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Chapter 64: Ground Fist

Chapter 64: Ground Fist

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Gasol had a 30% Magic immunity and 80% immunity to control spells. No matter how strong they currently were, both Ming Du and Spring Halo could barely deal and damage to Gasol.

In the blink of an eye, Gasol had once again started to charge towards Wang Yu.

"It's over!" Spring Halo's expression turned serious as he directed his ghosts to Wang Yu, ordering them to die on his behalf.

Gasol's freakishly high Attack Damage was something even Crotch Lord wouldn't be able to handle, let alone Spring Halo's ghosts that weren't meant to be tanks.

Gasol easily killed them with a casual blow.

Just as Wang Yu was about to be bitten to death before their very eyes, Wang Yu suddenly bent over and rolled below Gasol's belly, raising his fist to attack it.

This was one of the many illogical points in the game. After being hit by [Dark Corrosion], Wang Yu's movement speed had been greatly reduced, but his rolling speed remained unaffected and his attack speed did not decrease either.

Gasol, who was in the midst of an attack, suddenly lost sight of Wang Yu and began to frantically search for him when it mysteriously received an attack from below.

"Awooo!!!" Gasol flew into a rage, turning behind as it slashed out with its vicious claws. But Wang Yu had rolled away yet again, this time rolling to its lower abdomen as he mercilessly unleashed a brutal kick to its nether region.


As a player who used the Independent Mode, Wang Yu had activated [Lateral Kick] when he had previously attacked, striking so hard that Gasol's hind legs even lifted off the ground.

This style of martial arts that Wang Yu used was not randomly created on the spot, it was known as Ground Fist. This style of martial arts mainly centered around rolling, falling, kicking and slamming as its main attacks. Even though it had a very plain name, this a very sophisticated style of martial arts.

This style of martial arts was created in the past to allow foot soldiers to fight calvary troops, relying on the nimble movements of the foot soldiers to attack the weakest parts of the horses. Even though this didn't mean that foot soldiers were able to decimate calvary troops, it did greatly reduce the casualty rate of the foot soldiers to the bare minimum.

The Ground Fist style had been passed on from one generation to another, till this very day.


Gasol howled in rage as it activated [Hemophile], attacking Wang Yu once more.

Wang Yu calmly rolled backwards, reaching the area below Gasol's throat as he supported he back with his two arms, lashing out a vicious kick with his right leg.

Gasol's throat was a vital area, quickly lowering its head to bite Wang Yu. But at this exact moment, Wang Yu had unleashed his attack, the clash of this two counteracting forces had resulted in Gasol taking significant damage.


A large red number floated up above Gasol's head.

"What the f*ck! Is this guy even human!"

As they watch this battle between man and beast, everyone that had previously said that Wang Yu would die was thoroughly shocked.

Even though Wang Yu had previously fought Wharton all by himself, this was a completely different case altogether.

Wharton was a strength type boss, his movements were slow and he only had three skills. All you had to do was to carefully watch his movements and you would be able to evade all his attacks.

But this Hell Hound Gasol was different. Not only did it possess immense speed and high attack, it even had a skill to reduce the opponent's speed...

When they saw that Wang Yu had been struck by [Dark Corrosion], they had assumed that Wang Yu would be dead for sure. But who would have thought that this fellow would still be so spectacular even after losing 80% of his movement speed?

"Since Uncle Bull is over there fighting the boss, it isn't very nice of us to just be standing here watching..." Vainglory mumbled as he watched Wang Yu in an awestruck manner. After watching his stellar performance, Vainglory started to feel his blood boil and was itching to fight.

"But if we join like this won't we cause the boss the boss' aggro to change over to one of us?" Crotch Lord hesitantly replied. As a Guardian, the job of pulling a boss would usually fall on Crotch Lord and the thing he feared the most was the boss switching its aggro to someone else in the party. But now he was afraid that the boss would switch aggro to him...

"Relax, Iron Bull's damage is so high, there's no way that the boss will switch aggro to any of us, we're free to attack however we please!" Fearless laughed as he casted [Holy Sphere] towards Gasol.

[Holy Sphere] was extremely effective against darkness type monsters, this meant that even Priest's could deal damage in this map, allowing these 'nurses' to blow off some steam.

The other members of the guild immediately reacted, bravely activating their skills and attacking Gasol.

What Fearless said was not wrong, none of them would be able to surpass the damage that Wang Yu was dealing to the boss. Amongst the rest, Frost Blade had the highest damage, but even he only managed to reduce the boss' health by 800, hardly comparable to Wang Yu.

Wang Yu continued rolling around and attacking the boss, firmly keeping it occupied in the same spot as the others freely attacked Gasol. Even until to moment that it had died, it still had not noticed the other seven members of the Quan Zhen Sect.

"Haha, to think it was so simple!"

"That's right, this old man didn't even need to use a single potion..."

"It's really all thanks to Brother Bull. If it was me, I wouldn't be able to distract it so perfectly."

The others could hardly believe that they had managed to kill Gasol so effortlessly, wearing wide smiles on their faces, completely forgetting the fact that they were so afraid of it initially.

Wang Yu finally got up from the ground as he comfortable stretched his waist, kicking Gasol's corpse as he asked: "Hm? How come he didn't drop any equipments? Don't tell me there's still a quest to do?"

Wang Yu had never fought in the dungeon before and didn't know how the bosses in the dungeon were programmed, he even thought that he had encountered another boss like Howard.

"The corpses of these dungeon bosses don't just disappear, we need to search for the items ourselves. Whatever we get depends on our luck." Boson explained.

"Really? That's interesting..." Wang Yu bent down after he heard Boson's explanation, reaching towards Gasol's body to search for items.

"Iron Bull, are you sure you're capable, if you don't have much luck then don't carelessly touch the copse." Everyone worriedly spoke.

But by the time everyone had voiced their concern, Wang Yu had already touched the corpse of Gasol.

"Let's just hope he had beginner's luck..."

At this moment, Wang Yu had received the first item.

<Hell Tooth (Crossbow) (Bronze)

Physical Attack: 25 - 37

Magic Damage: 0 - 5



[Entangle] (Passive): 10% chance to reduce the target's speed by 60%

Level Requirement: 15


Everyone was speechless, of the eight members of the Quan Zhen Sect, they only lacked Archers and Knights, why did he have to get a crossbow, his luck really wasn't good...

"Uncle Bull, can you do it or not, if you carry on like this even I'll get angry..." Vainglory whined.

"Stop nagging..."

After getting a piece of trash like that, even Wang Yu was embarrassed, turning around to glare at Vainglory before trying to search the corpse again, pulling out a spear this time.

Everyone sighed, opening the menu to look at the spear's attributes.

<Hell Spear (Spear) (Bronze)

Physical Attack: 12 - 50

Magic Damage: 12 - 25

+7 Vitality

+6 Strength


[Darkness] (Passive): When attack, the opponent receives an additional 10 darkness damage

Job requirement: Crusader

Level Requirement: 15

"What the f*ck!!!" Everyone shouted in unison.

"Iron Bull, why is your luck so bad, do you even see an Archer or Knight in this party? How can you still want to be a professional player with this kind of luck..." Frost Blade sighed.

Wang Yu glared at Frost Blade as he spoke, "This old man had money!"

But Wang Yu was right, he had 20 000 gold coins, he was not short on money at all.

"There's still one more try, go ahead. But from now on you won't have the privilege of searching the corpses of the boss!" Everyone shouted as they shook their heads.

"Eh…...." Wang sighed, wiping his hands as he prepared to try for the final time, pulling out a pole.

"Eh? What the f*ck is this?"

Everyone had been completely surprised by how unlucky Wang Yu was when they saw him taking out this pole.

Even though he had previously received two pieces of equipments that were meant for other jobs, those two equipments could at least be sold away. But what the hell was this pole? Was there even a job that could use this pole?

Wang Yu looked at the pole, slightly taken aback as he opened the menu to look at its attributes.

<Martial Artist's Dedication (Pole) (Silver)

Physical Attack: 30 - 40

Magic Attack: 20 - 30

+7 Strength

-5 Dexterity


[Determination] (Passive): Every time the player loses 10% of his health, Physical Defense and Magic Resistance is increased by 5%.

[Protection] (Active): Summons a shield that blocks 40$ of incoming damage. Costs 50MP, 15 second cooldown.

Job Requirement: Martial Artist

Level Requirement: 1

"What the f*ck!!! Silver tier!!! And it's for a hidden job!!!" Vainglory excitedly shouted.

The Blood-Soaked Church was a level 15 dungeon, thus most of the equipments that could be found were Bronze tier equipments, this was the case even for the equipments from the boss Andrea. So how come there was a Silver tier equipment now and it was even for a Martial Artist?

"Bull, this time you really..."

After having poor luck for his previous two tries, Wang Yu finally got lucky and managed to get a piece of equipment for himself.

"Haha, I wonder how much this pole is worth?" Wang Yu waved the pole around in order to test it as he asked Frost Blade.

"Even though this pole is a Silver tier equipment, but it can't be sold at all. But since it's something that you're in possession of, I guess it can be sold for about 10 gold." Frost Blade replied.

"Ah? You mean this is only worth 10 000 dollars in real life?" Wang Yu was rather surprised. He recalled that the dagger that he sold to Frost Blade was worth 20 000.

What he didn't realise was that the Thief job was currently very popular in <<REBIRTH, about 30% of the players were playing the Thief class. But this was a different case for the Pugilist job which was widely perceived to be trash, while Martial Artist's were a hidden job. The only reason that it could even be sold was because of its collectors value, not that it was actually useful.

"This pole should be rather precious for you, but it's nothing more than trash in the eyes of other people, the only reason it can be sold for 10 gold coins is because of its collectors value..." Frost Blade replied.

"Ai, what a waste..." Wang Yu dejectedly shook his head as he kept the pole, turning to the others as he said: "Let me search the next boss too... I want to get a helmet what's meant for Martial Artist's, then I can make a set."

"F*ck off! That's too shameless!"