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Chapter 52: Killing You Isn’t That Hard

Chapter 52: Killing You Isn’t That Hard

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Wang Yu felt an immense amount of power surging through his veins after he had consumed the "Adrenaline", greatly increasing his speed and strength.

Strength, this was something that he had been longing for...

Wang Yu sighed emotionally as he tested his strength.

Truth be told, even though Wang Yu could be considered to be an immensely successful player, being in possession of a hidden job, being able to solo a boss, he was actually the most unhappy player.

Because of the limitation from his attributes, Wang Yu's speed and strength had been greatly reduced from what it was in reality. While this was still enough to destroy normal monsters, Wang Yu often felt extremely inadequate when he was fighting more speed based monsters.

This sort of feeling often made Wang Yu feel as though his martial arts ability had deteriorated and was an extremely uncomfortable feeling. Therefore Wang Yu would always practice his martial arts the moment he logged off the game.

Even though the Adrenaline medicine could not give Wang Yu the same strength he had in the real world, but the feeling of having his attributes increased had pleased nonetheless.

After reading the description of the buff, Wang Yu was stunned. If the effects lasted for 50 seconds and he lost 2% of his maximum health every second, wouldn't that mean that he would die at the end of it?

No wonder those girls could not finish their quest. They were already no match for a level 25 elite boss, once he consumed the Adrenaline medicine and had his attributes augmented by 300%, would they even be able to last a single second against him?

This hidden quest was simply impossible for in the early stages of the game.

Even though he immediately started losing health, Wang Yu was not afraid that he would die from the effects of the medicine, after all he still had the lifesteal effect from the Heavenly Silk Armour.

"I'll restrain him, you should run. Run to a place that this bastard won't be able to find you!" Wang Yu instructed Li Xue.

Boson had previously told Wang Yu that because of the independent mode, bosses would have a cognitive ability no different from normal humans, this meant that they wouldn't so easily be tricked by players. If Wharton, the bandit leader, was capable of returning to lead his men during their Headquarters defense quest, naturally this scientist would be capable of much more.

To Wang Yu's disappointment, due to the limitation of his attributes, he was not able to match Howard's speed even though they had both consumed the Adrenaline.

Naturally Wang Yu was not afraid of facing Howard in straight up close combat, but Howard was naturally unwilling to do so, turning around as he charged toward Li Xue at neck breaking speed. Once Li Xue died, it would be meaningless even if Wang Yu managed to kill him.

Even though Li Xue did not understand what Wang Yu's intentions were, she understood that she could not let herself be killed, nodding her head as she ran away.

But how could Howard be willing to let Li Xue leave?

"Where are you running to?" Howard bellowed as he chased after her.

Wang Yu instantly reached out and grabbed Howard's arm.

Howard ignored Wang Yu as he violently freed himself from the latter's grip. But Wang Yu calmly twisted his wrist, flipping Howard over once more. Howard lost all control of his body, like a kite who's strings had been cut.

Howard violently shouted as he wrestled to free himself from Wang Yu's grasp, while Wang Yu methodically countered each and everyone of his attacks. Howard couldn't even flee even if he wanted to.

If anyone had seen this, they would immediately recognise that Wang Yu was using Taiji, a famous style of martial arts.

Using slow to counteract fast, using soft to deal with strength, borrowing the strength of the aggressor to retaliate. This was common knowledge to deeply ingrained in Chinese culture that even children knew.

But the programmer of Howard was a western born individual, how much of chinese culture would he even know, let alone understand?

However Wang Yu did not take advantage of the situation to continue beating Howard, afterall the concept of Taiji was to borrow the force of the aggressors attack to hurt him. Since Howard had no intention of fighting Wang Yu anymore, Wang Yu naturally could not use Taiji to hurt him.

Furthermore, Howard's speed was astonishingly fast, Wang Yu was completely unable to grasp the timings his attacks, if Howard were to suddenly attack, even Wang Yu might not be able to dodge in time. At this moment, Howard's attention was fully focused on Li Xue, afterall she was the key to the quest.

Li Xue was like a frightened animal, constantly looking back as she ran away.

She stood still, shocked senseless when she saw Wang Yu embroiled in a close quarter combat with Howard.

Other than the time Wang Yu had effortlessly killed Heaven's Bird, this was the first time that Li Xue had seen Wang Yu using martial arts.

Li Xue clearly knew how terrifying Howard was once he had taken the medicine, after all she had been killed by him four times with just a casual slap from his palm.

Li Xue was utterly dazed as she watched Wang Yu toy with Howard. Wang Yu was not that many levels higher than their group, which were currently level 13, even if his skills were much stronger than theirs, how was this even possible?

"What the hell are you looking at! Quickly leave, he still has 50 seconds!"

Wang Yu grew frantic when he saw Li Xue just standing there. Did she really think that he was superman? This was a boss that used the Independent mode! Even though he was only level 25, he was not any easier to deal with compared to Wharton. Now that he had consumed the Adrenaline, his attributes were three times stronger than before, it was hard to say who was stronger between the two bosses.

No matter how strong Taiji was it still had it's limits. Especially since this was not the style that Wang Yu was trained in since a tender age, Wang Yu was unable to display the full might of this style of martial arts.

Even under the influence of the Adrenaline, Wang Yu was already struggling to restrict Howard's movements. The moment the effects of Adrenaline wore off, he couldn't stop Howard even if he wanted to...

Even though Howard had consumed the medicine before Wang Yu, but given how biased and unfair the system was, it was hardly surprising that an Alchemist like Howard would been given a bonus for the duration that the effects of the medicine would last on him. It seemed as though he didn't even have the debuff of losing any health.

"Oh, right..." Li Xue was shocked out of her dazed state by Wang Yu's voice, continuing to run away.

But even after half a minute had passed, this slow little Priest had not managed to create much distance between Howard and herself.

But the effects of the Adrenaline on Wang Yu were about to end...

"Shameless worm, how dare you block my path!!!"

Howard angrily bellowed when he lost sight of Li Xue, throwing a test tube at Wang Yu's face.

Wang Yu grinned as he dodged the attack.

Since Howard was a boss that used the Independent mode, he would naturally mimic the actions of humans. Even though he wouldn't mindlessly use skills like other bosses and didn't pause between his attacks, he still had to wait for the cooldowns of his skills to end before he could use them again.

Wang Yu seized the moment and began his ruthless assault, unleashing [Crushing Blow] on Howard's chest.

Using [Lateral Kick] on his jaw to stun him.

[Crushing Blow]!

[Flying Knee]!


Wang Yu didn't dare to waste a single moment when dealing with this buff-ed boss, using a series of skills and his own martial arts to rapidly attack, raining a relentless barrage of attacks on Howard, not giving him a chance to resist.

As a humanoid boss, Howard's health was not very high. Wang Yu's relentless assault quickly dropped his health below 30%.

Naturally, when a boss' health fell below 30%, they would activate their final skill.

Howard's body glowed with a gold hue, beginning to activate his skill. Yet Wang Yu ruthless grabbed him as he viciously slammed his knee into Howard's chest once more.

Wang Yu's attack was extremely effective, knocking Howard out of the state of activating his skill.

Following which, Wang Yu executed yet another flawless combo, reducing Howard's health to 0... Exactly what was this bastard's final skill, Wang Yu would never know.

Even after reducing his health to zero, Howard's corpse did not disappear. Wang Yu stepped on the corpse as he mumbled: "F*cking hell, it might have been hard to stop you from running, but killing you isn't that hard."