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Chapter 70: If you really want to act so tough, then you better have the balls to finish your act!

Chapter 70: If you really want to act so tough, then you better have the balls to finish your act!

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"Trash?!?!" Sanguine Asura bellowed in rage when heard Fearless' words. "Who the f*ck did you just call trash?"

Gamers... They wouldn't mind if you called them ugly, lazy, stupid or even lazy, but the moment you questioned their gaming skills, you had crossed the line.

Even more so when your enemy insulted your skills right to your face.

Even Wang Yu was rather confused by this situation. Even though Fearless was not usually a not a bad person, but he really seemed to like to infuriate other people.

"What's the point of asking again? Didn't I already say that you guys were trash? Don't tell me that you're retards too?" Fearless lazily replied.

"F*ck! Let's kill this fucker!"

The gang from the Sanguine Alliance angrily shouted as they charged over. Even Sanguine Asura was powerless to stop them.

"Finish them off!" Fearless smugly said as the looked over to Wang Yu and Boson.


Contrary to his expectations, Wang Yu and Boson turned away, completely ignoring his orders/

"We're not even your underlings! If we really just obeyed your bullshit orders like this, what face would we even have left?" Wang Yu and Boson thought.

"F*ck! Are you guys ignoring me?"

Fearless was thoroughly shaken. The only reason that he had dared to taunt the Sanguine Alliance like that was that he had Wang Yu and Boson by his side, granting him immense self-confidence.

But now Wang Yu and Boson couldn't even be bothered to help him. No matter how stubborn he was or how skilled he was, he was still just a weak little Priest who had no combat power.

"If you really want to act so tough, then you better have the balls to finish your act!" Boson laughed.

But the Sanguine Alliance had already begun their assault while Fearless and Boson were still arguing. It seemed that Fearless really had a talent for angering people. Even the enemy's Magician's and Archer's had charged forward, hoping to strike him down with their weapons.

Fearless was not a martial arts expert like Wang Yu, nor did he have a combat job like Boson, causing him to take cover behind Wang Yu.

Fearless hid behind Wang Yu's broad frame, completely shielding himself from the attacks of the Sanguine Alliance.

Sanguine Asura was initially overjoyed when he saw that Wang Yu seemed to be ignoring Fearless. After all, who would give up the chance to kill a loud-mouth braggart like Fearless?

Sanguine Asura felt his blood turn cold as he watched the other members of the Sanguine Alliance slashing their blades down towards Wang Yu.


Sanguine Asura's heart sank, turning around and fleeing for his life.

"Don't cause trouble for yourselves. I'll give your boss some face and let this matter slide, so don't push your luck! Otherwise, I won't hold back either!" Wang Yu gravely warned as he dodged all the incoming attacks.

Why was Wang Yu so rich now? The simple answer was because Sanguine Warflag had given him 200 gold... So even though Wang Yu did not like the man, he wouldn't cause trouble his guild either.

During their last meeting, Wang Yu and Sanguine Asura had already agreed, that he wouldn't cause trouble for the Sanguine Alliance, so long as they didn't cause trouble for him either...

"F*ck! He's even crazier than the other one! We can't even land a single blow on him!"

The Priest had merely called them trash, but this Pugilist spoke as though he could wipe them out whenever he wanted to!

Unbearable! This is an insult that none of them could stomach!

The Sanguine Alliance struck out again.

"Ai..." Wang Yu sighed, suddenly stepping forward as he broke past the first line of attackers. He grabbed a Warrior in his left hand and strangled a Knight in his right, pushing and pulling as he violently smashed them into each other.

Wang Yu mercilessly stomped on the face of the fallen players before seamlessly turning around, grabbing another player by the wrist and introducing him to the ground as Wang Yu lashed out another kick.


This style of martial arts was known as Eighteen Falls... this style of martial arts focused on tripping the opponent. Wang Yu had been exposed to this style of martial arts from a tender age, not to mention a regular person, even a martial arts expert wouldn't last 3 moves against him.

Wang Yu's attacks were quick and unpredictable while his movements simply unfathomable. Every attack of his would cause two or three opponents to fall to the floor, before piling them up together.

In a blink of an eye, Wang Yu had already had a mountain of players next to him like Mount Everest. Everyone other than Sanguine Asura had already been taken down.

"Are you coming or not?" Wang Yu leisurely rest his hand on the human pile as he taunted Sanguine Asura.

"No... no I'm not..." Sanguine Asura vigorously shook his head, his face pale as a sheet.

"Looks like you're the only sensible one! I'm going to let this incident slide, on account of the 200 gold that Sanguine Warflag gave me. But there would be a next time, got it?"

"Ye…...Yes…...." Sanguine Asura obediently nodded his head. He had already been scared beyond all reason as when he said the human mountain that Wang Yu created.

"Take your man away!" Wang Yu kicked the Archer on the top of the pile, causing the rest of the members of the Sanguine Alliance to tumble down.

These people all had a dazed look on their faces as if they had seen a nightmare. You could say that these people now understood the terror that Heaven's Bird had previously faced.

They had finally understood why the Quan Zhen Sect were able to swagger around Twilight city so freely, even though Sanguine Warflag always denounced them as useless trash.

Only after Wang Yu had walked a good distance away did the member of the Sanguine Alliance regain their senses.

"We wouldn't have lost if we didn't go so close to him." The Archer's whined.

"If only we had casted our spells instead of trying to hit him with our staffs." The Magician's complained.

"That's why I said that the Quan Zhen Sect wasn't a match for us!" Sanguine Asura laughed.

Everyone fell silent... These people naturally understood, whatever they said was nothing more than an excuse for their defeat, trying to save whatever face they had left, how could they bear to let themselves look bad?


Wang Yu walked to an empty plot of land that had no monsters, stopping to introduce Li Xue to Fearless.

"These ladies are the gold farmers that I told you about... she's called Snowy Velvet."

"Nice to meet you! My name is Fearless, the guild leader of the Quan Zhen Sect!" Fearless bubbly spoke.

"We know! Of course, we've heard the good name of the Quan Zhen Sect and your thunderous reputation!" The girls giggled.

"Please don't exaggerate!" Fearless laughed as he continued to boast about his 'adventures'.

"What the f*ck is he talking about?" Wang Yu whispered to Boson.

"Who knows... he's just blowing his own trumpet again..." Boson answered.

"F*ck..." Wang Yu's impression of Fearless had reached a new low as he saw him shameless bragging about himself.

"Ai..." Boson sighed as he shook his head, this man was really incorrigible.

"You guys carry on, I'll go back first." Wang Yu said, seeing the contented look on Fearless' face as he chatted with the girls.

"Why? Why don't we just play together?" Fearless grumbled as he sent a private message to Wang Yu, "You really have an eye for girls, I'll double your pay next month!" The girls were naturally more familiar with Wang Yu, if Wang Yu left, they were likely to leave as well. Fearless naturally didn't have the confidence to carry on the conversation for long.

"I have to finish a quest!" Wang Yu laughed as he turned around to leave.

"Doubling my pay? Since when did this guild even provide a salary? No matter how much you multiplied zero by, it would still be zero... This Fearless was really too shameless!" Wang Yu laughed to himself as he headed back to town.