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Chapter 56: Dare To Bet Dare To Lose

Chapter 56: Dare To Bet Dare To Lose

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The Assassin job was an extremely popular one, regardless of what game it was.

Stealth, back stabbing, high damage output, these were the qualities of the Thief job. They were a terrifying job regardless of whether it was in PVP or PVE.

Stabbing the opponent in the waist, fading into the darkness, following up with another attack and then disappearing again before the opponent can even react.

Advancing and retreating, stealthy and strong. The thrill of this job could be imagined.

In this virtual reality game that was extremely lifelike, the popularity of the Assassin job had already soared to unimaginable heights.

With just the [Stealth] skill, the Assassin job was already an immense threat to most players.

In the early stages of the game, other jobs had yet to learn their signature skills, yet the Thief jobs already learnt their signature skill [Stealth].

Without even mentioning the Archer's and the Magician's with extremely low health, even the Templar's and Guardian's could hardly survive a combo from an Assassin while they were still under level twenty.

Assassin's were currently considered peerless in the aspect of PK since there was no way to country [Stealth]. How could Pugilists, a trash job, possibly hope to win?

With merely his hands and legs, this Pugilist probably wouldn't even be able to land a hit on Darknorth Fisher the Assassin.

This was what everyone present thought, including Li Xue and Darknorth Fisher.

After activating his [Stealth] skill, Darknorth Fisher quickly ran behind Wang Yu, while Wang Yu stood still none the wiser.

Darknorth Fisher stabbed his dagger out, aiming for Wang Yu's broad back.

At this moment twisted his body, causing Darknorth Fisher's attack to completely miss... Because Darknorth Fisher had attacked, he had voluntarily left his stealth mode, becoming visible again.

"How's that even possible?" Darknorth Fisher gasped in shock, instinctively activating [Haste] as he followed up with another attack.

"Not bad!" Wang Yu's eyes narrowed as he hurriedly dodged.

Assassins were already an extremely agile and nimble job, but Darknorth Fisher had added all his attribute points into his dexterity. Even if Wang Yu could see the trajectory of the attack, it was still extremely difficult to dodge it.

Just as Darknorth Fisher's attack had narrowly missed Wang Yu, striking at the air again. But without even hesitating, Darknorth Fisher launched yet another attack, aiming for Wang Yu's chest.

Wang Yu dodged to the side, slipping past Darknorth Fisher's attack as he arrived behind him, reaching his hand out to grab Darknorth Fisher's shoulder.

Darknorth Fisher was completely caught off guard, quickly swinging his dagger behind him towards Wang Yu's wrist.

If this was a normal player, he would probably have tried to forcefully resist this counter attack from Darknorth Fisher. But Wang Yu was a martial artist, with an immaculate ability to sense danger. He immediately released his grip on Darknorth Fisher's shoulder as he kicked him in the ass, sending him tumbling away before he completely disappeared again.

The crowd was utterly dumbstruck by this scene.

Even though the two had only crossed blow for a split second, the level of combat had learned exceeded all their expectations.

This was more than simply swing a blade around whilst using a skill, from the moment Darknorth Fisher had first used [Stealth], the only other skill he had used was [Backstab]. Yet the ways in which he applied this skill had gone beyond the understanding of the others.

After having played by his side for such a long time, the players of Dusk Manor were naturally very familiar with Darknorth Fisher's killing methods. He would first use [Stealth] then [Backstab], quickly and ruthless dispatching his opponent. But this had resulted in many people thinking "If I had the same set of equipment as him, I could do the same as well".

Only now had they finally understand the immense difference in skill between Darknorth Fisher and themselves. They started to look at Wang Yu in a different light.

Even someone as stubborn as Darknorth Fisher could not gain any advantages against Wang Yu and had even been kicked by him. This person was really not simple!

Wang Yu was very surprised by Darknorth Fisher. Not because he was also someone who played using the Independent mode, but because of Darknorth Fisher's reaction speed.

As a martial arts expert, Wang Yu could easily discern that Darknorth Fisher had no martial arts background. But during their short exchange with each other, Darknorth Fisher managed to force Wang Yu back with each attack. His reaction speed was even comparable to professional martial artists!

This really was a waste, for such talent to go untrained and turn to playing computer games, wasting his youth... Wang Yu shook his head as he sighed, not knowing whether he should feel bad for Darknorth Fisher or for martial arts a whole.

Darknorth Fisher, who was currently still using [Stealth], sighed in admiration. Regardless of whether it was <<REBIRTH or the older generation of games, he had always used his superior reaction speed to overwhelm his opponents. Yet today he had encountered a monster that was able to keep up with him.

Dodging his two subsequent attacks was not the issue, the issue was that Wang Yu had somehow managed to detect and dodge his initial attack, the one from the rear. This was simply inhuman!

Though he had previously heard that all the players in the Quan Zhen Sect were experts, Darknorth Fisher had never believed it. To have casually met an expert of such calibre, didn't this mean that the other players were...

As he quietly stood on the spot watching Wang Yu, Darknorth Fisher prepared himself, waiting for Wang Yu to lower his guard before he attacked again.

Who would have thought that Wang Yu would point at the exact spot that he was standing, pointing at him as he declared: "It's useless to use [Stealth] against me, why don't you just face me in a straight up close combat battle!"

"He's talking to me?"

Darknorth Fisher looked around before finally confirming that Wang Yu was in fact talking to him.

"What kind of trick is he trying to play with me? I won't fall for it!" Darknorth Fisher thought as he walked towards the side, preparing to attack Wang Yu from behind once again.

"Hey, don't just ignore me! Do you really think that I have no way to deal with your [Stealth]?" Wang Yu shouted as he took out a bag of limestone powder, throwing it at Darknorth Fisher, hitting him squarely on the face. After the cloud of white powder had settled, Darknorth Fisher's entire figure could be clearly seen.

The faces of the crowd contorted in confusion when he saw Darknorth Fisher's position revealed…...

"What the fuck! He could really see him!" The crowd gasped.

"What now? Do you still want to fight?" Wang Yu asked when he saying Darknorth Fisher standing there, at a loss as to what to do.

Wang Yu's words had broken his train of thought, bringing him back to reality.

"Nope, I admit defeat!" Darknorth Fisher indifferently replied.

The greatest skill that Assassins had were their [Stealth] skill, the moment they lost it, they would effectively lose half their combat powers.

In their short exchange, Darknorth Fisher could tell that he was no match for Wang Yu. He knew that he would not be able to fight Wang Yu in a close quarter combat if he did not rely on [Stealth].

"You're really strong! I've never met anyone like you!" Darknorth Fisher sighed in admiration.

"You too!" Wang Yu replied and he truly meant it.

"I hope to be able to challenge you again!" Darknorth Fisher stared Wang Yu in the eyes as he spoke.

"Let's go!"

"What? We're really going to leave just like that? We have over twenty men here, are we really just going to give the quest to them?" The crowd gawked.

"Just give it to them, isn't it just a quest? Don't forget the motto of our guild, dare to bet dare to lose!" Darknorth Fisher replied.

"Let's go let's go, after all this is the boss' quest..."

In a matter of moments, the players from Dusk Manor had all left.

"Alright, why don't you go in... I'll wait here for you." Wang Yu instructed Li Xue.

"Ok!" Li Xue nodded as she hurriedly entered house.