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Chapter 69: I Don’t Have Time For Trash

Chapter 69: I Don’t Have Time For Trash

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The skinny Thief quickly darted forward upon Sanguine Asura's command

Little Black, the Thief, didn't even bother using [Stealth], recklessly charging forward as he stabbed Meng Meng squarely in the chest. This little fiasco had just been a platform for him to show off.

Since Meng Meng was a Magician, she had lost nearly 60% of her health from that single blow, causing their group to descend into a state of delirium.

If this had been a regular mouse-and-keyboard game, the girls would still have a fighting chance. But in this virtual reality game, these peaceful and docile girls were hardly comparable to the average player, how could they possibly face an elite player like Sanguine Asura?

Li Xue frantically healed the whole group, barely preventing the Thief Little Black from killing all of them.

It was very obvious from the attacks of the Thief that he was toying with them. If his attacks had been even a little bit more ferocious, the girls would have been pushed into Dusk Lake.

Even though the lake was not very deep, it wasn't that shallow either, if one was not careful they could still drown. Falling into the lake was extremely embarrassing, especially for female players who all had to wear skimpy outfits, looking at them get wet was every pervert's dream. Sanguine Asura was no exception.

As the most outgoing of all the girls, Mary naturally had the highest combat power. She immediately activated [Charge] when she noticed that they were about to be pushed into the lake, catching Little Black off guard. Mary immediately turned around, preparing to attack Little Black again.


A few arrows flew towards her, whether intentionally or not, landing on Mary's plump butt. Causing her face to flush a deep red.

"Ha ha ha ha!" The group of lecherous men roared.

"Sanguine Asura, you're a beast!" The girls hatefully shouted.

But these harmless words from the girls did nothing but add fuel to fire, urging Sanguine Asura to continue his unacceptable behavior.

"Ha ha, this time I managed to shoot your ass, where do you think I'll hit next... ha ha ha!"

Even though Mary was usually very playful and outgoing, she was still a proper young lady, how could she bear to be embarrassed so ruthlessly? Mary raised her sword as she charged towards Sanguine Asura

"I'll do it, I'll do it!'

The crowd went wild when they saw Mary charging over once more, everyone expressing their intention to be the one to teach her a lesson.

"This girl obviously took a fancy to me, hence it should be me who teaches her a lesson!" Sanguine Asura shameless declared.

Sanguine Asura lowered his head as he spoke, charging towards Mary.

Even though Sanguine Asura was nothing but human trash, he was still one of the elite members of the Sanguine Alliance, how could Mary possibly be a match for him? Mary had been sent flying in a single exchange.

"Ha ha ha! Don't overestimate yourself little girl!" Sanguine Asura wildly laughed as he raised his blade to finish Mary off.


A sword reached out of nowhere, knocking Sanguine Asura's blade away.

Sanguine Asura had the feeling he had seen this blade before... Only to see someone fiercely glaring at him when he looked up.

"Bo...Boson..." Sanguine Asura was thoroughly frightened.

As an expert himself, Sanguine Asura naturally recognised every member of the Quan Zhen Sect...

Sanguine Asura looked over towards the other girls, only to find out that Little Black had already been flung into the lake by Wang Yu... who had clubbed him to death with a pole while he was struggling to stay afloat.

"F*cking trash!" Boson suddenly struck out, catching Sanguine Asura by surprise.


<Combo 1!

<Combo 2!

The biggest asset an Independent mode player had was his ability to combo his attacks. Sanguine Asura had been completely unable to react Boson's combo, losing almost his entire health bar.

Fortunately for him, the other members of the Sanguine Alliance had reacted quickly, attacking Boson and forcing him to retreat, otherwise Sanguine Asura would probably have been killed on the spot.

Boson stood in front of Mary, shielding her from the members of the Sanguine Alliance.

By this time, Wang Yu had already walked over to join him.

Sanguine Asura, who was hiding behind his underlings, was scared witless when he saw Wang Yu walking over.

"Who's this guy? Seems like he really knows how to act though!" A member of the Sanguine Alliance jokingly asked Sanguine Asura.

"Quan Zhen Sect!"

"Oh, you mean that shameless guild?"

Even though these people could be considered experts in their own right, they were merely new members that had recently joined the Sanguine Alliance. While they had already heard of the conflict between the Sanguine Alliance and the Quan Zhen Sect, not a single one believed the rumours that they heard.

But Sanguine Asura was in no mood to clarify anything, after all, he had constantly referred to them as 'the most shameless guild'. These new players in the guild naturally had a very low appraisal of the Quan Zhen Sect, especially after the Sanguine Alliance had publicly declared that they had cheated to complete the Headquarters defense quest.

"Right..." Sanguine Asura softly mumbled. Even if these people didn't know how strong the Quan Zhen Sect was, how could he not know? Even his sword had been stolen by Boson!

"It's just three people, let me take care of them!" A Warrior named Desolate Bunny shouted.

"Forget it, these people aren't worth our time. Let's go back!" Sanguine Asura declared.

"How can that be? People would think that we're afraid of the Quan Zhen Sect if we just walk away like this! This is just going to give these scumbags another thing to brag about!" Desolate Bunny protested.

"F*ck you! If I really wasn't afraid of them I would already have taught them a lesson a long time ago!" Sanguine Asura angrily thought to himself.

"Do as you deem fit then..." Sanguine Asura couldn't be bothered to deal with idiots like him.

Desolate Bunny looked over at his opponents, other than Boson who could not be taken down in a one on one fight, the Pugilist didn't seem like much and the girl was utterly useless.

Who would have thought that Desolate Bunny would really foolishly walk over even after Sanguine Asura had warned him not to? This poor fool walked over to Wang Yu and started to taunt him: "So I've heard that your Quan Zhen Sect thinks that they're the top guild in Twilight City?"

"I think you mean number one in <<REBIRTH and we're not even bragging!" Fearless angrily corrected.

"Hmph! Not after I'm done with you guys!" Desolate Bunny casually answered as he drew his blade and slashed towards Fearless' head.


A sharp sound echoed through the forest as Desolate Bunny turned into a brilliant ray of white light.

"Is this guy crazy?" Wang Yu asked as he stared at his fist.

"Perhaps..." Fearless shrugged.


Instant kill???

The other members of the Sanguine Alliance were taken aback. Was it even possible to instant kill your opponent at this early stage of the game...

It had to be known that Desolate Bunny was a Warrior. The onlookers simply couldn't fathom how a Warrior with so much defense and health had been instantly killed by a Pugilist.

The opposite would still be a far more acceptable result...

Sanguine Asura felt his legs buckle beneath him as he watched Wang Yu walk towards him, if he wasn't in the presence of his brothers from the Sanguine Alliance, he would already have fled long ago.

"You're the boss here?" Fearless pointed at Sanguine Asura and asked.

"That's right!" Sanguine Asura meekly replied as he kept his blade, hoping to show that he didn't intend to fight.

"I heard that because of your Sanguine Alliance, these ladies are unable to join any other guilds."

"There's... there's no such thing! What do the decisions of all those other guilds have to do with us?" Sanguine Asura hurriedly replied.

"It doesn't matter if you guys had a part to play in that or not, but hear this. From this moment onwards, these girls belong to my Quan Zhen Sect! You guys better watch your attitude! You got it?" Fearless smiled as he spoke.

"You guys from the Quan Zhen Sect are really arrogant!"

"That's right, the sooner you realised this the better! The Quan Zhen Sect is indeed arrogant, if you're unhappy about this why don't you ask Sanguine Warflag to talk to me. I don't have time for trash!" Fearless chuckled.