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Chapter 73: Soul Of Darkness

Chapter 73: Soul Of Darkness

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"Guess who I am~" Feather Immortal had sent a message along with the friend request.

"I think you're not my wife." Wang Yu laughed.

Truly deserving of being a couple. Even their naming sense was so similar!

"Haha where are you now?" Mu Zi Xian asked.

"I'm in the smithy in Twilight City now. How about you? What level are you now?"

"I'm in beginner village 0610, Moonlight Village. And I'm level 8 now!" Mu Zi Xian replied.

"Level 8? So fast?"

Wang Yu had been shocked silly. Even though Wang Yu was this strong, he had still taken a day to reach level 10!

"Heh heh heh. I know the best places to grind and I have an expert with me!" Mu Zi Xian giggled.

Hearing this Wang Yu suddenly felt very alarmed and hurriedly asked: "Expert? What expert?"

Being a customer service officer, it was very natural that Mu Zi Xian knew the best places to train. However, someone who could kill so fast was definitely not an ordinary person…

Knowing that his wife was spending so much time with an unknown expert in game suddenly gave Wang Yu a sense of unease…

"It's not what you're imagining! This expert is a girl!" Mu Zi Xian sensed that Wang Yu was very unsettled and jokingly scolded him: "Quickly come and help your wife complete a quest!"

Wang Yu was silent for a moment before replying: "I'm already level 18, I don't think I can go back."

In <<REBIRTH, after players left the beginner village at level 10 they weren't able to return. Furthermore, there were so many villages and the movement formation didn't have an option for "beginner village XXXX" for players to teleport to.

"Even if others can't make, you can! Just follow my directions." Mu Zi Xian replied.

"Ok then! Wait for me!"

Wang Yu stood up and followed Mu Zi Xian's direction to a movement formation.

Moonlight Village was within the territory of Deep Night City. After leaving Deep Night City, Wang Yu went north past an entire area of level 40 monsters to reach beginner village 0610. Ordinary plasters wouldn't even think of such a thing. However, since Mu Zi Xian was a customer service officer, she was incredibly familiar with the map of the game.

Monsters around Deep Night City were all undead like zombies or skeletons. It really was very different from Twilight City.

Luckily Moonlight Village was rather near to the main city. After dodging past a few Blood Sucking Bats for over half an hour, Wang Yu finally reached the beginner village.

If this wasn't a game, Wang Yu's journey would already have taken almost a week!

When Wang Yu finally reached Moonlight Village, Mu Zi Xian had already been waiting for him for some time.

When he saw Mu Zi Xian, Wang Yu couldn't help but tug at her clothes and ask: "Why did you choose the knight as your job?"

The knight was meant to be a tank and its main role was to get beaten… Girls should be playing jobs like Magicians or maybe even Priests. Crude jobs like Knights should have been left to guys anyway.

"With my abilities, I definitely can't play a DPS class anyway and the Knight is the hardest to kill so I chose it!" Mu Zi Xian honestly replied.

"But if you mess up then you won't be the only one dying…" Wang Yu tried to remind her.

"I'm just playing for fun anyway. It's not like I'm trying to be first in the world so it's not that important!" Mu Zi Xian casually laughed.

"Well, that is true…" Wang Yu mumbled as he scratched his head. Looking at the Archer behind Mu Zi Xian, Wang Yu asked: "Is this lady the expert you told me about?"

<<REBIRTH actually had a large number of experts in it. However, most of them were men so a female expert wasn't something that was very common.

Mu Zi Xian hurriedly walked in front of Wang Yu and said: "Brother Yu, this is Little Yang…"

"Little Yang? That can't be right… How come even your face is so different?" Wang Yu asked in shock.

"When you're creating your character you can edit the appearance. Both I and Sister Xian changed our looks! Can't you tell?" Yang Nuo replied.

"We're already married! I don't even need to see her face to know it's my wife!"

"Ohhhh…" Yang Nuo looked at the happy couple again before nodding: "Then let's do the quest!"

"Alright! What's this quest anyway?" Wang Yu asked while he was slightly puzzled. As a martial artist at her level, there shouldn't be any monster in the beginner village that she couldn't handle. What kind of quest was this?

"A rank quest, Soul of Darkness!" Yang Nuo replied as she shared the quest with Wang Yu.

<System Notification: You have been invited to join the quest "Soul of Darkness", Difficulty A, kill the boss large Jack O Lantern 0/1. Quest can be shared with up to two other players.

"A rank quest? Is this a hidden quest?" Wang Yu asked.

"That's right! The game has legacy quests for the seven heroes. Soul of Darkness and Brave heart are both included." Mu Zi Xian replied.

"Brave Heart was an S rank quest but this one is just an A rank…" Wang Yu mumbled. Both of them were hidden quests, but the difference in difficulty was simply too big.

S rank quests were considered impossible to complete while A rank quests meant that there was a high difficulty. Although the difference was just one rank, the increase in difficulty was beyond imagination.

"Maybe there are differences in the hidden quests." Mu Zi Xian suggested. As a customer service officer, she only knew the names of the quest. If it wasn't for the fact that someone had already discovered the Soul of Darkness quest during beta testing, she wouldn't have known of it either.

The training grounds outside Moonlight Village was called Night's Veil and was filled with monsters like Spirit Bats and Cyclops. The deepest part of the Night's Veil was the Dark Forest and was the spawning grounds of the Jack O Lanterns.

Jack O Lanterns had a very special body even amongst monsters. It was just a floating head without a body or limbs! Compared to the wolves in the Dusk Plains, these monsters were much scarier.

Wang Yu didn't even need to put in any effort to kill such low level monsters. Within minutes he had already cleared the way to the boss.

The location they had arrived at was a marsh and it had monsters similar to the Silver Wolf Warriors and Silver Wolf Guards.

There were eight Jack O Lantern Warriors and 4 Jack O Lantern Guards.

These were all only level 12 monsters which Wang Yu had been able to easily kill before he left the beginner village, let alone in his current state and with teammates.

Within seconds, all twelve of the Jack O Lanterns had already been slain.

"From what Sister Xian told me, Brother Yu is a martial arts expert! From the looks of it, it's really true! These are all Elite monsters which even high level players might have trouble with and yet Brother Yu killed then so easily!" Yang Nuo approached Wang Yu and said.

Wang Yu merely looked at Yang Nuo and blandly chuckled: "You're not too bad yourself! You've been practising since young haven't you!"

Yang Nuo had purposely avoided the Pugilist job and went for the Archer job to avoid detection. However, an expert at Wang Yu's level naturally would be able through her deceit. After all, years of martial arts training wasn't that easy to hide.

"Ah? You're joking right? I don't know the first thing about martial arts!" Yang Nuo choked as she started to panic.

"Really?" Wang Yu coldly asked.

"Of course… Otherwise, I would have definitely chosen the Pugilist like Brother Yu…" Yang Nuo weakly replied.

"Heh!" Wang Yu lightly laughed before ignoring get again.

"Why are you two just chatting? The boss is spawning!" Mu Zi Xian shouted at the side.