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Chapter 62: Just Do Whatever You Want!

Chapter 62: Just Do Whatever You Want!

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"An Elite tier dungeon? That's not a bad idea actually. At the very least it'll give us a challenge." Hearing Fearless' suggestion, the others nodded in agreement.

Honestly the only people who would have agreed to this suggestion were the idiots in the Quan Zhen Sect. If it was another group, they would have already been cursing Fearless.

Dungeons in <<REBIRTH were split into five tiers. Normal, Elite, Abyss, Nightmare, Hell.

Monsters inside the dungeons were also very difficult to deal with. Even the ordinary monsters in a normal tier dungeon were already elite monsters! This meant that they were much stronger than other normal monsters at the same level.

Hence, even if it was a normal dungeon, players still needed to try a few times before they could form a strategy and clear it! Much less an Elite tier dungeon.

One key difference between virtual reality and traditional computer games was that players had to personally face the monsters. Not only were their reaction speed and decision making important, their courage and fighting skills played a huge role too!

In such a situation, people who knew how to fight would naturally have an advantage.

However, there weren't many people who knew how to fight anyway so most players were still struggling to adapt. Since most of the players were nerds who hid in their parents basements, they would hardly be able to do more in real life than run away. This was one of the biggest reasons there were so little Pugilists.

One inch longer, one inch stronger. This was a very common saying. People without any fighting experience wouldn't be able to fight against other humans, let alone monsters!

Fearing that the game would be too difficult and players would lose interest, the designers reduced the strength of monsters in the wild to give players some room to adjust.

However, even though they did this, during beta testing the experts off traditional computer games still destroyed by the monsters in the dungeon. Hence, the level 10 dungeon, Blood-Soaked Church had been changed to a level 15 dungeon to lower the difficulty.

In the eyes of the general population, the Elite Version of this dungeon should only be done after level 20.

Of course to this group of monsters who could complete a Headquarters Defense Quest, challenging an Elite tier dungeon wasn't much. If they had enough people then they would have challenged the Hell tier!

Since the Blood-Soaked Church was the first dungeon in <<REBIRTH, it's normal tier was a five man dungeon.

Elite tier was for five to ten players and abyss was for at least ten players.

When the eight of them arrived at the Blood-Soaked Church, there were already a few level 15 teams gathered outside.

Seeing the Quan Zhen Sect approach, many players silently thought: "How is a eight man team going to enter a five man dungeon?"

"Could they be entering an Elite tier dungeon…" Someone suggested.

"Are you kidding? You're father almost got team wiped in Normal tier yesterday! Trying Elite is just asking for death!"

"Pffft! Just because you can't do it doesn't mean that others can't either!"

"F**k your mother! This lord is an elite member of the Sanguine Alliance!"

"Then why don't you see what guild the guys are from!"

When the crowd stopped arguing and observed this group, they noticed that all eight of them had the emblem of ying yang fish. Furthermore, the one on one of the Pugilists even gave of a lifelike feeling!

"F**k me! It's the Quan Zhen Sect!"

When the spectators realised that it was the Quan Zhen Sect, they didn't have any other suspicions.

Since these madmen were able to complete a Headquarters Defense quest, clearing an Elite Dungeon was pretty reasonable as well.

"Hpmh! What a bunch of posers. With that cheap way of defending the headquarters they're nothing more than the biggest jokes in the game! Dungeons don't have any bottlenecks for them to abuse!" The member of the Sanguine Alliance mocked.

"No matter what you say, strategy is a part of your strength you know."

"Hmph! Under the suppression of absolute strength, all strategies are useless! Just wait and see!"


"We've all already cleared this dungeon so I'm sure everyone has a basic understanding of it. As long as everyone does their jobs well and doesn't run amok we can clear this understand?" Fearless nagged in the guild chat.

"Yes yes we know… you don't need to talk so much nonsense man! It's not like we're beginners!" The rest impatiently grumbled.

"Reporting to guild leader! I've never entered a dungeon! What should I do later?" Wang Yu raised his hand and asked.

"..." Everyone had nearly forgotten that they had a beginner with them. He might have been insanely monstrous, but he was still a beginner…

"You…" Fearless scratched his head. "Just do whatever you want! As long as you don't get everyone killed or get in our way anything's fine!"

For this demon, Fearless didn't think that any special plans were necessary.

"Ok!" Wang Yu nodded.

"Let's go!"

With a flash of light, the eight of them entered the Blood-Soaked Church.

<System Notification: Your party had entered the Elite dungeon "Blood-Soaked Church".

Clear conditions: Kill Fallen Nun -- Andrea

Failure conditions: All members are killed

After entering the Blood-Soaked Church, the sky gradually changed from day to night.

The setting sun in the sky slowly morphed into a blood red moon.

The red moonlight that shone on the forest around the church added an atmosphere of mystery and dread. The place where they had spawned was the courtyard of the church. In the courtyard as well were four grey skeletons holding sabers and patrolling the grounds. At a corner of the wall, there were four large dogs sleeping.

From the quest description, Wang Yu had learnt that this church was originally known as the Twilight Church. It was the largest Church in the entire city and many citizens would come to worship.

After the darkness spread, the nun in charge of the church had been corrupted while hundreds of citizens were worshipping. Using the power of darkness, she collected their souls and sacrificed their bodies! Ever since that incident, this once holy place of worship had become a cursed forbidden ground.

"Frost Blade, quickly go open the door!" fearless commanded.

When they were challenging the dungeon yesterday, Fearless had realised that using [Lockpick] to open the church's doors wouldn't alert the sleeping Dark Demon Hounds.

Fearless and Boson had both played the beta and knew that the Blood-Soaked Church was split into three areas, the courtyard, the halls and the inner sanctum.

Each area had its own boss.

The first boss was the one in the courtyard, Hell Hound Gasol. Luckily this stupid dog only knew how to sleep. The condition to summon it was to kill the four Dark Demon Hounds.

Gasol was a dexterity type boss with high attack and speed. Furthermore, being an animal shaped boss, he had 80% resistance to crowd control and 30% resistance to magic attacks.

Because of this, physical attacks were the most effective. However the Quan Zhen Sect didn't have any archers. Since Spring Halo and Crotch Lord couldn't control it the team had been wiped out!

To the Quan Zhen Sect, this Gasol was even harder to deal with than Andrea. If they could avoid fighting him then they would save more than half the effort!

"Ok!" Acknowledging Fearless' command, Frost Blade took out a small tool and pushed it into the lock.

"Ka-cha!" The door opened without any effort…

Thief passive skill-[Lockpick]! If a Thief couldn't even pick a lock then what kind of Thief was he?

The moment the door opened, the four skeletons immediately turned towards them and ran over.

"Attack!" With a shout from Fearless the rest immediately formed up and attacked the skeletons.

There wasn't a person in the Quan Zhen Sect who wasn't an expert in his own right. Coupled with their top grade equipment and Wang Yu on their side, a few skeletons weren't even considered an appetizer!

In the blink of an eye the four skeletons were ground to dust.

Wang Yu felt as thought something was still lacking so he looked around and realised that there were still the Dark Demon Hounds in the corner and excitedly shouted: "There's still some here!"

Before Fearless could even reply, Wang Yu already jumped forward and kicked one of them in the jaw! With a yelp all of the Dark Demon Hounds jumped up and growled.

"Iron Bull! F**k your mother!"