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Chapter 58: Don“t Worry, I“m Here Now

Chapter 58: Don't Worry, I'm Here Now

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Uncommon poison crafting skills!

Upon receiving the screenshots, the guild chat was deathly silent. After a very long time, Spring Halo finally spoke up: "F**k me! Brother Bull where did you find these? Was it from your quest? I can't believe you actually got something so good!"

Skills related to crafting runes and poisons were very sought after in the market right now. At the moment, even an ordinary one would be worth 10 gold coins! Let alone two uncommon skills!

Poisons crafted by ordinary skills were already equivalent to those sold in shops. So the ones created by these two skills Wang Yu possessed would be vastly superior.

Even though it was something highly sought after, people with less than 50 gold coins would definitely not be able to acquire either book.

"I already said just now, I got it helping my friend with her quest!" Wang Yu repeated before adding: "It was a hidden quest!"

"Are you sure it wasn't your own quest?" The rest spat. He was merely helping and he already for such great rewards? This really want logical at all!

"Oh these aren't quest rewards. I extorted them myself!" Wang Yu then explained the whole situation with Howard to the rest.


The others in the Quan Zhen Sect had originally thought that they were pretty good at scamming. Who would have thought that Wang Yu would have taken it a step further and directly extorted the NPC?

If they hadn't known any better, no one would have believed that Wang Yu was a gaming noob. Now the most inexperienced amongst them had accomplished more than them! The young really did deserve some respect!

"These two books are at least 100 gold coins together… I really don't have that kind of money now…" Spring Halo dejectedly replied.

"That's fine. You can just owe me!" Wang Yu laughed.

"Ok then! I'll meet you in the inn!" Spring Halo excitedly agreed.

"Alright!" Wang Yu immediately turned and went towards the inn.

Normally at this time, the inn would have been very quiet. Today however, it was bustling with activity. It really was a public holiday today…

After finding a seat, Wang Yu didn't have to wait long before Spying Halo hurriedly ran in.

"Brother Spring! Over here!" Wang Yu called out.

After Spring Halo sat down, Wang Yu directly handed the two skill books to him.

After receiving the books Spring Halo nodded and said: "You continue playing then, I'll go log off first!"

"Not going to stay around and chat?" Wang Yu asked. Spring Halo rushing like this was slightly out of character for him since he was normally very calm and collected.

"Maybe another time, it's new year's eve! I need to go spend time with my with and kids! They're waiting for me to start dinner!" Spring Halo replied.

"Oh…" Bring one of the only two people I the Quan Zhen Sect who were married, Wang Yu understood where Spring Halo was coming from.

After Spring Halo left, Wang Yu was silent for a moment before logging of as well.

Looking at his watch, Wang Yu realised that it was already 3 the afternoon.

"It's already 3 so the lunch service in the restaurant should be over. Why isn't Little Xian back… Could there be over time on new year's eve?"

Wang Yu was originally from the north so his family had the tradition of having reunion dinners on new year's eve as well.

Following this line of thinking, even if there were people eating at the restaurant, it shouldn't have been so busy to the point Mu Zi Xian couldn't come home.

Seeing that Mu Zi Xian hadn't come home, Wang Yu felt slightly uneasy and decided to find her himself.

Since it had been a few days since Wang Yu left the house, the first thing he noticed was that the streets were decorated with various multi coloured lights! Even the trees had lights on them. Although there weren't any fireworks, the entire city already had the new year's atmosphere.

The restaurant that Mu Zi Xian was only a few blocks from their home so Wang Yu reached there in just a few minutes. However when he entered, he heard a commotion and couldn't help but get worried.

Inside the restaurant, there were a group of burly men surrounding a table with a young man sporting bleached blond hair in the center. In front of the table, Mu Zi Xian was holding a tray while the young man was grabbing on to her sleeve and loudly shouting: "You f**king bitch! Are you blind? You're father's clothes cost a few thousand! Can even afford that?"

"You're the one who tripped me!" Mu Zi Xian's uniform had also been drenched and her hand even had a gash! Although her complexion was rather pale, she still maintained her strong personality.

She did have a very strong personality after all and would never let herself be bullied so easily.

"F**k! You still dare to defy me?" The blond man swung Mu Zi Xian's arm away and looked as though he wanted to hit her.

Suddenly the restaurant's owner ran out and hurriedly blocked Mu Zi Xian and said: "Brother Hui… Please… Little Xian is still young, she really doesn't know anything. You're a big man, pleaser don't hold this against her. Let's not fight before the new year. How much are your clothes? I'll pay for you!"

The blond man stared at the owner for awhile before disdainfully laughing: "Old Yu? Do you take me for some kind of extortionist? Let me tell you that I, Brother Hui, am not such a man!"

"I know! I know! Everyone knows about what a great guy you are Brother Hui! You're the protector off our entire district! This little bit of money is something I'm willing to pay..." Old Yu hurriedly replied.

"Alright then! I'm a reasonable man. Since you're so sincere then I won't say anymore lest I become a joke to my brothers! How about this then? My clothes are 8000 so we'll just round it to a nice full 10 000 for my mental trauma then!" The blond man arrogantly laughed.

"This…" Old Yu's face became slightly uneasy. Even though his restaurant could earn a few thousand a day, 10 000 dollars wasn't a sum that he would be able to bear so easily.

"Hm? Is something wrong?"

"N...No…" Old Yu forced a smile and hurriedly whispered to the accountant behind him: "Little Li, quickly go write a check for 10 000 for Brother Hui."

"Boss! We can't just give him the money like this! He did it on purpose!" Li Xue pointed at the blond man and exclaimed.

At this time, the owner's face darkened and he hurriedly tugged at Mu Zi Xian's sleeve and growled: "Shut up!"

Having been in business for so long, Old Yu already knew that the blond man had done this on purpose, however since the trouble had come his way there was nothing he could do but suck it up…

"That's right it was on purpose! What're you going to do about it?" The blond man coldly laughed.

"I'll report you!" Seeing that he was so full of himself, Mu Zi Xian took out her handphone and prepared to call the police.

The blond man immediately slapped the phone out of Mu Zi Xian's hands and threateningly growled: "I'm giving you face and you don't want it? Fine! This brave little girl is not bad anyway! Take her away!"

"Brother Hui you can't! She's a local! Her family lives nearby…" The owner quickly shouted.

"If anyone causes problems for you then say that this Brother Hui took her! I'm just playing abit… I won't break her…" The blond man leered as her stretched out a finger to touch Mu Zi Xian's cheek.

Suddenly, a large hand reached from behind Mu Zi Xian and grabbed the blond man's finger, snapping it in half while smashing it flat onto the back of this palm!

"Crack!" A series of cracking sounds rang out from the blond man's finger.

"Argggggghhhh!!!!!" The blond man instantly fell to his knees and squealed in agony.

"Honey… Why're you here…" Turning around, Mu Zi Xian saw Wang Yu standing behind her and immediately started tearing up.

She was still a woman after all. No matter how brave and strong she acted, in a situation like this it was expected that she would have been afraid. To prevent herself from being looked down on just now, she had been forcibly holding back her tears. However now that Wang Yu had appeared, she couldn't hold it back any longer.

Wang Yu pulled her into his embrace as he gently held Mu Zi Xian's cold and rigid hands in his palm while he lightly stroked her back and whispered: "Don't worry, I'm here now…"

Being in Wang Yu's embrace and feeling his hand on her back gave Mu Zi Xian and indescribable sense of comfort and she couldn't help but nod: "Ok…"