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Chapter 57: Recipe

Chapter 57: Recipe

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Entering the Monastery, Li Xue realised that the Old Nun looked incredibly pitiful. She was currently huddled in a corner clutching her Thousand Year Knotweed and pleadingly staring at Li Xue.

Seeing her like this, Li Xue almost couldn't bear to take the Knotweed from her.

"What's wrong? You couldn't find it?" Seeing that Li Xue still hadn't come out after awhile, Wang Yu sent her a message.

"I did…" Li Xue clenched her teeth as she pulled the Knotweed out of the Old Nun's hands and left 2 gold coins in front of her.

Looking at the Knotweed in her hands, Li Xue found it hard to imagine that she had completed the final stage of her hidden quest just like that.

Returning to the pharmacy, Li Xue handed the Knotweed over to Winston who happily exclaimed: "Yes! This is it! With the special properties of this Knotweed I can finally regain the youthful look in my hair again…"

"..." Wang Yu was floored by Winston's words. They risked their lives to get the key and Knotweed all for him to make his hair black? This NPC was really too frivolous!

Winston quickly kept the Knotweed and beamed at Li Xue: "You really are a capable child. I was originally afraid that I wouldn't have anyone to pass my legacy to. But after seeing your performance, I can finally rest easy! Are you willing to accept it?"

Any idiot who heard this would know that this was a reward!

The moment Winston finished speaking, Li Xue received a system notification.

[Gather] (middle grade) : Allows user to gather herbs. 30% chance to gather uncommon herbs.

[Alchemy] (low grade) : Allows user to craft entry level mixtures and middle grade recovery medicine.

With a flash of golden light, Li Xue level up to level 14! Wang Yu also received a sizable amount of experience points.

"What's the reward this time?" Seeing that he had already obtained so much experience for helping Li Xue, Wang Yu was very curious what the real reward for the quest was.

Li Xue couldn't contain the excitement on the face and excitedly giggled: "The hidden sub-class Alchemist!"

"A hidden class? Is it strong?" Hearing that she had obtained a hidden class Wang Yu was also rather interested.

"Well it's just a crafting focussed class so it's nothing compared to your hidden job." Li Xue honestly replied.

"Oh ok then. So what's it good for?" Having hung around with the others from the Quan Zhen Sect so much Wang Yu had begun to be influenced by their ideas. He was under the impression that these crafting focussed sub-classes were useless.

"It means that in future I can craft middle grade recovery medicines!" Li Xue excitedly explained: "If I'm not wrong then I should be the only person in the entire game that can craft mixtures and recovery medicines!"

Recover medicines and potions were something that couldn't be gone without in any game. Low grade Pharmacists could only craft entry level recovery medicines. Furthermore, their efficacy was lower than the potions sold in shops!

Players needed to become middle grade Pharmacists before they could craft low grade recovery medicines, and become high grade Pharmacists before being able to craft middle grade recovery medicines.

Although these classes weren't the main focus of the game, actually training them to a high level wasn't that easy. Even if a large guild wanted to raise one, it would still take a few months.

Hence being able to craft middle grade recovery medicines at the stage of the game was extremely valuable!

Mixtures were even more self explanatory. They were practically an extra buff. Furthermore, the NPC stores currently sold mixtures at exorbitant prices.

However players didn't really have a choice since they were a necessity. Furthermore, since beta testing till present day, no one had ever heard of a sub-class that could craft mixtures!

Even though Li Xue was a professional gamer, her skills were only were average. She could only work on a gold farming group originally and now she suddenly became one of the most sought after classes! To her, a hidden class like this was much more valuable than any hidden job.

"That good? Craft something for me to see…" Hearing Li Xue's explanation, Wang Yu wanted to see what her hidden class was capable of.

"Well mixtures need ingredients and recovery medicines need recipes…" Li Xue regretfully replied.

"A recipe?"

"En. In the current market, low grade recovery medicine recipes are already around 10 gold coins. Middle grade recovery medicine recipes don't even exist yet." Li Xue sighed.

"You mean something like this?" Hearing Li Xue's description, Wang Yu reached into his bag and took out a tattered piece of paper.

Upon seeing the paper, Li Xue's eyes nearly popped out of her head as she exclaimed: "Middle grade recovery medicine recipe! Where did you find it?"

"Wharton dropped it!" Wang Yu replied.

Originally Wang Yu had assumed that this recipe was nearly worthless so he casually took it out like this. Seeing Li Xue's reaction he realized that it was incredibly precious.

At the same time Wang Yu silently cursed the idiots in the the Quan Zhen Sect. They all knew how valuable this was and yet the just let him take or so easily… They really were quite sincere…

"I can't accept so something so valuable…" Li Xue panicked.

If it was anything else then Liu Xue would have no problems accepting it. However this recipe would be able to net more than a hundred gold coins if auctioned off! With the current exchange rate that was more than a hundred thousand dollars! No matter how close they were, she couldn't accept something like this. However, what she didn't know was that Wang Yu had previously given away an even more valuable skill.

"What're you imagining? I'm selling this to you." Wang Yu replied.

Wang Yu might have lacked real world experience, but he was not an idiot. What's more, he wasn't some kind of rich playboy. If he didn't know the price and gave it away then so be it. But now that he knew, wouldn't have given Li Xue the wrong idea?

Since they were living under the same roof such a situation would have been incredibly awkward!

"What's the current market price?" Wang Yu asked.

"120 gold coins."

"Alright then since we know each other 100 will be enough!" Wang Yu nodded.

"This… I don't have so much money…" Li Xue weakly muttered.

"It's fine you can just owe me! It's not like you can run away anyway!" Wang Yu lightly chuckled.

Li Xue had already transformed from a lowly gold farmer to one of the most sought after classes so there was no need to worry she wouldn't be able to earn this much gold.

"Thank you Brother Yu…" Li Xue nodded as she accepted the recipe from Wang Yu.

"Well if there's nothing else then I'll go first. I still have some quests to complete." Wang Yu said as he left.

"Is anyone still alive? Do you guys want to clear a dungeon?" Wang Yu sent in the guild chat as he left the pharmacy.

"Already cleared!" Boson and the rest replied.

"We can only clear one dungeon a day you know! We sent you so many messages just now but you didn't reply. Did you just remember we exist? Brother Bull you're the number one expert so can't you try and act like one?" Spring Halo playfully reprimanded Wang Yu.

Opening the chart log, Wang Yu realised that around forty minutes ago they did send a few messages to him. However, since he was fighting with Howard, he didn't have the time to open his chat.

"I didn't know you guys had a goal and enough people…" Wang Yu replied. Even though he was level 18, he had yet to finish the level 15 dungeon for his quest.

"Have your ass! There's only so few level 15 dungeon quests! Just be here early tomorrow! Where were you just now anyway?" Spring Halo cursed.

"Helping someone complete a quest!"

"A girl?"

"A girl!"

"Where's this girl?" The moment they mentioned girls, Fearless instantly entered the chat.

"F**k off!" The rest immediately cursed.

"Young man if your wife finds out you're playing with a girl wouldn't she cut off your internet? You better behave yourself!" Spring Halo decided to act like an elder for once.

"Oh it's fine we live together…" Wang Yu lightly answered.

"F**k! Great God Iron Bull what kind of monstrous dick do you even have?" Crotch Lord shouted in shock.

In this day and age, finding a wife was already incredibly hard. People who could find a mistress were even more monstrous. Those who found make their wife and mistress live in harmony were simply gods!

"F**k! Iron Bull how did you get a wife with a face like that? Your father is so f**king handsome and I'm still single!" Ming Du angrily shouted.

"What're you guys saying? We're just friends!" Wang Yu finally understood what the rest were hinting at and quickly tried to explain.

"Please! You guys are already living together! Uncle Bull I'm not trying to lecture you but this really isn't acceptable." Vainglory tried to lecture Wang Yu.

"What would a smelly kid like you know? Shoo! Go play somewhere else! The adults are busy!" Wang Yu finally understood that the Quan Zhen Sect wouldn't understand so he quickly tried to change the topic: "Oh right I have two skill books here. Do you want them Brother Spring?"

"What skills? You should know that this old man's requirements are very high so it better not be trash!" Spring Halo declared.

Following this, Wang Yu sent a screenshot on the guild chat.