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Chapter 49: Hidden Quest

Chapter 49: Hidden Quest

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After accepting their rewards, the eight of them took a stroll around their new headquarters to get a good look at it.

Even though it was called a guild headquarters, it was closer to a shrunken version of Twilight City's Middle Street.

Aside from the lack of NPCs, all the public facilities were here. For example the spawn point and the auction house.

Furthermore, since this was the very first headquarters in REBIRTH>>, the system had also rewarded them with a research room and a forge! This was a truly pleasant surprise for everyone.

The forge could be used to craft various pieces of equipment and the research room could be used to craft different types of potions.

Health potions and mana potions were the most commonly used consumables and equipments were even more important. Without them how would players even be able to fight anything?

Hence, many large guilds would try to be self sufficient and raise their own craftsmen.

To raise a player who specialised in a crafting job, the conditions provided naturally had to be very good.

Aside from an exorbitant amount of raw materials, what was most important was that the guild itself had a research room and a forge.

Due to the dishonesty of the system, the price to build a forge or research room in the guild headquarters was insanely expensive. Hence, aside from the few super guilds, players would normally go to blacksmiths or pharmacies to rent a room for crafting.

However, all the members of the Quan Zhen Sect were self proclaimed masters and they all thought that crafting jobs were deviations from the right path. Since none of them had any crafting jobs, these two facilities weren't any different from decorative furniture.

"I've finally reached level f**king 15! Anyone wants to go clear a dungeon with me?" Ming Du asked.

"Clearing a dungeon is no problem… As long as you aren't the party leader and you don't spew so much bullshit!" Frost Blade coldly laughed.

In the past when Ming Du led the others to clear a dungeon in Insatiable Mountain>>, he had spouted more nonsense than commands caused the whole Quan Zhen Sect to be team wiped when the boss had only 1% health left… Ever since then, Ming Du had lost any right to lead any party ever again.

"Fine!" Ming Du helplessly swept his gaze across the rest and asked: "Anyone else?"

"Take us along then. The Blood-Soaked Church isn't a dungeon you can clear without a Priest anyway. Brother Spring are you coming?" Fearless and Boson spoke in unison.

"Nah man I still have a few quests I need to clear." Spring Halo replied.

"Little Crotchy?"

"I'm going to go complete the quest for the Protector's Leggings" Crotch Lord replied.

"The Blood-Soaked Church can't be opened unless we have at least five people! Can't you guys be more supportive? If you and Brother Spring aren't going then who's going to tank for us?" Ming Du panicked.

The two of them glanced at each other and immediately pointed at Wang Yu: "Iron Bull then! He's really tanky too!"

"Sorry guys it's already almost 1 now. I need to log off for abit..." Wang Yu waved his hands and replied.

"Ohhhhh… Your wife is coming home now isn't she~" The rest cheekily replied.

"It's not what you guys think!" Wang Yu blushed.

"We get it, we get it! Quickly go then!"

"Ai..." Wang Yu could only helplessly sigh as he logged out of the game.

"Well if it's just tanking a few monsters then why not let me do it? If Brother Bull can do it then so can I!" Vainglory offered.

Since it was almost 1, Mu Zi Xian had long since returned home and was already preparing lunch.

Taking off the gaming helmet, Wang Yu realised that Mu ZI Xian was currently sitting right next to him on the bed and staring at him.

"What're you staring at?" Wang Yu chuckled as he tossed the helmet aside.

"I didn't realise this before, but you really are quite dashing when you smile. Did you find a mistress or something in the game? Why're you so happy these days?" Mu Zi Xian teased.

After getting married, Wang Yu has constantly been burdened by their financial situation, hence he didn't really smile much. However recently, Wang Yu had started to smile more whether it was because he was earning money or because he was gaming. Either way, nowadays when Wang Yu was playing, he constantly had a smile on his face!

"How could I have time to find a mistress? Everyone around me is male! I haven't even seen a female monster in the game!" Wang Yu solemnly swore.

"Hmph! You better not be lying to me! If I find out that you've been lying to me then watch me..." Mu Zi Xian threateningly clenched her fist at Wang Yu and then cheerfully said: "Anyway lunch is getting cold, let's go eat!"


After finishing lunch and cleaning up, Mu Zi Xian changed her clothes and prepared to leave the house.

"Don't you need to work in the afternoon?" Wang Yu asked.

Mu Zi Xian pointed at the calendar on the wall and said: "Haven't you looked at the date? It's a public holiday today!"

"If it's a holiday then why don't you stay at home and rest?" Wang Yu said.

"Since it's a holiday then of course the restaurant is going to be more busy! And they're also giving extra pay today" Mu Zi Xian casually replied.


"Wait… Honey have you looked at that credit card i passed to you yet?" Wang Yu hesitantly asked.

The past few days, with the sale of his skills, equipment and title deed, Wang Yu had amassed quite the fortune in his bank account.

"Look at what? It isn't easy for you to earn money and we still need to save for our future children as well! All of these still need money so we better start saving more ok?" Mu Zi Xian giggled.

Wang Yu knew Mu Zi Xian very well and how opinionated she was so he could only resignedly sigh: "Ok then, just don't tire yourself out too much please."

"I know I know! Remember to eat dinner later ok? I've already put the rice and dishes inside the slow cooker!" With that, Mu Zi Xian turned around and left the house.

After Mu Zi Xian left Wang Yu stood up and stretched his back before going to the balcony to his the pillar again. Just as he was about to go back to his room, the four girls left theirs.

The four of them silently and dejectedly trod out of their room and slumped onto the sofa outside.

Seeing the four of them like this, Wang Yu curiously asked: "What's wrong? Your frowns are so long be careful you don't become a donkey!"

Having spent so much time with those rascals from the Quan Zhen Sect, Wang Yu had naturally learned how to banter.

"Ai… Let's not talk about it anymore… This game is really too damn hard..." Mary dejectedly sighed.

"You guys still haven't found a new buyer yet?" Wang Yu asked again.

Wang Yu words seemed to suggest that the four of them were goods to be passed around and infuriated the four of them. "Hey! I never realised you mouth was so dirty Mr Landlord!" Mary grumbled.

"If you have any problems then just tell me, I'll help you guys settle them!" Wang Yu casually laughed.

Hearing Wang Yu's words, the four girls immediately brightened up and said: "Oh right Mr Landlord, the Quan Zhen Sect could even complete a Headquarters Defense Quest so something small like this won't even be a problem for Mr Landlord!"

"Well It's like this, Sister Xue managed to accept a hidden quest, but it's really too hard… The four of us can't even come close to completing it together..." Mary honestly answered.

Hearing this, Wang Yu immediately understood. So it was a hidden quest!

REBIRTH>> was known as the second world to many and it's crafting jobs were numerous.

As professional gamers, Li Xue and the rest naturally wouldn't solely focus on gold farming. Hence, the four of them all had their own corresponding crafting jobs.

Li Xue's main job was a Priest and her crafting job was a Pharmacist. The quest that they were trying to complete this time was from an NPC who normally didn't speak at all. Who would have imagined that when he did open his mouth he would give out the legendary hidden quest?

The final reward for this quest was something that Li Xue didn't know as well. However, at the first stage of this quest, the NPC had already given Li Xue a Silver tier "Medicine Hoe". So the future rewards could already be imagined.

Unfortunately the four of them had very limited strength and had already failed the first part of the second stage of the questline. They had tried again and again the entire morning and had already failed the quest four times! Li Xue had started considering just dropping the quest.

"Oh that's it? Why didn't you guys just come find me then? Do you guys consider me an outsider or something? I'm a part of your gold farming group remember?" Wang Yu chortled.

"But you were defending your headquarters… so..." Li Xue awkwardly mumbled.

"Ohhhhh. Ok well just find me when you guys log in again later then!"

"Don't you have other things to do?" Li Xue asked. Although Li Xue didn't know how much of an expert Wang Yu was in the past, she knew now. For a top expert like him, it was only natural that he would be very busy.

"It's just a game anyway what's there to be busy with? Your problems are mine so no matter how busy I am it's not important! Cheer up ok? Just message me when you guys log in!"

With that, Wang Yu turned around and went back to his room.

With the support and assurance from Wang Yu, the four girls' moods soon improved.

Mary hugged Li Xue and happily giggled: "Our Mr Landlord really is the most dependable in these situations!"

"Yes, yes! Nothing less from the only man in the house!" Meng Meng and Xiao Yi chimed in as well.

"The only man..." Li Xue mumbled to herself as her face flushed red.

Seeing her expression, the rest asked in confusion: "Big sis what's wrong? Are you ok?"

"N...nothing's wrong! Let's quickly eat something and then log in ok? An expert like Brother Yu definitely doesn't have much time to waste! We can't let him wait for us for long!" Li Xue ordered.