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Chapter 61: Elite Dungeon

Chapter 61: Elite Dungeon

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The next day after breakfast, the game had already finished updating. Wang Yu turned on his laptop and began checking the patch notes, and it was exactly as Mu Zi Xian had said last night. There really was a Chinese New Year event added in the game!

For more information on the quest, players had to accept the quest in game. The quest would be released at 12 noon and players could still enter dungeons in the meantime.

Right as Wang Yu was about to log in, there was a knocking sound from the living room's door.

"Coming! Coming!" As Wang Yu was about to get up and answer the door, Mu Zi Xian who was in the kitchen dried her hands and ran out. Opening the door she realised that it was a lady outside.

This lady had a short stature, a very well-proportioned figure and a pair of large beautiful eyes that's gave off a sense of purity. This lady was currently holding a small basket in her hands.

"Yes? Who're you looking for?" My Zi Xian asked the unknown lady.

The lady lightly laughed as she pointed at the opposite house and said: "I'm not here to look for anyone. I just moved in recently and thought that I'd come over and greet you! Please take care off me in future!" As she spoke, the lady handed the basket to Mu Zi Xian and said: "It's just a small gift, please accept it."

Mu Zi Xian tilted her head in confusion before looking over the lady's shoulder and saw that she did seem as though she had just left the house. Relaxing slightly, Mu Zi Xian accepted the the basket and said: "Of course of course. Neighbours are better than distant relatives anyway. Taking care of each other is natural! Come in come in…"

"Thank you!" The lady nodded and followed Mu Zi Xian into the house.

"Please make yourself at home, I'll go get you some tea. Honey! We have a guest! Play your game later…" Mu Zi Xian shouted as she rushed to prepare the tea.

After entering the house, the lady carefully inspected the the house before finally sitting and the sofa abs saying: "Is it just you and your husband living together?"

"No no the two rooms on the right are rented out to four girls. They're part of a gaming studio." Mu Zi Xian replied.

"Ohhhhh ok then." The lady nodded.

At this time, Wang Yu walked out of the room and numbly stared at the lady before asking: "Who are you?"

After scrutinizing Wang Yu from head to toe, the lady laughed: "My name is Yang Nuo, but you can call me Little Yang!"

"My name is Wang Yu." Wang Yu awkwardly introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you Mr Wang." After this short exchange, the two of them awkwardly sat opposite each other in silence.

"Well I'll just go work first, you guys can continue chatting." Seeing that Mu Zi Xian return, Wang Yu hurriedly bade farewell and disappeared back into his room.

Watching Wang Yu practically run away, Yang Nuo asked: "What is Brother Yu's job?"

"Ai… it's really not much. He's just playing a game." Mu Zi Xian replied.



"That game's all the rage now! Do you play it too Mrs Wang?" Yang Nuo asked again.

"Well I was considering starting actually… Do you play too?" Mu Zi Xian laughed.

"I'm not much better than Mrs Wang. I just started yesterday actually. Why don't we train together in future?" Yang Nuo giggled.

"Ok sure! But you better not look down on me. I may look like this but I still have some abilities!" As a customer service operator, Mu Zi Xian had some confidence in herself.

"Well then you can bring me around! I'm called "Clear Snow". Just add me when you join the game!"

"Sure!" Mu Zi Xian beamed.

"Well it's not early anymore so I won't take up anymore of your time. I still need to finish cooking! If you ever have time do come over and play!" As she finished speaking, Yang Nuo stood up.

"Alright! Come over anytime in future!" Mu Zi Xian replied.

After Yang Nuo left, Mu Zi Xian happily bounced back to the room only to see Wang Yu silently sitting on the bed with a troubled expression.

"What's wrong honey? Are you feeling unwell?"

"I'm fine… Is that woman gone?" Wang Yu asked.

"Yes she's gone!" Mu Zi Xian answered.

After glancing at the bedroom door, Wang Yu suddenly said: "That lady isn't an ordinary person. It's best if you didn't interact with her too much in future."

"Huh? Why?"

"A lithe yet robust figure with such powerful and drawn out breaths isn't something you can achieve without more than 10 years of training with a family's secret techniques!" Wang Yu explained.

"What? Are you sure? She knows martial arts?" Mu Zi Xian gasped in shock.

She was under the impression that all martial artists were big and burly like those in the Wang family. Who would have thought that a petite lady like that was one of them as well?

"Yes, I definitely didn't see it wrongly. Furthermore her surname is Yang, I suspect… No! We need to move away now!" The more Wang Yu spoke, the darker his expression became.

"Come on! There's so many people with the surname Yang! Look at you acting all scared! Aren't we living just fine now? If we move away then what about the house?" Mu Zi Xian giggled.

"That might be true, but number of Yangs who know such powerful martial arts are really too few… They might not dare to act against me, but I'm worried they go after you…" Wang Yu solemnly replied.

"Don't worry about it. Miss Yang looks very amiable so she definitely isn't that kind of person! I'm quite good at reading people!" Mu Zi Xian tried to comfort Wang Yu.

"Ok… but try to interact with her less in future ok?" Wang Yu insisted.

It wasn't easy for the two of them to finally settle down so Wang Yu didn't want to unnecessarily uproot their family without any concrete evidence either.

"I know I know! I'll be careful ok?" Mu Zi Xian patted Wang Yu and tried to comfort him.

"Ai… Sister Xian, following me really has been hard on you…" Wang Yu bitterly laughed as the stroked Mu Zi Xian's head.

"What are you talking about? As long as I'm with you nothing's too hard for me!" Mu Zi Xian gently smiled. "And Howe many times do I need to tell you? Call me darling or honey! Not Sister Xian! I'm your wife now!"

"Yes darling!" Wang Yu nodded as he handed a helmet to Mu Zi Xian and said: "Let's play then! I've already set your helmet up."


"Upon entering the game, Wang Yu realised that it had indeed changed drastically.

The streets were currently filled with bright festive lights, with many buildings painted bright red!

For a western game to suddenly have such a transformation really did have a special atmosphere to it.

The moment Wang Yu logged in, he immediately received a message from the Quan Zhen Sect: "Quickly come to the headquarters! We're waiting for you!"

"Ok!" Wang Yu quicker replied add the left the inn and walked towards the teleporter and instantly teleported away.

Right now, the guild headquarters was a bright red. The entrance even had bamboo fire crackers and spring couplets!

In the conference room, the rest were currently sprawled on the tables and waiting for Wang Yu with impatient expressions.

"Why's everyone in such a rush? Are we playing 8 man mahjong?"

"Play your ass! We're all waiting for you to divide the money!" Ming Du slammed the table and shouted as he fired a [Lightning Blast] behind Wang Yu.

"F**k! Are you looking for death Old Li?" Wang Yu jumped in shock and walked towards Ming Du.

In response, Ming Du immediately got out off his chair and said: "Brother Bull, please sit…"

After Wang Yu sat down, then seven of them stared at Frost Blade with eyes full of anticipation.

When Ming Du brought up money, Wang Yu suddenly remembered he had bet 200 gold coins yesterday!

Seeing everyone staring at him expectantly, Frost Blade simply sat there motionless.

"F**k! Frost Blade what're you waiting for? Hurry up!" Ming Du began cursing again.

"Hehe I just wanted to see how impatient you guys would be!" Frost Blade laughed.

"F**k! Why don't you just change your name to Cheap Blade then!" Ming Du scolded.

Shaking his head Spring Halo said: "I think those people who use their real names in hashes are the true cheapskates…"

"F**k You Brother Spring!"

"Hahaha! Alright I won't play anymore!" Having had enough fun, Frost Blade took out a enormous pile of gold coins from his bag.

Seeing this immense mountain of gold on the table Vainglory eyes nearly popped out of his head and exclaimed: "F**k me! I've never seen so much money I'm my life!"

"Too bad only one coin is meant for you…" Frost Blade lightly laughed. With that he pulled out his dagger and causally flicked one in front of Vainglory.

Picking up the coin, Vainglory had a complicated expression as he mumbled: " This is the first time I've ever earned money… There's too much sentimental value… I'll keep this safely somewhere else…"

Coins would just turn into numbers the moment it entered the bag. What could this silly little kid even do? Bury the coin?

"Little Crotchy this is yours!" Frost Blade declared as he flicked another coin to Crotch Lord.

"If I knew earlier then I would still have bet more…" Crotch Lord grimaced.

"At least you won something! 1 gold coin is better than none!" Vainglory tried to comfort him.

"I understand but I just can't accept how someone like Old Li is getting 100 gold coins…" Crotch Lord grumbled.

"Well… he's one of the shameless people who use their real names…"

Boson and Fearless got 500 gold coins while Frost Blade and Spring Halo received 1000 gold coins. Despite this, the mountain didn't get any smaller…

Looking at the pile on the table, everyone felt slightly depressed.

20 000 gold coins! Everyone else was slaving away to earn even 1 gold coin and yet Wang Yu had earned enough gold to drown him all at once!

"Haha! I guess this is all mine then…" Under the envious gazes of the others, Wang Yu licked his lips and swept the coins into his bag.

Following this, Frost Blade took out a small bag of coins and said: "That Obsidian tier weapon was sold for 240 gold coins in the auction. The eight of us get 30 each!"

When it came to Wang Yu's turn, Wang Yu generously Waved his hand and said: "You can keep it to buy drinks!" As the owner of 20 000 gold coins, Wang Yu was now the richest player in the game!

"Bullshit! Of course I'm not giving it to you!" Friday Blade glared at Wang Yu as he kept the money.

"Brother Bull, this is the money I owe you from yesterday." Spring Halo spoke as he took out 100 gold coins and passed them to Wang Yu.

Wang Yu simply laughed and said: "You can keep the money. Just treat it as my red packet to you and your family… By the way, thank you for yesterday!"

"Huh?" Spring Halo was very confused. Why would Wang Yu randomly thank him for?

Naturally, Spring Halo wouldn't have know that if it wasn't for him reminding Wang Yu abit the new year, Wang Yu wouldn't have went to find Mu Zi Xian. If that happened, she might already have been taken advantage of. In Wang Yu's eyes, Mu Zi Xian was more valuable than all the money in the world!

After the money was split, Fearless clapped his hands and asked: "Since we still have a few hours until the new year's quest, is there anything you guys want to do now?"

"Clear a dungeon?" Wang Yu suggested. Out of everyone present, he was the only one that had yet to clear any dungeon even once!

"There's eight of us so no matter how we split ourselves we won't ever have two full teams!" Boson replied.

"What kind of trash game is this? So the eight of us can't play together?"

"We can! In the Elite Blood-Soaked Church!" Fearless declared.