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Chapter 51: Adrenaline

Chapter 51: Adrenaline

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REBIRTH>> was naturally not just any other game, REBIRTH>> was the first game to have transcended the realm of mouse and keyboard games, using state of the art technology to create the first virtual reality game in the market.

But at the end of the day a game was still a game and had followed the norms of many other games. With regards to a game trying to lie to the player was something completely unheard of.

Seeing that the girls did not believe the words he said, Wang Yu took the poison from them as he said: "If you don't believe me, then I'll drink the poison!"

"Brother Yu, you're currently level 17, losing 10% of your experience points is too much, I think it would be better if you don't take the risk." Li Xue replied.

"It's merely 10% of my experience points. Besides, my friends have told me that Dungeon Instances give a lot of experience points, as long as I clear them a few times I'll be able to get recoup my losses." Wang Yu nonchalantly replied.


"But what, you girls have already died four times, given the speed that you girls train at..." Before Wang Yu had even finished his sentence, he had noticed that the girls were already blushing. But it was true, their levelling speed was simply nothing compared to Wang Yu.

"Let's go!" Wang Yu decisively declared, leading the group towards Dusk Mountain Range.

The Dusk Mountain Range was located behind Twilight City.

Spring Halo had previously told the members of the Quan Zhen Sect that the fengshui around Twilight City was very good, with the four divinities surrounding the area. To the left of the city there was the Azure Dragon Lake, to the right was the Byakko Pass, to the front of the city was the Secret Jungle and behind the city was the mountain range.

Of course, this was the lore that had been written about the land, the bit about fengshui was just something that Spring Halo had added in by himself, hence everyone in the guild had denounced him as a superstitious lunatic. If the fengshui was really that good would there still even be monsters lurking around the city?

The Dusk Mountain Range was a hunting ground for increbily high levelled monsters, the monsters in this region ranged from level 30 to level 40, at this current stage in the game, not a single people dared to come to this place.

Luckily for them, there was a small path that led all the way from Twilight City straight to Howard's home. As long as they managed to avoid the monsters that had accidentally stumbled onto the path, they would be able to safely reach their destination.

Howard's home was at the base of the mountain, a humble wooden house that sat in a barren plot of land.

He was truly worthy to be renowned as someone who had studied chemistry, he even looked like he had been subjected to his own experimentations.

When the group of five finally reached his home, Howard was standing by his front door, holding a test tube in his hand as he mumbled to himself: "Shake shake shake…...should I shake it or not..."

Operson and the old man before them looked the same, the only difference was that Opeson was bald while Howard had a full head of luscious hair.

"Is that him?" Wang Yu asked.

"Yeap, it is!"

"Alright, then I'll get the key from him." Wang Yu replied as he headed towards the old man.

Howard laughed as he saw the group of five walking over to him, viciously taunting them: "What's the matter little girls, why are you back again? This is already the fourth time, don't tell me that the previous lessons weren't enough? Oh? Seems like you brought a helper along this time?"

Wang Yu was even more convinced that he had the right idea when he heard the mocking words of Howard.

This old coot even remembered how many times the girls had come over to look for him, he even knew that Wang Yu himself was a new addition to their time. This clearly showed that this was not a normal AI, he definitely wouldn't just consume poison for no rhyme or reason.

"We won't give up before we get the key!" Li Xue valiantly declared.

"Operson really is a troublesome one, sadly he only has five bottles of that poison. Fine then, my time is precious, quickly hand it over to me to drink." Howard laughed.

But before Li Xue could respond, Wang Yu walked up to Howard, holding the bottle in his hand as he asked: "You want to drink it?"

Howard eagerly reached out to grab the bottle from Wang Yu's hand, only to see that Wang Yu had swung his hand out of the way, keeping the bottle as he chuckled: "How about no..."


The four girls broke into a cold sweat as they watched the scene before them unfold. Toying with an NPC, did this man really dare to do anything?

Howard flew into a rage once he realised that he had been played by Wang Yu: "You despicable worm, how dare you toy with the almighty lord Howard, accept the rage of the alchemist!"

In his rage, Howard swung his hand as he threw the test tube in his hand at Wang Yu and gang.

When he had seen the barren land around the house Howard lived in, Wang Yu knew that the experiments that this old men carried out were definitely not something to be trifled with. Not daring to receive this 'gift', Wang Yu stretched out his left hand as shield appeared, knocking the test tube away.

"Boom..." An explosion erupted where the test tube had landed, releasing a copious amount of poisonous green gas.

Wang Yu immediately took advantage of the moment and inspected Howard.

HP: 100 000

MP: 50 000

Skills: [Poison Mist], [Exploding Test Tube], [Adrenaline Rush]

No wonder his AI was so advanced, Howard was an elite boss that operated on the Independent Mode!

Howard appeared very indifferent when he noticed that he had failed to kill Wang Yu with his first strike, calmly taking out a water gun like weapon, shooting it at Li Xue.

Li Xue's health immediately started to diminish.

Even though the poison was strong, its effects only persisted for 3 seconds. Her life was in no apparent danger after she had frantically casted [Heal] and [Recover] on herself.

Just as Howard was about to take another shot, Wang Yu immediately reacted, pulling Howard into his grasp.

[Flying Knee], [Lateral Kick], [Crushing Blow[...

Wang Yu then used [Choke] to finish his combo, viciously slamming Howard onto the ground.

"Slam!!!" A flash of lightning illuminated the area as Wang Yu violently stomped on Howard's head.


A large red number floated up.

In a single combo chain, Wang Yu had already taken out a tenth of Howard's health bar.

Just as Wang Yu was about to attack again, he noticed that Howard had taken out another test tube, throwing it at him.

[Energy Shield] activated once more as Wang Yu stretch his hand out to block the attack.

"Poof" When the test tube touched the shield, it immediately burst into a cloud of blue smoke. It was then that Wang Yu realised that the defense of his armour was steadily decreasing...

"What the f*ck, what a shameless tactic!"

At the same time, Howard took a bottle that looked very much like the one that Wang Yu was holding onto, opening the cap and downing the contents of the bottle.

A green light flashed as Howard's speed explosively increased, charging towards Wang Yu with a clenched fist. Wang Yu taken aback by the speed that Howard displayed, but it was already too late for this to dodge. Wang Yu swung his arm upwards, using a martial arts technique to redirect Howard's attack, borrowing the attacker's force to retaliate.

Howard revealed a sinister grin, turning around as he dashed towards the girls.

The battle between Wang Yu and Howard had been extremely fast, not more than 10 seconds had passed from the time that Wang Yu had initially grabbed him till the moment that he had consumed that mysterious test tube of his, not more than 10 seconds had passed.

The girls could barely make out what was happening in the fight between Wang Yu and Howard, let alone even thinking of helping him.

Even though Howard was only level 25, he was still a humanoid Independent mode boss, he was leagues about Wharton in terms of battle prowess. Not to mention that he can consumed some type of medicine that had exponentially increased his fighting capabilities, raising his speed to a mind numbingly scary level. Due to the limitations of his attributes, only Wang Yu's eyes could keep up with Howard's speed, not his body.

In the blink of an eye, Meng Meng and Little Yi had already been killed by the explosion from Howard's test tube.

Howard did not even hesitate for a moment when he killed the two girls, immediately turning towards Li Xue and Mary as he dashed to them.

Li Xue was scared witless, turning as pale as a sheet as she ran towards Wang Yu screaming for help: "Brother Yu... Save me..."

Li Xue had already been killed by Howard four times, but she did not scream for help because she feared death, rather it was because she knew that she would fail this quest if she were to die another time.

Mary heroically dashed forward, attacking Howard with her shield.

Howard flung a test tube at Mary, not even looking in her direction, reducing Mary into a ray of white light.

This old man's attack prowess should have risen to an unfathomable level after taking the medicine, seeing as to how he managed to easily dispatch Mary, a Guardian, even after she had activated her skills.

Right at this moment, Li Xue had arrived besides Wang Yu.

Wang Yu took out the small bottle that he had previously taken from Li Xue, opening the bottle cap as he emptied the contents into his mouth.