that he would amass more than 800 points.

As they looked at Ming Du's smug face, the other members were fervently resisting the urge to hit him, especially Fearless.

"How did this scoundrel get so many points!"

"If only I wasn't so soft-hearted, I should have just let him die..." Spring Halo lamented.

"Why don't we kill him now? Otherwise I don't think I'll ever be able to resolve the knot in my heart." Vainglory quickly suggested.

"Not bad, I agree!" Frost Blade added.

"Then let's start!"


The members came to a consensus as they began to encircle Ming Du.

"What the f*ck are you a**holes agreeing about, you pathetic bunch of scoundrels. Are you all just jealous of my heaven-defying, god given talent?" Ming Du panicked as he shouted.

"So what if we are?" The other members of the guild coldly retorted.

Ming Du finally understood the severity of the situation as he quickly shouted: "Ok! I'm sorry kind sirs, I didn't mean it!"


After joking around for a bit longer, Ming Du suddenly turned to Wang Yu as he curiously asked: "Iron Bull, how many points did you get?"

"1000!" Wang Yu indifferently answered: "I landed the last blow on Wharton."

"What! That's not logical at all! How did you get so many points from killing just one monster?" Ming Du exclaimed.

"That's where you're wrong, it's one boss!" Wang Yu laughed as he waved his finger in front of Ming Du's face.

"Ha ha ha ha!" The other members of the guild contentedly laughed when they saw that someone had finally surpassed the number of points that Ming Du had.

"How's that wrong? Iron Bull solo-ed the boss, it wouldn't be unfair even if they gave him 10 000 points!" Fearless laughed.

Mm, Uncle Bull really is a peerless expert! You're not ever worth a fart when you're compared to him Old Li!"

"That's right, a coward that only knows how to hide behind others. These are the people that I despise the most!"

"I agree!"

"Me too!"

"Same here!"

F*ck!!!" Ming Du gloomily grumbled.