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Chapter 55: Arrogance

Chapter 55: Arrogance

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The players from the Dusk Manor guild faintly smiled when they heard Wang Yu's words, unfazed by his challenge. After all what could these two people do in the face of their guild of twenty seven? It really puzzled them that this Pugilist had the gall to claim that he could wipe them all out.

This f*cker didn't seem to have the strength to back up his words, he must have lost his mind to challenge them...

Even though the Dusk Manor wasn't a large guild, the lot of them were all players that lived in the same gaming studio and were always playing together, resulting in them being extremely united and possessing incredible teamwork. While they have yet to make a name for themselves in Twilight city, they could not tolerate the fact that two people had challenged them to a battle to the death. They menacingly drew their weapons, preparing to pounce on the duo.

"You got guts kid! What guild are you from? Have you never heard of the name Darknorth Fisher?" The leader glared at Wang Yu as he asked.

Seeing how brazen Wang Yu was, Hidden Carp had thought that he was a high levelled player from a large guild, thus he decided to approach this matter with some caution. But he was taken aback when he looked at the emblem on Wang Yu's chest, Taiji emblem? What kind of shitty guild was that?

Wang Yu shook his head. This was the first time that he had played any sort of game, he wouldn't even recognise the top players in <> even if they were standing right before his eyes.

"You're Darknorth Fisher?" Li Xue exclaimed.

Darknorth Fisher widely smiled when he saw that someone had recognised him, a pretty girl at that.

"That's right! In the flesh!"

"So what if he's Darknorth Fisher? Is he strong?" Wang Yu scratched his head as he asked.

"Of course he's strong, Darknorth Fisher the mercenary is famous for his PK skills..." Li Xue replied.

Darknorth Fisher was someone who played games for a living, however his line of work was different from a regular gold farming studio. Darknorth Fisher had no interest in playing the game like a normal player, the jobs that he accepted involved helping people PK others.

That's right, helping people PK other players. He was what other people would call a hitman.

Since it was a game, there was no lack of cashers. However there were still those players who despite sinking so much money into the game to get the best equipment, still could not beat their opponents. These were the kinds of players that would engage the services of players like Darknorth Fisher.

Since this was an extremely despicable thing to do, most players would prefer to remain low key about it.

But Darknorth Fisher was a relatively high profile, attention seeking player. Everytime he accepted an assignment from a client, he would notify his target that he would be coming. He was probably to most arrogant killer in the world, yet what was even more shocking was that he had never failed to kill his target, not even once. Earning him the title "Mercenary King".

Because of his PK skills, there weren't many guilds that would dare to offend him. This allowed the Dusk Manor to establish itself in Twilight City, having its own sphere of influence.

As professional player herself, Li Xue would have naturally heard of the "Mercenary King" and his exploits.

"Che, if he's really so good then how come he's never heard of the Quan Zhen Sect?" Wang Yu asked as he pointed at the emblem on his chest.

Even though the players of the Quan Zhen Sect usually didn't bother to gather together, but if they were to walk down the streets together, there wouldn't be a single person who didn't recognise them. If this bastard was really that famous, then how could he not have heard of the Quan Zhen Sect before.

"Darknorth Fisher usually plays western themed games while the Quan Zhen Sect plays Wuxia themed games. It's only natural that they've never met." Li Xue explained.

"You're from the Quan Zhen Sect?" Darknorth Fisher was slightly shocked when he heard Wang Yu's words. He had always heard of experts that preferred to play alone, who would have thought that he would have the opportunity to meet one today.

"That's right!" Wang Yu nodded.

"Haha, so you're part of that shameless guild..." Darknorth Fisher and his companions burst into a fit a laughter when they heard Wang Yu's words.

Ever since the Quan Zhen Sect had challenged all the guilds in <> and had successfully completed their Headquarters defense quest, they had been dubbed the "Shameless guild" by other players.

Wang Yu faintly smiled as he glared at Darknorth Fisher, completely ignoring the other people around him.

"So I heard your PK skills are superb?"

"That's right!" Darknorth Fisher confidently replied.

"You really aren't humble at all..." Wang Yu laughed.

"Of course, if someone of my caliber had to be humble, then everyone else have to hide their faces in shame!" Darknorth Fisher chuckled.

"Not bad!" Wang Yu replied as he rubbed his chin: "Actually I'm really good too!"

"Who doesn't know how to blow his own trumpet!" Darknorth Fisher shouted. It seemed as though he didn't think that his earlier statement about himself was narcissistic self-praise.

"Do you dare to compete with me?" Wang Yu really admired Darknorth Fisher's confident attitude.

"How do we compete?"

"Single battle, whoever loses has to give up their quest, what do you think?" Wang Yu replied.

"You got guts, but we have twenty seven people and you only have two. Why should I accept your challenge?" Darknorth Fisher mocked.

This bastard really wasn't an idiot.

"Because i can't bear to cause you guys to lose experience points..." Wang Yu honestly replied.


Wang Yu's words had incited the rage of the entire Dusk Manor.

After having followed Darknorth Fisher for so long, these players naturally knew what it meant to be arrogant... but who would have thought that they had encountered someone even more arrogant than their leader.

"Can't bear to cause us to lose our experience points?"

F*ck, this guy clearly knew that he was facing the famous "Mercenary King", yet he still dared to utter such arrogant words.

You guys, this included Darknorth Fisher and everyone else who was present, how conceited was this!

"Old Fisher, go on, show him your skills!" The crowd shouted.

Everyone knew that he was an expert that valued his 'face', if he hesistated to accept the challenge now, wouldn't that just prove that he was afraid of Wang Yu?

If you can look down on us, we can look down on you too! We only need one person to deal with you! This were the exact thoughts of the players from the Dusk Manor guild.

Darknorth Fisher's rage had already reached a boiling point. He had always been the one mocking others yet now the tables had turned.

"It's been said that the players of the Quan Zhen sect depend on their gear and don't really have any skills, let's see if this is true!" Darknorth Fisher howled as he drew his dagger.

"Why don't you try me then!" Wang Yu continued to taunt Darknorth Fisher.

Darknorth Fisher menacingly glared at Wang Yu as his body slow became ethereal, vanishing into thin air.

"This idiot... To think that he fell for such a low level provocation... he really is hopeless." Wang Yu laughed to himself.

Li Xue was confused, didn't they say that they were going to attack all at one, how did it suddenly become a one on one duel?

Wang Yu had no qualms facing twenty seven men alone. The only reason that he had provoked Darknorth Fisher into a one on one duel was for Li Xue's sake.

If the two of them had been surrounded, a feeble Priest like Li Xue would have been powerless to resist the onslaught while Wang Yu would have no trouble defending himself.

At this point, they did not know whether or not they would fail the quest if Li Xue had died. They could not afford to run the risk!

When Wang Yu heard that this was a two-way quest, he immediately started thinking of a method to ensure Li Xue's safety. Who would have thought that the guild leader of the Dusk Manor guild would be such a hot blooded fool, being so easily provoked into a fight with just a few sentences.

Of course, the members of the Dusk Manor guild had been so easily provoked not because Wang Yu was immensely skilled in mocking others, but because they had absolute faith in Darknorth Fisher's abilities.