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Chapter 59: As Long As I Can Be With You

Chapter 59: As Long As I Can Be With You

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"Kill that f*cker for me!!!"

Brother Hui was the local tyrant and had always been the one bullying others, this was the first time in his life that he had ever been on the losing end. Unable to control his rage, he loudly shouted as he drew a dagger, slashing at Wang Yu.

Wang Yu pushed Mu Zi Xian behind himself, grabbing at Brother Hui's wrist, twisting his arms behind his head as he used his other hand to pull his elbow backwards.


The sound of bones breaking rang through the air. Brother Hui's shoulder blade had been swiftly broken, his arm limply hanging by his side.

In the blink of an eye, both of Brother Hui's arms had been broken. Silence filled the room as the crowd was overcome with horror.

Wang Yu coldly glared at Brother Hui, who was violently wailing in pain, without the slightest fluctuation in his expression.

Even though Wang Yu had been practicing martial arts for twenty one years, he had been forbidden by his clan's rules to ever use his skills on normal people. Up till this date, this had only been the third time that Wang Yu had ever used his skills outside of sparring.

The first time was three years ago, the other time was when he met Li Xue and this was the third time.

Twice he had displayed his martial arts for the sake of Mu Zi Xian, once it had been an act of bravery. Even if had been for the right reasons, the consequences would have been extremely severe if his family had found out.

But Wang Yu did not hesitate at all.

Right now, he only had Mu Zi Xian, his lover and his family. These two heavily relied on each other, even though they were rather poor, but Mu Zi Xian had never grumbled or complained.

At this very moment in time, what use was martial arts if he could not protect the only person that was precious to him?

Wang Family? This was already a thing of the past!

While he was deep in thought, Brother Hui's lackeys had already drawn their daggers and were rushing over.

Wang Yu kicked the dagger out of the person leading the pack, sending out three strikes with his right palm.


Three resounding sounds pierced the silence as three men were went flying, crashing into the table nearby.

"Get that woman!"

A skinny man, one of Brother Hui's lackey's, commanded. After seeing how fierce Wang Yu was, he decided that it would be wiser to ignore Wang Yu and deal with Mu Zi Xian instead.

Wang Yu had an impeccable vision and was extremely ruthless with his attacks. These lackey's naturally did not want to have to deal with this kind of demon, quickly making the decision to switch targets.

Wang Yu's expression hardened when he heard these words, fiercely grabbing the closest person to him, throwing him on the floor. Without wasting any time or words Wang Yu raised his foot and violently stomped on his elbow.


That person silently whimpered as he lay on the ground, his elbow had been shattered right beside his ear...

Breaking bones and severing tendons, this was an extremely ancient style of martial arts that had currently been adapted and revised for the military. This style was known as Critical Break, it was extremely simple to learn and was rough and effective.

The person that had been tasked with creating this style of martial arts was none other than Wang Yu's grandfather. Wang Yu had been exposed to this style of martial arts from a tender age and was even more proficient in using it that the special forces in the army.

Everyone else in the shop had been scared out of their minds by the sickening sounds of bones being snapped, silence filled the air.

Other than the skinny man, every other thug in the shop had been beaten senseless, flung on the floor and had their elbows broken by Wang Yu, not dislocated, but completely shattered!

The skinny man had been so frightened by Wang Yu's ruthlessness that he had pissed himself, shaking uncontrollably as he said: "Don't.... don't come over, or I'll call the police..."

"I'm just playing around, why do you have to be so serious?" Wang Yu coldly laughed.

"AHHHH!!!" The skinny man miserably shouted as he turned to run away. Wang Yu stretched out his leg, tripping the man before shattering his elbow, just like everyone else.

How could the bones of such a petite man possibly withstand the force of Wang Yu's attack? His elbow was easily shattered with a single blow from Wang Yu.

The people present were stupefied...

Was this the martial arts they had always read about in books? To think that they would see martial arts, which they only saw in old movies, in the flesh...

"This..." Wang Yu sheepishly glanced at the crowd.

Everyone immediately retreated.

"What the f*ck, don't tell me this guy has gone crazy! Does he want to deal with us too?"

"You guys won't report this to the police right..." Wang Yu hesitantly asked.

"We won't! We won't!" Everyone vigorously shook their heads.

Humans were animals too, still possessing many animal instincts. If not for the fact that a violent brawl was going on, they would have immediately ran they saw how easily Wang Yu had crushed his opponents, who would even bother to report it to the police?

"Mr Hero, how should I address you?" The owner asked Wang Yu, fear written all over his face.

"Wang Yu! Mu Zi Xian's husband!" Wang Yu replied.

"Hero Wang, how am I going to continue operating my shop now that you've beaten Brother Hui to a pulp here..." Old Yu was at a loss.

But this was the reality. Most people would rather offend their benefactors than offend a villian, this really was the unfair reality. This was precisely the reason that the Wang family did not permit their disciples to interfere with the outside world.

Wang Yu took a good look at Old Yu. He was already in his late fifties, he could not afford to start anything from scratch.

Wang Yu walked over to Brother Hui, talking a jade pendant off his neck and stuffing it into Brother Hui's neck as he said: "I was in a rush so I didn't bring any money out, I'll give this to you instead. Don't ever come back here to trouble anyone, got it?"

Brother Hui meekly nodded his head in agreement, not daring to go against Wang yu's wishes

"Alright, he says that he won't come back again in the future, but if he does just give me a call, I live very nearby!" Wang Yu stood up and declared.

"Ah... ok!" Old Yu nodded in agreement.

"Honey let's go! This place isn't safe, don't come back in the future!" Wang Yu held Mu Zi Xian's hand as he spoke.

"But I haven't received my pay..." Mu Zi Xian explained. After this whole incident, she had no intentions of coming back again even if Wang Yu had not mentioned this point. However this silly girl still had to gall to ask for her salary.

"Here... this is your pay." Old Yu quickly handed over the 10 000 dollars to her.

Wang Yu chuckled when the received the money, taking out five 100 dollar bills.

"She's worked for five days, the daily wages here are 80, so that's 400 in total. I'll take another 100 to reward my wife if you don't mind..."

"I don't mind! Please, take it!" Old Yu hurriedly replied.

Wang Yu returned the money to Old Yu. Naturally Old Yu would not mind, but didn't this put him on the same level as Brother Hui?

"Your jade pendant is worth alot of money right..." Mu Zi Xian complained as they walked out of the shop.

"Yup!" Wang Yu indifferently replied.

This jade pendant was something that were given to all the disciples of the Wang family. As someone with a very prominent status in the family, Wang Yu's pendant was naturally even more valuable.

"Then we should take it back from them!" Mu Zi Xian protested when she heard that the pendant was extremely valuable.

"Forget about it! It's just a piece of jade. As long as I can be with you I don't need anything else!"

Mu Zi Xian faintly smiled as she laughed: "Stop with all these sweet nothings, if I don't have a job, we won't even have the money to buy provisions to celebrate the new year's eve..."

"I do!" Wang Yu cheekily laughed

"Che, how much do you even have?"

"Is 1 million enough for you???"

"Are you serious?" Mu Zi Xian squealed.

"Just go look at that card I gave you..."

"Alright alright, who knew professional gamers could earn so much money, even I'm tempted to give it a try." Mu Zi Xian replied

"Then let's play together, I'll buy the equipment for you later on..."

"Then where are we going now?"

"To buy supplies to celebrate new year's eve!" Wang Yu exclaimed.