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Chapter 71: Legacy Road

Chapter 71: Legacy Road

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Returning to the city, Wang Yu didn't rush to complete his quest. Instead, he casually made his way to the Second-hand shop.

Since the first month of the game was still considered a testing phase, the currency exchange still wasn't available.

According to Frost Blade, once this function was released, players could then convert real money to in game cash but not the other way around. This was just like the the premium currency exchange in traditional free to play games.

Hence the only way for Wang Yu to sell all the gold he had was to go through the Second-hand shop.

In other games, something like a Second-hand shop often didn't exist and players would end up using third party websites to trade. However, since <<REBIRTH was released with the cooperation of several different network providers, it came with its own built in Second-hand shop for players. The only difference was that it had a much higher transaction fee of 10%!

However, Wang Yu didn't really have much choice on the matter. Since it was the early stage of the game, gold coins were still very rare and expensive. 1 gold could even be sold for 1000 dollars! Even with the 10% transaction fee, it was still 900 dollars!

As the number of players increased, the value of the gold coin would continuously decrease. If he waited until the day that the currency exchange was released, then 1 gold might not even be able to be sold for 100 dollars…

The current exchange rate was something the company had officially released. However, the company still insisted on instituting a transaction fee for this scarce resource…

Arriving at the Second-hand shop, Wang Yu chose his window and took out 19 000 gold coins to display. Since some money was still needed to play the game, Wang Yu decided to keep 1000 gold for himself.

Wang Yu decided to leave this mountain of gold on display for a week since it was anas incredibly large amount. It was very natural that no one would be able to buy it all at once.

After settling the matter of his gold, Wang Yu went to the inn to buy a few bottles of wine before walking towards to the dark alley again.

As usual, the Informant was unconscious when Wang Yu found him and only woke up after Wang Yu opened a jar of wine. After grabbing the wine and hurriedly gulping it down, the Informant finally looked at Wang Yi and lazily asked: "Why're you here again boy?"

"..." This bastard really only knew how to take advantage of him!

"I'm here to complete a quest!" Wang Yu replied.

"Oh? So what have you found out?" The Informant squinted.

"The power of darkness!" Wang Yu replied.

"Did you bring the stuff?" The Informant asked again

"Stuff?" Wang Yu froze. The quest had no mention of an item he was supposed to bring back.

"An item meant for a Martial Artist!" The Informant hinted.

"Is it this?" Wang Yu asked as he took the Martial Artist's Dedication out of his bag.

Seeing the pole, the Informant's eyes lit up briefly as he received it before it quickly turned to rage. He angrily threw it back at Wang Yu and cursed: "You really are still too weak! You dare bring back this piece of trash to me?"

Trash? This 10 000 dollar item was trash?

"The true Martial Artist's Dedication is a Divine weapon that the Martial God once used! When the darkness first spread, it was stolen by a damned Hell Hound! I've tried to go to hell a few times to look for it myself, but I still haven't had any luck. And here I thought that you'd have made me proud! Yet once again, you've failed me! How could you bring back this kind of fake?" The Informant nagged.

"Hell? Where's that?" Wang Yu asked.

"Are you willing to go to hell and retrieve the true Martial Artist's Dedication?"

Instead of relying on Wang Yu, the Informant asked him another difficult question.

If this was real life, Wang Yu definitely wouldn't have bothered with this kind of antagonistic person. However since this was a game, such behaviour from an NPC meant that he had a quest!

Indeed, right as the Informant finished talking, Wang Yu received a notification.

<System Notification: You have triggered the quest "Legacy Road". Difficulty A. Do you accept?


<System Notification: "Legacy Road": Descend to hell and retrieve "Martial Artist's Dedication", weapon of the Martial God of the seven heroes. Martial Artist's Dedication 0/1.

After accepting the quest, Wang Yu looked at the pole in his hands again and noticed the word "replica" had suddenly appeared in the item description.

"So where is this hell anyway?" Wang Yu tried to ask again.

"Why should I tell you?" The Informant replied.

"Do you want the pole or not?" Wang Yu threatened.

"I'm living perfectly well in the city. I don't even need to go on the battlefield anymore so I have no use for this weapon anyway… I can only give it to my only pupil…" The Informant nonchalantly answered.

"F**k!" Wang Yu really suspected that this informant was being controlled by a real person. He even knew how to twist Wang Yu's words.

Wang Yu could only helplessly take out another jar of wine and said: "Master, I really don't know where hell is…"

"Anywhere with a Hell in its name!" The Informant laughed as he grabbed the wine.

"In its name? You mean the Hell tier dungeon?" Wang Yu thought out loud.

"Hehehe… I didn't say anything…" The Informant chuckled before he started gulping the alcohol down.

"Your disciple is too weak, I'm afraid that monsters in the Hell tier dungeons are too much…" Wang Yu helplessly sighed.

After clearing the dungeon, Wang Yu had singe idea what the difficulty of the game truly was. Monsters in the dungeon had attributes that were overwhelmingly higher than his own. No matter how skills he was, there was still a limit to what he could achieve.

"Foolish child, I'm not telling you to go now anyway. Take this and go to the smithy to look for Simba the dwarf. He'll help you increase your strength!" The Informant laughed as he passed a letter to Wang Yu.

After Wang Yu took the letter, the Informant some again: "Oh right the materials you need to repair the Glory of the Martial Artist are all in the Hell tier dungeon too!"

"I understand…"

Looking at the damned ring on his finger, Wang Yu could only cup his fists and sigh: "Then I'll head off first master…"

"Shoo then. Remember to get me some snacks to go with the wine next time!" The Informant said in annoyance.

<System Notification: You have completed the dungeon quest "Origin of Chaos", Difficulty D. Clear normal tier and above "Blood-Soaked Church" 1/1. Awarded 50000 experience points and Pugilist's Wraps (Bronze).

<Pugilist's Wraps (Bronze)

Physical Attack: 17-25

Magic Attack: 6-12

+ Dexterity

+ Strength

[Perfection]: [Lateral Kick] +1

Job Requirement: Pugilist

Level Requirement: 15

This exceedingly average weapon looked just like a bunch of old and torn pieces of cloth and was likely just story equipment. After looking at it, Wang Yu tossed it into his bag.

After leaving the alley, Wang Yu went to the smithy.

The smithy was located on Middle Street as well. The smithy itself was rather quiet aside from one stall.

Other than hunting bosses for equipments, players could also look for blueprints and materials to craft them!

Though these crafted equipments had higher attributes than those dropped by monsters, the highest tier that could be crafted was Obsidian.

Even so, blacksmiths were still the most common class in the game.

If even ordinary equipment were better than monster drops, what if the player accidentally crafted an Obsidian tier one? Wouldn't he instantly strike rich? Things like Ancient and Legendary items were severely limited. Even at the later stages of the game, Obsidian tier equipment would still be the norm even among high level players.

Thus, there were many players who would come to the smithy daily to craft in hopes that they could one day become a famous blacksmith.

With one look, Wang Yu could see that all the workbenches were completely occupied. There were even players queuing up for them!

After much effort, Wang Yu finally squeezed his way into the smithy. However, after walking around the entire area, he didn't see an NPC named Simba.

"Honoured customer, is there something I can help you with?" The smithy's boss, Sinclain cheerfully inquired.

"I'm looking for Simba!" Wang Yu replied.

"I'm sorry sir, but I'm afraid there's no such item here. Please try another shop!" Sinclain replied with a smile. It appeared that this NPC had a very low level AI…

Suddenly, a player who was in the process of crafting suddenly pointed at a corner and said: "That NPC's called himself Simba the Divine Smith before…"