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Chapter 63: Hell Hound Gasol

Chapter 63: Hell Hound Gasol

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<Dark Demon Hound (LV 20) (Elite)

HP: 10000

MP: 1000

Skills: [Eviscerate], [Scratch], [Lunge], [Dark Corrosion].

The Dark Demon Hound was a dexterity type monster with high attack and low defence. Even though it was a level 20 elite monster, it only had 10000 hp.

Without equipment like a human-shaped enemy, these monsters couldn't withstand Wang Yu's barrage.

[Lateral Kick], [Crushing Blow], [Choke]!

In one combo, Wang Yu had already nearly beaten the poor hound to death! With an additional [Rippling Wave], Wang Yu had reduced it to a corpse.

Seeing this, Fearless and the rest were completely stunned… It was over… They were f**ked…

Ming Du inherently started cursing and shouted at Fearless: "This is all your fault! You just told him to do whatever he wanted! This is just great! We could barely fight this boss in normal and now…"

<System Notification: You have been muted by party leader Fearless

"F**k!" Ming Du cursed again.

"What's wrong guys?" Looking at the team's expressions, Wang Yu was slightly confused.

Out of everyone here, only Wang Yu hadn't cleared the dungeon before. So it was only natural that he didn't know the rest wanted to avoid Gasol.

"Brother Bull… Next time please think before you act ok? Or at least ask us first… If you just attack everything you see like this you'll get us all killed…" Spring Halo advised.

"What's wrong?" The more they said the more confused he got. He had just killed the Demon Hound in a combo so why was he endangering everyone?

"Because the first boss isn't easy to deal with, it's a waste of time!" Boson finally explained to Wang Yu the reason that they were so worked up.

"Ohhhhhh! So it's like that huh! Why didn't you just say that you guys don't deal enough damage?" Wang Yu nodded understandingly.

"Urk...." Being looked down on like that by Wang Yu really was a heavy blow to their pride.

Although this was true, hearing someone say it out loud still hurt.

"It's not that we aren't a match for him, it's just that we can't be bothered to deal with him! What's the point of a human fighting with a dog anyway? It's too much of a disgrace…" Fearless shamelessly replied.

"Yes yes yes. Fearless is right! If a dog bites you are you going to bite it back?" The others hurriedly nodded. They really didn't want to be thought of as weaker than a dog.

"What're you guys talking about? This is just a game anyway! What's more this dog is a boss! He'll drop us some good loot!" Wang Yu laughed.

"F**k man! Just pretend this is real…" Wang Yu's words had brought the others to the point of tears.

"Forget it! Since the monsters have already be angered then just fight! Iron Bull! You better make sure you can fully occupy the boss!"

"Got it!" Wang Yu confidently rubbed his palms together and replied. Wang Yu's favourite activity was challenging stronger opponents after all.

Under the combined attacks of the eight of them, the three remaining Dark Demon Hounds were quickly dispatched.

After the last Dark Demon Hound had died, the four courses dissolved into beams of black light which floated into the air.

Soon, all the dark energy flooded to the centre of the courtyard and slowly formed a large monster.

The monster had four legs and stood close to two meters tall! It large bloody claws and fiery eyes with a snake-like tail. It didn't look like a dog in any way!

<Hell Hound Gasol (LV 25)

HP: 200000

MP: 5000

Skills: [Eviscerate], [Scratch], [Lunge], [Dark Corrosion], [Hemophile]

"Oh damn! There's a dog that looks like this? What kind of breed is it?" Wang Yu gasped.

"It should be a mongrel! The head is a grey wolf, it's body is a Tibetan mastiff and its claws should be a bulldog's…" Vainglory expertly analysed.

"Oooooh! An expert!" Being able to accurately determine the different breeds like this really was an impressive feat.

"My family has a few large dogs…" Vainglory humbly replied.

"Hey! We're fighting a boss here not discussing dog breeds! Iron Bull, do you have confidence in handling it?"

"I'll try!" Wang Yu lightly warmed up before charging forward.

In all honesty, this was the first time that Wang Yu had seen such a large dog so there was some uncertainty in his heart. However the larger it was the more weaknesses it had! Wang Yu understood this so he did have some confidence.


Right as Wang Yu reached Gasol's body, it had just finished materialising and he growled: "So it's you fools who…"



Before Gasol even had the chance to finish speaking, Wang Yu had already delivered a vicious blow to his lower jaw. This kick had flung Gasol's head backwards and almost caused him to bite his tongue off!

"Oh shit! I'm so sorry! I didn't realise that you could talk…" Wang Yu hurriedly apologised.

As a martial artist, Wang Yu had placed great importance on courtesy. If two people hadn't finished talking, then it wasn't right to just attack. Who would have thought that this dog could talk? Seeing this, Wang Yu naturally started treating him like as sparring partner.

"Awoooo!" Gasol naturally wasn't as principled as Wang Yu. Since his speech had been disrupted, he immediately lunged forward and clawed towards Wang Yu.

"F**k!" Wang Yu was startled by Gasol.

As a dexterity type boss, Gasol's speed was almost as fast as the buffed Howard!

As a result, even though Wang Yu could see the claw, the couldn't avoid it at all! He could only [Energy Shield] to tank the blow.


Since the two of them were so near to each other, even though Wang Yu had tried to use a skill to cushion the impact, how could he compare to the strength of a beast? This one blow had immediately sent him flying away!

This one attack by Gasol had been his [Scratch] and it even had a paralyzing effect… In mid-air, Wang Yu was rather helpless when he realised that he couldn't balance himself as he wished. He had no choice but to wait until he hit the ground before flipping to his feet. Checking his health, Wang Yu was shocked to realise that this live attack had cost him 60% of his health!

"Truly an expert! Even in failure, he's still so graceful!" The rest clapped.

The rest of them weren't mocking Wang Yu when they clapped. In a virtual reality game like this, ordinary people wouldn't have been able to recover from a fall as beautifully as Wang Yu.

"Enough nonsense! This boss is really fierce. I don't think that even Crotch Lord can tank it." Wang Yu seriously said.

Crotch Lord was a Guardian and even had an armour set so his physical defense was now 130. Wang Yu's defense was 110 so it wasn't low either.

Even using a defensive skill, Wang Yu had still lost 60% of his health! Even if Crotch Lord used his shield to block, he wouldn't be able to last very long.

Although Gasol wasn't anywhere near the Gold grade Wharton in terms of attributes , he was a dexterity type… What Wang Yu had the most problem with now were dexterity type bosses.

"What's wrong Brother Bull? Even you can't handle it?" The rest gasped. Wang Yu's strength was acknowledged by all of them. If he fought the seven of them together it wouldn't even have been a challenge! If even he thought that the boss was powerful then didn't this mean they were all doomed to die?

"How can a man say he can't handle something!" Wang Yu cracked his knuckles and declared.

In the time that they were talking, Gasol had attacked again. He opened his bloody maw and released a dark coloured mist.

"This is [Dark Corrosion]! It reduces movement speed by 80%! Quickly run!" Fearless shouted.

Having cleared this dungeon before, the rest weren't strangers to this skill. The moment Gasol had opened his mouth, they quickly ran for cover.

The only one who didn't know what was going on was Wang Yu. By the time he heard Fearless' shout, the mist was already approaching him. Wang Yu hurriedly used [Rippling Wave] on the ground and borrowed the force of the explosion to propel himself away. Activating [Ghost], Wang Yu hurriedly retreated. However, Gasol had already locked onto Wang Yu and lunged towards him.

"Urk!" Wang Yu hurriedly kicked the nearby wall and changed directions. With a back flip, Wang Yu avoided Gasol's attacked and landed in the middle of the mist.

"Save him!" Fearless immediately commanded. Spring Halo quickly summoned his four ghosts to block Wang Yu and cast [Distortion] around him.

Ming Du waved his staff and used [Lightning Blast] at Gasol's face.

Fearless quickly cast a few healing spells on Wang Yu.

Since the others were all melee classes, the only thing they could do to help now was to stand in front and block them.